Saturday, August 31, 2013

Vanity drives us going for Rolex?

                               The latest Release Rolex GMT Master II Ref 116710 BLNR

Vanity drives us going for Rolex!?
Vanity can add significant value to a product, and this "Vanity factor" affects the prices of the cars we drive, the wine we drink, the shoes we wear, the pen we write with and of course the WATCH we wear!
To many people, the function of a watch is to tell time — and that's it.
If a watch that costs HKD$100,000 or more, is a terrible investment to this type of consumer.
"How much am I paying?" and "What am I getting for it?" are the two most important questions investors must ask themselves before making such a purchase.
The concept seems simple enough. However, personal views on functionality can greatly skew the value and demand of a product or investment.
A fair amount of research supports the existence the factor of vanity.
For instance, if you were to give two groups of people the same wine, but told one group that their wine was expensive, that group would automatically perceive the wine as tasting better.
But to others, a Rolex is a status symbol that is completely worth the cost. Than is more than Vanity factor for us to buy such a watch.
If you were to ask a random sample of Rolex users to rate their attractiveness, they would give themselves a higher average rating than would owners of any other watch. Likewise, a Rolex user is more likely to identify him as "high-maintenance."
Of course, owning a Rolex doesn't make you vain; it's just that a higher number of vanity-driven consumers have been drawn to the product as a result of its function as a status symbol.
Sham Shui Po Snob

A HK Snob New Look

This is a new look of HK Snob with some of the collection
Rolex Cuff Link in Gold.
His Watch is in fact a 1930 Ebel 14K Solid Pink gold Ring watch hand winding.
The Tie Pin is a piece of Pearl inserted on a 14K pin holder.
The Gun is made of Sterling Silver, the gun can be pulled out from the sheath.  Cannot fire any bullet of course.

HK Snob

The success and failure of some of the world class Companies and their products: Toyota, Apple, Motorola And Rolex

The success and failure of some of the world class Companies and their products: Toyota, Apple, Motorola And Rolex

Toyota and Lexus
Toyota had built up a very successful product with the application of Taguchi Quality campaign in the 60s and gradually Toyota made itself a very successful company. Name of Toyota represents Good Quality.
“There were a Toyota broke down at the middle of the desert highway and someone from the Toyota was asking the passing-by cars for Help. No car stop to help as they said this is a Robbery plot as Toyota car never fail!” that was a successful TV Advertisement program for Toyota.
1989, Toyota formed another Company, another product line of Lexus.
The first model was LS400, It was successfully as they built an independent Sales and marketing office and position this is a hi end Lexus. And This is not Toyota.

1989 Lexus LS-400, still we can see some of them are running on the Road!

Apple and Pineapple
News and Rumour about the Low cost version of iPhone 5C. (C stands for CHEAP!?)
In Short if Apple wants this iPhone 5C to be successful, they have to be marketed by a separate company name with Pineapple or Durian.  That if they sell by Apple store under Apply marketing campaign, That Apple will follow Motorola and come to end dead end!  I suggest Apply use “Pineapple” as the second product Line! As Apple iPhone has been built up the Phone of Hi technical, exquisite tools as a Class of Hi End Phone. If they sells low end Cheap Phone, that would be walking away from What Steve Jobs had planned back in 28 June 2007, the first day they launched the very First iPhone 2G.

The Apple iPhone 5C?

Motorola Razr II and ULC handphone
In 2005 Motorola planned to make the World SLC headphone, (SLC stands for Super low cost targeted to be selling at USD$20.00 for Indian and Southern America market)
And after when 50 million U.S. Dollars facilities and equipment, marketing team reported that the market of the ULC was actually does not exist for Motorola, and In fact at that time Nokia had had a low cost hand phone which has a B/W LCD display, having all the SMS and basic phone call function, price target was about US$25. Whereas Motorola ULC hand phone was intended to use i-Dot display, with a unique pattern of display that was hardware fixed. And I think they have made less than 5,000 units sending to market like India and Latin America as samples testing the market, but the comment was very negative. The program was dissolved, they found that No one would like to use the Low Cost handphone as the name itself reflect the user is also a “poverty class!” The Only Successful Motorola is early Star Tac II and Razr.

From Left, My Motorola Star Tac II LED display and Star Tac II LCD, Note II LTE, HTC One... Star TAC II was selling HKD$14,800 in 1991

Rolex and Tudor
Unveiled in 1946 by Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf, the Tudor collection was originally branded with a shield that contained a decorative rose, a symbol of the English Tudor dynasty. The Tudor Oyster Prince as the first Tudor First model, boasted waterproof cases and self-winding movements, and the line was cast as the more rough-and-tumble member of the Rolex family, with advertisements showing men in extreme sport or work scenarios. However, Tudor is living in the shadow of Rolex for years and was not proved successful, or I should say Rolex is too successful comparing with Tudor.
Priced as one third of Rolex, Tudor earned a name of “poor people’s Rolex in 80s Hong Kong!’ and most of us would buy Rolex as the second, after they got the Tudor, such as Dutch friend Hens hanged banner on his Volkswagen Beetle “My Second car is Porsche!”
Tudor timepieces are produced alongside Rolex watches in Switzerland, but they're assembled with more affordable ETA Swiss watch movements rather than the movements made in-house at Rolex.
In 1989, Tudor has been spinoff as Tudor not using Rolex’s case, Crown, and Strap. So it is building up its unique image, and recently you can see that they are totally new bleed of watch with Bold and sleek design not as conserved as Rolex design.
So the new marketing strategy of Tudor is Right, they have own marketing plan, product line that is out of the Box of Rolex design.  Different line, different branding, different direction, Both Rolex and Tudor would be successful.

       Tudor Black Shield, a style that you can not get from Rolex as it is all "Black" unveiled in
HK Snob

Friday, August 30, 2013

Probably Men Are Just Happier People if we could….after a Fantasy on Rolex Watches!

                       Vintage Rolex Oyster case contains a Hand craft dial

One day I asked myself why Rolex does not accept Custom design Rolex!?
As I may ask Rolex to put my name “HK Snob” on my Day Date on the dial, well if one day I could be famous, at least my daughter can put this Rolex for an Auction, she may get a fortune.
I may have a lot of good gimmick for Rolex as I always have fantasies that I can design a Rolex to capture more business. Why Rolex stop the most durable and accurate watch on earth. Even Patek Philippe produce Quartz why not Rolex!?

That is the Rolex OysterQuartz. And what if Basel 2014 Rolex will launch the Rolex OysteQuartz, my collection of the 80’s OysterQuartz will be revived!! And at least no one will come to ask why I wear a Fake Rolex… as many people has not seen a Quartz Rolex!!  LOL.
Aftermath, I had some other thinking, that if there if it really happen; I would be HAPPY!

I do not have to carry umbrella, just something spray on my body, it forms an instant dry water-mask.
I can make love two times in one hour and Eight times a week.
Woman never stare at my stomach when I am talking to them she should stare a few inches below.
I can go to cinema that can block the nuisance noise that the lousy chaps are chatting about the movies; Worst is those idiots have watched the movie more than one time!
I can have a seat every time I go to any restaurant I like, no advance booking needed.

Passengers would not be hurry to leave once the aircraft has gone into full stop.

Aircraft has a silent luggage cover during closing.
Hotel does not require check out *       
I can have a car that can be changed instantly from Ferrari into Maserati by pushing one button.
I can have magic paint to repair serious scratch lines on my car.
I come into a society that we do not have any marriage system.
Shirt that you can spray on.        
I could have my one 3D printer to print my tie before meeting my customers.
I can eat no-fat ice cream.
Shirt button never drop off.

The garage is all yours.
Every time the airline call my name right.
No one ask if I am relative of Ip Man (葉問) in Philippines as I am not.

                                                   HK Snob's idol, Friend and my Mother!
No more attending Wedding parties, they are more or less a kindergarten party now.
No more Shark fin in Chinese Dishes.
Chocolate is just another snack.
Car mechanics tell you the truth.
No Pain Dentist surgery.
I never have to drive to another gas station restroom because this one is just too icky.
Blot than can be locked up on either side.
New shoes don't cut, blister, or mangle your feet.
I can use my new phone with one click on the old phone for data transfer.
I don't have to renew my driving license, passport or ID card  anymore.
We have no business class, first class, just one class in one cabin such that I could have chance to sit beside Zhang Zi Yi.  Lucky that I had a chance to sit in Zhang ZiYi's Volvo when I was in China.

Zhang Zi Yi's Volvo
Note * I had one hotel already that I can check in check out anytime.. rest of the time no one would stay in the Room.

HK Snob
Sham Shui Po Snob

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


The Omega Speedmaster Michael Schumacher Automatic Chronograph RED is the watch for fans of Omega and a must if you are intending to collect Omega. Red is the first one to be released. Can't miss!
It comes with Warranty card and Box.
HK Snob 

New opening of two storey Rolex Boutique at Hong Kong International Airport’s Central Departure Hall Atrium.

                      Rolex AD at HKIA Departure Hall Atrium, taken by Samsung Note II 0725 27 Aug 2013

To compete with downtown Hong Kong retailing and the increasingly high profile fashion offers at other hub airports in South East Asia such as Louis Vuitton in Incheon Airport, Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK) has awarded Rolex and Chanel separate licenses to build spectacular, iconic standalone two-storey luxury boutiques at the airport.

These new ‘mega boutiques’ will be located on either side of Hong Kong International Airport’s Central Departure Hall Atrium, which most departing passengers must pass to reach their flight gates.

This is a new landmark in HK airport and these two shops Rolex and Chanel will be landmarks.
The two double-storey luxury brand shops will both be the same size in area, with 500sq m of retail floor space in total and the sales area on each storey covering 250sq m.
There is an internal staircase going up to the upper level.

The introduction of the two new stores is part of AAHK’s determined effort to ensure that Hong Kong Airport’s retail offer matches the location's reputation as a shopping paradise.
It also believes that the opening of the new shops in the airport next year will provide a sensational new look to HKIA’s departure areas – yes of course, I had been there Today, and I saw a lot of attractive staff there to help you.

There is no doubt that the opening of Louis Vuitton’s first airport shop in the world at Incheon Airport last September raised the bar for Asian airport operators looking to lure Mainland Chinese transit passengers – with that store’s daily turnover reaching an average of round $300,000 a day at one point.

This Rolex Shop opened on 24 Aug. has almost all the Watches you need to see, to consider and to buy!  Today, When I asked they have no GMT master II Ref 116710 BLNR Today. May be next week! Who knows!?

Price wise, for sure there is no more than 5% discount.

The shop is running my Dickson Watch and jewellery, which is one of the renowned retail watch store in Hong Kong.

Next time make sure you can leave HKIA earlier one hour and spend the time there shopping!

Well, soon the man will walk to the right and the woman to the left. Right for Rolex and left for Chanel!

HKIA Rolex AD Shop Telephone No.  852-22610688

HK Snob

Monday, August 26, 2013

Rolex leather Note Book

Leather cover note book, each of the paper is imprinted with Rolex Logo. 1977 product from Rolex.
HK Snob

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Four Watch Jokes

One Rolex Authorized Dealer Shop in Kowloon

---If you want to check if this Rolex watch is not fake…just drop it on the floor at the Rolex AD. If it’s real, the shop assistant should die from a heart attack.

---The lesbians next door asked what I would like for my birthday. I was quite surprised when they gave me a Rolex. It was very nice of them, but I think they misunderstood me when I said, I wanna watch.

---The wife bought me a new Rolex watch for my 40th birthday.. Do you like it? she asked.. "it’s great!" I replied "it will remind me of your pussy.." She laughed "is this because it’s exclusive and sexy?" I replied "No, it’s a bit loose around the wrist!"


---An old American Man is Dying.
He calls his son to his bedside. “Son, I want you listen to me. I Want you take my Chrome plated .38 Revolver so you will always remember me.”
“But Pa, I really don't like gun, How about you leave your Rolex Day Date instead?”
“You listen to me, Boy, someday you going to be running some business, you are going to have a beautiful wife, lots of money, a bog home and may be a few Ferrari,”
Someday somehow you soon come home and may be you find your wife in bed with another chap!
What are you going to do then?” Point to your watch and say, “Time’s Up?”

 ---Two gay guys are going at it. After they finish, one turns to the other and says "Hey, I feel something in my ass ... see if you can feel anything." So his boyfriends puts his finger in his ass and feels around. "I don't feel anything", the boyfriend says. So the first guy says, "No deeper...I'm sure I feel something".

So the boyfriend put his hand in the guys ass and feels around. "I'm telling you there is nothing there" says the boyfriend. "No really", the guys says, "I can feel it, look deeper." So the boyfriend puts his whole arm in the guys ass and is feeling around when he touches something.

"Hey, I found something," says the boyfriend. "Well take it out," says the guy. The boyfriend pulls his hand out of the guys ass, looks at it and see's it is a Rolex. The guy starts singing, "Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you......"

 HK Snob

Saturday, August 24, 2013

How Much Gold you think your Rolex Day Date President Ref 1803 contain?

The solid gold Rolex watch is really a thing of beauty though many people especially younger does not like the Yellow Gold, they say too much, too bling, overdo… as my opinion; well,  Gold is the ultimate precious metal to make watch. Probably I am old enough to wear that, as many people criticize wearing a gold Rolex looks Fuddy-Duddy. Anyway, many people think differently, I like it as it is the REAL THING!

The typical gents Rolex President looks rather impressive due to its obvious mass and weight not to mention the price tag that goes with it.  Did you ever really wonder what the actual gold value is in a Rolex President? Below we have taken an 18kt. gold Rolex Ref 1803 and have removed the movement, the crystal, O-rings, and other non-gold parts. We weighed each part using a handheld electronic balance. We are sure you will find the results very interesting.

These are the basic component parts of the Rolex. The band, the bezel ring that holds the crystal in place, the main case, and the case back.

Inside of the case back you will see that it is marked as being 18kt. It also has the decimal value of .750. This means that 75 percent of the weight is pure gold. Pure gold is 24kt. The pure gold is alloyed with silver, copper, and zinc. Also notice the official Rolex markings on the inside of the case back.

The clasp is also marked with the gold content as well as being marked with the Rolex logo. There is also a number that is the official part number for this band. This band has the bark finish.

This is the head or case ring of the Rolex. It is also marked 18kt. A genuine Rolex case will also have a Registered Design number engraved between the lugs at the 12 position. In this case, the number is 1803. Between the lugs at the 6 position you will find the serial number of the case.

Assuming 99.99 pure gold price of HKD$350 a gram as of Today for a reference.
Using these parts the actual gold value of this Rolex can be determined as follows.
-- Case ring weights 18.5 grams. Contains 13.875 grams of pure gold. It has a value of $4,856.25
--Case back weighs 7.21 grams. Contains 5.4075 grams of pure gold. It has a value of $1,892.625
--Bezel weighs 5.30 grams. Contains 3.975 grams of pure gold. It has a value of $1,391.25
--The bracelet weighs 68.85 grams including the two pins. Contains 51.6375 grams of pure gold. It has the most value at $18,073.125
The total value of the pure 24kt. gold in this Rolex President Ref 1803 is $26,213.25
HK Snob

Rolex leather Handphone bag and Rolex leather Wallet

Green one can be used for Carrying your iPhone or my HTC One, in fact that was deisgn to carry watch. Both are made of soft fine leather and imprinted with Rolex Logo, Old stock of 2009.
Rolex does not produce any more leather goods anymore. The brown Wallet can be used to carry your passport.
HK Snob

Friday, August 23, 2013

What is enough for you to make you happy!?

Rolex GMT Master II Ref 116759 40MM 18KT White Gold with a lot of Sands

What is enough for you to make you happy!?
One old wiser asked me what is enough for you to make you happy? All in sudden, it was a bit hard to reply him, well, I am not an Unhappy guy as far as I know.  But I do more some worry about the one I know, Daughter’s study, wives health, the company that may ask me to leave as they thought my salary is too high or he thought using half of my salary could possible hire a younger guy by half the age of mine.  Somehow I think you should be happier if you could
1. Make some exercise
You might have seen some talk recently about the scientific 7 minute workout mentioned in The New York Times. So if you thought exercise was something you didn’t have time for, maybe you can fit it in after all.
2. Sleep at 11:00 or earlier, our liver starts to work at 11:00, so it is time for us to sleep, but I had hard time to force myself to sleep, But I am trying…
3. Spend time with friend and family
4. Help others
5. Practice smile everyday
6. Plan a trip for vacation
7.  Meditate – rewire your brain for happiness
8.  Practice gratitude – increase both happiness and life satisfaction
9. Listen to music you like
I think it is healthy for you to listen to some of the best music you like, does not matter what kind of music but not Heavy Metal or Rock music , Light music, Classic music would be better.
10. Got to have some hobby
It would be pity that there is no hobby for man like you, or your hobby is earning money that is fine too!
If you think earning money is your hobby, go ahead, anything that could spend your time, explore your exposure to your friend, having some target in your life could help you to feel better especially you could achieve the preset target.
I have a few hobbies and I am very happy to enjoy the process of the collection, and not necessary the result of the found target collection item.
I collect Watches, fountain Pen, Vinyl of the 50s and 60s. vacuum tubes, DIY on my HI FI system, practicing fountain pen Calligraphy. Gathering with friend who are having similar hobby, watch collection also drive me to go out for window shopping, checking price of various Rolex watch in different shops in Ap Liu Street, Sham Shui Po ,  and through the past three years I start to love Blogging. It would be great fun as I can express my idea in watch collection, I learn more about watch, I know a lot of friend through the blogs.
Friends collect Stamps, some of them collect tin toys, some collects old books, old Chinese Furniture, Chinese Jade, and many other kinds of article for collections. I Like cars too, and I have to buy Ferrari one day, of course I just want to drive one, I am not Jay Leno who has 190 cars nor the Sultan of Brunei’s Garage collection of 7,000 Vehicles.
What a great fun could be is the process of collection
Watch friend asks me what is my next target, and seems that I could sometimes could not figure out what is the next target, the fact is my salary is well distributed to different receivers when the pay day comes. What kind of money I could still be used for the next Target. But my process of watch buying slow down gradually as when you have had some watches, the next buy would be more expensive, or more collectible, now I have to talk to myself to Cool down a bit when I see an attractive watch, and ask myself Why should I buy this? As If you do not think this way, you will keep on buying and even not have time to wear the watch at all.
And I always talk to friend, start your own blog if you like writing, it could be one of your way to kill time after works, and it may also a means to increase your income! Blogging is now one of my latest hobbies.
It drives me to read more books, more magazine, internet searching and verification on the information
I find before I could blog it.
Anyway, enjoy what you are having, enjoy your hobby, keep it a way to make you happy. Life could be so much of fun if you could use up you time in making yourself happy.
HK Snob

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Where is my Pink gold Rolex Daytona?

Where is My Rolex Daytona?! 

A lawyer was driving his new bought Aston Martin DB9 to court, and planned to show off his new toy to his colleague and lawyers.
He did not notice a Hino truck passing and knocked his door when he was trying to open the door, that driver accelerated and went away immediately!
The lawyer was mad and angrily picked up his iPhone called the police.
When the police came, the lawyer shouted at him: I bought the new Aston Martin yesterday, it was destroyed by that damn Japanese truck. And he just went away!
The police looked at the lawyer surprisingly:  “Are lawyers pay attention on fact and witnesses rather than any other more important personal things?”
“What do you mean?” The lawyer asked.
“You did not find that nothing below your arm? Your are severing your arm!” Policeman said hysterically loud!
The lawyer looked down and uttered a mournful cry, “Oh My God, I lost my Pink Gold Rolex Daytona!”

HK Snob
Joke 2013 version

Do you think that Wearing Rolex is a Materialized YOU!?

Do you think that Wearing Rolex is a Materialized YOU!?

Do You have a BWM 328?
No, I am not talking about the 1940 BMW 328 Kamm Coupé, named after the German aerodynamics pioneer Wunibald Kamm, disappeared without trace back in 1953. But now - 70 years after BMW's famous Mille Miglia victory - BMW Classic has recreated this legendary racing car, once again illuminating an important milestone in both motor sport history and the development of vehicle aerodynamics. "We are very proud to be able to bring this car back into the public spotlight," said Karl Baumer, Director of BMW Group Classic.
 "We've come up against some major technical challenges, had many discussions and racked up countless hours of research, but when you see the car for the first time you can sense the passion and expertise invested in the project by everyone involved - all those years ago and today."

What if I like bicycle!?
Try Fendi Abici Amante Donna Bicycle
Abici builds an unique, purely handcrafted running machine power by no gas, no battery, but by pure human. Model Amante, equipped with GSP leather case, Italian cow hide for the double sided bag, hot water flask holder, leather handle, a nice Bicycle that would not be losing face when you meet someone who is ready to put gas on his Porsche 911 Carrera at the Red light.

How about 118 Wally Power? Blot at Sea!?
Launched in 2002 by Monaco-based Wally Yachts, the WallyPower 118 is a high performance luxury superyacht combining high-end technology with a striking design. The sleek yacht lets you cruise swiftly from one destination to another at a speed of 65 knots in both the flat seas and rough waters. The yacht enjoys all the spacious comforts of a mega yacht together with the nautical characteristics of a Coast Guard boat.
I just need 6 hours to leave HK to Manila! WOW, How much? US$18.2M!

Sleep with Marilyn Monroe, forever
An American widow is selling her husband's burial spot directly above film legend Marilyn Monroe so she can pay off her $1.6 million (U.S.) mortgage. If Elsie Poncher's eBay sale is successful (bidding was up to $2.5 million), If you had this Money, you can actually Sleep on top of Marilyn Monroe forever!! How about that!? But all that only you have to do after your leave this World!?

                                     Do you want to sleep on top of Marilyn Monroe!?
What if I had US$25,000 
$25,000 is just a trivial portion of Money of for the portions of the above!?
I would have no hesitation to buy a Rolex, as it would be going with me all time! If you do not mind, wear it to comfort room, cinema, even sleeping, it would have any problem as it is strong and sturdy.  Buying a Rolex Day Date such as Ref 1803, 18038, 18049, 19018, 19019 or even Ref 18346 would cause you all the money.  Still have some money for you and your beloved one to sleep in this fantastic room under water. 

                                          Rolex Submariner "Hulk" Ref 116610LV

In the under water hotel room Conrad Maldives Rangali Island , but in that case I believe you will wear a Submariner Hulk. Ref 11660LV! It matches perfectly for that environment

Wearing Rolex isn’t materialized, spending 2.5 Million to sleep with Some beauty is!?
Buying a Superyacht that my poor friend would not come to enjoy with me is really a showoff rather than to enjoy life. Give it to me? Well, I believe it burns 3,500 litre of fuel that costs HKD$55,000 an
hour I can’t afford too!
Well, of course, even I don’t spend a dime, my 100 years salary isn't enough for that!?
I had better be myself a poor HK Snob
HK Snob

Noodles, Copper Wires, Clock and Watch

Noodles, Wire, Clock and Watch…

Noodle and Spaghetti
When Chinese met Italian: Noodle and Spaghetti, which was supposed to be invented earlier!?
Over the years, there has been a lot of argument of who invented the Spaghetti, someone said Marco Polo went to China saw how Chinese made the noodles and he brought this into Italy create 
Well, China has noodle some 4,000 years ago as we used to eat nozzle*1 and rice, more noodle for Chinese in the North and more rice I S, And there is a Italian Cuisine expert came out to say let's stop the argument, let's assume Both Chinese and Italian invented the Noodle and Spaghetti at same time.
It is OK for Italian but may not be agreed by Chinese… anyway…

                                         China first Found Noodles 4,000 years ago
Copper wire and Wireless
When a Chinese Monk visit Rome some 700 years ago, he met a Roman, who had told him Italian has underground copper wire which is used to transmit electricity from Florence to Rome, the Monk said quite humbly that “ I am sorry that we  do not have this technology in China, we have only Wireless!”*2
The Roman was desperately not happy with the Chinese’s Reply, and he asked, we used to have mechanical Clock century ago while you Chinese still looking at Sun rise sunset for time.
The Chinese Monk then said, Yi Xing, a Buddhist monk, made the first model of a mechanical clock in 725 AD. This clock operated by dripping water that powered a wheel which made one full revolution in 24 hours. An iron and bronze system of wheels and gears made the clock turn. This system caused the chiming of a bell on the hour. It was two more centuries before the first mechanical clock was developed in Europe.
The Roman was speechless!

                           First Mechanical Clock invented by Chinese.

October 12, 2005—A 4,000-year-old bowl of noodles unearthed in China is the earliest example ever found of one of the world's most popular foods, scientists reported today. It also suggests an Asian—not Italian—origin for the staple dish.
The beautifully preserved, long, thin yellow noodles were found inside an overturned sealed bowl at the Lajia archaeological site in northwestern China. The bowl was buried under ten feet (three meters) of sediment.
"This is the earliest empirical evidence of noodles ever found," Houyuan Lu of Beijing's Chinese Academy of Sciences.
The scientists determined the noodles were made from two kinds of millet, a grain indigenous to China and widely cultivated there 7,000 years ago. Modern North American and European noodles are usually made with wheat.  

Remarks *2
Back in 4,000 years ago we used fire to tell distant area on the mountain to send message. Is that Classified as “Wireless?
HK and Italy Snob
This is just a joke created by me, not to hurt the Chinese or Italian Relationship and we had been having very long and good relationship with Italian, we eat good noodle in Spaghetti House nowadays and Italian eat big yummy Wanton Noodles anywhere in the world running by Hong Kong Chef.
We Like to wear Panerai Watch and Italian come to Lo Wo Commercial City to buy all kind of world best branded Watch made in China!! We are at Draw!

Monday, August 19, 2013

What watch Jay Leno wear!?

                          Jay Leno and his garage                       
James Douglas Muir "Jay" Leno born April 28, 1950 is an American stand-up comedian, actor, voice actor, writer, producer and television host. Leno owns approximately 190 vehicles, about 90 of which are motorcycles. He also has a website called "Jay Leno's Garage."

It contains video clips and photos of his automobiles in detail. Among his collection are two Doble steam cars, a sedan and a roadster that was owned by Howard Hughes.

Guess what watch does he wear?
Sodiac? Citizen?  It is a Seiko SLQ009, SPORTURA!!

Movement: SEIKO Kinetic Rechargeable Quartz Analog. SEIKO Cal. 9T82 Japanese Quartz Analog. 38 jewels.
Movement Features: Cotes de Geneve hand burnished plates. Rhodium color movement plates.
Functions: 12 hr, 60 min, 60 sec, 1/10 sec. chronograph. Date calendar, window display.
Case: Pure Titanium.
Crown: Water Resistant style.
Crystal: Sapphire. Flat profile. Anti-Glare treated.
Dial: Black color.
Hands: White varnished.
Case Back: Screw-down style ( threaded ). Observation crystal.
Band: Pure Titanium.
Clasp: Tri-fold, Sport style, with spring release.
Water Resistance: 100m/330ft /10atm.
Case Size: 49mm X 41.5mm X 13mm.

Hussle free, accurate, if you like the watch design, it would be nice to have and that is a big watch too!

FS -- Seiko Sportura TITANIUM Kinetic Chronograph SLQ009 (cal. 9T82 movement)
The Seiko Sportura Titanium Kinetic Chronograph (model SLQ009) is a very rare watch...TITANIUM, professional looking, a chronograph, and a spectacular 38 jewel kinetic movement (the cal. 9T82 is still the top of the line Seiko movement).

But it has the same hiccup of other Kenetic watch as once you had problem on the capacitor, it had to returned to factory to change; it may cost a few hundred to thousand dollars!
This watch was having an estimated price of HKD$15,000 in 2000
I am searching if he has any Rolex...let you know. 
HK Snob