Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rolex Day Date President Mens 18K solid gold Ref 18038

This is a Special Colour Rolex Mens President , "Purple Dial" I have been checking many Rolex ADs, this colour was told not been released in HK. Correct me if We are wrong.
This watch was a special release to Japan. Sorry that I can use any phone camera to capture the original colour of the dial, it is not blue, but always it appears "blue" here!
It comes with Paper, 1984, Sapphire Crystal, this watch is very accurate, I have been using it for a while and looks like it gains 35 seconds for 14 days which is well below Rolex Speciification.
it Comes with Rolex Solid Gold strap with 22 sections, price is HKD$88,888.00
Contact if someone is interested in, or trade with some other Rolex.
HK Snob
I tried to take numrous Pictures and finally the last one showed the true colour of the Watch which is close to the Colour of the Bentley.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Enicar was established in Switzerland in 1854, as one of the early founder for Swiss watch industry.In 1956, Enicar was chosen as one of the official watches in the Sucessful Conquest of Mount Everest by the Swiss Expedition team.
In 1960-70s, Enicar, Titoni and Eanest Borel were some of the best know watches for most of the general working class who could not afford those Omega, Rolex Patek Philippe, AP and Piaget.
Recently Enicar has been back with new Ambassador Yang Mi Mini杨幂,
Who was famous of her performance in the China TV movie series “” in 2011.
She is gorgeous.
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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Tudor Prince Chronometer Red Dial for sale

Tudor Prince Chronomter with Date, 95% new, it was list priced at HKD$20,000 in 1997
Now, after so many years;  price is HKD21,500. Red Dial is very rare.

HK Snob

Patek Philippe Ref 5053R Rose gold For Sale

PP Ref 5053R rose gold paper and box, Like New, Ask for HKD$148,000
mail to
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Rolex SeaDweller For Sale

Rolex SeaDweller for sales S/N Kxxxxx, 90% new, include Waranty certificate. HKD$38,000.
Send me message to
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Watch has been sold!

HK Snob Flea Market

There are requests from Friends who are Collectors of Watch to let go some of his collection for reason of
either he has double collection, or he wants some hot cash for new buy. Or someone wants to buy a new toy!?
If you are interested, you can be refer to the original Seller and you make a deal direct with him.
I will not take care of the after sales service or any responsibility of the Authenticity of the watch as I earn nothing from the deal.

HK Snob

Mickey Mouse Wrist Watch

This is a cute watch for those who adore Mickey Mouse, a good old days memories LD video  the 80s, It was sold in Hong Kong for about $120 dollars, and that is not cheap at all at that time. Swiss Made, manual Movement, may be just 5 jewels but I did not have time to open and check. It is hard to have the whole complete set as a collection.
Gerald Genta has made a cure Mickey Mouse Watch in 1989, selling at about HKD$19,000.00
Of course that is a masterpiece for those Rich Family’s Kid…
HK Snob

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Hamilton P2 LED James Bond watch

In 1957, The Hamilton Watch Co of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, produced the world's first electric watch. The Hamilton Electric Watch kept time with a traditional balance-wheel mechanism which had been used in timepieces for hundreds of years and was therefore no more accurate than any other watch. However, instead of the mainspring powering the mechanism, a battery was used to power the mechanism so the need to wind was eliminated. The Electric Watch was once the Favourite watch of Elvis Plesley,
After 13 years, the first digital electronic watch, a Pulsar LED prototype in 1972, was developed jointly by Hamilton Watch Company and Electro-Data, founded by George H. Thiess. John Bergey, the head of Hamilton's Pulsar division, said that he was inspired to make a digital timepiece by the futuristic digital clock that Hamilton themselves made for 1968 science fiction film “2001: A Space Odyssey” On April 4, 1972, the Pulsar was finally ready, made in 18-carat gold and sold for $2,100. It had a red light-emitting diode (LED) display. At That time only RED LED was available, and those tiny gold wire with Diameter of 1.0 mil (1/1000 of an Inch) was bonded manually wire by wire under microscope, imagine that there are 3 digits each consist of 7 segment , plus the two dot between hour and minutes LED, there were 23 wires to be bonded. That was a kind of Hi technology as they were very small and precise. As for the stainless steel version, it was sold about HKD$580 in 1973. It was very expensive there in Hong Kong.
Digital LED watches were very expensive and out of reach to the common consumer until 1975.  Texas Instruments started to mass produce LED watches inside a plastic case.
It was sold at HKD$250 in Hong Kong in 1977. I used to go to the Shop at Hung Hom near my college to see these new gadget stuff including Digital LED watch, at that time a  I earned HKD$18 a day in an Electronics Factory to repair Transistor Radio during Summer vacation.
Pulsar lose $6 million and the Pulsar brand sold to Seiko.

Today the Pulsar is still working perfectly, that is an important watch of the 20 Century
It contains a Magnet under the clasp, the magnet is sued to adjust the Hour and Minutes just by toughing the bottom of the watch, this design of setting the time was an innovation as it can have a better seal for dust and moisture to the PCB assembly or the watch.
HK Snob

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Rolex Display in Rolex Shop

When you go to Rolex AD, what kind of watches you can see most?

What I can say is Date Just as this is the best seller!

What kind of material is the most commonly seen in display? I think it is Yellow Gold!

How about the Sport model, there is limited number of Submariner, Stainless steel GMT Master, Yacht Master, Daytona stainless steel may have one White and one Black Dial, and one DeepSea.

That is why most of the younger generation would like to buy GMT Master II and Submariner black Ref 116610LN. Needless to say the Green Bezel and Green Dial Ref 116610LV would be the one everyone is looking for…as the green bezel Ref 16610LV has been discontinued.

As for expensive Gold model like Day Date, you can see only 10% is White Gold or Platinum as there is market driven especially this is Chinese Society, most of the people wear a Rolex s  expecting some kind of recognition from other People. A White gold Day Date may be more expensive than a Yellow Gold but it looks like “stainless steel” only fraction of people could tell, as “Day Date” does not come with Stainless steel and in fact White Gold looks WHITE and whilst Stainless steel looks a bit GREY.

How about the Dial colour, this is almost like the picture I took in one of the largest Rolex AD in HK yesterday, We can see Yellow gold champagne dial, white or black, nothing more!
Again this is Rolex Marketing and most of the people like to go for Gold Champagne dial as for it mixes well with the same colour case, and looks very GOLD… and Very Rolex.
Chinese Like yellow Gold Rolex.
Except the new generation younger Chinese big spenders are now looking for Pink or Rose Gold Rolex. But it really looks a bit Feminine to me. Except Daytona Pink Gold, it is beautiful.

So next time what dial colour you would like to Choose!?

HK Snob

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Crazy Rolex Colour drives me Crazy!


                                                                       Lapis Blue

                                                  Bungandy Red Lacquer with 48 Diamonds

                                                                    Brown Lacquer

                                                                  Grey Lacquer

                                                                       Purple Lacquer
                                                                Orange Wood Fossil

                                                                                    Turquoise Blue Lacquer

                                                              Orange Red Coral

    Stella Red Lacquer
After the Christie’s Auction on Rolex Ref 1803… Red, Blue, we can see more fantastic colour of Rolex had ever produced before…. I am sure that kind of Colour was made in very small number. As they might not be a choice by most of the Rolex fans at that time. Well, as For me…
I like all these Colour...

This kind of Rolex with absurd colour dial would be one of the ideal collectible items for Rolex Connoisseurs.

What are the colour that could melt my heart to buy!?

  1. Stella Red
  2. Lapis Blue
  3. Turquoise Blue
  4. Purple
  5. Orange or Coral Reef
  6. Burgandy
  7. Green
  8. Grey

HK Snob

Friday, November 16, 2012

No More Laser Hologram Sticker on your Rolex

A Rolex Crown mark on the 6'oclock position, can you see it!?

Since 2006* Rolex Stopped using the Hologram Sticker on the back of the watch case, instead they use Laser to burn a Rolex Trade mark “Crown” on the 6 o’clock position on the crystal. Partly the Hologram sticker was on sales internet, and there is no way to tell that is a Rolex issued sticker or not, moreover a Laser burn mark on the crystal is technical more challenge for small scale Copy Watch Maker!
They started on the Explorer I first and then implemented on other Series of watch…

Someone who did buy a New Rolex told me he can not find the Laser burnt Crown mark, in fact it is very light and difficult to see as they can not out too much power on it. This is more difficult to put a lighter mark than heavy as they laser Marker has a more sophistical electronics control of emitted energy.

You should look carefully with some light shine from sideward.. if you can not find it …. Ask someone or Rolex AD to show you… if really you can not see one, The Crystal is not Original Rolex… but this almost impossible if your watch is bought from AD. If really so, you should get a replacement!
HK Snob

Someone told me started 2006, some one told me 2005 or 2007, Who can confirm me when that was started!?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Recent Christie's Auction on Rolex Ref 1803 Blue Day Date

Rolex. An attractive 18K gold automatic calendar wristwatch with sweep centre seconds, date and turquoise blue lacquered dial
Rolex. An attractive 18K gold automatic calendar wristwatch with sweep centre seconds, date and turquoise blue lacquered dial
Signed Rolex, Oyster Perpetual, Day-Date, ref. 1803, case no. 2'806'599, manufactured in 1971
Cal. 1556 automatic movement, 26 jewels, turquoise blue lacquered dial, applied gold baton numerals, luminous accents, sweep centre seconds, magnified window for date, aperture for day, tonneau-shaped water-resistant-type case, milled bezel, screw back, screw down crown, 18K gold Rolex buckle, case, dial and movement signed
36 mm. diam.

The final hammer price was US$36,981.00! even high than the RED!

                              Caran D'Ache Leman Bicolor Turquoise Blue Rhodium Fountain Pen

HK Snob

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Recent Christie's Auction on Rolex Ref 1803 RED Day Date

Rolex. An attractive 18K gold automatic calendar wristwatch with sweep centre seconds and red lacquered dial
Lot Description
Rolex. An attractive 18K gold automatic calendar wristwatch with sweep centre seconds and red lacquered dial.
Signed Rolex, Oyster Perpetual, Day-Date, ref. 1807/1803, movement no. DD491144, case no. 2'251'527, manufactured in 1970
Cal. 1556 automatic movement, 26 jewels, red lacquered dial, applied gold baton numerals with luminous accents, sweep centre seconds, aperture for day, magnified window for date, tonneau-shaped water-resistant-type case, fluted bezel, screw back, screw down crown, gilt associated buckle, case, dial and movement signed
36 mm. diam.
This watch was sold At Recent Christie’s with hammer price of US$31,698.
If this is not Red dial, this watch may just be worth $6,000 only. So the Red dial could make this watch so special, again RED is everything for Rolex.

This has the same colour as this Thorens Reference Turn Table, most likely the best Functional, most Performing and most Beautiful Vinyl  Turntable Swiss Ever made for the World of Analogue.
HK Snob

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Rolex or Omega

"Is that Rolex?" ..."It is Omega!"

                                       Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M "Skyfall" Limited Edition

Daniel Craig wears a Rolex Milgauss Ref, 116400

At some point in Casino Royale, something happens that even watch fans found too much. When Bond and Vesper Lynd are traveling by train, Lynd looks at Bond's wrists and asks "Rolex?" "Omega" replies Bond, and that was that.
That would be a multi-millions extra income for MGM/UA as James Bond wears Omega in the movie but how come they could mentioned “Rolex” that is a real business world, I wonder why senior staff of Omega would allow the name “Rolex” would be appears in the movie! As they are head to head competitors.

Everyone would make use any opportunity to make advertisement. Note that the Red Wine on the table belongs to Chateau Angelus, Premier Grand Cru Class from Saint Emilion.

On the other hand, the Range Rover SUV James pushes onto a line of 5 luxury cars when he was treated as a parking helper unintentionly, of course the main focus is on James Bond’s Aston Martin DBS.

What watch Daniel Wear in Casino Royale?
Seamaster 300 (Ref. 2531.80.00) + Planet Ocean which lead to some interesting spots, for example: When Bond starts to type his resignation letter on the yacht in Venice he's wearing an Omega Planet Ocean watch with a black strap. When he finished typing and closed his laptop he's wearing an Omega Seamaster.

Omega has also released photos of the official Skyfall watch.
Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M "Skyfall" Limited Edition will see a limited release of just 5,007 watches available for purchase.

What Watch Daniel wears when he is not in the film?
Daniel was found wearing an Rolex Milgauss and Date just in some other occasions.

So again, Rolex and Omega, is the best Choice of James Bond and Daniel Craig!

HK Snob

Saturday, November 10, 2012

HK Watch Market loom to slow down in Q4

羅德公關公司(Ruder Finn Asia)和市場調查公司益普索(Ipsos)聯合發布的一份關于中國香港奢侈品市場的報告顯示,超過一半(52%)的香港市民計劃在未來幾個月減少在購買手表上的支出,此外,計劃減少購買葡萄酒、服飾、鞋和化妝品等其他奢侈品的人也有一定比例。




Extract from WSJ -CN 25 Sep 2012
HK Snob

Hamilton IntraMatic Men's automatic watch

This long waiting IntraMatic has finally arrived HK, 21 jewel Automatic, a Retrostyle,
9 mm total thickness including two mm convex Sapphire Crystal, an ETA movement, Date is located at 6 O’clock position, size 38mm or 42mm to fit your wrist, transparent bottom case.
They offer gold plated, Stainless Steel, Black or white dial offer for you. Friends of mine has ordered 4 pieces through me, I just bought two of the 38mm home today. Well, What can you buy now with list price of HKD$6,500 for a Swiss made watch! What I need is a additional good Alligator’s strap, it would look more elegant!

The new Hamilton IntraMatic takes its inspiration from a namesake Hamilton timepiece dating from the 1960s. After the exposure at Baselworld, March 2012, lot of people is asking of when this watch is available.  Its styling reminisces of the first timepiece’s slender dimensions, as it measures about 7 mm in height not including the dome lens. The original watch was equipped with a Büren micro-rotor automatic movement. Today’s interpretations use an ultra-modern, high-performance ETA 2892-2 with 3.8mm thick. automatic movement with power reserve of 42 hours and highly resistant materials that are definitely here to stay. And in tune with the times, the 2012 Hamilton IntraMatic comes in a 38 mm and a 42 mm version to cater for evolving tastes and diverse wrist sizes. Available in steel or gold PVD plating, in two case sizes: 38 and 42 mm. Black leather strap.
Recently, IntraMatic is very popular in Japan and in HK.
HK Snob

Friday, November 9, 2012

Rolex OysterQuatz

I am still waiting my Ref, 19019 to come as It has been in Rolex HK for changing the Day and Date Dial to Chinese, being a Collector, I like to have the Chinese Character on the Rolex as it is rare! However, they always todl me to "wait"! I am going to lose my patience to wait!
OysterQuartz was produced for about 25,000 so far, and they are Collectible item especially the White gold version. So far I have not seen a Stella Red Dial OysterQuartz, If you have seen one , do not let it go!
I have picked up some of the ads and celebrity who used to be wearer of Rolex OysterQuartz.
Note that they were sold at US$1,275 for just a stainless steel DateJust in 1979, That is an equilvalent amount of HKD$70,000 in todays money. so if you can see a good condition OysterQuartz, you can consider buying it... as it is a good price to buy now!

                                              John Houston, in  this vintage Apple Poster

                                                   Peter Habeler, A Mt. Everest Climber

                                                      Roger Heiniger, Former Rolex CEO

The Above People wear Rolex OysterQuartz Stainless steel Date Just.

HK Snob