Friday, June 30, 2017

Vintage Rolex For sale (watch only)

Submariner Ref 6536 Gilt Dial "Exclamation Mark" HK$260,000.


Sea Dweller Ref 16660 Patina Dial, year 1985,

Some Oxidation at the date window when you see at an angle.

HK$45,000  (SOLD)


GMT Master Coke Ref 16700 Mk 1, Year 1981, HK$85,000

On the Right Sea Dweller Matt dial Ref 16660 S/N 8.2M

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Pre-owned Rolex SeaDweller Ref 16660 On Sale

Rolex SeaDweller Ref 16660
Year 1985
Never Been Polished
Watch Only

On Sale

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Pre-owned Rolex Ref 1601 Date Just Two Tone

Rolex Date Just

Ref 1601

Year 1972

Two Tone Stainless Steel and 14KT solid Gold.


On Sale


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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Watch for Golfer

Many semiconductor business executives play golf in the Philippines, Bangkok, Shenzhen, Seoul…

They told me, if you want to get an equipment purchase order from the Korean Semiconductor houses, Play golf…

It triggers me a question, What watches I should go for Golf?



The concern is if the watch will be able to survive under the vigorous swing acceleration of 60G?

There’s risk of shock to the movement or loosening of parts. We’ve seen their watch hands rolling around inside the crystal after a game!

The average male golfer swings a driver at a speed of around 80 mph. When the driver hits the golf ball off of the tee, it sends a shock up the shaft of the golf club to the golfer’s hand, and then to the watch, then to the balance spring shaft, that shock could possibly disastrous to cause the shaft tip broken though the INCABLOC should take up 99% of the shock. But who knows. Accident could happen! Besides, the impact can cause the hairspring to jump and parts to become loose, and cause the watch go Malfunction or loss of accuracy!

Experience told us these watches are prone to get damages:-

Thin gold dress watch

Complicated watch as Tourbillon or perpetual calendar, needless mention Repeater…

A Solid gold watch is soft and easy to get dents,

Rolex Submariner Ref 116610LN US$8,000

Phil Mickelson and Rolex Cellini

Rolex Cellini US$5,000

Bubba Watson 's RM038

2011 RM038 Euro 459,500

Golfing Watches

Professional golfers don’t tend to wear watches during gameplay, with the exception of a few. While Phil Mickelson prefers a Rolex Cellini, Bubba Watson is known for his Richard Milles. Super lightweight on the wrist, with a variable-inertia balance wheel that helps it withstand accelerations of over 500-G’s. Unfortunately, these watches are too expensive for some of us.

Sportier dive watches like the Rolex Submariner are made to withstand intense underwater pressure. It should be able to handle the shock of a driver coming into contact with a golf ball.


Or, consider a quartz. Quartz watches are affordable, durable, and lightweight—a great option for golf.. In 2005, TAG Heuer launched the first ever “professional golf watch” with a quartz movement, scratch resistant titanium case, and lightweight rubber strap. It even boasted Tiger Woods as an ambassador.


I had a discussion with many of the HK watch sales Managers, their comment on Watch for Golf is
best Rolex Submariner…other than that, a Nautilius, a Royal Oak, a Vacheron Constantin, Piaget, Frank Muller will be at risk! They are not designed for Golfing.

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Rolex Stock update

Submariner Hulk Ref 116610LV  $74K
GMT Master II Ref 1167`0BLNR  $70K
Sea-dweller Single Red 126600 - 10 days to order - $115K

Full Set Pre-loved
Submariner Ref 16610LV Kermit, with paper Booklet and Box - $69,000
Explorer II Ref 16570 White dial Full Set - $34K
Submariner 16610 Kermit Flat Four -$105K
GMT Master II Ref 16700 $54K

With Rolex Service Paper
Sea Dweller 16600 , With Rolex paper and Box $45K
Day Date White Gold Day Date Oyster Quartz Ref 19019 , with Rolex service paper, Original Oyster Quartz box $95K

Watch only
Explorer II White Ref 16570 - $28.5K
Daytona Ref 16520 A - series $125K
Submariner Ref 16800 $46K

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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Rolex OysterQuartz Ref 19019 White Gold Day Date On Sale

It is hard to get a OysterQuartz,

It is harder to get a White Gold OysterQuartz,

It is very difficult to get such a condition of OysterQuartz with white dial with a few small diamonds on dial.

Purely for those who knows what OysterQuartz is and purely for those who could value the true value of Rolex OysterQuartz ...

Note: for those who believe FungShui, the nine "9" means forever, longevity, this watch carries many "9"!

S/N: P9999X9


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It Happens!

Theses are some of the fact about what I have experienced over the recent five years.

Have you seen a watch that is brand new at Boutique that when you press the Chronograph button, it does not work?

Have you seen that when the salesman receives the watch from Swiss, that he find the second hand is dropped out under the crystal, that the watch is priced more than USD$200,000.

I have ordered an Pink Gold Automatic watch for my client in Philippines, and my sales manager at the AD called me,… I almost fainted, as he told me the watch does not work, It failed to move! That makes me shocked as I had only three days to find such a watch to deliver to my client… that watch is Selling at list price HK$251,000.

Have you seen that a Brand new top watch brand in the world. The client checked the watch at the AD shop, and surprises to find that there is an obvious scratch line on the solid gold rotor under the sapphire bottom plate? You would ask is that possible?

I have tried to sell a watch which has been using zenith movement on the chronograph function, that was a solid white gold watch with meteorite dial, when I tried to start the chrono counter, the hands did not move!

There is a prestige watch brand that is new and watch is not working the second day after the purchase…

It does not move at all after running for about 48 hours… even though you wind up the watch manually full, and it does not move… and they replace it to you free immediately.

So Next time when you buy a Watch no matter it is a Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Rolex, Vacheron Constantin… IWC, JLC… whatever….

You don’t assume that the watch is perfect, it may happen some of the things that you don’t want to, you don’t expect to… happen…


Check the function carefully, especially complicated watch with Chronograph or perpetual calendar function…

I like the watch that when I hold it gently and start to wind up the crown… after a few rounds, it starts to move by itself instead of applying jerking swing it to start! That is a good watch…

Well, there is over 2,500,000 * watches shipping to Hong Kong Every year, the failure rate is very low… may be 100* ppm.. so Hope that you don’t have that LUCK to receive such watches… (my estimated numbers only)


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Sunday, June 4, 2017

A Cure for Wellness and Rolex Air King

An ambitious young executive Lockhart (Dane DeHaan) is sent to retrieve his company's CEO from an idyllic but mysterious "wellness center" at a remote location in the Swiss Alps. He soon suspects that the spa's miraculous treatments are not what they seem. When he begins to unravel its terrifying secrets, his sanity is tested, as he finds himself diagnosed with the same curious illness that keeps all the guests here longing for the cure. From Gore Verbinski, the visionary director of THE RING, comes the new psychological thriller, A CURE FOR WELLNESS.
Release date: February 17, 2017 (Finland)
Director: Gore Verbinski
Box office: 26.6 million USD
Budget: 40 million USD
Story by: Gore Verbinski, Justin Haythe
It is long as 2 hours 26 minutes more, an extravagant B-movie homage that is longer, darker, and more unwieldy than the genre demands. However, it is a visually-stunning work, the Castle was beautifully pictured and I wish I could go there for a Final Treatment!

There are a few scenes that the Director camera spots the watch Lockhart wears, It is a Rolex Air-King,
Model Ref 5700 circa 1970s.
First time he visited the reception and he was asked to come back next day a visiting time had passed. He looked at his Rolex… Big Close Shot…the time on the watch is 3:07

Horrible scene that someone drilled his front tooth without any anesthesia.

Looks at His Air-King again, time is also 3:07

Another one was he was lying in bed woke up after three days after the car accident. He looked as his Air King again…and it was stopped at again 3:07.  

Is there a hint on what 3:07 means to the Story?

This is the last scene showing his Air-King.

It Air-King an inserted advertisement from Rolex?
Lockhart's Air-King Model Ref 5700 circa 1970s.

Ref 5700
Air King Stainless steel “Precision” is a manual Oyster Perpetual 34mms watch.
It has a smooth bezel, screw down Rolex Twinlock winding crown, baton hour markers, signed Rolex, T Swiss T marked dial. Polished baton hand.
The history of the Rolex Air King is quite extensive.
Often dubbed the "Warrior Watch," the Rolex Air King is a magnificent watch though it does not seem carry a lot of story nor talking point. Air-King is the Simplest watch from Rolex, it simplicity is its beauty., John McCain is known for his Rolex Air King. 
The RAF (British Royal Air Force) members were regarded as heroes in the 1930's. These men flew countless missions, and in the face of such danger triumphed in spite of overwhelming odds and meager aircraft. Discarding their standard-issue, low-quality watches, these brave pilots instead used Rolex Oyster Perpetual religiously in their missions.
The founder of Rolex Hans Wilsdorf was pleased that he chose to honor these air borne heroes by creating a dedicated line of manual wind Oyster watches fit for the sky.
Rolex started producing bigger watches and gave them names such as "Rolex Air Lion," "Rolex Air Tiger," "Rolex Air King," and even "Rolex Air Giant" before WWII.
Big Watch meant 32-34mm only at that time, don’t compare with current 47, 54 mm!
In the end, most of this line never became popular with the general public. However, Rolex decided to continue a single model within this line, the "Rolex Air King".
One of the most iconic Air King models is the Air King 5500. The Rolex Air King 5500 history covers 37 years. For a majority of these years, the Rolex Air King 5500 was left untouched and was considered to be a classic and very coveted model. 
The Rolex Air King is currently one of the longest continuously-manufactured models within Rolex.

In 2016 Rolex has launched a New Air-King Ref 116900 as shown So this is so called Air-King which is currently be obtainable at Rolex AD, Hong Kong.
List Price HK$48,000.
No Discount for this model at AD unless going to gray dealer.
you can get it with HK$45,000.

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