Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Latest Rolex Market price between dealers in Hong Kong Today

This is Today's watch price between dealers in Hong Kong.
The watches are mostly hot model most people are looking for.
And most of them are not available at AD at SRP (supplier recommended retail price).
As you may know now only few AD chain is still selling Rolex at SRP.
This is all in Hong Kong Dollar and mostly in cash.
If you have concern , you can talk to me via WhatsApp 852-51229994.
Price e is fluctuation daily. So this is purely for your reference only.
Also price is obtained from more than one source with the same price, there may have other possible source with slightly highly or lower +/-HK$500 to HK$1,000 or so.
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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

What if COVID-19 is still with us.

What is the new norm after the COVID-19?
Well, it is hard to say as we may have COVID-20, or a new generation of pandemic diseases. This virus does not carry any nationality, ? who knows one day, that may be no vaccine to cure and all human gone in one day!

What we can see is changes:
1. Work from Home
2. Olympic games, watch show, auction go on line, soccer games without audience!
3. Watch boutique number will be reduced may be more than 60% in three years time
4. Zoom, Teams, Webex is our meeting tools
5. Good presentation material would be key selling tools for technological product sales
6, Virtual reality in luxury goods shopping
7. On line sales figure double up in 1 year
8. Instant food, delivery and medical business blooming
9. China will go de-Americanized.
10. Money value drops as many factories closed except money printing machine keeps 24/7 running
11. Goods-goods trade without money involved.
12, Many Airlines companies will diminished and closed
13. China 5G will be the most powerful tool for communications by 2023
14. China will be one of the few countries produce COVID-19 vaccine in volume.

These are my personal opinion only.
Wish all the worst time had gone, and tomorrow would be better day for the world.
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Sunday, July 26, 2020

Story of Rolex Polar

Left and the Right extreme is 16570 and the two in the centre is 16550
Story of Rolex Polar 

Introduction of Rolex Explorer II ref. 16570. 

Rolex followed up the Explorer II ref. 16550 with the ref. 16570 in 1989.  

It kept its 40mm size and stainless steel Oyster case and Oyster bracelet design, which I think a right and optimized size Rolex had an extensive study. 

New to the dial was the black outlines of the hour markers and against the cool white dial, the luminescent indexes really pop up! So called Polar! 

Also new to the Polar ref. 16570 was the movement. Early models of the 16570 are equipped with the Caliber 3185 automatic movement, while later versions are powered by the Caliber 3186. Also found on the later versions of the ref. 16570 is the “ROLEX ROLEX ROLEX” engraving on the rehaut as an anti-counterfeit measure. This particular ref. 16550 dates back to 1997/1999 so it’s powered by the Caliber 3185 and does not included the rehaut engraving. Whether opting for a new vintage or the Explorer II Polar, decide here looking at this watch.  

A Robust stainless steel oyster case coupled with a cool white dial and a bright 24-hour hand makes for a timeless sports watch that brings out one’s adventurous side.  

Both exceedingly practical thanks to its time, date, and GMT-hand functions, and impeccably designed, the Explorer II Polar is a Rolex not to be missed. And soon the 216570 will be replaced with newer ceramic Explorer II or III? Keep you vintage Polar is my advice to you. 

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Sunday, July 19, 2020

HK Watch Fever and Classic Watch Repair do facebook Live on Watch talks

For the very first time, I had made a trial run with Michael Young of Undone watch for a facebook live on watch talks last Saturday 18 July at 1330-1400.
This is a test for you know during the hard time, no one could fly as we used to do in 2019. Many people want to do some watch shopping but there is limited opportunity to do that. Why not we try to do it on facebook live?
We did it and there was good response as there are 821 views on the video up to this moment.
We shall improve as we are not setting up properly and we did not have script.... but that may be something you want.
We may do it on next Saturday, if you want to see join my facebook "Paul Ip"
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Daytona is King of Rolex Auction

One Daytona in Platinum with Lapis Lazuli dial 16516 was sold in Hong Kong Sotheby's auction recently for HK$25,375,000. That is equivalent to US$3,253.300!.
The last one same model sold in 2018 was US$871,000 only.
So moral of this auction is precious stone Rolex price could be crazy,  such as...
1. Submariner 16618 in Lapis Lazuli.
2. Rolex Day Date 18238 in Lapis Lazuli
3. Rolex Date Just 16238 in Lapis Lazuli
Why? Very Simple, as Rolex is not doing many Lapis Lazuli on his watch in the recent 20 years.
For cost of doing that is high and there is no such need to make such a small volume to add oil to this hot Rolex hype...
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Tudor Tigers Collection

While everyone is craze for Rolex, have you all ever thought of Tudor, as the thumb of rule is, buy when price is low. When most of the people is pouring money into Rolex, his young brother Tudor price is still on the edge of rising. I can say it is still cheap for some of the awesome coloured Tudor.

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Price of Daytona Ceramic has been risen up to another High level again

Rolex Dayona Ceramic Ref 116500LN has reached a highest level back to 2019 April record of $195,000.
Without understanding why at such a time whereby COVID-19 pandemic in Hong Kong, which has become unsteady with a spike of 50 new cases confirmed local infection since last Saturday 11 July.
This week, the price of Daytona Ceramic White 116500LN hit $199,000. Rolex MSRP is $102,400.
I think that is very high. This is the trading price between dealer in Hong Kong as well the selling price of certain AD to their customer. Of course this kind of sales isn't unknown to Rolex Hong Kong. They just could not control it.
Reason why? Well, we have briefly thought about it today with a few collectors.
Mainly Rolex has stopped production for a while in February to April 2020, exact days of stopping production is unknow, another reason is people started to think if that is no more new Rolex roll out news confirmed by now, why we have to wait to buy? As Daytona is always the most sough after model of all Rolexes.
Besides, The Price of Hulk Ref 116610LV Submariner is also risen to an unreasonable level HK$120,000 from a price of $116,000 back in June.
How about NOS GMT Master 116710LN Green pointer? It is selling HK$100,000 for NOS,
How about used one? It is in the range of $82000,88,000 with condition of 90%.
GMT Master two tone Root Beer 126711CHNR is now selling $135,000 with its MSRP at $115,500.
Submariner 116610LN is selling at $89,000 while its MSRP is $61,500 only.
If you can wait, let's see what new Rolex will be introduced in September, but I am sure by then all new models would be hard to get at MSRP.

Price shown here is in HKD, (1 USD=7.76 HKD)
MSRP stands for Manufacturer suggested retail price.
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Rolex Service Centre Watch Authenticity

1. 真的有很多假的手表在市場上嗎?
2. 勞力士是否真的可以判斷那手表真的百份,百原廠原裝的嗎?
3. 你可否見過一些大型有權威的拍賣行拍賣的勞力士手表不對期,並且不是原裝的,賣家為什麼不要求上勞力士行檢証?是否那權威拍賣行比勞力士更權威?我可可以肯定有幾隻錶至少幾隻見過嘅勞力士若果上行的一定比勞力士退回!咁樣呢個係代表什麼呢?勞力士店權威啲一話拍賣行權威啲呢?
4. 咁有趣嘅係有一些是香港勞力士驗證過嘅勞力士錶拿去第二個國家勞力士店驗證下,發現佢係非原裝嘅,禁樣你信邊個勞力士服務中心呢
5. 咁有人就話去表店買隻新嘅手錶一定好嘢啦掛啦!
那你給勞力士服務中心檢查剛剛買的新表而佢地又吾開表睇。怎麼知道機惢是真的呢!勞力士有時都係作一個評估作答,用另外一句說話講,有一些過案都係斷估” !
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Friday, July 10, 2020

Material for making watch cases

RM 011 Red TPT Quartz Automatic flyback chronograph
Courtesy picture of Quill pad

Different kinds of watch materials 

1. Stainless steel

2. Yellow gold
3. Pink gold

4. White gold

5. Platinum

6. Silver

7. Bronze

8. Sapphire

9. Aluminum

10. Titanium

11. Glass

12. Stone

13. Elastomers

14.Carbon Fiber

15. Ceramic

16. Carbonium (Roman Gauthier)

17. Forged Carbon (Audemars Piguet, Panerai)

18. TPT quartz (Richard Mille)

19. Grey Cermet (Richard Mille new RM 11-05)


Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is the most widely used watch material, which has a composition of being an iron-carbon alloy, combined with chromium and other material.. In general, stainless steel is difficult to scratch as it’s durable, lightweight and tough is most popular for its ability to resisting corrosion, maintaining a shine for a long life and keeping intact the strength of steel. These watches can have two finishings: polish or brush. Polishing creates a shiny mirror surface, but brushing makes the surface look rugged and is more suited for outdoor type of watches. This material has its downsides as it is easily damaged and prone to scratches, dents, smudges and fingerprints, so you have to be careful when wearing it.



Titanium is mainly used to replace steel to capitalize on its lightweight property. A bulky dive watch will still look great and cool but at a more manageable weight. Such as the case with this Seiko Shogun. Titanium is more expensive than Steel. The World First Titanium watch is Porsche Design Titan by IWC in 1980. The entire watch and bracelet was made with Titanium.

Another advantage of titanium is it can be used by those with steel allergies.

Sapphire is something that I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about. It’s one of the gemstones and a rarity, but in watchmaking, sapphire is not exactly what you would think it is.



It is a hard material, having a score of 9 in mohr hardness scale (with diamond at 10) so it’s very scratch resistance.

Now, although sapphire is a gemstone, mankind have been able to synthesize it, although the process is slow and expensive (but at least we will have an abundant source of the material).

It is these synthetic sapphire that was used in watchmaking. Most of the sapphire is used to make watch crystal to capitalize on its scratch resistance properties. This ensures the watch crystal is scratch free even if it’s been used for years. In comparison, the other watch crystals (glass based mineral crystal and plastic based acrylic crystal) scratches fairly easily even in normal everyday use.

Sapphire was being used for replacing the Acrylic Crystal of watch, Rolex used on his Day Date in 1977. Audemars Piguet used it on his first Royal Oak 5402 in 1972. They are commonly used as the standard crystal material now for his hardness.  Richard Milles using Sapphire to case the watch back in 2016 and Hublot is also doing this commonly now as case material with different colour. 


TPT Quartz

The NTPT carbon composites that came before at Richard Mille were the original drivers of development, and North Thin Ply Technologies, the company behind NTPT carbon, became an ongoing development partner.

TPT, which stands for thin ply technology, is a method for making ultra-thin unidirectional strand sheets of carbon fibers. The sheets aren’t just fibers however, they are “tapes” that are pre-impregnated (“prepreg”) with resin for more accurate and controllable application in use.

The resin is the material that works like a glue to hold the carbon fibers together; when placed under heat and pressure the resin flows between all the fibers and finally hardens to create the solid carbon fiber material we are familiar with. The TPT carbon tapes used in Richard Mille cases have layers that are, on average, around 45 microns thin, or just under two-thousandths of an inch (.002”). Moving on to TPT Quartz, the construction is the same, only it is composed not of carbon fibers, but of fused quartz fibers. These fibers start out life as purified ground quartz crystals. These crystals are fused with heat and pressure to create fused quartz rods. These rods are then drawn (pulled and squished) under an oxy-hydrogen flame to create extremely long continuous fibers of fused quartz.

North Thin Ply Technologies developed the TPT Quartz in collaboration with Saint-Gobain Quartz, who supplied the Quartzel™ 9- or 4-micron quartz fiber filament (which is thinner than human hair); Reichhold, suppliers of ADVALITE™, a monomer-free vinyl hybrid resin; and, of course, Richard Mille, who led design and validation for the new process. The result was the world’s first thin-ply quartz fiber prepreg material, which immediately won the JEC World 2016 Innovation Award. (quoted from Richard Mille Web Site).
How do I look at those new material such as Quartz TPT, or Grey Cermet, well it still has some hesitation to go for that with a watch worth more than US$180,000.


Traditional precious material

Yellow Gold is pure gold, which is 24 karat, that has been alloyed with other materials. This material is very gleaming and conventional, and corrosion free, but also is a very soft and may scratch and otherwise become damaged. Gold is suited for showy watches that will attract attention.  They are expensive and also heavy, not suited for everyday uses, but definitely a status symbol for high-end events.

White Gold is a pure precious metal, typically combined with silver or even palladium. It’s a very popular choice, because it looks like stainless steel, but is more discreet than watches made from yellow gold - some people may mistake the two though. This material is used in high-end, luxury or even heirloom dress watches. Watches nowadays are made of 18KT (750) white gold or yellow gold.  14KT (585) is uncommon nowadays for it gold lustre is not as good as 18KT gold. But 14KT was commonly used on watch case in 1920-1960.


Amongst those material, I prefer precious traditional material, steel, Yellow Gold, Pink Gold, White gold or platinum as I do feel their existence there. Well, when you try on Richard Mille, you might feel the difference in weight. Well, to be honesty light weight is more comfortable. And there is a die-hard fan for heavy stuff like the Audemars Piguet Pounder or Brick close to one pound in weight. I am still like to have old gold Watch, that is yellow gold watch, as gold is supposed to be yellow in colour.

Still today, Patek has been the one guy to insist to use these material on their watch, Yellow Gold, White gold and platinum other than steel as the main stream of material, They have been trying to use Titanium recent years, but never do it with Carbon or ceramic case yet.  As the oldest traditional watch company should be cautiously in testing the acceptance of using the new material for watch case. That may be one of the reasons people stick to Patek for their use of precious material.

On the other hand, Rolex has been following the same traditional in selecting the material Gold or steel, and never have any ceramic case not titanium case, only in exceptional case because of weight, Rolex use Titanium bottom cover on his Deep Sea model 116660, or may be doing that for skin allergy prevention.



Wood is a natural material available in different colors and grain types, which makes every watch unique. A wooden watch will age beautifully compared to other materials like metal, that can get damaged from sun and water. Plus, wood is an eco-friendly material, which is mostly sustainably sourced, so it doesn’t do any harm to nature. Wood is very durable and lightweight and develops a lustrous patina over the years. It also can be easily restored if it gets scratches or dents. If you like unique accessories that will stand out and haven’t been seen by most people, a wooden watch is a great option. List with the best wooden watches.

But wood is not good for dive watch and it is not easy made to go into deep water. Wood is not easy to be made thin and strong. So there is limitation.

Rolex is an expert in using wood as the dial material, birch, Mahogany, Oak is commonly used on its Flagship Day Date watch in 1980-1990. Now these are rare and expensive watches


Carbon Fibre
arbon Fiber is composed of carbon atoms bonded together to form a long chain. It is one of the sturdiest and lightest watch materials out there. It is, however, very expensive – so it will cost you a mini fortune to get a carbon fiber watch on your wrist. Given that carbon fiber is mainly used in leading sports instruments and even supercars, this adds a thrill and glory to the watches made of this material. Not that, once the ultimate strength of the carbon fiber is exceeded, it has a high chance of being shattered. Audemars Piguet does not product carbon fibre or forged carbon watch case anymore as it would chipped off one day, so if you are tired of the bezel which has been damaged, AP will replace a ceramic bezel for you , of course you need to pay US$2500 or more depends on model. So if your AP bezel in Carbon is still in prestige condition, it would be an good value too.



Ceramics has a composition of zirconium oxide - a hardened form of clay. There are a number of positive aspects to watches made out of ceramics as they are heat resistant and scratch proof. This material is comfortable to use and a popular choice for luxury watches due to its long lasting shine. It is also non-porous, easy to clean, and more lightweight than most materials. Though, it is not as impact resistant as steel is.  Rado used to be the first one to use Ceramic as the case material since 1980. Well, ceramic will just break leaving you with expensive repair bill, so it needs to be used very carefully. A watch made of ceramic is very expensive since it is unique and has to be custom made. Your Audemars Piguet offshore ceramic Bezel can be as expensive as US$2500 when you need to replace it if dent or broken.



PVD Physical Vapor Deposition

This is a metal coating method with an added layer of either carbides, nitrides or oxides, which have an ionic attraction. It has a masculine black patina, but it’s not one of the most scratch proof materials as the original steel color may wear off due to friction or impacts. This material is best suited for sports activity watches. It will be worn off, beware.


DLC Diamond like coating

A think hard thin coating made on case of watch, for it is hard, but as the thickness is a few microns, it will be worn off also one day, Don’t rub it or polish it with abrasive material.

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Daytona Zenith on Sale

contact me if you are interested in this.
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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

New Frank Mullar Watch at discount of 70%

Due to change of agency, one big AD is selling out his Frank Muller at big discount up to less 70%.
They are new, full set with Warranty. 
If you are interested in buying it, please WhatsApp me.
Also there is discount on Breitling, Chopard, Zenith, Rado etc.
HK Snob

Note, the deal was closed

Rolex Market price in Hong Kong increases in July 2020

The price of Rolex at dealer and some of the AD has been raised up a lot in this two weeks.
Some of them are going up rapidly.
Daytona Ceramic 116500LN White was $182,000 in June. 
It is $190,000 in July

Submariner Black 116610LN was $87,000 in June.
It is $89,000 in July

Submariner 116610LV Hulk was $115,000 in June.
It is $121,000 in July.

Submariner no date 116400 was $65,000 in June.
It is $67,000 in July

GMT Master II Root Beer 126711 was $130,000 in June.
It is $135,000

I really don't know what has happened and I will keep monitoring it.
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Sunday, July 5, 2020

Tudor BB58 in blue

This is Black Bay BB58 in blue, I think this is one of the most beautiful watch at the right size 39mm
launched in end June,
Still there is possibility to get it at SPR at AD Rolex/Tudor HK$27,600.
Let me know if you want one.
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what is your most desirable post?

I am thinking should I ask what is your most interesting topics you want to read such that I can focus more on that.
Give our comment by send me to my WhatsApp 852-51229994 or simply paste it here under the comment to inform me.
I do want to post something you like most.
Appreciaet your support on this blog.

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Sunday, June 21, 2020

Some miserable trade practice

In Hong Kong there are a few ways to sell your watch, fb, IG, and Carousell is the most common platform for Rolex.  Over the years, we have encountered certain unpleasant watch trades incidents, sometime it was really frustrated and or disappointed. 
Usually we can found these common incidents as real life of watch trade in Hong Kong, don’t know this also could happen in your countries?
They will ask you going RSC for authentication even you are selling your brand new watch just purchased yesterday. RSC does watch authentication and at same time check if the watch was stolen or not.
They ask you to bring cash and input to the ETC machine on his account such as to verify if your money is not counterfeits.
They used to ask a lot of questions such as where did you get the watch from, do you have purchase involve, why the warranty papers was lost!
They used to ask a crazy discount, as I had a Rolex listed HK$200,000, the buyer asked me if I can sell him at $100,000!
We are forced to mark up on the actual price of the watch because they will ask discount and after a while ask discount again.
Someone asks you if you have a shop, if not they don’t buy!
Don’t think they come out to check your watch will likely buy if, some of them just want to kill time. Usual phase to say not buying “Sorry I changed my mind”, “ Oh I just bought it yesterday”,” My wife stops me buying again.” “No, out of my budget”, “ I’d better watch for next year to consider new Rolex design”.  The worst is, they ask you a lot of pictures via whatsapp, and after you have sent them the picture… they may just keep quiet, not even bother to send you a word “thank you!”
Of course I am picking up the worst cases here, there are a lot of good people who are really want to buy from you with sincerity.
Customer is King, why does King ask for discount?

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