Saturday, July 7, 2018

Daytona Zenith appreciate 9 times in value over the 18 years


What is the best investment regarding riskless over the past 18 years?

I cannot say it is not Rolex!
This is an example .
A Daytona zenith Ref 16520 was sold at SRP $63,000 well I am sure you could get a discount of ten that was $56,700!

After 18 years that is today.
You can sell it at HK$4500,000 to HK$520,000 of course your watch should be in mint condition full set!
That is 9 times the price you bought!

What is next?

Well I am looking good at some of the rare species such as DD with Special dial, special dial GMT or Submariner.

But these are already rare. So by now I keep some of these in my safe

Submariner Kermit 16610LV full set
Batman 116710BLNR
I rather put Daytona aside coz it is already untouchable now, but if you have I should pay a Salute to you
This is purely My idea only!
What do you think?

HK Snob

Tuesday, June 12, 2018


These are available
1. Sea Dweller 126600 BNIB
2. Submariner Hulk BNIB x3
3. Kermit 16610LV V series full set x1
4. Kermit 16610LV Z series watch only x1

WhatsApp 852-51229994 for more

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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

When East Meets West

 Ariel and Michael 
 Ariel and HK Snob

An exciting event ran by Undone to have a live fb interview of Michael Young the CEO of Undone by Ariel Adams the owner of
AblogtoWatch at HQs of Undone in HK Last Saturday 18 May 2018.

Hot item from HKWF


Root beer 2018 x1
Daytona ceramic black x1
Daytona 116520 white error dial X1

HK Snob

Rare Daytona error dial 116520 white

Rare Daytona Ref 116520 white
Error Dial "Cosmogr aph"
Collector item
Condition 10/10 new
Sticker still on
Full set
2015 watch

HK Snob

Super Rare Submariner Onyx

Submariner Onyx dial
Ref 16618
W series
Watch only
HK Snob

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Kermit 16610V Full set
Bnib Hulk 2017
BNIB GMT master II Batman May 2018
PP 5711/1 a white BNIB
AP 15400 dark grey dial BNIB

Paneria Pam 694 Burcherer blue BNIB

Other Vintage ROLEX  on request

HK Snob

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Kermit Submariner 50th Anniversary Ref 16610LV V series latest version 
Condition 9/10 full set

116610LV HULK X3 with two brand new Unused $98,000
SeaDweller 43 126600 x1 Full set. $120000 
Sea Dweller 1665 with paper $220,000
GMT Master 1675 Mk 1 $120,000
Explorer II POLAR 16570 full set $45,000
Panerai  PAM 194 watch only 
Panerai PAM694 Burcherer Blue limited 100 pcs Brand new bought at Geneve this April $82,000
Date Just 16014 Buckley white dial. Hk$38000
Plus more 
Welcome asking via WhatsApp me
HK Snob 

Monday, April 16, 2018

Sea Dweller 126600 BNIBX1 $120,000
Submariner Hulk 116610LV BNIB X2 $98,000
Submariner Hulk 116610LV 9/10 x1 $90,000
Gmt Master 1675 fuchsia x1 $100,000
Explorer II 16750 Polar patina full set $45,000
Date Just 16014 Buckley full set $35,000
Submariner Kermit 16610LV NOS 
Submariner Kermit 16610LV FLAT 4
SeaDweller 4000 116600 used $89,000
Daytona Ceramic 116500 white $163,000
Plus another 15 watches 

All in HKD

WhatsApp me direct for more information 852-51229994

HK Snob 

Wednesday, March 28, 2018


1. Submariner Kermit 16610LV NOS V series
2. Submariner Kermit 16610LV 2006 used but in 95/100 condition
3. Submariner 116610LV BNIB 2017
4. Submariner 116610LV USED but like new 2014 95/100
5. Rolex Date Just Ref 16014 Buckley dial.
A all time classic white porcelain like dial.
Hong Kong watch 1981 T series, full set.
For those who knows Buckley and those who appreciate Roman Numerals!
6. Rolex Explorer II POLAR 16570 R series with creamy dots and hands.
Preowned by a Hong Kong Chief Justice. Have book, red tag, warranty paper, and overhaul Rolex service paper in 2016.
Year 1997
White polar with T-25 dial is highly collectible.
HK Snob

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Submariner Kermit Ref 16610LV

Submariner Kermit

The Rolex Submariner is arguably the most successful and most popular watch in the world. Originally designed and created for the scuba diving market, this model now transcends far beyond to reach sport enthusiasts from football, soccer, bicycling, baseball, Golf, basketball, Hollywood celebrities, hip-hop musicians, boxer, racer, dancers and more…

Rolex unveiled the Rolex Submariner green 16610V in 2003 to celebrate the Submariner line’s 50th anniversary. The first F series has a Flat Four on the bezel, it is rare. Mint or NOS is $19,000. This special-edition Rolex was discontinued in 2010, making it a valuable collector’s piece for any Rolex enthusiast. The Rolex Submariner green 16610V model took the traditional features of the Submariner 16610 and elegantly played them up – the unidirectional rotatable diver’s bezel is green. The model presented owners with a more colorful anniversary edition option, as the watch dial is also the color green.

One of the Best Selling Submariner
Either Submariner Green 16610LV  Kermit is a collector’s piece, as each are limited-edition Rolex watches that are no longer in production. Collectors should plan to pay approximately $15,000 to $19,000 for a Kermit watch that is in mint condition. Even more for Flat Four. This is a fair price for such a unique timepiece, and experts agree the value of the anniversary watch will only increase over time. Investing in either the 16610V gives the owner a piece of Rolex history.

The early Flat Four is very collectible, next will be the grassy Green bezel B3.

It takes a while to catch the so called Flat Four, but the light green bezel B3 is eye Catching!

This is one that was made only in a few months of year 2006 in D series.


HK Snob

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Watches we have for you


1. Rolex GMT Master II Batman Ref 116710BLNR March 2018 BNIB 888 $84,000
2. Rolex Submariner Hulk Ref 116610LV March 2018 BNIB 888 $95,000-on hold
3. Rolex DeepSea Single Red Ref 126600 Feb 2018 BNIB $108,000
4. PP 5512/1A Brand new unworn date March 2018 $360,000
5. AP Royal Oak Chronograph Ref 26331IP.OO.1220IP.01 BNIB Platinum Titanium limited 500 pcs $334,000

1. Rolex Submariner Kermit Ref 16610LV, 95% new Full set 2006 Watch $98,000
2. Rolex Submariner Kermit Ref 16610LV NOS Full Set inhaut Number V Series $130,000
3. Rolex Daytona Yellow Gold While Dial 16528 Zenith with full Rolex Service Paper $220,000
4. Sea Dweller 1665 Mark IV with paper $200,000
5, GMT Pepsi 1675 Fuchsia 1868 watch and leather strap $110,000

1. Rolex Daytona Ref 16520 White Dial and hands with Inverted 6, Rare. $25,000

HK Snob

Monday, March 5, 2018

10 largest Rolex Shops in Hong Kong:- 28 Watches

Top Ten Watch Shops in HK:- 28 Watches  (watches Wanted)

May many people know Leon Li who has been selling and Buying Rolex for years.

He had been running a tiny shop in Sham Shui Po area and now he has just started his second bigger branch at Causeway Bay.

Leon watches are welcome to be bought back at as high as 95% of the price he sold you. That is to give you full confidence on your purchase.

As a business expansion, he is running a new branch at Shop G07, G/F Causeway Bay, right at MTR Exit B, walk left into Causeway Bay Plaza One. It is right over there.

Now 28 Watches want your Rolex watch, if you see this and tell Leon about this post, you will be given more on your item sold him.




852-95501899 Leon


Shop G07 G/F G/F causeway Bay Plaza. Hong Kong Island   
HK Snob                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Watch Available now (updated)

Submariner 116610LN Dated Sept 2017 BNIB $68,000 SOLD
Submariner 168000 Watch Only $63,000
GMT Master TT 116713LN mint Full Set 2014 $77,000
Sea Dweller 1665 Great White with paper, Box $210,000
GMT Master 1675 Fuchsia Dial watch and Italian Leather strap $110,000
Submariner 16618 Onyx dial, red tag, wooden box $420,000
Explorer II 16570 Polar full set undated $59,000
Daytona 16528 Yellow Gold with White Dial Inverted "6" X serial, been overhaul in RSC with original Book and $200,500
Daytona Ceramic White 116500LN BNIB $163,000
Daytona Ceramic Black 116500LN BNIB $160,000
Daytona 116520LN Black NOS $163,000
Daytona 116520LN White NOS $163,000
Daytona 116520LN Black pre-owned with card V Serial $120,000
Daytona 16520 A serial Black with paper $230,000
Daytona 16520 T serial White Inverted Six $225,000
Sea Dweller 126600 BNIB $10,7000
Sea Dweller 116600 pre-owned with card $79,000-$86,000
Sea Dweller 116600 NOS $97,000
Submariner Hulk 116610LV pre-owned with card $78,000
Submariner Hulk 116610LV BNIB $93,000
Batman 116710BLNR pre-owned watch only $69,000 Sold
Batman 116710BLNR BNIB $82,000 Sold
DeepSea 116660 D blue BNIB $103,000 Sold
Omega Speedmaster Coaxial Chronograph 44mm Ref.311.  NOS undated with card $39,000
Omega Dynamic Chronograph with original Bracelet and one NATO, one Carbon strap $12,000
Omega 2017 James bond 007 Watch BNIB $39,600

More on Request

HK Snob

Friday, February 23, 2018

Batman, Daytona and Hulk's latest Price Update

Watch price is still unreasonable high in HK.

One episode, one Australian guy asked me price of Daytona Ceramic how much on Whatsapp, I told him that White is $160,000 , and he immediate replied me saying that What the FXXX, what kind of HK price is! You are a Criminal… well, I did not reply anymore…no choice I had to Block him on whatsapp!

He should be simply go to on line check “Rolex Daytona Ceramic Watch price “Then he will not call everyone in HK selling Daytona “Criminal”!

Back to Watch price.

Daytona Ceramic 165500LN SRP $95,000, market price selling $160,000-165,000 for white

Submariner 116610LV SRP $68,100 , now $92,000 just ran over the 90,000 marching to 100,000!

GMT Master Blue Black 116710BLNR SRP $67,300 now gray dealer is selling $83,000

I just delivered three pieces of Batman at $78,000 each last week in Philippines.

Someone asks, what is next, I cannot tell, may be it will stay on this price for a while waiting for next Rolex new watch release at BaselWorld.


  1. What of Hulk is Discontinued, then I am sure Hulk will be going to $100,000 price!
  2. What if Hulk is still in production, the people will likely keep waiting for the new Submariner, then Price of Hulk will go down little bit, but never will go down to $84,000 or below.
  3. What is Submariner 116610LN is discontinued by replacing of 126610LN, on then the Submariner price will go high like Buri Khalifa! So it may be wise to by one now when it is still not going over crazy!

What if Price of Daytona, well I am sure it will keep go up instead of going down.

So if you don’t want to go into Hamster Wheel, I sill suggest stay calm and get one when price is considered OK for you.

As I say, Rolex is Gold, Gold is not Rolex

Now you cannot get Daytona because Daytona is not Daytona It is Crazona

HK Snob

Remarks, Price listed here is HKD.

1 USD=7.812 HKD now