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Watch Fever's General Guide Line for Rolex Purchase, No Matter Brand New, Used Or Pre-Owned One in Hong Kong, Kowloon, N.T. and Macao.

Rolex produces not less than 700,000 watches a year and I believe the Replica is about 15 times more than the genuine Rolexes. This is a huge market for the Fake Watch makers. In the 80-90s, fake Rolex was made in Singapore, HK and Taiwan and how I think 85 is in China.

I have been telling on what the major difference between a Real and Fake Rolex Explorer II Ref 216570 back to 2011.

Difference in price between a Genuine and a Fake Rolex
Take for an example, as Real Rolex Submariner Black Ref 116610LN  is HKD$62,100 and most of the time you get less 5%, and with help of some of your friend, you can get less 10%. That is HKD$55,000.

How about a Fake one!? Typical from a local market in Hong Kong Temple Street or Sai Yeung Choi Street a Fake Rolex of Class B Quality is HKD$400- HKD$650. Something like Lo Wo Commercial Centre Shenzhen is selling even lower at HKD$350-450.  Class C is seldom be found nowadays as many people could produce Looks Real Fake Rolex now with the use of CNC machine.
Class A can be more expensive and I have seen Class A fake Rolex is made 90% alike the Real one, only expert can tell the minute different from the outlook. But that is quite high the price, about HKD$1,500 and 2,000.
The difference is more than 100 times for a Real and Fake one.  So to the end Client or end user, this is a great incentive and attraction. To the Supplier, a Low cost Replica is about HKD$100 only under volume production.
Of course, being a Rolex Lover, I do not recommended to buy Fake Rolex, as  we have to protect the IP, Fake one does not give you any sense of being Wearing “Rolex”! And you cannot enter the US Soil wearing a Fake Rolex if you
are caught by the Customs officers.

    The Poor People's Night Club, Temple street shopping nucleus.

                                       Temple Street night market start at 1800 ends at 2330. 

          Sai Yeung Choi Street, Ladies Street, the Apex for for Fake Rolex sales in Kowloon    

    Across the HK-China board, Lo Wu Commercial City is the places where visitors going for Counterfeit Rolex!       Many people have asked me and friend of mine on how to tell in detail the difference between a real and a fake Rolex. Well, there are the key points that we should be aware before we make our mind for the purchase.

             A genuine Rolex YachtMaster with Platinum Bezel using after 5 years
     A Class C Counterfeit Rolex Yacht mater after using for 1 year, note the non-Platinum bezel is oxidized with platina, worn off and chip off. Note the second hand is too long!

Why do we buy a Fake watch?
I do not want to talk about it here, as if I were having no money, Still there are a lot of good watch to buy with reasonable price, Not necessary buying a Replica Rolex!

How to avoid buying a Replica?
The simple way is to Buy a Rolex from Rolex Authorized Dealer (AD).
Especially for people who is going to buy his/her first Rolex, always go for a brand new one.

 One of the Hong Kong Rolex AD Chow Tai Fook at  Mong Kok between Dundas Street and Nathan Road

Box and Paper
If you buy in Rolex AD, you MUST have accompanying paperwork and a matching box. The Operation Manual, the SCOC Red Seal
If the watch does not have the box, manual and paper work I would personally not buy it.

All watches when purchased come with a box. If you are spending a large amount of money on a watch then you usually keep the box. The box will usually be of a high standard either leather bound or wooden. The Box itself is a Collection item by itself. A watch without its box can lose up to 15% of its value, it is therefore wise for the owner to keep it safe. If the new watch does not have a box then it probably is a fake. And being a Watch collector, we should keep all invoice, Warranty card, box etc. with the Watch.

        Different Rolex Watch box, the one on left is 1985 Rolex Date Just, and the one on Right is 1983 Rolex OysterQuartz

A Service Centre Booklet
Most top brand watches have a service centre guide which shows you lists of agents throughout the world.

                                             A 1981 Rolex solid Date Just Watch Manual

The Receipt
This will show when and where the watch was purchased; also it will show you exactly how much was paid for the watch. The Receipt would indicated the less 5% of amount on it as in HK.  Rolex AD is not allowed to sell OFFICICAL more than 5% discount for Rolex. Though you may get less 10% but the invoice amount still remain less 5% on the Receipt. Please note that it happened in HK that the Address of the invoice does not exists, that you should be alerted that this shop does not want to take risk for the “goods’ they sold you, it  happens 95% on Foreigners’ purchase as they will leave the city. They are mostly the victim of selling them the “Problematic Rolex!”

A 1989 Rolex Date Stainless steel Selling $9,090 at Kowloon Watch Company, which is no longer Rolex AD nowadays

Warranty card
All watches when purchased have warranty Card. It was warranty certificate before, Rolex since end 2006 they started using card. Where the paperwork refers to reference numbers and models these should be confirmed to match with the physical watch. A warranty card holds model reference numbers, Serial Number and date of Purchase. The reference numbers should match the reference found on either the back of the watch. Note that not all watches carry reference numbers

  Using Rolex Service Record slip as the Proof of Genuine Rolex. As RSC does not repair, service cunterfeits internationally
    Rolex Japanese Warranty certificate indicates Owner and Owner address in Japan

                       Rolex Japan Warranty Certificate with stampped Gold "GUARANTEE" on it.
A 1976 Rolex Warranty Certificate, "111" indicate the Country Code

The Rolex Warranty Certificate

                                   A Rolex Warranty Card for Rolex Date Just Ref 116244

The Red Seal  
All Rolex watches carry a Red Seal. Note the bright coloured cotton and frayed ends on the replica. On some occasions a green seal is also attached. Now all Rolex Red seal is having a laser hologram on it.

The Red seal was presented as a proof of the Rolex watch has been passed the standard of  Chronometer certification issued by
Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute, known by its French acronym of COSC

Sharp edge at the Snug of Rolex Oyster case
Rolex case is stamp out with a heavy Tonnage Stamping Machine and then using a CNC machine to cut out the profile of the Oyster case, and there is a razor cut edge at the rim of the snug, if that watch does not carry that sharp edge, that watch is either Fake one or USED Rolex. Note!

A Rolex Twin Lock Crown Design

Triplock crown (i.e. Submariner, Sea-Dweller and Daytona) utilize an extra seal within the threads of the winding crowns tube. This gasket resembles a black o-ring and can be visible when the winding crown is unscrewed fully. As shown in the example above, (most) counterfeit models will not feature this o-ring seal, but rather will have basic screw-down threads. It is worth mentioning that some new counterfeits will feature a "similar" looking rubber seal, but upon closer examination you will see that it is merely cosmetic, and is not functional.

The Pins
The pins holding the strap to the watch on a genuine will be threaded. If you look through an eyeglass at the end of the pin you should see a small slot for a fine flat head screwdriver. All Day Date Pins Are u
made of 18KT solid gold. a pair of original Rolex pins is a few thousand dollars. Check when you buy that. especially in pre-owned watch market.

Genuine Rolex has a weight, a Rolex Day Date weights, 145 grams
A Platinum Rolex Day Date weight about 170 grams
Fake Rolex using less dense metal and usually light, I believe you would not take a Electronic scale to take the weight for buying Rolex.
Anyway, there is seldom Fake Day Date as the weight is telling it is Fake.

The Case back
An authentic Rolex will have a screw down back with exactly 144 small teeth. You can only open a Rolex case with a special Rolex tool. If you see no reference numbers inside the cover, the watch is a fake.
Rolex have never made a watch with a clear or see through back. This is also known as a skeleton back which allows you to view the movement. These clear back watches area common Rolex fake.

                          A genuine Rolex back has imprinted the model Number on this, on this 14KT
                         Gold Date Just, the Ref is 15000

The Crystal Glass
Rolex has started micro-etching a tiny "coronet" (or crown) logo into the crystal, at the 6 o’clock position. This mark is quite small, so it is difficult to see with the naked eye. However, when viewed under a loupe, the faint outline can be distinguished.
It is believed that the etching should appear on all new models produced by the end of 2003, or early 2004. You will notice that the fake etching is "similar" to that in the genuine example, the biggest difference being that the "balls" on the tips of the fake are too small. The etching also is not precise.

Can you see the Coronet at the bottom of 6 o'clock index?
that was burnt by precision Laser gun onto the bottom of the Crystal

The Bezel
This Bezel if moved should line up exactly with the minute markers on the dial.
As for Date Just Day-Date Fluted bezel, the cutting line of the bezel is sharp and clear. Whereas Fake one is usually rough and not clear in the cutting line. As Rolex Original Bezel is made by CNC cutting Machine which is high precision machinery.

  Original Rolex gold bezel is having shinning lustre, cutting angle is unique and consistent as they are cut but CNC machine.

The Second Hand
All Rolex watches will have a sweeping second hand. If the second hand “tick tocks” then it is definitely either it is a low cost Cheapo Copy Rolex or Rolex Oyster Quartz!
The Rolex second hand should reach the second markers, if it is short by 1 -2 mm then it is a replica, the illuminated circle on the second hand should hit the top of the 12 o’clock triangle exactly. On most replica watches when the stem is pulled out, the second hand continues to move. On a genuine watch nowadays the second hand should stop once the stem is pulled out.
Minute Hand Genuine Rolex Yacht-Master models feature a "minute" hand, which is considerably thicker than those on other Rolex sports models. However, to save money, Class B counterfeiters will often use the same hands found on the Submariner. This can be easily identified when viewed side-by-side.

Daytona Hands
Counterfeiters will often use hands which are of the wrong size and/or shape. The genuine Daytona features a "minute" hand which reaches all the way to the outer "hash" marks. However, the counterfeit model features a shorter hand. This is often the case because counterfeiters use whatever stock of parts they have available, which is usually whatever is the cheapest. You will also note that the "shape" of the hands on the counterfeit is incorrect. Modern Daytona models feature hands which are "rounded" on the tips.

Registers Genuine Rolex Daytona models feature mini-registers on the dial which perform Chronograph "stop watch" functions (i.e. elapsed hours and minutes). It is also worth mentioning that the large "sweep" hand on the dial is also part of the stop watch function, and is not the primary second hand-- the second hand for the watch is the small 20/40/60 register. Class C Counterfeit models will rarely perform these functions, but rather will be used for "day of week", "date", and"24-hour time". Furthermore, the size and position of these mini registers will often be incorrect on counterfeits. Some of the counterfeit model features much smaller registers which are positioned too far inward on the dial, while the genuine Daytona features registers which are positioned much farther outward--almost touching the 3-6-9 hour markers.  Attached the watch shown on Movie “Kill Bill” that is a Class B Fake Daytona!  That is Really a Class C Fake!

               This Cheapo Chinese Daytona Like watch was the one worn by Uma Thurman in "Kill Bill Vol.2"

The Crown
The crown on an expensive watch such as a Rolex will be made out of a single piece of metal. On a Class C fake watch the logo that is placed on the crown is glued on after the watch is made. The small glued seem can be seen when using an eyeglass. The crown will also have three small dots or a line as shown in the picture. Nowadays Class A and B Fake Rolex is using single piece of metal, as this is not hard to produce.

Case Reference Number
An Easy way to identify a genuine/counterfeit Rolex watch is by locating the Serial and Case Reference Numbers. These special identification numbers are engraved on the side of the case, located between the lugs. These reference numbers should match with the supplied warranty card. The engraving between the lugs of a genuine Rolex feature very fine lines, which actually catch the light similar to that of a diamond cut edge. However, (some) counterfeits will feature a sandy (acid) etched appearance. It is coarse and rough. Furthermore, the spacing on these numbers is often too close together especially Class B Fake. It is worth mentioning that counterfeiters frequently use the SAME numbers on their watches. Thus, the example shown:"R898989" is seen quite often, and is a pretty good sign of a Class C or B fake.

Rolex Serial Numbering System
Rolex began issuing every Rolex Oyster case a unique serial number to distinguish them from one another back in 1927. Around 1953, the numbers reached the 999,999 mark, at which time Rolex decided adding a 7th digit, thus continuing into the "millions"! Instead, they started the sequence aver at 100,001. Around this time, Rolex had initiated another dating system. They used  a code consisting of a Roman numeral and two numbers. The Roman numerals were I, II, III, IV, which represented which quarter of the year the watch was produced. The numbers simply represented the two-digit year in which the watch was produced.

Therefore, the code III 53 would represent the 3rd quarter (i.e. July-September) of 1953. This code continued to be used until around 1970. In the early 1960s, Rolex once again reached the 999,999 mark, but this time added a 7th digit and continued until mid. 1987, when the numbering reached 9,999,999. At this time, Rolex elected to start numbering with a letter prefix (e.g. R000001).The system started with the letter "R", which was then subsequently followed by L-E-X. Thus spelling out the word "ROLEX" with the "O" being omitted, to help to prevent any possible confusion with the number "0". This sequence continued through November 1991. Another  new numbering system was introduced utilizing the letters N, C and S, which took them through 1993. In 1994, Rolex started yet another sequence with the letters: W, T and U, then A, P, and K in subsequent years.
To add to the confusion, many of these prefixes have run concurrently over the past few years, giving the appearance of a random numbering system. Therefore, only Rolex knows what exactly when any particular watch was made and they aren’t talking.
The Font. The fonts used for the numbers should align exactly with the second hand as it passes over them. The numbers in the date bubble should be exactly in the centre of the magnified Cyclops. On virtually all Class B replicas the date will either be high or low in the date window.

On a genuine Rolex the inside of the number 4 will be formed of 4 small edges. If you look closely at the number 4 and see four distinct edges you are looking at a replica. See attached picture as reference, this is a genuine Rolex.

                         Note the "7" of this genuine Turn-O-graph is right thickess and is appearing very Clear 
Note this Class C Fake Explorer "28" is blurred and too thick!
Also the Manification is not 2.5X may be 2.0X only

                                  Note the Corrct Numbr font "4" on this genuine Oyster Quartz

The Cyclops
The Cyclops on a genuine Rolex watch will be magnified by 2.5X. A replica will have either no magnification or a very small amount of magnification such as 1.5X. On a genuine the date should practically fill up the Cyclops. The Cyclops will also have a sharp edge where the Cyclops meets the crystal. This is hard to see with the naked eye but can be felt quite easily by running your fingers around the Cyclops.

Rolex watches do not have engraved backs.
Except early Solid gold Date Just Lady model that has a light Rolex Crown engraved on the base, and DeepSea that has some letter engraved on the back, rest of the new released model should not have anything on the backs.

                            This craving indicate the Watch is not Rolex

Genuine Rolex watches will have either a smooth case back or a smooth case back with a hologram showing a reference number. Genuine Rolex watches are shipped direct from the factory with a hologram showing the makers stamp or symbol and then a model reference number. On a fake watch the number is written on after the Hologram is created. As the numbers are placed on after the hologram is produced you often see on the replicas numbers have worn away.

A Solid Gold Submariner, the pin is stainless steel one which is original, Original is 18KT Solid gold

Early  Model watch back was stick with Label

                        Early 1989 Rolex Ref 16014 Date Just Stainless Steel. See the label at back
After prolong using, the sticker label will be peeled off

                                                 Genuine Rolex GMT Master special version with "Juck Yaeger' name of the Pilot craved on the watch back 
Tim Price Golf Tournament Limited Rolex Date Just 200 Pcs

This sticker features the trademarked Rolex "crown" positioned above the watch case reference number. The hologram can be easily identified by viewing it fro different angles, thus causing the background pattern to change. However, "most" Class B counterfeit stickers are not holograms at all, but rather simply a repetitious "Rolex" pattern, which does not change in appearance when viewed from different angles.

Even if the watch has an authentic hologram like a Class A  Fake, you should still be cautious as very well made holograms are available to purchase over the internet. It is worth mentioning that the genuine Rolex hologram stickers did not feature the "crown logo" as a part of the hologram until (around) 2002, when the sticker was redesigned. At that time, the Reference number was also changed from gold lettering to black, as it is currently.
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