Monday, August 19, 2013

Only Rolex Can Survive in this kind of Situation!! Manila Flood 19 August 2013

Filipinos get a free ride on a government truck through a flooded main road in Manila
No fare Today for this Pedicab driver

                                                         Deliver a spirit of hand-in-hand!
 This family appears to be enjoying the novelty as they wade through the floods with a makeshift raft in Las Pinas City
                                       They should do the best best for keeping their belongings dry!

              Two boys are struggling through floodwater in the street of Manila

Torrential rains have brought flooding and devastation to the Philippines, leaving areas of Manila waist-high in water while thousands of people across coastal and mountainous northern regions fled to emergency shelters.
Ninoy Government had announced no work as on Today.

Tomorrow I will fly there, guess what shall I wear!?
Timberland as it could be dried after the water, not Gamo,

Short sleeve shirt!

Mandarina Duck as my note book and iPad bag because it has a extra yellow cover for rainproof, How about my Watch!?

Patek Philippe Calatrava? No!, water not proof!
Audmars piguet? No! 
Piaget, Worst as mine are dress watches!
Cartier? Santos!? No!
Seiko? No!
G-Shock? No!

Well, Of course, you know the answer: I dont feel Fuddy-Duddy wearing the Rolex Day Date Oyster Quartz as it give me supreme comfort and confident, coz it would not wet!

And most of all the birch dial matches colour of the Bag and the Shoes!

Manila Snob

Philippines has about 26 Typhoons a year. many of them are made for Exporting to HK, China and Taiwan!

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