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Superlative "Fake" Chronometer, Official Certified By Customs of HK

Superlative “Fake” Chronometer, official Certified by Customs of HK.
These are watches that we can see right in front of you after customs clearance at HKIA arrival hall.

Rolex Daytona Pink gold, Bvlagri, Gucci, Cartier, Vacheron Constantin, Tag Heuer Monaco, and many other more.

These are Certified “Fakes’ by the Customs Hong Kong. Well, these are the top of the list shoppers are looking for in the street of Lady’s market and Temple street.

HK is not allowing the import not export of Counterfeits or Fake item like Watches in Hong Kong.

Fake Rolex Daytona 40mm Pink Gold,  Note the Dull and Gloomy outlook!

The Rolex Daytona Ref 116505 40mm Pink gold with 78595 Oyster bracelet is selling HKD$269,300 (list price).

The one in picture is easily been distinguished as "Fake" by ocular inspection.

We do not encourage buying fake watches as it does not carry any value at all, if under budget, we can consider buying those good old days' Rolex.

Some of the genuine Rolex of the 60s' worth your consideration as an Entry level to let you to be the Owner of a real great Rolex.

These are also prohibited to be import and export to HK, turtle, turle shell products...etc

The Picture shown here are all taken by my handphone yesteray when I entered HK, all watches are Fake Watch.

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

How to authenticate your "Rolex" in Hong Kong free of Charge?

How to verify your Rolex is Fake or genuine?
There take a little knowledge to tell the Class B fakes of Rolex., and there it takes an expert to tell a Class A fakes…
How should we do if we are not expert of Rolex, not even to tell the difference a class C and a Genuine Rolex.
Simply send the watch to Rolex Service Centre at Central.
Just Ask them to authenticate the Rolex for you, they will check and tell you that Rolex is all about.
If the Rolex is fake, once they find it. They will immediate tell you that is NOT ROLEX.
Charges: NO, It is Free in HK.
There is a surcharge as far as I know for SDG$107.00 in Rolex Singapore…!!

Rolex (Hong Kong) Limited

Your Service Centre

14/F. Jardine House
1 Connaught Place
Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2249 8888
Fax: +852 2810 6964

Mon -Fri 0900-1800

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Those Were The Days ...Just!

A Dragon Air Air bus flew over the Old Scary Kai Tak Airport seen through the Strret of Kowloon City

Those were the days?

The term nostalgia describes sentimentality for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.

Those who are over 50 may know what I am talking about.

 A Wanton noodles with Three Wanton was selling at HKD$0.30 in 1966

We used to have an economy class Wanton noodles with 3 wanton in one bowl which I had to pay just HKD$0.3. Whilse some other shop sold Wanton Noodle at HKD$0.5. The taste was fantastic and until now my palate still remind me those were the real good stuff!

People criticizes me how comes a bowl of 3O cents Wanton was yummy!

He said that because we were in the 70’s people is prone to be satisfied anything that can stuff up our stomach, not mentioned about taste. I don't agree… why!?

A bottle of 7-up or Schweppes Cream Soda was selling at HKD$0.15 in 1962

I told him that is wrong, as matter of fact people nowadays are prone to lose the discernment on food critics.

We did not have fast food in HK back in 60, the first hamburger was made locally by one restaurant owner in Hung Hom before the official landing of the US fast Food invader Burger King and then  MacDonald.

We had a formula to make Wanton Noodle soup, we used shrimp head, shrimp shell and Tai Dei fish boiled for overnight for soup, nowadays may be an easier process just some pork or bone from the cow and some Aji-No-Moto to make the soup instantly!

The Wanton of the 60s consisted of a shrimp, port, fats, some bamboo soot to add some chewing favour, nowadays, Wanton means a “Shrimp Dumpling” a single big whole shrimp and no meat! What is the Originality of Wanton… has gone!

Why? As a bigger Wanton sized like your fist with shrimp only can ask for HKD$50 dollar, if you put pork, fat and some touches of shrimp with size of the chess nut probably you cannot sell more than HKD$20.00.

We used to have Chinese onion and now people just put the white portion of Chinese onion or “Kor Wong” to show that the Wanton noodles has been made from Expensive ingredient but the taste is not as tasted as good as we were enjoying some 40 years ago using green union.

Well, not just because I was poor at that time, because of the attitude how people made food for the living, they had the passion to make the wanton best of it kind.

People likes to listen to vinyl record not just because of the audio quality, somehow they could remember those were the days, when they were young, listening to Old pa’s 3 in 1 Audio equipment.

Somehow people drink Chateau Latour 1959, Chateau Lafifte 1996 because that is the birthday of oneself and his beloved daughter. These are the best wine that you probably cost you a Rolex Submariner Ref 116613LB.

                                           Rolex Ref 1601 Date Just in Stainless Steel

When we were in golden old day, Rolex had already built the Date Just Ref 1601 which was sold for HKD$900 in 1962 and a Day Date Ref 1803 about HKD$5,000. What impress us is that the quality of such a watch will be good enough to be compared with the best watch made today with similar price level with Accuracy, Reliability, style, Value, Function…

but still I believe you being a discerning taste of appreciate good stuff and good olden day we once had had, I believe you would like to stick to the good old watch to be matching you on your powerful wrist that could possible steer your life to a better direction.

Rolex does not just tell time, It tells history!

This is a 1962 Rolex Date Just Ref 1601. It was sold in HKD$900.

If you lost your father’s Rolex, or you lost your own Rolex to the Casino of Lisboa Macao, there is a Chance now you can buy back the 50 years of History with just HKD$11,500!

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Que Galazo, What A Goal!

Que Galazo, “ What a goal!”
Galazo is a term used by Spanish saying : Soccer Expression referring to Awesome Amazing goal. This term is used by all Spanish speakers all over the World,

The First AP Royal Oak in Leather strap, the piece was designed in Collaboration with Jorg Hysek.

With an Unqiue Colour, design and Uniqueness to be a Real Audemars Piguet Royal Oak.

Ref 14800
Gender Male
Size 36mm
Case Metal Steel
Surface Finish Standard Classic
Caliber 2225
Movement Automatic
Year Introduced 1993
Year End 1998

If you have a passion on Soccer, this will be an un-resistible watch for you to go to wear and witness the next Soccer match in Madrid. Or this is a watch that you tell the world you are not just a Fan of AP Royal Oak, but also a supporter of the Royal Madrid team.

And Likely you are some of the few collectors of this pure Royal Oak blood In the entire history of AP Watch Manufacturing.

Owner is eager to let pass this to you at cost HKD$42,000.
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Monday, March 24, 2014

What's Wrong with my Rolex!?

What defects you have seen over the years.

Rolex and you are proud of the Reliability and quality of the Swiss greatest watch, however there are s still some of the naught boys that has discipline issues....

There are a lot of defects we have seen over the years, these are some of them.

The Whole movement has been forced to rotated 90- degrees such that the Rolex Corona is at Three O’clock side after sever drops of the Rolex on the concrete floor. (Repair by replaced the crown pin and movement lock up screw).

The second hand touches the minutes hand and cause the watch to stop- Severe Shock impaired on the watch. (Replace the second hand, or re-install the loosed second hand)

The watch is simply inaccurate- The watch was magnetized under strong magnetic flux. (could be demagnetized with a special watch demagnetizer)

The Watch does not change date at mid night. (Replace some of the mechanical parts or spring at the date disk.)

The watch gains like 3 minutes a day – the spring coil stuck together or the coil was deformed.
(Change the coil spring assembly, or clean off the lubricant accidentally fall on the spring and re-install it again)

The Hour Indicator drops out- As show on one of the Famous Fung Shui master in Hong Kong on his new Yacht master. Change a new dial or simple fix a new hour indicator on the dial)

The Screw crown thread was badly worn out- caused by improper way to screw up the crown. (change the crown pin and crown slot as it’s crew thread may be worn off already)

The Crown was broken- some new Rolex users does not know that we need to unscrew the crown before we can adjust the watch, they use Plier to turn and adjust the crown that causes damage breakage – I heard the client talked to Rolex people about this some 25 years ago at Rolex Service Centre. (Change new Crown)

Watch vapors could be seen under the crystal. (leakage due to improper use of wrong o-ring diameter, old ring worn off, clean the movement, replace with new o-ring and gasket, add some silicon grease before tighten up the cover. Check under pressure flask for water proof)

Dial is found micro crack. The most heart-burnt defect that happened on your beloved REF1803 Stella Red Dial! (No way to be repaired, only be replaced only if Rolex has spare, but I think they will charge you HKD$30,000 a piece!)

It stops not long later after I pick up from the shelf that the watch has been left untouched for months (we should manual winding up min. 20 times before put it on your wrist for auto winding to gain its power to run the watch, it applies to all Auto-winding watch, not just Rolex) It the watch still cannot run more than 40 hours after wearing for 8 hour, you may need to send to Rolex Service Centre to have a health Check or cleaning)

The Rolex starts to slow for more than 7 seconds a day. (time to clean the Rolex at RSC)
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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Quality Remains the only Factor in all successful stories; Pen, Amplifier, Watch..whatever....

Quality Remain the only Factor in all successful stories; Pen, Amplifier, Watch..

If you all audiophile, of hi Fi Maniac, probably you know these names:
Marantz , the master of Vacuum Tube Amplifier
Model 7 Pre-amplifier, Made between 1960-1966. Excellent Condition price at HKD$50,000. It was sold at USD$550 in 1960!

Mark Levinson 1989-1992
Mark Levinson was an Audio pioneer and entrepreneur in 80s. He designed the best Solid State Transistor amplifier without use of Integrated Circuit in the major Audio path!
No.26: Dual monaural preamplifier with remote power supply. Price: HKD$40,000
No.20.6: monoblock power amplifier. Output: 100W into 8 ohms Price: HKD$100,000
Well, these are the best Mark Levinson had made as the masterpiece of amplifier. It was sold in the 80 approximately with HKD$15,000-20000. Model 20 and 26 is still top of the list for Audiophile to buy as the best transistor Audio Amplifiers, the New Mark Levinson has lost the spirit as it is no longer built by Mark anymore!

Lin Sondek introduced the turntable LP-12 in 1973, until now it is still one of the top ten LP Turn tables for audiophile, I bought mine with HKD$12,000 in 1996, now the full option is asking HKD$160,000. It will be continued as a Turn Table legend for next coming 20 years!

Watermans Patrician was made in 1929, The sample of Turquoise is about HKD$40,000.
It was sold USD$10.00 only in 1929! Why?
It was the year for Watermans’ creation on this great pen, no more possible to be made as it was made of celluloid in Art Deco period from the largest Pen manufacturer at that time. Watermans is now a French Owner, no more as people remember about what Real Watermans is as it was the top of the Big Four US Pen makers in the 20s.

Dunhill Namiki Hand crafted Pen was made in 1920-1960
Dunhill Namiki Limited Edition fountain pens are crafted by hand, taking over three month to complete and involving as many as eighty processes. Every pen is a work of art, as the artist's signature proudly testifies, and an example of Japan's ancient culture.
This is the great Master KYOSAI Yoshida’s creation. Pen features the mask of the devil women (Hannya), the drum of celebration and the scattering of maple leaves. A true work of art this is the "CROWN JEWEL" for any collection. Pen is MINT in Presentation box with all papers is HKD$400,000

Koetsu MC cartridge
This is a legendary cartridge hand crafted by Mr. Koetsu and there is no more to be found even if you have money as the founder had passed away, the reason why their cartridge is so good because they were hand crafted as the Japanese sword.
Ridiculous large soundstage - from the lowest point of the floor to the top of the ceiling, every inch of the room is filled with sound. Absolutely brilliant Sound!
Audemars Piguet
Audemars Piguet’s legendry watch Royal Oak Jumbo 39mm was created in 1972
Steel version was sold HKD$275,000 in 2012 Auction
Gold version is hardly to be found at all in Auctions, probably the owner is looking for the new high rise of the tide to reach…

How About Rolex?
Needless to say as you have been knowing what is it!?
Buy for the best you could afford, consider the factors that price will appreciate in future.
1.       Scarcity is the key.
2.       The Ugly more in past, the Lovely more in Future.
3.       Platinum is always better than Gold, and Gold is always than Stainless steel in value.
4.       Something you like is better than something others like.
5.       Use it, don't put it in the safe Deposit box.
6.       Daytona stainless steel black is the exception as Rolex makes only Two pieces a   
7.       It is not too late to come to the World of Rolex, Today’s beginning can be an expert
          after one year!

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A Beautifl Rolex Date Just With Sodalite Dial Ref 16234 on Sale!

How about a year 2,000 Rolex Date Just Blue Sodalite Dial, a Beautiful Sample of 98% new Excellent Plus Condition.

Well, it was sold about HKD$29,500 approximately In year 2000, this is a rare to see and likely NEVER will be made again by Rolex on Date Just Steel Model, Why!?

The process of making the Sodalities Dial is tedious, and the search for such an even distribution colour and pattern dial is a painstaking task for Rolex jeweler.
The Time to make one dial take almost a day for Rolex and the yield is about 15% only. High Cost to make!

Why not Rolex put this dial after Laser cut another window for the “Day” at 12’ O’clock position on a Rolex Flag Ship “Day Date” series that they can sell at a price tag of Minimum HKD$300,000? This is Business Right? So over thse years since 1989 till now, we hardly to find any Rolex Date Just with this kind of dial anymore!

This case is a similar case of how Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Jumbo could reach a Record high at Auction of HKD$275,000 in 2012. As I always told myself the number of unit made for Stainless steel should not be more than 500 in 1972.  Scarcity is one of the major factors for Watch Collectors to consider.

How about this piece of watch in the HK market? I have dig out the Website of so-called The best reference seller for pre-owned Rolex in HK, the Kuen Kee has the similar watch was sold with HKD$46,000

Now this watch owner who may need money to make a purchase of Hermes Handbag for his wife, wish to let go at just HKD$42,000!

Take a look and this watch, as it is
~ Rare animal

~It is Beautiful, never been polished!

~ It is Stainless steel that it can be used Every day!  More Value could be “Gained” day by day.

~Under-valued with such a condition.

~36mm, Well, it fits the trend for ladies!

What is not in your mind!? Mouthwatering!?

Watch Sold already on 29 March 2014
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My Communications Via Yahoo was lost!

Dear ALL,

My old DOES NOT receive for me the mail since 19 March.

So I may lost contact about your mails since 19 March.

You may Whatsapp +639175854633 in case you need my reply.   OR

This new started Mail address account

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五十年代便有人不給面子地挑剔嚟唱衰佢,以其名勞力士咕哩錶”, 是不登大雅之堂的手錶…,(咕哩是以前中環碼頭工人),



這不但是對所有勞力士用家打了的一支强心針。市場上對勞力士手錶有另一種睇法。原本列奧美加比勞力士同一係列還要貴的。但因為勞力士把檔铺價推高,引致勞力士在六十年比奥美加更貴,更吃香。而事實上六十年代奥美加星座(Constallation) 絕對是錶中極品。

到七十年代勞力士基本上已推出致今仍令人津津樂度道的產品: 如地通娜保罹紐曼,雙紅谮航者,勞力士石英Day Date (Ref 19018, 19019), 今天不再生產的特別面,和本人第一情人Ref 1803!


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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Most Pleasing and Compelling Watch Ad Music: Omega Co-Axial Calibres

This is so far the most touching music I have ever heard on Watches, the latest Omega’s Co-Axial Calibres, which has a theoretically reduced friction, better efficiency watch escapement that 99% of the world watch has been used since 18th century.

The evocative theme song, “Smiling”, was composed by Harry Gregson-Williams and played the Seattle Session Orchestra. It was originally part of the soundtrack of the film Man on Fire. Listen to this music and You would love it especially when the violin group was working out the melody. Sometimes a theme music would change your mood, your thoughts and your appreciation to the scene. Would you consider buying Omega after listening to this music!?
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Click the link to listen the musical piece!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Rolex Ref 6605 Date Just, taste like a Vintage Bottle of Chateau Latour 1959!

A mellow and yet full of tannin and body vintage wine of good year 1959 from Bordeaux,  Chateau Latour (RP 100) as it was from the good year of 1959, still young and energetic after 55 years.

Same time we look at the time on this evenly grown Patina Dial that had been honestly running for many summers and winters telling minutes and hours to his owner. It had  witnessed numerous quarrels between husbands and wife, marriage and divorce, US and CCCP cold war, the US and Vietnam war,  Nationwide Taliban-led insurgency, which includes hundreds of assassinations and suicide attacks in one of the world's most dangerous countries; Afghanistan!

World Trade Towers was destroyed by terrorists  on 911 in 2001, the Leman brothers melt down Sept 15 2008… that triggered US to wake up about its way of overspending… mysterious incident of MH370 was lost for more than 10 days…

Rolex Ref 6605, a watch that could be so perfect in style that does not need to be changed after so many years, only with some scar and silver lines of an old man appearing on the skin, but the inside was as NEW as it was leaving the Rolex's Factory 55 years ago… !!!

What a Watch we should not ignore… Please wear it on your wrist…for another 55 years to witness Human being to invent Time Machine back to Future!

Well, no one will laugh at you wearing your father’s watch as this is A Rolex!

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最僧人地un 脚…老人家講,"人摇福薄, 樹摇葉落"!




真想打佢兩權。我又打吾出手,因為佢手戴勞力士Date Just II的! 比面勞力士囉!













* 註




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七十年代,集成電路仍是PLCC8腳或PLCC14 腳包裝為主流。今天一粿3mmx3mm的QFN內的原子粒數是四十年前的一百萬倍之多!


二百多頓重續航力超越半個地球,fly-by-wire 電腦操控的先進馬航MH370竟然無法子被找到。不能被破壞的黑盒內臧著信号產生器也無法地被探測到!




大家異口同聲講Ref 1802, 1803,1804,1807...

太大家都一致性單戀上(吾係同姓戀)勞力士早期的白金DAY DATE, 或者鉑金,重正!

嘩,一隻勞力士白金淺綠漸變面有石字的今天叫到三十萬元。你想買嗎?人家吾賣喎 超過三十萬就考慮下先喎!







我就話: 科技未必代表一切,味道才是手錶所在。

希望MH370 事件是電影"Lost"真實版。他們正生活在一岛上。

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Rolex Q &A

Last year I probably received a lot of question on Rolex and I try to summarize them here for your reference

Q. is HK Snob a Watch Dealer?
A. No, I am an armature watch Blogger only, I don't have shop, I don't sell watch of mine, but I know Rolex AD network and a few Rolex Collector and dealer who may sell his watches at a reasonable price!

Q.  Do I ship Watch?
A. No, I don't, I just help people to buy Rolex at discount in HK.

Q. What is the Most Expensive Rolex?
A. The most expensive non-diamond Rolex is the men's Oyster Perpetual Day-Date in Platinum Ref 116505 HK list price HKD$583,500.
The most Expensive Rolex with diamond is Submariner Emerald HKD$2.4M

Q. What is the Cheapest Rolex?
A. 1. Ref 116200 Stainless steel 26mm lady perpetual smooth bezel with Oyster Bracelet HKD$36,800
Second Cheapest  lady watch is Ref 177200  Oyster Perpetual 31mm smooth bezel with Oyster Bracelet HKD$ 37,600,
The Cheapest Men’s Rolex Ref 114200  34mm smooth bezel with Oyster bracelet HKD$38,500.
The Cheapest Men’s Rolex with 36mm size is Ref 116000 Oyster Perpetual Smooth bezel with Oyster Bracelet HKD$40,000

Q. Where are Rolex watches made?
A. The Rolex manufactory is in Bienne, Switzerland. The Rolex headquarters are in Geneva.

Q. Are all Rolex watches self winding?
A. Not all.

Q. How to check Rolex serial number?
A. Check in between the lugs of the watch. Here's a complete guide on how to find and look up a Rolex Serial Number.

Q. How much does a Rolex Day-Date cost?
A. Ref 118208 Typically from HKD$209,300 up to Ref 18956 BRIL HKD$2,118,000

Q. How much is a used Rolex watch worth?
A. depends on the model and the age and the condition and search...usually in pre-owned shop of HK, it is about the 45% to 70% of List price for current production model. Except for those special Model Like Daytona Steel, Black is Selling HKD$85,500 to $89,000

Q. How many Rolex watches made per year?
A.  Somewhere about 800,000.

Q. Where to buy a Rolex copy in Hong Kong China?
A. Anywhere on the Temple Street, Lady’s market at Mongkok and Lo Wo Commercial Centre at Lo Wo (HK/China Border.)

Q. What is an oyster perpetual Rolex?
A. Rolex made their watches water proof just like an oyster which can close tightly that water cannot sip in.  It is an Automatic winding watch that is why call Perpetual.

Q. How much should a Rolex Submariner weigh?
A. ~135 grams with a full bracelet (all steel)

Q. Does Rolex make battery operated watches?
A. Yes , Rolex makes battery operated watches called OysterQuartz, made between 1977 to 2003
Total 25,000 pieces made, estimated to have 60% in stainless steel, 25% in Two Tone, and 10% Solid Yellow Gold Ref 19018 and 5% Solid White Gold Ref 19019. A Superlative Accurate, 100% dependable Watch!

Q. Is Rolex of Switzerland Public listed?
A. No. Rolex, SA is not owned by any other company. It is completely independent, owned by The Wilsdorf Foundation

Q. Are all Rolex watches registered when bought?
A. Not in HK, but early Rolex Japan, we had to put down watch owner name and address on the Warranty  certificate… that was supposed to be good practice, but we do not have such in HK.

Q. How can you tell if a Rolex watch is real?
A. There used to be a time when you can just look at a fake Rolex and determine that it is fake, but in recent years the quality of Fake One is improving a lot and a bit hard to tell by green horn, it takes a bit closer look to tell it is fake.

Q. Do magnets affect watches Rolex?
A. Yes, so long as the watch is made from metal components the magnet will stop the internal pieces from moving hence stopping the watch or watches will become inaccurate, if very strong magnet could even possible damages some of the component. We can send to Rolex for Demagnetization.
Or you should wear a Milguass which is anti-magnetic.

Q. Do Rolex Service Centre service Rolex of another country?  Do I need to have the warranty card?
Rolex Service Centre will service any Rolex so long it is authentic Rolex. We do not need Warranty card for servicing, Rolex Do not service FrankenWatch of Rolex.

Q. What are the taxes or duties to import a Rolex watch from Europe to the us?
A. 6%

Q. What materials are used in Rolex wristwatches?
A. Rolex uses a variety of materials: 904L Stainless steel, white gold, red gold, yellow gold, and platinum.

Q. Should I place a Rolex on an Auto Watch Winder if I don't use it
A. In my Opinion, no need, as it add wear and tear on the mechanical parts inside the watch

Q. How Should I clean my Rolex?
A. Tighten up the crown, use lukewarm watch and soap to wash, you may use soft tooth brush clean off the dirt. Then rinse under running water.
Use Cloth to clean of water. It will restore the original Lustre and beauty of your Rolex.

Q. How long does a Rolex run?
A. They are made to have a 40 hour spring power supply when wound completely.  Daytona can last for 72 hours.

Q. Does Rolex provide Polishing on my badly used Rolex?
A. Yes, it take about HKD$500-$1,000 depending types of watch for polishing. Take 2 weeks to return you as a NEW Rolex!

Q. How much discount we can get at Rolex AD HK?
A. Officially 5% maximum.

Q. What Rolex is hard to buy now at Rolex AD?
A. Top One Ref 116520 Daytona Black Dial HKD$91,500-94,500
    Top 2 Ref 116520 Daytona White Dial HKD$87,500
    Top 3 Ref 116610LV Submariner Hulk HKD$66,100
    Top 4 Ref 116710BLNR GMT master II Black Blue   

Q. When Rolex AD will increase the price?
A. No News yet!

Q. is Watches bought in Rolex AD has possibility to be Fake!?
A. Not Possible.

HK Snob