Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cartier Franciase Tank

This is a restored Cartier Tank watch, it was badly used, worn off and was chipped at the corners, the strap has a lot of scratches...

We have polished the watch, clean the mechanical calibre, and it is now perfectly restored.
This is Cartier Tank Franciase for man or woman..
HK Snob

Breitling Chrono Cockpit, A watch for the Pilot

This is the watch of a UK friend Alf.... A Breitling Chrono Cockpit.

I have seen a lot of pilot wearing Breitling. Usually they are big, complicated on the dial, a lot of functions that they know me, but I do not know them..  This is a typical chrono with traditional design of placing the three indicators in the triangular shape of position.

Beautifully polished bezel and strap...good for man with a large wrist...but not for A typically stocky Chinese like me...

HK Snob

Cartier Tank Santos

This is a Cartier, lady watch with a new installed Leather strap for She3rd.
This is not a pure gold version, instead this is vermeil with 925 Silver case and plated with 20 micron 18 CT Gold.
It is an elegant small watch for woman. I had another smaller one made with 18 CT Solid gold, but sold some three years ago...

HK Snob

Rolex OysterQuartz

I had a Two Tone Rolex OysterQuartz some 12 years ago, It is a massive, heavy and accurate watch for your daily use.
If you do not mind the use of quartz circuit board inside the helmetically seal Oyster case to be your watch, this is your choice. It is rare as 98% of Rolex lover uses Mechanical watch movement only.
I like the case design as it is rugged and heavy duty.
HK Snob

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Rolex Oyster 67480

This is a 98% new Rolex 67840 I bought from friend of mine today.
Very good S/N: T83X313..
Excellent condition, slightly used only, with orginal box and Certificate. Only HKD$11,000.00

HK Snob

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rolex Milgauss

A San Francisco Celebrity showed me his new bought Rolex Milgauss.
I was shocked to see that it was not a genuine Rolex...  But I had to scrutinize carefully before I told him the fact.

These are the picture I took on his watch.
The "Rolex" font is a bit not same as the original, you may compare with the Original Picture of Milgauss from Rolex Website.
The fake one does not look as shinny as the genuine one.

The above picture is the fake Rolex friend of mine bought somewhere
The Gap between Letter L and E are so close, not as the genuine one that has a bigger gap
The X of Rolex has a slimmer slash on the genuine one and the fake one has both slash of similar width
The Rolex Oyster laser making inside the bezel is not as deep and as clear as the genuine.
The hour hand and Minute hand of the fake one is too long!
The orange second number of the genuine one is locatd middle between the edge of the bezel and the Rolex Crown whereas fake one, the Numbe is loacted much closer to the Rolex Crown!

In Short good quality stuff can not be copied...

Next time when you buy Rolex, make sure you go to the authorized watch shop.

HK Snob