Saturday, August 10, 2013

More Tokyo Snob Reporter Andy Reporting Watch Market in Tokyo (part 3)

 This is Another Hublot as a memorial of Maradona as an Embrasodor for hublot.
It comes with a worn Tee-Shirt by Maradona and his Autograph on it. Same Signature is signed on the watch dial.
A Great watch for Soccer  fans like you, more talking points if you wear this to see World Cup in Brazil.
Price is not expensive at all, may be Yen has depreciated 20% over the year.
Now Yen 10,000 is exchanged at 0.0806 that is about HKD$806.
Tokyo Snob
Hi Andy, thanks for the can of Kirin beer!
Reported by Andy, HK Snob Special Assigned Tokyo Rolex Investigator  

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