Sunday, March 31, 2013

Great Colour, Great Style, Great Classic Rolex Super Gold

These are the most magnificent Rolex Watches made in the 80s. Today it does not look out-fashioned, in fact it is so much “In”. These Poster shows all those rare and expensive Dial Rolex had made for us, putting on the Gold Watch of Date Just and the FlagShip Day Date!

Lapis Lazuli
Blue Gemstone with Deep Blue shattered gold dusts... “Lapis Lazuli” was being mined in the Badakhshan province of Afghanistan as early as the 3rd millennium BC. In ancient Egypt, lapis lazuli was a favorite stone for amulets and ornaments such as scarabs. And it has been used for Dial of the Rolex.

Don’t forget that we had an astonishing auction hammer price of HKD$730,000 for a Gold Submariner with Lapis Lazuli in 2012.

What is the ultimate value of this watch Date Just Lady, believe it will not too much now? But what if that is a Day Date men’s Watch, I think it is a price of minimum HKD$500,000!

African Mahogany
African Mahogany is the common name for at least two types of trees: genus Khaya of the Meliaceae and Afzelia of the Fabaceae (legumes) family. It is originated in West tropical Africa, with a tree size of 100-130 feet tall and 3-5 ft trunk diameter. One tree can be used for many thousand Rolex Watch, but the fact is they are so much hard to be chosen the best part of it to make the dial., due to the material hardness and shrinkage rate, they are not easy to be made, not so many company would select these material for Watch dial, why not go for epoxy printing that could be done in 2 seconds. Simply I think Rolex wants to make watch differently with other Swiss Watch makers.

Looking at the Watch with this dial recall my time I stayed In Africa, a warm cozy breeze cools my back under the unforgivable sun, sitting in a Port Said Coffee Shop. What a good time in my life… but at that time, I was wearing just a Date Just Stainless steel watch on my wrist!

Onyx is a banded variety of chalcedony. The colors of its bands range from white to almost every color (save some shades, such as purple or blue). Commonly, specimens of onyx contain bands of black and/or white. It has a hardness of 7 in Mohs Scale, a superb stable and hard material for making dial.

Birch is a broadleaved deciduous hardwood tree of the genus Betula. The bark of all birches is characteristically marked with long, horizontal lenticels, and often separates into thin, papery plates, especially upon the paper birch. It is resistant to decay, due to the resinous oil it contains. Its decided color gives the common names gray, white, black, silver and yellow birch to different species. Rolex is fond of using Yellow birch to make it Dial on the Flagship watch Day Date. I had one OysterQuartz with very Bright Yellow birch, but it was ripped off by my beloved mistress that she keeps it for herself… She said she like yellow gold watch with yellow brown Colour dial, best is Quartz as she does not need to wind it at all!
Birches have spiritual importance in several religions, both modern and historical.
In Celtic cultures, the birch symbolizes growth, stability, renewal, initiation and adaptability.

The birch is highly adaptive and able to sustain harsh conditions with casual indifference. Proof of this adaptability is seen in its easy and eager ability to repopulate areas damaged by forest fires or clearings. It is a sign of immortality.

Which is the best beloved Colour!?
How to I rate it? Just my personal preference, Lapis Lazuli, Birch, Onyx then African Mahogany!

Well, to the watch collectors Like Paul, Hung, Andy, I think they have to Buy them ALL! That is the fun of Rolex Collection, take time to find it and spend time to look at it, and Watch time the Value Grows! That Is the Real fun of Watch collections!!

HK Snob

USD$100 for this Original Rolex Poster wanted!

Friday, March 29, 2013

One of the Beautiful and Rare Rolex Ref 16234 Date Just with Sodalite Dial

Sodalite is a dark blue stone with white calcite interspersed. It is sometimes confused with lapis lazuli as it also has small specks of pyrite in it. The largest deposit of sodalite is in Brazil.

Sodalite is the stone of athletics, as it stimulates endurance. It is said sodalite will harmonize the inner being or the conscious and subconscious mind. Sodalite promotes peace and harmony. Sodalite is extra lucky for writers.

Sodalite brings inner peace. Keep sodalite in your pockets and bag and in every room of your house could bring you peaceful harmony around you. Make it on the Rolex as a Dial is a perfect match, Beside it is extremely hard to produce as a dial on the Rolex. As the yield is low and take min. 20 hours to make a good one!

This is a vintage Rolex will likely bring you all good luck, as it carries the Sodalite Dial and the S/N is awesome, S/N A808628, Simply means “ Get Richer and be Richer, after an Easy Fortune!” is that Superb for the Chinese?

Ref 16234 is Rolex Pepertual Oyster with 36mm size for men, stainless steel with 18 KT white gold as the watch bezel, Dial is embedded with Diamonds. Is that Attractive!?

Price HKD$45,800

PS In Chinese Sodalite is方鈉礦
NOTE: Watch SOLD already to one Rolex Collector on 30 March. 2013

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Rolex Ref 19019 Day Date OysterQuartz

This is a piece of Collectible item Paul has searched for months, he has the original White Gold Day Date with precision of less than 0.33 Second a month, probably the highest cost of Quartz Movement for any Swiss movement man made since 1979 until now.
White Gold of low profile life style., it took 10 months for RSC to change the Probably-the-last-handful-available-dial-in-all-Rolex-Spare-inventory!
He spent 3 months to finds the Original Box and the OysterQuartz Operation booklets.
What do you think this things will be sold in the Actions? I guess the hammer price is estimated to be HKD$125,000!
How many this type of watch we can still find on Earth, I think it will be less than 5 pieces.
If it comes with "Chinese" Day dial, this may be the only one!
Are you interested!?
HK Snob
PS Watch SOLD!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Kuen Kee's Rolex Price Update

After I visited the orginal Place Where HK Wing Chun Grand master "Ip Man"'s house in Tai Nam Street.

I went to Kuen Kee to check the price of Rolex again.
This is what I found:

Ref 116610LV Submariner Green Bezel Green Dial
Two brand new one, price $62,000 with  box, but it does not mention Waranty paper. I believe no have.
Another one it says $63,000, this one should be with Waranty paper and Box.
Another one brand new , price 6XXXX.  with paper and Box.
Note that Brand new from Rolex AD is Net HKD$66,100. no Discount.

Submariner Black Vintage
There are 4 Ref 16600, Submariner Black, price $49,000 to $53,000

DeepSea one piece $69,000

Submariner Black
About 12 pieces, Price Range from $39,000 to $35,800 depending on the paper, box availability and conditions.

Daytona Stainless Steel
Daytona stainless steel Black dial Ref 116523 Older one price from $79,000 to $83,000
new one with paper and Box range from $88,000 to $93,000

Go and Check and try to find your dream watch... You may try to ask for some discount.

Sham Shui Po Snob 

Sorry that is the picture I took from far as I am afraid it will be very sensitive if I get Closer to the Shop.
Even I took out a pen, the shop keeper would open is eyes and see if I am some kind of Commercial Spy! 
Hey, I am just a poor Snob of Rolex Collector!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Seven Rolex lady Watches


                                                           Ref 179161
Rolex Oyster Pepertual Lady Date Just Ref 179161 26mm stainless steel case, 18 KT Pink gold Smooth bezel, Roman numerals, Stainless steel and 18KT matching colour gold strap.

Ref 179161
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Lady Datejust Watch Ref 179161. 26mm stainless steel case, 18K pink gold domed bezel, black concentric circle dial, Roman numerals, stainless steel and 18K pink gold Oyster bracelet                     

                                                  Rolex Date Just lady Ref 179174

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Lady-Datejust Ref 179174. 26mm stainless steel case, 18K white gold fluted bezel, white radiant line dial, diamond numerals, and stainless steel and 18KT white gold Jubilee bracelet.

Ref 176234
Rolex Lady Oyster Perpetual No date Ref 176234 . 26mm brushed stainless steel case, 18K white gold fluted bezel, black dial, diamond index hour markers and Arabic numerals, brushed stainless steel Oyster bracelet.

Ref 179171
Rolex Date Just ladt Ref 179171, 26mm stainless steel case, 18KT pink gold fluted bezel, pink gold Roman Numerals and concentric circle dial, matching 18KT and stainless steel Jubilee Strap.

                                                          Ref 179173

Rolex Oyster pepertual Lady Date Just Ref 179173, 26mm 18KT Pink gold fluted bezel and Gold Roman Numerals, Pink dial., 18KT pink gold and stainless Jubilee Strap.

                                                                        Ref 179173
Rolex Oyster Pepertual Lady Date Just Ref 179173, 26 mm stainless steel case with 18KT yellow gold fluted bezel, Solid gold Roman Numerals, white Pyramind pattern dial, 18 KT Yellow gold and stainless steel Jubilee Strap.

Available in most of the Rolex AD shops in HK. The price tags show Rolex Standard List Price, Walk in discount 5%.

HK Rolex Snob

Andrew Bought two Rolex in HK

Andrew from Singapore came to HK to buy these two watches from Rolex AD, with a very good price. Of course or he would not stop buy one more after the GMT master II as his first target!
HK Snob

Good Crocodile Strap for watch.

How to determine good quality Alligator leathers?

The Grain pattern, large block pattern selected from the belly of the crocodile. A good matching stitching, good leather treatment and high quality waxed thread,

These are two of them, very big square pattern, less lines on the leather that bring the pattern to be more unique, It would last for many good years for your watch.

The one on left is 26mm wide and the one on right is 30mm. For watch like Panerai and some other big watch. This brown colur matches with either White gold or yellow gold watch, while black is good for white good or steel watch.
Price is about HKD$980 each.
HK Snob

Some of our Rolexes at Rolex Fans Hi Tea Gathering

                               If I had money to spend for Watch, I would have to all these solid gold Rolex

                                   I will buy All these, from Left... Ref 19018, Ref 19019, Ref 16018 and two Ref 18039,

                          The Beautiful Twin Yellow Gold Ref 19018 with oak Dial, and the Snow White Ref 19019  

                              Ref 19019 White Gold OysterQuartz with ultra Rare Computer Dial and Chinese Date Dial

Rolex Creation Geneve Box for the Ref 19018 OysterQuartz

Watch Collection of HK Snob and Paul
HK Snob

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Oyster Bangle for your Rolex

Bracelets Oyster T<25>

The Rolex is a world best known watch, but may not be having accessories with matching design and motif. Made in Italy with soft rubber Cristal, soft enough to offer best comfort at same time give you strength and toughness for daily usage. Easy to put on by means of push button safety button.

Design like Yacht Master HKD$300, Submariner Ghiera Verde HKD$300, GMT Master Ghiera Pepsi HKD$300, Explorer HKD$300.

Put it one with equal beautfil bezel design of your beloved Rolex Sport Series!

This Osyter Bangle does not carry and name of the Original “Rolex”. It is nothing related to the Swiss Watch brand “Rolex!” A new fashion gadget for Rolex Lovers.


HK Snob
Bracelets Oyster T<25>

The Rolex is a world best known watch, but may not be having accessories with matching design and motif. Made in Italy with soft rubber Cristal, soft enough to offer best comfort at same time give you strength and toughness for daily usage. Easy to put on by means of push button safety button.

Design like Yacht Master HKD$300, Submariner Ghiera Verde HKD$300, GMT Master Ghiera Pepsi HKD$300, Explorer HKD$300.

Put it one with equal beautfil bezel design of your beloved Rolex Sport Series!

This Osyter Bangle does not carry and name of the Original “Rolex”. It is nothing related to the Swiss Watch brand “Rolex!” A new fashion gadget for Rolex Lovers.

HK Snob

Monday, March 11, 2013

Watch Shops at Sino Centre, MongKok

Wing Kong Watch Company, located at the main entrance of Sino Centre.
It has about 500 pieces of Rolexes. 250 pieces of Piaget, Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe and IWC.

For Rolex there are Estimated hundred of Rolex Date Just, mainly the Hong Kong beloved mainstream Date Just two tones with diamond dial, colour of blue reddish brown, champagne gold. Mother of pearl and computer Rolex dial, etc...

As for the hot items, there are 8 pieces of Submariner Green bezel black dial Ref 16610LV price between $53,000 to $61,800.

Submariner green bezel green dial "new" Ref 116610V price is covered, POA. I believe it will be in range of $68,000 to $70,000

Submariner Black Ref 116610LN price from $53,000 to $61,800*

Daytona stainless steel black dial
There are three pieces, $86,800, $88,820 and $92,800, I believe those are pre-owned watches.
Daytona stainless steel white dial, two pieces , $73,800 and $85,000.

"My Watch"located at ground floor at main entrance of Sino Centre.
Majority is Rolex and Panerai, assorted with vintage Omega constellation, Patek Philippe Calatrava, AP 70s dress watch with gold strap, Piaget dress watch of the 80s in the display window.

Submariner Black dial vintage

Ref 5513 $36,800

Ref 16650 $48,000

Ref 16750 $36,800

Ref 16660 $42,800

Ref 16800 $43,000

There are about ten brand new Rolexes which are marked to have "less 15% discount", but when we check the list price, they have been set higher about ten percents. That means the price is more or less same as what you get as walk-in at Rolex AD.

Note * Submariner black Ref 116610LN new watch is $62,100 less 5% that is $58,995 net at Rolex AD, that is cheaper then the one in Wing Kong!
Mong Kok Snob

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Patek Philippe Ref 5115G Calatrava 18KT White Gold Porcelain Dial

Patek Philippe Ref. 5115G Calatrava 18k Discontinued Porcelain Dial Watch.

This is one of the most beautiful Dress watch, Patek Philippe Ref 5115G Calatrava.

The Dial is a Porcelain dial, which took tenth of hours to make. If you do not know, you may think this is epoxy dial.

Note at the word written bottom of the dial is “Cadran Email” means Enamel Dial!

It was sold brand new at HKD$80,000 a few years ago, and now it is selling at about HKD$130,500 in the open market.

It was made with 18KT white gold, and it about 35mm diameter, manual wind with a black crocodile strap. The white gold pure colour echoes with the white enamel dial make it looking so much Elegant.

A watch for the rich and famous with no fake buoyant appearance! 

If your wrist is like those of Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone, this is not the choice, but it your wrist is like Stephen Chow, Andy Lau, Donnie Yeh or HK Snob's , this Patek Philippe Model 5115G is a perfect watch!!
HK Snob

New or Used Rolex? Rolex AD or grey Dealer?

Many people ask me should they go for an USED or Brand new Rolex?

Many People ask why Rolex AD? Or Why Grey Dealer Rolex?

And Many of them told me the grey dealer can offer brand new at less 15% -18% or more for the price as comparing with Rolex AD.

When you had a Ref 16570 Explorer II using for 10 years, usually you can sell it at HKD$22,000 to HKD$23,500 to the Pre-owned Rolex Shop and they will sell it at HKD$33,000

My suggestion is:

When Your Pocket has enough bullet.

If you are looking for a real functional Rolex for you daily uses, go for a new Rolex.

Only that you can not get those vintage or discontinued Rolex, consider pre-owned Rolex Shop.

When your Pocket has not enough Bullet.

Go for a pre-owned Rolex

Or a Grey dealer new Rolex

Or buying from eBay from a reliable seller for the pre-owned watch.

But consider that the following points as buy priority

1. Used Watch with paper, box and original invoice

2. Used watch with paper, box

3. Used watch with no paper and no box

Price for an example REF 116610LN submariner Black List price $62,100 (Price X)

Rolex AD Walk in discount less 5%, that is $58,995

Rolex AD VIP price less 8%-10%, that is $ $55,890 to $57,132

Pre-owned Market for 2-3 years 95% new Submariner Ref 116610LN

4. Used Watch with paper, box and original invoice Range 0.85X $52,785*

5. Used watch with paper and box; range 0.82X $50,922*

6. Used watch with no paper and no box 0.65X- 0.75X $40,356 to 46,575*

Exception on Ref 116610LV Submariner Green bezel and green dial and Ref 115620 Daytona Stainless steel black or white.

These two watches are hard to get from Rolex AD, Ref 116610LV is offered at Rolex AD at no discount HKD$66,100, but we can get it from used watch market at HKD$62,800 with no paper (Lung Shing)

Daytona Stainless steel Black is offered new at Rolex AD with HKD$95,000 and White at HKD$87,500 but we can see some pre-owned shop is selling HKD$99,800 for Black and HKD$84,800 for White! (Win Fat), well if we can not get it from Rolex AD, probably we can only buy it from these shops.

* Note that the price range is just for a simple reference as prices varies between shops and the condition of the watch.

HK Snob

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Shanghai Automatic Watch

This is a piece of 90's Shanghai Watch, 35 jewels, 24 hours, Date display with second. Shanghai had put a bit tiny diamond like decoration on the hands to make it a bit buoyant.
Crystal is thick and is a hard glass. Water proof and Shock Resistant.
Shanghai Snob

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Example of two Beautiful Rolex Day Date Blue Dial

This is a bright blue face of the 1977 Rolex Men's Day Date Blue Stella Dial (HK$314,000) Sold at Lane Crawford as for the first time in Jan 2013. Next time we can have another place to buy beautiful Rolex.
Lane Crawford, Podium 3,IFC mall, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2118 3388,

Rolex Ref 18078 Turquoise Dial Yellow Gold Rolex, “Oyster Perpetual, Day-Date, Superlative Chronometer officially Certified”, case no.6262041, ref. 18078/18000. Made circa 1980. Very fine and rare, tonneau-shaped, center-seconds, self-winding, water resistant, 18K yellow gold wristwatch with day and date and turquoise dial. 36mm.

This watch will be in auction for USD$11,000 to $18,000 estimated in coming 17 March at Antiquorum, This is another Beautiful Dial with blue Colour.

My Conclusion: Is blue dial no more a taboo for those Rich Chinese Now!?

The One in Lane Crawford is a bit expensive!

The one in Antiquorum is really too daunting to see to be so Beautiful!

HK Snob

Kwai Yan Watch Company at Dundas Street Mong Kok

Kwai Yan Watch Company at Mong Kok Dundas Street.

We could see about 6 Submariner Black Ref 16610LN with price range HKD$40,800 to


Explorer II Ref 16570 about 5 pieces all white dial with price KD$34,800 to HKD$36,800

There is one GMT master II ref 116710LN with box and paper HKD$48,800

Submariner No Date Ref 14060M Price HKD$34,800

There is not Daytona Black Dial.

There is no Submariner Green Dial Green bezel Ref 116610LV

There is no Submariner Green Bezel.

There is other Rolex watch likely those Date Just Stainless steel watches, and some Two tone.

There are also two Day Date Yellow Gold watch with diamond bezel.

The Shop is situated one of the most expensive junction between Dundas and Nathan Road, the rent is likely about HKD$500,000 a month I think, so all this rent will be paid by the Rolex Buyers. So you can feel that they have to mark up a bit more to cover the rent.

Mong Kok Snob

Saturday, March 2, 2013

To break the rules, you must first master them

These are some of the most beautiful Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watches, the simplier the design with two hands would be the one most expensive because that is the legendary Gerald Genta design 1972.  
Picture taken by Samsung Galaxy Note II LTE Handphone in HKIA in 1 March 2013.
HK Snob

Is Rolex Expensive!?

                                              Final Piano Forte XCC Earphone HKD$23,800
                                                          Available at HKIA near Gate 20

Piana Clerico 1582 Golden Era Tie
   The Swank, Shop 230, L2, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong. Tel: 2845 4929

                      Legendary Rolex All Time Favourite Ref 116234 Men's Date Just 36mm            
                                Oyster Pepertual Stainless Steel on with Oyster Strap.
                                                  Available in Rolex AD shop HK.
                                                           List price HKD$58,800

Is a Rolex Expensive? That is subjective and depending who you are… For Mr. Lee, nothing seems to be expensive. As for me, everything seems a lot to me!

In US, most of the Porsche Lovers are not real rich and they save money hard for their beloved cars, that is the Passion for Porsche.

We could see a Silk/gold thread tie is selling HKD$49,995 in HK and an Earphone for your Galaxy Note II is selling HKD$23,800 without any discount!

The Earphone is still good as you can use it everyday when you are not at work, or in the CX cabin! But I don’t think you can wear such a gold tie to work everyday? At least you will not receive any salary adjustment anymore as you boss wears a Temple Street fake Silk tie!

How about I use the amount of Money to buy a Rolex Date just men watch

Ref 116234 today with HKD$58,800*?

That may bring you a life time accuracy, it is a multi purpose all time men accessory,,

At least that is not too shiny and untouchable, a lot of executive is using this watch.

This Date Just is you partner at work, travelling or overseas trip or even swimming.

And it will still receive many thousand of dollars when you place at the nearby Pawn Shop, why, because it is a Rolex. Note that the Fluted bezel is made of solid 18KT Solid White Gold.

Remarks * List price... Nornally we can get less 5% minimum as discount.
HK Snob

2 March 2013 19:40