Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Really kick Ass Rolex for Crazy Rolex Collector and blogger Watch Fever Ref 18346

How to tell by cosmetic difference on Rolex Platinum and White Gold Day-Date?

Chemical Properties
The symbol of platinum is Pt and its atomic number is 78. It's a naturally occurring metal and has a very high density of 21.4 g/cubic cm. It is Grey white originally with a specific gravity of 21.4. It is a very rarely found metal and may cause some allergic reactions in some people. It has a boiling point of 3800º C and a melting point of 1772º C. Its atomic mass is 195.078 amu.
The chemical symbol of gold is Au and atomic number is 79. White gold has to be synthesized from natural gold by mixing various combination of 75% of natural gold with 25% of platinum or palladium and another combination can be 75% of natural gold with 10% of palladium, 10% of nickel and 5% of zinc. 
That is another reason that a White Gold Day Date is usually more expensive than a Yellow gold Day Date by HKD$22,000.
Natural gold's density is 19.3 g/cubic cm. It has a specific gravity of 19.32. Its melting point is 1064.43º C and boiling point is 2807º C. Its atomic mass is 196.96657 amu. This element rarely causes any allergic reactions.

Physical Properties
Platinum is a whitish silvery metal and more lustrous than white gold.
When white gold is coated with rhodium, it becomes as shiny as platinum.
A white gold ornament has to be periodically polished with rhodium to maintain its luster.
Platinum being naturally lustrous does not need any coating at any point of time.
Platinum is heavier and harder than white gold.

Tooling Concern
That is why one set of Rolex Tooling can make ten White Gold Day Date cases but just three for Platinum Day Date Cases for  the same set of tooling. That is another reason why Rolex Platinum is more expensive than White gold, approximately 1.5 times.

Collector’s Item: Platinum
So as for Collectors, Platinum Day Date case is a practically non-destructive it would wear for years and hard to be wear off. It is Sturdy, and lustrous that is why all Ultimate Collector’s item are highest in price for Platinum.
So From Outlook we can tell that a grey Silvery colour is Platinum
A White shinny outlook is White gold, even Whiter than Stainless steel 960L
Another cosmetic inspection to tell which is Rolex Platinum or White Gold Day-Date
By looking at the length of the rectangular Diamond at 6 O’clock and 9 o’clock position.
Platinum Day Date has a LONGER diamond whereas White gold is shorter

Refer to the attached pictures.
This is a really Kick Ass Rolex Platinum Ref 18346 Vintage Rolex Day Date, very very fine watch for collector, with Diamond Bezel, Diamond Dial, A Work horse for work, for Kung Fu practice with Ip Chun, or Swimming, or Going Himalaya, or to conduct a Product Presentation in front of Customer...
I think if we have money, Don;t miss the chance to buy it. It is like Diamond of Rolex!

Again, I have too many rich man's hobbies and I have only a few dollars in my pockets! Well, if you had a lot of money, that would not be so much fun as you can buy everything.
The Process to saving up money and buy what so called a Dream Watch is real fun too.  Of course this is Chinese Ah Q spirit... sorry only thing a poor snob can say!

Paul, Buy it if the price is below HKD$170,000!... I support you!!!!

HK Snob


Anonymous said...

Day-Date PT950 with Diamond's no. & bezel is my dream wristwatch also! Very Good, and under-value master-piece! Thanks for sharing!

HK Snob said...

yes, That is why I support Paul;s idea to buy.... in case sooner I have money, I may have a chance to buy it!

HK Snob