Saturday, August 17, 2013

What if I had US$1m, what Shall I do...?

Rolex Fantasy
What is I had US$1M?
What Shall I do with this money!?
Immediately, I would in no time go to buy a Rolex Day Date Platinum Dream watch with Lapis Lazuli Dial, I need a bit more fancy to have Diamond bezel.
Well, A do not mine to get a Ref 1803 Stella Brunswick green dial and some sands at the Hour index!
I would go to buy with some of the money for a Lamborghini Countach 1977 Yellow or Purple!
I will buy a Koetsu Jade MC cartridge, and likely a nice house that I can put JBL 4350 loudspeaker!
Take a ticket to St. Petersburg to listen to the Tchaikovsky No. 6 Symphony with one of the Russian Blonde….
Go to listen Ma Yo Yo live on his Cello show and discuss with him about his Philosophy on wearing Rolex at back stage. US$1M is barely can do the about things as home in HK is expensive! and If I had somemore money...
Hi Paul, wake up! Day dreaming!
It is time to write your weekly report or you will lose your job!!
HK Snob


Anonymous said...

i am coming to HK next week... I am interested on Submariner no date.. how I can contact you?



HK Snob said...

Hi Ref 114060 is list price $58,000 mail me I send you info
HK Snob