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The Quartz Movement of two Watches: Longines and Timex

                                                                  Timex Movement

Longines Movement

As a Mechanical Watch collector, I hardly buy any Quartz watch , in the past year I had bought an AP Royal Oak Two Tone with Diamond bezel, two Rolex OysterQuartz, Seiko, Tissot Touchand Sunnto Trekking Watch and a Piaget. Other than these, I use only mechanical Watch.

A Quartz watch consists of :
A microprocessor chip, a pieces of capacitor (as a component to form the oscillation with the Quartz) a trimmer , a couple of resistor a coil for converting the timing signal into pulse to driver a few gears , a PCB board and a battery Cell.

Many people think that all Quartz watches look the same as the cost of a low cost Quartz movement can be as low as USD$2.00 now. For certain High quartz Swiss Quartz movement, the cost is much higher as the use better material and design. Rolex has the best design and likely the highest Cost of a Quartz movement, up to $300.

I have taken out two very old pieces of family watch Timex and Longines that have been using almost 30 years. There seems no difference between two watches as people judges Quartz base on price.
From outlook there is hard to tell the difference of the movement except the Longines is much thinner about 2.5mm whereas the Timex is about 8mm that tells you the difference in the cost already.

As The Timex has a much bigger engine, much bigger Coil, Bigger gears, and then much higher power consumption, this required a much bigger battery cell. Even though we can see the movement is made with a more complex process, every component is dispensed with a kind of industrial resin to hold the component in position, even onto the coil. Nowadays almost no one will dispense any glue, adhesive whatever on the PCB (Printed Circuit board) component.

Look at the Timex Microprocessor, it is using SC70 package, that is a package IC contain few more complex manufacturing process. It used 99.99% gold wire inside the chip.

That could be a high cost in the year 1986, nowadays almost no one uses Package IC for the microprocessor, they use COB (chip on board) just use some glue to stick the IC Chip

Onto the PCB, cure it and then use thin Aluminum Wire of 1.25 mil (1 mi is 1/1000”) diameter to connect the chip with the PCB, it is done by an Automatic Aluminum Wire bonder.

Note that Gold wire interconnect is much more reliable than Aluminum, whereas Aluminum wire is much cheaper in cost.
As for the Longines, we can see they use heavy plated PCB, battery contacts, even screws!
The Aluminum mechanical plate guilloched. There are 7 jewels. The PCB is face up with additional protection of the circuitry, and the coil is made with very fine wire.

Since they use 7 jewels, the movement as a much lighter friction, thus a smaller coil with thinner wire will be able to drive the circuit, this is a great power saving for the battery. Of course a smaller battery cell can do. So with all this design, the Longines is very thin. The Timex is very thick.
The Longines requires battery changes in 7 years, the Timex is about 2 years. Don’t forget these are made in 1986. When you buy a Swiss quartz watch, you may know they have made a lot of effort to ensure that the watch can be used for many years with very good timming accuracy.

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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Construction Worker wearing Rolex Daytona Black Dial

A Rolex Date Just Ref 16030 with stainless steel bezel has been used for more than 30 years
Still look in good shape except there is discolouration on the dial.

Construction Worker wearing Daytona

A friend sent me said to me on 26 Dec through this blog that it is a down grade to Rolex as he saw a Construction Worker worn a Black Daytona to work in a construction site in HK!

I think that is not a down grade, and may be it is an upgrade, as the worker knows that his work is rough and heavy only the world toughest watch can survive in these environment which is full of dust, sewages, smoke and lots of vibration.

I have been working on board a merchant vessel, the carpenter, Sailor, 2nd Cook and Oiler were all wearing Rolex, Date Just, 2nd Engineer. And they have been using them for many years.

The sailors had to clean all the rust on the desk by using chisel and hammer everyday whenever the weather is good, imagine what kind of watch will be survived under these vibration!? The Oiler had to work in the engine room which is very hot and very noisy, a lot of grease and oil, they washed their hand and no doubt the Rolex after they stopped work, what kind of watch that can last for years in these environment!? ROLEX.
Rolex has a good cases that isolated 99% of the major vibration and their double shock absorber will further elimination the rest f the vibration going into the hairy thin pivots of the shafts of the mainspring and the fork escarpment system.
Of course, we do not expect the Crystal and the case would shine like new as it will be punished by the miss target chisel, metal debris hitting on it, the case had also many scratches and full of dents, however the watch works perfectly. So Whenever Seafarers have some extra money, they buy Rolex, and all the old generation seamen in HK like to wear Rolex.

So I think this is Rolex, and that Rolex is real one, as I am sure the Fake one can not last more than 7 days  working at Sea.!

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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Top 10 Best Rolex for Lady

Due to mechanical rigidity and reliability, Rolex was named with the King of all practical timepieces for men in Japan, It also has immense influence to women who would appreciate the beauty, watch design with some traditions, besides Rolex's name.

Nominated by Japanese magazine "Real Rolex" Vol. 9 Dec 2012, the magazine worked with "Pentei Ryodo" a Rolex boutique for women in Japan to do a survey on the sales, and comment of the customers on their preference on Lady Rolex.

The following are their rank in terms of choice and popularity base on votes regardless of price.

No. 1 Ref. 179171
Date Just 26mm rose gold two tone with fluted bezel, Roman numerals, Pink dial, there are diamonds at the VI o'clock position, Jubilee Strap Automatic movement and water resistance for 100 metres.
Ref 179171 is selling at HKD$80,000.00

No. 2. Ref. 179171G
Date Just 26mm rose gold two tone with fluted bezel, there is 10 diamond on the Hour index, Jubilee Strap. Automatic movement and water resistance for 100 metres.

No. 3 Ref. 179174
Date Just 26mm stainless steel with 18 KT solid white gold as Jubilee Strap. Roman numerals. Automatic movement and water resistance for 100 metres.

No. 4 Ref. 179174G
Date Just 26mm stainless steel with 18k white gold fluted bezel, there is 10 diamonds on the Hour index. Jubilee Strap Automatic movement and water resistance for 100 metres.

No. 5 Ref. 179171
Date Just 26mm rose gold two tone with fluted bezel, Roman numerals, 18K pink gold Jubilee Strap Automatic movement and water resistance for 100 metres.

No. 6 Ref. 176200
Date Just 26mm stainless steel, smooth bezel, oyster Strap. 3, 6, 9 hour index Automatic movement and water resistance for 100 metres.

No. 7 Ref. 178341
2010 new design with 24 diamond on the bezel, two tone with 18 K pink gold, diamond on VI hour index, 31 mm Automatic movement and water resistance for 100 metres.

No. 8 Ref. 179160
Date Just 31mm stainless steel, smooth bezel, oyster Strap. Roman numerals, on Pink dial.
Automatic movement and water resistance for 100 metres.

No. 9 Ref. 178240
Date Just 31mm stainless steel, smooth bezel, oyster Strap. floral design pattern on grey dial.
Automatic movement and water resistance for 100 metres.

No. 10 Ref. 179173G
Date Just 26mm Yellow gold two tone with fluted bezel, there is 10 diamond on the Hour index, Jubilee Strap Automatic movement and water resistance for 100 metres.

My comment, this is a result of buying statistics base on the Japanese ladies choice on Rolex, Japanese women that go for Rolex are mainly Middle class housewives, Journalists, hair Stylist, designers, celebrities, Lawyers and not so many OL will wear Rolex, as the conservative Japanese Culture limit their scope of Across the Border line of Class. It is not the same as in HK, everyone got money you can use it as you like… Well of course there are some exceptions.

I hope this can be some kind of guide lines for you to buy the next Gift for your beloved ones or for those ladies who would buy if as for herself as another luxury accessory other than your Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Chanel bags!

PS, The price listed here is List Price in HKD in Rolex AD, you may get min. less 5% discount on the purchase.

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Hong Kong is a Paradise for Shopping Rolex Watches

                                Rolex AD Chow Tai Fook taken at Nathan Road (Nokia N97 mini)

                              Rolex AD Oriental Watch Co. at Central near H &M (Nokia N97 mini)

Rolex AD Chow Tai Fook  at Nathan Road (Noika N97 mini)

                               Rolex AD Oriental Watch Co. at Holiday Inn Tsim Sha Tsui (NoKia N97 Mini)

Rolex AD La Suisse Watch Company At Mong Kok ( Samsug Galaxy Note II )

Pre-owned Watch Shop Luen Shing at Sham Shui Po
with Rolex as majority of their goods ( Nokia N97 Mini)

Hong Kong Is a Special Administration Region of China; it was a British Colony before 1997. Hong Kong is a free trade port; there is no import or export duty.

There is no GST, VAT or any kind of consumption tax. There are a lot of tourists coming Hong Kong to buy luxury goods including Rolex and other Swiss watches.

Since 2003, Hong Kong has replaced Japan as the largest Luxury watch export of Switzerland, and Rolex Ships 60% of their watch to Hong Kong, and China.

In Hong Kong you can find a variety of rare colour, dial, material and some special model that no other places in the World has…

Rolex AD usually offer less 5% discount to walk-in customers. You can use most of the Credit card (Visa, Master Charge, AMEX and China card but not Diners) for Rolex without any additional of surcharge..

Even Swiss come to Hong Kong to buy their dream watch in Hong Kong. If you are a Watcher, Watch Fan, Watch collector or someone who wants to buy your first Rolex, you should come to Hong Kong as the World’s largest Watch Paradise for Rolex.

Attached the List of Rolex Authorized Dealer in HK.
These are the authorized Dealer of Rolex in Hong Kong.


Chow Sang Sang

Chow Tai Fook





Fung Leung Kee

King Fook

La Suisse Watch



Right Watch


Tai Hing

Times City

Times Watch

Wah Hing


As some of the Shops have a few branches, there are about 80 shops in Hong Kong selling Rolex Watch, the watch are guaranteed genuine watches from Rolex.

Remarks Lung Shing Watch and Jewellery

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Friday, December 28, 2012

SIHH 2013 -Roger Dubuis Excalibur Table Ronde

SIHH 2013 - Roger Dubuis Excalibur Table Ronde

The dial features 12 solid 18kt Rose gold engraved figurines of the Arthurian knights with their swords. The "table" is hand-painted enamel depicting the round table of King Arthur. At each hour marker on the table, is the name of the knight depicted, in Olde English.

Movement is the new Swiss automatic Roger Dubuis in-house caliber RD822 with 33 jewels, 28,800 vph and a power reserve of 48 hours. It is adjusted to five positions and features the Geneva Hallmark.

The case of RD Excalibur Table Ronde is in 18kt rose gold, measures 45mm. It has a sapphire crystal and it is water resistant to 50 meters.

Limited Edition of 28 Pieces

My Estimated price is HKD$1.5M yet to be announced.

My point of interests is how to make those 12 figurines of the Arthurian Knights, so real yet so small!

And I do not know if the round table can be rotated!? It would be fun as it looks like a Roulette.
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Cartier Crash happens to show up in SIHH 2013

Cartier Crash with case in 18kt white or rose gold, measures 38.5mm x 25.5mm. The crystal is mineral and it has a solid caseback. The case has 150 diamonds (2.15 carats).
Movement is a Swiss manual-wind Cartier caliber with 18 jewels.
Optional bracelet has 371 diamonds (4.27 Carat) I believe this Crash is over HKD$1,000,000,
The other one I saw last year with plain satin strap was selling at HKD$430,000
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Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Story behind 10 Greatest Names of Swiss Watch makers and their Logos

Every watch had a historical story behind on how they created their Watch and logo. My father once told me that I should not buy a Watch without a proper logo, Well, that that was a bit too extreme but somehow the Logo is really representing the spirit of the watch company and the book of history of the watch iself!  These are some of the Watches I like especially their Logos! They are beautiful as their watches are.

                                     This 1950 Rolex bubble back as a Beautiful Flat "Logo"
                                     It would be perfect if the watch size is larger 36mm
As Some Chinese described Rolex as “Five pieces of Matches” (五支火柴)
in the 70s means the Crown Logo of the Rolex. In fact, the Rolex Logo of Crown was original design of a Palm indicating that the watch was hand crafted by hand. Gradually the palm was changing into a Shorter Crown in the 40s and then came up the modern design in the 60s and has been using till now.
And The Crown is now representing the Rolex Monarch of Super Swiss watch Manufacturing.

                                     A Retro Early Royal Oak with "AP" logo at 6 Oclock position
                                                       Watch designer: Gerald Genta
Audemars Piguet
Logo “AP” is adopting the name A and P from two Founders; Jules-Louis AudemarsEdward-Auguste Piguet.
AP always represent itself in High profile display of their watch, in 1972, AP launched the Royal Oak sport watch using Stainless steel as the material, a hexagonal crown design with exposed Screws to locking onto the base, unique, bold and beautiful. It was immediate being recognized as the most attractive design and it is Classic now after 40 years.

Blancpain still produces their watch in this tiny Farm House

                         A hostile and Arrogant Moonphase Expression
1735, In VILLERET, Jehan-Jacques Blancpain decided to dedicate himself to watch making. He started by making watch parts then, later, complete fob watches.
Over the following centuries, members of the Blancpain family succeeded one another at the head of a highly prosperous company.
Blancpain has a Royal blood of making watch of Mechanical movement, Blancpain announces that there has not been any Quartz Watch made by the company and will not have any in future.
Blacnpain make circular watch case only so far I have seen, will there be any square or rectangular watch, I know not? May be in future
I love Blancpain because of the facial expression on the moonphase is so “Proud and Arrogant like” (好惡死) ...It seems that Blancpain wants to tell other watch makers, “ I am the best!’ Ha, I like Blancpain!
Once you buy a Blancpain, they will treat you like King, and no like ptehr watch maker, the Chairman uses to send you Xmas card and booklet every years at last I got it for the past 20 years.
What a good marketing and good Branding! 

                          A very beautiful Design from Corum, "Bridge"
Montres Corum SARL is the name of a Swiss watch and wristwatch parts manufacturer headquartered in La Chaux-de-Fonds Switzerland, an important industrial centre in the history of watchmaking.
Corum the firm as it exists today was founded in 1955 by uncle-and-nephew partners Gaston Ries and Rene Bannwart, who saw the advantage of marketing the line of handmade watches produced in their workshop to a wider market. 

In terms of industry standards and innovation, Corum’s hallmark watch is known as the Admiral’s Cup, introduced in 1960, which greatly advanced the technology of water resistant watches. In addition to the Admiral’s Cup, among the most popular models by Corum are Golden Bridge, Artisans, Bubble, Coin Watch and Golden Bridge..

In recent auction highlights, a fine and large limited edition curved skeletonized wristwatch signed Corum achieved a record price for this model of wristwatch, fetching $11,875 in December 2010 at the Important Watches sale at Christies, New York. Corum and the Admiral’s Cup watch remain industry competitors to this day, appearing regularly at auction worldwide. The symbol or logo of Corum watches is a turned key.
It state the anthem for mystery, a creation for beautiful watch, a key of beautiful time , and now it represents the success of Time.
                       This is a special SpeedMaster with a 18KT white gold bezel sold March 2012
The Omega watch company was founded in 1848 in Switzerland by 23-year-old Louis Brandt. He began creating his Omega watches by hand by painstakingly assembling each watch piece by piece.
Omega watches with its unique design and impeccable precision have provided the world several progressively advanced timepieces since 1885.

Omega is the last letter of the Greek alphabet and it represents perfection and success in the attainment of a task. The Omega story began in 1848 at La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, when its founder Louis Brandt at the age of 23 opened a comptoir d' tablissage, a sub-contracting sales office for watch manufacture. In 1880, due to the greater supply of manpower, communications and energy, Louis-Paul and Cesar Brandt moved into a small factory in the city of Bienne /Biel. With the introduction of their first series-produced calibers, Labrador and Gurzelen, in 1895 the watches achieved a precision of within 30 seconds a day.

Four years later, Louis Brandt & Fils became the largest producers of watches in Switzerland, with a production rate of 240,000 watches produced annually and employing 800 people. But this fact did not stop the exclusivity of the watches they produced: a clear example is the minute-repeating wristwatch, developed in 1892 in partnership with Audemars Piguet, and probably the first wristwatch of its kind. The famous Omega caliber became a brilliant market performer when it went into production in 1894. Its major points for salability were in its easily interchangeable parts, and its simplicity of construction.

The company's banker, Henri Rieckel, suggested the name "Omega" for the new watch. The overwhelming success of the "Omega" name led to it being adopted as the sole name for all the watches of the company from 1903.
The Most valuable and famous Model is likely Omega Speedmaster, it was created in 1957. After rigorous evaluation and testing, NASA decided to use the "Omega Speedmaster Professional Chronograph wristwatch in 1965 as its official timekeeper. In 1967, the one millionth chronometer was certified.

On 21st July 1969, astronaut Neil Armstrong ( he died in 2012) became the first man to step on the moon. As he made the famous steps quoting "one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind", he was wearing his Omega Speedmaster Professional chronograph. With this unique accomplishment came a unique nickname: the Moon Watch.
In April 1970 the Omega Speedmaster rescued the Apollo XIII mission from a potential disaster, earning Omega the "Snoopy Award", the highest distinction granted by NASA.
The Russian Space Agency also chose the Omega Speedmaster chronographs to accompany their astronauts.

Omega is now rated as the most popular watch in China, many famous leaders is wearing Omega, including our greatest Chariman Mo who's watch is Omega, which was a gift from Kwok Mui Yok. You can see 2 out of 10 Chinese visitor at Canton road is looking for Omega.

                 An Anchor recalls my time working onboard the M/V Vessels

Ulysse Nardin
Established In 1836, started business for Marintime Watch and Observatory Chronometers,  with Nardin pursuit of Watch Makring excellance, they had a invention of makin diamond Spring and Diamond Fork Escarpment.
So the logo of Anchor is representing Ulysse Nardin.
Over 50 countries Navy is appointing Nardin to make Astronomical watch for them.

                        An Elegant Slim Watch for you and me or her.

The LeCoultre family settled in the Joux Valley in the 16th century, when Pierre LeCoultre fled from persecutions against the Protestants in France, and decided to settle there after spending some time in Geneva. Courageous and determined to be up to the challenge, he bought a piece of land in the Joux Valley as could be seen in a deed that he signed when acquiring the land that remained a landmark in the history of this region. He lived the rough life of a pioneer, land work and animal husbandry, hunting bear ad Wolf. Despite many obstacles and different events, the community started to grow. In 1612 the son of Pierre LeCoultre built a church that marked the settlement of the Sentier village.

The LeCoultre family worked for generations in the small family-run forge and this was where Antoine LeCoultre, genius inventor and founder of Jaeger-LeCoultre, tenth generation since Pierre LeCoultre, built up his knowledge in metallurgy, inventing with his father a new alloy, perfecting music box vibrating blades and setting the basis for the razor blade industry. His curiosity and will to combine his empirical knowledge to scientific culture soon made him turn towards the noblest art in mechanical arts: watchmaking.

At Jaeger-LeCoultre, inventions were part of the everyday program from the very beginning. The first LeCoultre workshop was created in 1833 when Antoine LeCoultre elaborated a technical achievement, a machine able to cut watch pinions, later adopted by all professionals, like all great discoveries of the House, contributing therefore to the world reputation of Swiss watchmaking.

Years went by, punctuated by multiple inventions such as the Millionomètre (1844), enabling the measurement of microns (thousandth of millimetre), the famous “remontoire à bascule” (1849), the first system able to replace the traditional key for winding and setting the time of a watch or the first complicated movement, pieces for which the manufacture earned the name of “Grande Maison”.

From 1860 to 1900, the manufacture created more than 350 different calibres. Half with complications: 99 repeaters, amongst which 66 minute repeaters, 128 chronographs and 33 calibres that gather in the same timepiece the chronograph and the minute repeater. From 1890, the manufacture presented its firsts Grande Complication, that is to say watches with three majors watchmaking complications: perpetual calendar, chronograph and minute repeater.

In 1903, Edmond Jaeger (1858 – 1922), Parisian watchmaker for the French navy, challenged the Swiss to manufacture ultra-thin calibres. The manufacture’s creator grandson, Jacques-David LeCoultre (1875 – 1948), in charge of manufacturing at LeCoultre & Cie at that time, accepted the challenge. This collaboration, and then friendship with Edmond Jaeger was to give birth to one of the most extraordinary ultra-thin watch collections in the world, with the LeCoultre Calibre 145 (1.38mm thick). This would be followed by pioneering wristwatches that would lead in 1937 to the creation of the Jaeger-LeCoultre House.

From the beginning of the wristwatch, Jaeger-LeCoultre offered many models that quickly attracted the public, and that would later become great classics, passing through decades with reinterpretations coming from the inexhaustible creativity of master watchmakers, as well as the fruitful inventiveness of other artists – enamellers, engravers etc. – working for the “Grande Maison”.

The first was Duoplan that paved the way to the smallest movement in the world, Calibre 101. Born in 1925, Duoplan, was invented to solve the issue of wristwatch precision. Its tiny dimensions compared to pocket watches meant having much smaller balances that lacked precision. The Duoplan movement is built in two “floors”. Therefore, the balance volume is much more important, enabling the watch to be very reliable and precise when measuring time. The watch also provided a unique after-sales service by Lloyd’s in London: every single damaged movement was replaced in a few minutes. The London retailer Tyme proudly stated: “Your watch will be repaired in less time than you need to finish your cigarette!”

In 1929, the most important version of the Duoplan movements’ family, Calibre 101, broke the record of the smallest mechanical movement in the world. Today, with its 98 components (in 1929, there were 74), 14mm length, 4.8mm width and 3.4mm thickness and a weight of hardly 1 gram, this world record is still the reference 83 years later!

The famous clock Atmos is as eternal as it is historic. Invented in 1928 by Jean-Léon Reutter from Neuchâtel, Atmos represents for science one of the rare objects that came close to the old dream of perpetual movement. The complete knowledge of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s watchmakers will be necessary to go from prototype to the Haute Horlogerie clock. Atmos takes its energy from the slightest changes in temperature. A one degree fluctuation is enough to keep it going for two days! It consumes 60 million times less energy than a 15 W bulb! This cult object has remained until today the official gift of the Swiss Confederation for more than half a century.
It is during this golden era of the manufacture, and more specifically in 1931, that Reverso, the iconic watch par excellence of Jaeger-LeCoultre was also introduced. For Reverso, the original idea came from César de Trey, who during a business trip to India, took up the challenge of creating a watch able to withstand the shocks during a polo game. Back in Switzerland, de Trey entrusted the project to Jacques-David LeCoultre, who created Reverso, whose name is inspired by the Latin “I turn over”. A simple gesture makes it possible to swivel the case on its brancard to protect the watch glass. The back of the Reverso was to be available for any personalisation by all means of the art of watchmaking, and the collection continued for decades to celebrate today, younger than ever, its greatest success, both commercial as well as artistic.
Jaeger LeCoultre is named with two major founder and Contributor Pierre LeCoultre and Edmond Jaeger,

                        An unique layout on the dials, beautifuly Balance.

A Lange & Söhne
An non-Swiss blood hi end watch maker, it was originated in Eastern Germany in a small town called Glashütte (Glass house)
It was once disappeared due to the isolation of Easter block of German, and Rejuvenated after the German unification in 1989.
A High Quality watch maker who can match in par with the Swiss monarch of watch manufacture.
                      Oversea is one of the best design sport watch from Vacheron Constantin
                                                     Designed by Gerald Genta
Vacheron Constantin
In 80s, Chinese called this watch 勞詩丹頓!
In 1775, Downtown in Geneva, Switzerland, a guy named Jean-Marc Vacheron opened up a workshop, which turned out to be first watch manufacturer in world, In 1819, the businessman Francois Constantine joined it, and his talented art for brand promotion made Vacheron Constantin become the only watch brand out of Geneva, which also the first one. Seize the Moment!! It Is Typical for You to Choose Catching mother of bride dresses His famous sayings that [do everything in your power and the hope for you will be endless” and let the products speak instead of the sale” are still Constantin`s insisting operating logos today.
Quality: Permanent brand wisdom.

In the year 1880, Constantin officially register the title of honor “Maltese cross” as the company`s trademark. “Maltese Cross” can prevent the blocking of shock absorbers caused by irregular movements, then maintaining its accuracy and improving the operation roles of clock mechanism. Constantin uses it as its brand totem, representing its product logos which seek for greater perfection. At present, it is undoubted that Vacheron-constantin is the technical benchmark in global watch industry, and its full-handwork makes the delicate brand perfectly construe its personality.

                      Another beautiful watch design "Nautilus" since 1976 till now created by Gerald Genta

Patek Philippe
Patek Philippe unique “Calatrava Cross Star” flag originated in a story back to year of 1185, Spain called Calatrava city by the Moorish invasion, the courageous priest Raymond and Knight Bendigo – Belas Case led a people desperate war of resistance, and final Moorish drive away. The Calatrava doji is a knight’s sword and the priest doji combination. Thus, the doji and sword together have become a symbol of solemn and bravery.
One hundred reached Fei Lai’s founder Anthony – Pictet and Jane – Fei Lai think this cross as a symbol of the significance and their cooperation in the spirit of a very fit, so they decided from 1875, “Calatrava Cross Star” as Pictet Patek Philippe brand’s logo.
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Late but till meaningful as I got the Christmas card from Blancpain Today!
See that little farm house factory.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Nicholas Tse, the Embassador of Oris, the RED Rotor Watch

Taken By Samsung Note II at Ocean Terminal TST 23 Dec, 2012

Nicholas Tse 謝霆鋒 was born in Hong Kong on 29 August 1980, he is the son of actor Patrick Tse (謝賢) and actress Deborah Lee (狄波拉). Being 32, he has been actively involved in Singing before till 10 years ago, focused on filming. He is now embassador of Oris.
Over 100 years Oris has been making watches in Switzerland. Their watches are purely mechanical and are marked out by their distinctive design as well as the red rotor, the symbol of Oris mechanicals. Oris watches are also popular, as celebrities from Formula One, diving, jazz, aviation, and Hollywood stars.
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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Patek Philippe Ref, 3449-G1 Perpetual Calendar Automatic Gold watch

Patek Philippe 3449-G1
Patek Philippe. An extremely rare, attractive and very important 18K gold manually-wound perpetual calendar wristwatch with moon phases
Signed Patek Philippe, Geneve,  manufactured in 1961.

Cal. 23-300 Q nickel-finished lever movement stamped with the Geneva seal, 18 jewels, Gyromax balance, silvered matte dial, applied gold dot and baton indexes, windows for day and month, subsidiary dial for moon phases and date, circular case, stepped bezel, snap on back, stepped sides, straight angled lugs, 18K gold Patek Philippe buckle, case, dial and movement signed37 mm. diam.

Known to have just three pieces on Earth.
One in Patek Philippe Museum, one in HK as there was no customer wanted to buy at Lam Yuen Fung, the sole agent of Patek Philippe in the 60s’ the watch was retained by Lam Yuen Fung and it was shown on Asia TV series "把酒當歌"on 21 Dec 2012.

The other One was known to be sold at Christie with ($1,589,632) on 14 Nov 2011.
This watch is estimated to be at least worth HKD$15,000,000 if it is asked for auction now I guess.

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Rolex Ref 18039 Day Date White Gold with Oak Dial

The one on left is birch dial and the one on right is Oak, not the same


We had a Hi tea watch gathering in TST on 22 Dec Sat, at a Cha Tsann Taang we used to go and two of my best old buddy watch collectors showed up with his watch, one is wearing PP and other is carrying a Rolex DD 36mm with Oak Dial of chocolate brown colour. That is a rare one especially in White Gold!

Friend of mine is asking me for HKD$85,000!
On the left is Patek Philippe Model 5035R Pink Gold calendar Date Automatic with 24 hour indication, I know the them for more than 20 years, he is a Collector of Patek Philippe and Rolex.
The one on Right is mine... That I used to wear in these days.

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