Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Rolex Submariner Green Bezel and Daytona White Dial for Someone requested before

Hi There, I recall there is two gentlemen requested to buy Submariner Ref 116610LV and Daytona White Dial SS Ref 116520 at same time in past two weeks.

Please send mail again to me as we located one Rolex AD can have this by Today, and he can hold it for me Till 2 March.

Ref 116610LV HKD$66,100 net
Ref 116520 HKD$87,500 net

Quota marked and watches sold as of Today 1800 2 March 2013.

HK Snob

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Watch Shops in Prince Edward MTR Station, Kowloon

                                                  Prince Edward MTR Station Exit "B2"

                                         "Vallee de Joux" just oppposite MTR Exit "B2"

                                                            Kowloon Watch Company

Win Fat Watch and Jewellery

Pre owned Rolex watch shop at Prince Edward MTR station We can easily access to these shops which is about 80 metres radius at MTR exit B.

There are three watch shops at Prince Edward MTR Namely Kowloon Watch Company which was Rolex AD before.
Win Fat watch and Jewelllery shop company, and Vallee De Joux.

These are their watch price as on today 24 Feb

Vallee De Joux
DeepSea Ref 116660 HKD$82,500 with paper and box. (New Watch at Rolex AD is HKD$82,500 less 5%; HKD$78,375).

Explorer II Ref 16570 HKD$36,800 with paper (Discontinued Model).

Milgauss Ref 116400 green bezel green glass HkD$41,800 (New Watch at Rolex AD is HKD$59,600 Less 5% , HKD$55,620).

Submariner Ref 16600T HKD$48,000 with paper (Discontinued model).

Date Just lady Ref 178274 blue dial Jubilee strap HKD$53,800.

Win Fat Watch Company

There are over 200 Rolex in the shops and some of them are brand new.

These are some of them I caught at the window display.

Daytona Ref 116520 stainless steel black dial HKD$99,800. (Rolex AD is selling at HKD$95,000 net) Daytona Ref 116520 Stainless steel white dial HKD$84,800 (Rolex AD is selling HKD$87,500 net)

Submariner stainless steel Ref 116610LN HKD$56,800 with paper (Rolex AD is selling HkD$62,100 less 5% ; HKD$58,995)

Yacht Master Ref 16622 stainless steel white dial Ref 84,800 (Rolex AD is selling HKD$87,500 less 5%: HKD$83,125)

Kowloon Watch Company

They sell only new watch, Kowloon watch company represents Seiko, Longine, Omega, etc.

There are big price difference between pre-owned watch and which selling as new at Rolex AD especially Daytona, mainly because there is long queue for New Rolex Daytona at an AD. All it takes it supply and demand, but I would wait for new Daytona at Rolex AD as no one knows the history of that watch.

There are many people do not know that there are many watches selling as USED with price even higher than the new watch at Rolex AD. Please check carefully before you give them your credit card!!

It is a good shopping at Prince Edward Road as after the shopping, you can go to the next two shop of Win Fat for the HK Famous dessert at Shun Yee dairy, and street on next block which sells pets, fishes, and or Fa Hui (Flower market) for all kinds of flowers. What a nice Place for Watch Window Shopping in Saturday Afternoon!

HK Snob

Friday, February 22, 2013

Times have Changed over the years, One thing has not changed!

Rolex Day Date White Gold, my work horse, and a Stack of
facial Paper with Motif of US Dollar
Taken By HTC Handphone

When I was in Middle School, we used to say’ good Morning! Sir!” first to teacher when I was young and I know that now the teacher will say “Good morning students!” first when the class begins.

in 70's ,when we enter a taxi, the driver will say “Morning Sir!”

Now I am the one only say “ Morning!” when I entre the taxi in HK!”

In the 90, there is a lot of people would give seat to the senior or the pregnant woman, now I see the seniors will give seat to the young kids, and worse thing is. They do not know how to say” Thank you!

When I was a bit younger, when I see a pretty woman, and he noticed you were watching her, she smiled at me… Now, when I do the same to the woman. She will give me a dirty eyes and immediate want to call “999” for help!!

We used to open talking to someone for a proposal to the love Hotel in a very conservative way using various kind of sweet talks… now the woman asked me Straight which hotel is nearest?

I was the one on top as missionary position, now I am always the one under her…

We used to deliver Milk Power, condensed milk to Relative in China back in 80s’

Now Chines to buy all the Milk Powder in HK…What’s wrong with the milk farming industry in China?

We used to hear that the policemen said words of profanity to the driver, hawkers, and suspects! Now we can always say “bad words” to the policemen, they response with words of “ Thank you!”

We used to be having legislative meeting in a profound, organized sensible ways, now the Senate can throw anything to our respectful chairmen of the legislative council : Coffin, banana, Water bottle, shoes, may be later knife and Axes!?

We used to promote people for good performance such as good sales revenue, big order received when I was with Siemens back in 1985. Now, we used to promote people who does not necessarily make sales but must be a “Yes Man”! and be a good boy who can paint a “Picture of Rose Garden ” at the Operation Meeting.

We used to have a man who is taller when we seek girl friends for marriage, now the man is always shorter, and the woman is taller and much more attractive than the man….and Richer… What happened, a social re-bounce of the Ugly Short man like I?

It used to be you’d dinner at home and go out for entertainment!”

Now you do entertainment at home and go out for dinner!’
Joseph Sharpe, President of the International Flipper Pinball Association (IPFA) said, “Times have changed!” 

One Thing for sure has not changed, that is Rolex,  it was my first love and likely that is my best Love. Rolex Quality Does not change… It was started with best quality already since early 20's.

HK Rolex Snob

Monday, February 18, 2013

Latest Price of hot Rolex Pre-owned Models at Lung Shing, Sham Shui Po

Update most Popular Rolex Pre-owned models Price at Lung Shing Today. 18 Feb 2013

1. Daytona SS Black Ref 116520 HKD$88,000 with paper and box

(New HKD$95,000 net at Rolex AD)

2. Daytona SS white Ref 116520 HKD$83,800 no paper

(New HKD$87,500 net at Rolex AD

3. Rolex SeaDweller Ref 116660 HKD$67,000 no paper

(New HKD$82,500 less 5%, net HKD$78,375 at Rolex AD)

4. Rolex Submariner Ref 116610LV HKD$62,800 no paper

(New Watch price is HKD$66,100 Net)

5. Rolex Submariner no Date Ref 114060M HKD$30,800 no paper

(New HKD$58,000 less 5% at Rolex AD)

6. Rolex SeaDweller Ref 16600 HKD$51,500 with paper and box

7. Rolex Submariner no date Ref 114060 HKD$49,800 with paper, box

(New HKD$58,000 less 5%)

Price of Daytona is really Hard, mainly because there is limited supply at Rolex AD.
Well, next is Submariner Green bezel and Green dial, only one piece is available. The next is SeaDweller, only 2 pieces! Make a wise choice for going new or pre-owned watch.

Lung Shing has been running for 30 years, they owns the shop, they have an excellent record for the Rolex Watch Deals.
Watch Window shopping is one of my hobbies when I am in HK, What Fun!! and I hope I can share more on other shop to you...

Sham Shui Po Rolex Snob

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Rolex Submariner White Gold Ref 116619LB...One of my two Rolex Dream Watches.

This is a Big poster on the same Watch taken by my Note II LTE in 2012
in one of the Rolex AD in Ocean Termnal Tsim Sha Tsui

This is a set of picture sent from the one who bought this Rolex dream watch (One of My dream Rolex Watches, the other is Ice blue Day Date) in one of the HK Rolex AD two weeks ago…

This is the Submariner Ref 116619LB 18KT white gold with Blue Ceramic Bezel and Dial. The colour makes this watch looks like a “Toy” on top of the WHITE gold…But the price isn’t Toy Price. As it is priced at HKD$263,600.

The polishing of the cases and strap are one of the best man could make… with finest final touch up of the Oyster Case after Robot does the Automatic case prime polishing for the exact Oyster Profile.
I had tried to wear on my wrist once in Rolex AD, and I almost unwilling to return… it is so comfortable and has the “MASS” on my hand… I am sure I do not like too much Watch made by Titanium… it lacks of the “STUFF” inside… White Gold and Platinum is my preferred Precious metals for watch. Titanium is best for make passenger aircraft and the stealth bomber jets! not so much for Watch cases.

I believe this watch was polished by the most experienced technician…and was well taken care by Rolex watch smith for the final inspection. With the AR coating on the sapphire, I am sure the Shark in the Pacific Ocean will salute to you… when it sees the dial!

The Owner of this watch is a Celebrity of course, a Super car lover, a Hollywood Movie Star… and an Idol of many sexy Women… I am one of his FANS now!! Because he gets my dream Submariner…

Well, he has the same charisma as Leon Lai Ming of HK who has the same watch…
Next buyer may be HK Snob, but I do not know when I can get this watch into my Collections…

Well, as the Watch Collector Adrian Said, The fun of WAITING is more than the fun of

OWNING it… hmm!

HK Snob

Who are the major Customers who buy Rolex in Hong Kong and Macao?

Who People buying Rolex in HK and Macao!?

Talking about brand name in vast scale publicity, I believe no one does not know about Rolex! And Rolex seems the most common name for Swiss luxury watch.

So what do you think WHO buy Rolex in HK!?

1. Rolex is mostly welcome by pawn shop of HK.

You can see how many watch is Rolex in those 100 pawn shops near Lisboa Hotel Macao? That is Rolex. So when people win a fortune in The Casino, the first thing is to buy a Rolex for himself and a DateJust Lady for his one-night Girl friend there.

2. People buy Rolex as testament for marriage. Many couple bought Rolex man for

he and one for her in 80s and 90s before the marriage. Every anniversary, they wear it and take the dinner under the candles.

3. People buys Rolex because that is a “Me too” watch!

4. Rolex Collectors buy Rolex.

5. Speculators buy Rolex, at least I was the one who bought 4 Rolex Explorer I with HKD$14,000 in Singapore in 1995. They sold it next day when I retuned HK.

6. People buys Rolex as a standard tool for work, salesman, tour guide, banker, pilot, carpenter, Pilots, flight attendants, construction worker that used Daytona SS Black Dial…etc

Salesman like I used to wear A Day Date White Gold for work.

7. Professionals that wear Rolex for diving, hiking, working in Lab, hospital, clinic…etc

8. Business lady that wear Rolex Explorer II black for work as they do not have to leave I on the table when she goes to take a bath.
9. Movie Star, Celebrity and their Fans, Leon Lai Ming wears Submariner White Gold Ref 116619LB, and fans have to catch up with him wearing the same or similar model.

10. Lucky Girl that buys a Rolex on Saint Valentine’s Day using her boy Friend Credit card.

11. Chinese Tycoon buys 10 Rolex each time coming to HK as give-away item to their clients in China.

12. Since Rolex is so boring as it never fail or stop after using for 20 , 30 years, only post 90’s people would be the new potential customer in HK, so the market for HK people is diminishing everyday, the major buyer is from Mainland China, Indonesian, Thai and Australian. I think 70% of the watches were going to the mainland China Visitors nowadays, 20 percents to the other foreign visitor and 10% to people of HK.

13 Someone had an affair with the one (2nd Wife) he loves in China, they used to buy a 26mm Lady Date Just Stainless or two tone for her…

14. Who else?

HK Rolex Snob

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Likely this is the best value purchase for a NOS discontinued Rolex Date in Hong Kong.

Ref 16223 Discontinued Date Just Lapis Blue Dial
Note that the dials are all different in Colour

Ref 116233 Current Production Date Just Onyx Dial

Many people including me have concern on when the next Rolex price adjustment!

Rumour was to increase before the Chinese New Year but it wasn't... and now it seems that it will happen after the Chinese New year? Who know?

What if there is a watch which is still selling the price of 2006 in Shop of Rolex Authorized Dealer, and that is a brand new Rolex of very special dial?

Is that possible? Yes, there are, and these are good stuff if you are not those few people who are so sensitive to Chinese superstitions on colour "Blue"! “難撈”

I find out there are three rare gems in one of the Rolex AD shop in Hong Kong today...

They discontinued since 2006 and has been lying in the shops are years, just because it was blue dial?

But do you know the materials for the dial is Lapis Blue, a kind of beautiful stone, the process of making such kind of dial is tedious and I believe Rolex does not produce many of this kind.... At least I can not see it on many models of Rolex.

The process of turning a piece of raw stone into a piece of Rolex gem dial including inspection of the stone for the best part with even colour and pattern of uniqueness.

Then cut it to the thickness of not more than 0.5 mm and lap to the right precise thickness under a lapping machine. And drill then hole for mounting the diamond at 6, and 9 hour index. Make another square hole for the date at 3 position and at last drill a hole for the Rolex crown.

The yield of making this beautiful dial is very low as 30% and I think it takes a least 10 man hour to produce one of this dial.
Now what if you can buy this great beauty Ref 16233 at 2006 price of HKD$72,950.
This new price of 116233 standard without and. Diamond and Lapis Blue dial has been in the range of HKD$72,500.

And this is a two tone watch with 18KT solid jubilee strap and bezel.

I can say this is the best deal in town for a new Rolex, is you do not mind " blue" colour. After standard 5% discount will be HKD$69,302. If you are lucky enough to get a VIP discount with additional discount? Of course, so long when the stock lasts... Do not miss this chance after these treasure was uncovered.

If you want a newer model of current production on Onyx dial, the price is HKD$94,700 of course the difference is a current production model has a new design strap with hidden clasp deployment. And a Better Feeling of New Production Watch that is it... But I am sure that the Lapis blue is a kind of specialty.

Remember a solid yellow gold Lapis Blue submariner Ref 116110LN had reached a hammer price of HKD$730,000 in 2012 auction. And the dream fountain pen so produced between 1929 to 1939 is Waterman Patrician in "Turquoise". "Lapis Blue" and "Turquoise"; the kind of magic charms of a fascinating colour!

HK Snob

NOS stands for New Old Stock

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Trade in his Explorer II Ref 16570 to Ref 216570

                                          2000 Rolex Ref 16570 Explorer II 40mm

                                                              Ref 16570 Explorer II

                                                       Rolex Ref 216570 Explorer II 42mm

Ref 216570 Explorer II 42mm Orange pointer

It has a drive for someone who has been used the Explorer II for 12 years, sold it in some shops and add up So if his wrist is large enough to handle the 42mm. The drive is the greater legibility, the improved 3187 movement, the AR coating (Anti-Reflection Coating) for the Cyclops, the new blue lume, and the upgraded bracelet/Easylink clasp are all pluses for me. Being into "retro", I also like the orange hand and "EXPLORER". And I like his "little brother". it will dress up or down.
Caliber 3187 is super accurate!  Another friend of mine nought it three weeks ago, he has been wearing it in Australia and find the Rfe 216570 gains 4 seconds so far!! that is an record for automatic watch to have this kind of accuracy!

He bought this Brand new Ref 216570 List price at HKD$60,500. with some Discount!
HK Snob

Monday, February 11, 2013

How to get more discount buying Rolex in Hong Kong?

There is a Policy Rolex AD is strictly not allowing more than standard 5% discount to every buyer In Hong Kong.

And being a High profile Blogger, I have been referring some of my known friends to get extra discount… and many insiders told me Rolex is keeping an eye on me.

Well, to Rolex, I think I am being treated both Hate and Love… as you can see I am Rolex Collector, and Every article I am telling my true Passion on Rolex…

But on the other hand… I am considered doing something jeopardizing their selling policy.

I am doing my best to help many of the Rolex lovers to get some extra discount buying Watches Rolex, Omega, IWC, Cartier. and many others only. And Worst thing is , I earn nothing… I am working in another industry to earn my rice and congees.

As far as Rolex internal Price strategy, there will ne a very harsh punishment to the Watch Shop Roles Authorized dealer to sell watch more 5% to buyers..

So in order not to hurt anyone I know in the Rolex AD chain…

I have better keep away from this…

However, friend, visitor of my blogs advised me to give an advice to you on how to get extra discount yourself… this is some of the Advice,.,. And I can not say this is my Advice!

Try to ask as many discounts as possible as if they know you are not the undercover of Rolex and they will grant you more discount like less 8% to less 14%!

I have seen some walk-in can get a Milgauss green Glass with less 13% may be he is a smart negotiation,,, well worth a trial…

Buy Rolex at a low season, that is they need more revenue to pay the rent…

Xmas, CNY, New year, Feb 5-13 Oct 1-10, May 1-10 is peak shopping season, buying other than this period may have Higher chance to get more discount…

Show you are the Foreigner with passport, Driving license, and name card… that tell the Shop manager you are not really the undercover.

That is it… try your luck and tell me if that works…

HK Snob
Watch Fever

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Watch Slogan

There are so many taglines, advertisement and Slogan for watch.

A successful Watch Slogan will help in promotion of the brand.

Which one is that you had familiarized!? Which one is that you like most!?

Which one is a successful slogan that keeps you memorized!?

I think Patek Philippe successfully has been selling its image of Classic and Traditional by using Slogan “Begins your own traditions”

How about Rolex, It seems there is no such standard Slogan as Rolex is still searching way to fix a standard. In the 70s they have a Slogan, “You’re not ready”, that is an ironical way to tell people the Day Date of Rolex is not for you.

And this helped to tell everyone that is the Flag ship the next watch you should go for….

But I would like to ask Rolex, After Day Date, what else is not yet ready for me?

Accurist Watches, UK


Accurist. Mean time.

No ordinary old timer (Accu.2 range)

Accutron /Bulova,
Accutron. Second to none.

Equal Pay, Equal Time.


Advertising slogan:

Breitling. Instruments for professionals


Bucherer. For life's most beautiful moments

Advertising slogan:
Keeping America's Time For Generations.



Time flies. Bulova soars.

The mainspring in a Bulova is made to last 256 years or 146 leather straps - whichever comes first.
America runs on Bulova time.

Caravelle / Bulova watch brand

Advertising slogan:

Caravelle. Great watch. Great price.

Carl F. Bucherer brand


For people who do not go with the times

Carl F. Bucherer. Swiss tradition time

Advertising slogan:
Casio. Technology for life.


Advertising slogan:

Citizen. Beyond precision


Advertising Slogan:

Concord. Style Defined

Timepiece Since Tomorrow


Advertising slogan:

Ebel. The architects of time


Advertising slogan:

Time always has a before and an after.

Ingersoll Pocket Watches (Ingersoll produced watches between 1892 and 1944 when they were acquired by Waterbury)


The Watch that Made the Dollar Famous

Note: For the low-priced one-dollar watch which was introduced in 1892


Ad slogan:

IWC. Since 1868. And for as long as there are men.


Longines. Elegance is an Attitude

Longines times winners - winners choose Longines

Сapture the classic spirit of Longines

Maurice Lacroix brand, Switzerland

Marketing slogan:

Maurice Lacroix. Tomorrow's Classics.



Movado. The art of time

Maxima Indian wristwatches

Advertising slogan:

Because times are changing



Omega. The sign of excellence

The link between the past and the future

Significant Moments

The Watch The World Has Learned To Trust

Omega. The right time for life


Marketing slogan:

Panerai. Where ideas come to life.

Patek Philippe


Patek Philippe. Begin your own tradition

Pulsar Watches (brand of Seiko watch corporation)


Pulsar. Tell it your way.

Where substance meets style.

Pulsar. Accuracy to seconds a month.

Rochas watches, France

Motto: Rochas. The perfect moment between past and future.



You are not ready!

Time changes everything. Except a Rado

Rado. A different world

Raymond Weil

Ad slogans:

Time to celebrate (for Parsifal collections)
Time to dream (for Don Giovanni collections)
Time to create (for Othello collections)

Ad slogan:
Seiko. It's your watch that tells most about who you are

Sekonda, UK’s leading watch brand


A lot more watch for your money.

Sekonda. Beware of expensive imitations.

Solvil Titus
Time is Love



Time is what you make of it

Fashion that ticks

You have a second home, why not a second watch?

TAG Heuer


TAG Heuer. Swiss Avant-Garde since 1860 (corporate slogan)

What are you made of?

Success. It's a mind game

Don't crack under pressure


Slogans: Timex. Life is ticking

Ridiculously easy to use (Timex with I-Control)

It takes a lickin', but it keeps on tickin'.


In touch with your time

Since watch since 1853

Voltime, wristwatches with a modular system

Advertising slogan: Voltime. You will never be the same.

Wittnauer / Bulova, luxury watches

Advertising slogans:

Wittnauer. Into the Night.

Passionate about elegance.

HK Rolex Snob

Friday, February 8, 2013

When Where you can see a lot of Rolex in HK?

This is the Chinese New year day whereby most of the people are on vacation except poor HK Snob had to work as to help the family.

In these few days started on Sunday 10 Feb as the first day to the New year, and Monday (2nd) and Wednesday (4th) that is the three days you can see many Rolex in the street? Why?
As a traditions, 3rd day is not good to meet friends.

As many Chinese buys Rolex for investment and they might just keep it in the cold dark Safe Deposit box in the bank of the Safe box at home, except these three days, they will take it out and Polished it with a puff of air from his mouth using a piece of cloth to polish away the passivation layer after sleeping in the safe for 300 days. And in the 80s 90s many new married couples used to buy a Pair of Rolex one for he and one for She…. Now they can take it out to show off a bit…

You can count in just one carriage of MTR, you can easily find 12 Rolex Watches in these days!!

Well, Enjoy your Rolex! And you might feel better as it has gain 70% in dollar value over the past ten years! At least it appears a piece of investment and luxury items for many people. Afterward, don't put it back in the safe for another year to come.

HK Snob

Kung Hei Fat Choi to all Watch Fever Watchers in the Year of $nake

$nake year will come tomorrow and I wish that everyone would be the winner in the business deal, got the best result in Exams, Got super bonus from the company,

to get Promotions to be the boss of your boss and taste the power to be a real boss!

Got a Super Rolex Watch deal in the year.

Attached the “Kung Hei Fat Choi” was written on board aircraft coming Back Hong Kong lately, that is not too nice but the meaning is there…
To all Watch Fever Supporters, Watch Leovers, Rolex Lovers, and ones who are friends turnout from from Blog visitors before.

HK Snob

An Australian Friend bought a Rolex Ref. 116619LB yesterday

This is one of my favourite Watches, you can not find this in the pre-owned market! Why, first of all this is not a preferred model for the Supertitious Chinese Hong Kongers, second, this is an expensive Watch that no normal worker like I can afford to buy!
Only limited Rich people or Watch Lovers would like to consider. 
This is not a common article you can find in the pre-owned Watch Market in HK. So far I have not seen one and my friend Andy saw once only.
Peter, friend of mine came to HK to buy this beautiful Rolex Dream Watch.... He paid in Cash, I belived the sales man had to count 15 minutes for that huge amount, it is about 4 times the price of Ref 116610LN!
and I hope Peter could find this watch a piece of gem and I believe the sharks underseas will salute to you and dare not bite you, because they dare not under-estimate you! The Rich Power!
HK Snob

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Good Old Days Watch Shop

When you pass by World Trade Centre for Shopping, don't miss this "Good Old Days" as I have seen they have hundreds of Vintage Rolex, Like 40's 50's Orchid, Cellini, and at least 4 King Midas Cellini with price HKD$33,000 to HKD$38,000 if my memories are still right! Besides Rolex, there are many other first
class watches too like PP, VC, JLC, Cartier, Piaget, etc.
They have many types of Dress watch from Rolex, but not even a Rolex Sport watch! It is worth you spending time to vsiit there.It is in 4th Floor of World Trade Centre.

Refer to attached name card for detail address, it could easily take away your time 1 hour iafter an Hi tea at Causeway Bay!
HK Snob

Monday, February 4, 2013

More on Ref 18039 Oak Dial of Rolex Day Date

Again, Someone showed me his collection, a Rolex Day Date 18039 in White Gold Case and Oak Dial.

HK Snob

Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Snobblish Rolex Man

This is a snobbish RolexMan who wears a Rolex Day Date II, that is a big watch of 42mm carrying a price tag of HKD$260,000 and the cash on the desk is estimated to be enough to buy another watch he is wearing.

The Rolex is really looking a bit big on his wrist.

I think it will be more suitable to adjust the watch strap tighter little bit and I know that it is not comfortable if the strap is too short. I think a proper adjusted length of the strap should be having room to insert the index finger into the strap.

He is definite a Snobblish Snob! I admire the stack of Cash on top of the table in a Cha Chann Tang! What a powerful man!!

Sometimes, it might be wise to spend for the things you like and dream to own!. No matter why people would like to spend USD$2,000 to USD$420,000 for a Super Bowl ticket on Last Sunday!

HK's Snobblish Snob

Rolex Date Just Ref 16018 Solid Gold

An Rare Boiler Gauge Dial(火車路軌面)Rolex Ref.16018 18K Solid Gold case. Circa 1986. estimated. Rare and very new, the dial is the key feature of this gold Date just.
Estimated price of HKD$46,000!

HK Snob

Rolex OysterQuartz Ref 19019 White Gold with OysterQuartz Computer Dial

This is my dream Rolex OysterQuartz White Gold With Dark grey Computer Dial, it is so rare and prone to super collectible item for Rolex Collectors.

The total Production of OysterQuartz is 25,000 in the entire OysterQuartz production period between 1977 to 2003, amongst those 25,000 units, 80% is DateJust series, and 15% is Day Date (3,750 pieces) , and There is less then 15% of the Day Date is White Gold (563 pieces)... As in the 80’s White gold is not the preferred material for a GOLD Rolex.

This is of course my estimation, no one knows about the exact data except some of the senior executives of Rolex Headquarters in Switzerland.

This is one of them, and more important is that we have identified the Grey Black Dial with Chinese Date Day display.

This is not my watch of course, and this belongs Rolex Collector Paul who has been waiting 8 months for Rolex HK to change the Chinese Dial!

I believe this is the most Accurate Rolex Watch with the best feature and ingredients for a HK or Chinese Rolex Collectors… and this watch is likely the 2nd Rare item for Day Date except the stainless steel Rolex Day Date. There has been saying that there are not more than known 7 pieces of Stainless steel Day Date in the world!
Do you want to get this Beautiful Sample of Rolex OysterQuartz!?

HK Snob
Watch Sold on 31 March 2013