Saturday, August 10, 2013

Vintage Rolex Day Date Day Just with beautiful dial on Sale

                                                                       A Rolex watch parade
          Rolex Ref 16018 Mint with razor sharp edge, Computer Rolex grey Dial
                                  Rolex Ref 16018 Date Just, a Superb Mint condition
           Rolex Ref 18038 Yellow Gold with Light Yellow Dial with Roman Numerals ( a Classic Look!)
                        It comes with brand new Matching Colour Omega Croco Strap, Gold plated buckle
                                                 Rolex Ref 18038 Rare Light Yellow Dial!

                                         Rolex Ref 18038 Light green Dial, rare Colour 
These are some of the samples of good investment watch for you.
Rolex has earned a name of Luxury watch, rich man’s watch, president’s watch…Why? simply because Gold watch never fade its value over the years.
And Rolex has most sturdy watch movement that you do not have to care about it at all. And a Rolex needs only service once in 5-15 years. Rest of the time, it just tell you the time; “The Rolex Time!”
No wonder these are some of the watch someone has collected over the past 4 years. 
Are you interested in it!?   EacH HKD$44,000.00!
Sham Shui Po Snob

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