Saturday, February 25, 2017

Rolex Coat of Arms of UAE dial for Date Just

The dial show here is made by Rolex with Coat of arms of United Arab Emirates.

The authentic Rolex dial is for Sale HK$52,000.

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Omega Speedmaster 50th Anniversary Watch

Watch in a Sterling Silver Box

Surface of the Moon, shall we call it Moon face?
That is the Surface of the Sterling Silver Box

Omega. A Limited Edition Very Rare and Attractive 18k Gold Chronograph Wristwatch with Bracelet, Certificate of Authenticity, International Warranty and Sterling Silver Box, Made to Commemorate the Speedmaster 50th Anniversary
Signed Omega, Speedmaster, Speedmaster 50th Anniversary Model.

Cal. 3201 mechanical movement, 29 jewels, black enamel dial, applied gold baton numerals, luminous accent, outer fifths of a second divisions, gold luminous baton hands, three subsidiary dials for 30 minutes and 12 hours registers, tonneau-shaped water-resistant-type case, black bezel with tachymeter scale calibrated for 500 units, fluted lugs,  deployant clasp,  42mm diam.

Watch belongs to a Private Collector, There is additional Box for sale.

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Rolex Submariner Hermit Ref 16610LV on Sale

Rolex Submariner Kermit Ref 16610LV Z Series, with paper and Box $72,000

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Vintage Rolex Date Just Ref 1601 with A4 size Certification of Swiss Chronometer test report

This is an awesome report for the Date Just shown.

Date Nov 11, 1965 which is half a century ago, but the report shows that the time deviation was merely 3 seconds, so that could say what current mechanical advancement after 52 years is nothing better than this watch.

Or this watch was special made to meet such a nice performance.

For sales if you are interested to keep this time pieces.

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The Legendary Vacherson Constantin Ref 222 solid gold Watch

Vacheron Constantin made the reference 222 in 1977 to celebrate the firm's 222nd year of continuous watch production. The reference 222 was limited to 500 pieces in stainless steel, 120 pieces in stainless steel and gold and 100 pieces in gold. This watch has a close resemblance to the Patek Philippe Nautilus, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and IWC Ingenieur SL 1832.

“222” on steel was made in 500 pieces. This’s confirmed by number or reference we (me and other Italian owner) have filed (from 5220XX to 5224XX).There is 3 different types of dial.

“222” is antimagnetic and waterproof until 120 m. Bracelet is integrate with case. Clasp is not settable, and sealed with Maltese cross.
 It’s possible that steel version was made only in 1977, for anniversary. In fact all serials found are between 5220XX and 5224XX.

The one I show here is made with 18KT solid gold
Diameter: 37 mm
 Thickness: 6 mm
 Movement: VC 1121 Automatic made by JLC

It is massive, thin, elegant, simple and a legendary design of Vacheron Constantin, an Iconic model for Constantin. “222”.

In Chinese translation, “222” sounds like E E E, means Easy Easy and Easy!

This one is in my hands now, with the Box Special offer to HKWF VC fans. 

HK Snob

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Jaeger Le-Coultre Reverso Ref 3908420 Boutique Item is Available

Reverso is an iconic watch for name JLC (Jaeger Le-Coultre)
This is a real boutique item with Blue Dial such as PP Ref 5711 Nautilus in blue dial, AP 15400ST in blue dial is normally not able to get from Authorized dealer.
Only in Boutique.

1931 Retro design, this Watch houses a Caliber 854A/2, a mechanical movement with Manual winding contains 160 parts and has a 42 hours power reserve.

Of course, yours and my concern is discount, as we cannot get discount at boutique.

Now as a reader of HKWF, you are able to get some discount on this special watch available in HK in small quantity.

it is real classic and I am sure it is beautiful on the wrist.

MSRP is HK$91,000

I get less few percent for you with cash deal

HK Snob

Panerai and heroic 18 taken out from SS Titanic!?

Honesty, I would not submerged my expensive Watch undersea to create this Copper Oxides.
I think they spray salt water mist on it to create this effect.
So Do you like this kind of watch case material?

Heroic 18 is still available in a small quantity as of today. Call me if you want one.

HK Snob

Explorer II Ref 16570 white dial creamy dot

How do you like this watch I sold to one Philippine Friend a few months ago, Today he went to HK and took this picture to me...It is a great Shot I must say!

You can see it also at my fb "HK Snob" and IG HK_Rolex_Fever.

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Patek Philippe Ref 5167/300G is available in March 2017

New Patek Philippe Ref 5167/300G will be available in March 2017. HK$890,000

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APRO Ref 15400 Blue Dial available

This 41mm AP RO is a boutique item which is not having discount.
Now I have one for HK$135,500 Cash
Brand new full set

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Saturday, February 18, 2017

HKWF Club gathering 18 Feb 2017

Watch Fever Club member Watch gathering today:

Patek Philippe Enamel Calatrava in white gold
IWC Big Pilot 7 Days
IWC Chronograph
Rolex 18039 Day Date
Cartier Crash in 18 KT Yellow gold
Cartier Crash in 18 KT White gold with diamond

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Friday, February 17, 2017

Rolex Day Date Ref 118238 Brand New Full Set Available at Rolex AD shop today,

Need only a bit money to buy such a great stuff from Rolex
It is a Rare Brand New In Box Full Set Day Date with Onyx Dial.
With 5 year warranty.

It has been arrived Hong Kong after we order from Rolex Swiss.

This is the second one we order after the first one with Coral Dial (Sold in the next day)

yes, Onyx, it is not black paint, not Stella, it is Onyx...

Onyx is mentioned in the Bible many times.

Onyx was not only used as protection from evil witchcraft and enchantments, it could also control undesirable thoughts and bad tempers. It was thought the stone allowed wounds to heal and assisted in childbirth. This is an old Pagan belief adopted by the Christian Church. The Abbey Church of St Alban holds a healing onyx engraved with the image of Aesculapius, the Roman god of medicine. Black onyx was once highly prized for rosary beads, which may be why it is considered good for stress and the banishment of grief.

A lot of luxury brand like Piaget, VC, Rolex, PP, had been actively using Onyx on their watches especially in the year 70-80s especially on dress watch...

Nowadays, almost less than 0.001% watches are made with Onyx by Rolex  a year as due to the trend of going sporty, and it is very expensive to made comparing with the ordinary dial mad of bronze or even white gold, Platinum whatever.

Anyway, if you want to stand up in a different format with your wrist.

This may be the choice....

HK Snob

Monday, February 13, 2017

Meeting Philippine Watch Collector Jesse

Rolex 18039 met PP 5906P

Met Jesse Today on his arrival to one of the 5 star Hotel at Canton Road TST.
In three hours time he had already Purchased a few watches valued US$120,000 after the landing.

He also bought one of my near mint Rolex Daytona Ref 116520LN White dial today for his son.

Well, wish him a Happy Watch Shopping in Hong Kong.

HK Snob

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Rec P51-03 Watch made from 1960 Salvaged Ford Mustang

The P510 Automatic watch collection is made by recycling authentic Classic 1966 Ford Mustang,
The Collection takes into its name after executive stylist John Naijar, who was a fan of the WW II P51 Mustang Flight plane, is credited by Ford to have suggested the name,

it is Modern, stylish, personalized especially when your arms are steering a 1966 Mustang.,

It is big enough to tell the detail and smaller enough to give comfortable wearing.

a Miyota movement is housed inside the massive rugged case.

Matched with this blue jean strap.

Price $1,450 limited to 800 pcs.

I heard that next concept will be a Porsche

Actually I will wait  for the next I hope a Lamborghini Countach. MUST Buy!

HK Snob

Brand new In Box Full set 5 years warranty Rolex Day Date in Onyx Ref 118238 on sale

Onyx (縞瑪瑙, 黑玛瑙) has a long history of use for hardstone carving and jewelry, where it is usually cut as a cabochon or into beads. It has also been used for intaglio and hardstone cameo engraved gems, where the bands make the image contrast with the ground. Some onyx is natural but much of the material in commerce is produced by the staining of agate.
Onyx was used in Egypt as early as the Second Dynasty to make bowls and other pottery items. Use of sardonyx appears in the art of Minoan Crete, notably from the archaeological recoveries at Knossos.
The ancient Romans entered battle carrying amulets of sardonyx engraved with Mars, the god of war. This was believed to bestow courage in battle. In Renaissance Europe, wearing sardonyx was believed to bestow eloquence. A traditional Persian belief is that it helped with epilepsy.
Onyx is mentioned in the Bible many times.
Onyx was not only used as protection from evil witchcraft and enchantments, it could also control undesirable thoughts and bad tempers. It was thought the stone allowed wounds to heal and assisted in childbirth. This is an old Pagan belief adopted by the Christian Church. The Abbey Church of St Alban holds a healing onyx engraved with the image of Aesculapius, the Roman god of medicine. Black onyx was once highly prized for rosary beads, which may be why it is considered good for stress and the banishment of grief.
Rolex used to take Onyx to make their dial on their watch, we have seen a Submariner Ref 16618 using Onyx on his dial, that watch was sold at HK$180,000  to a Private collector in Hong Kong.
I have a Solid gold Rolex Date Just with Onyx dial Ref 16018. That was a awesome pieces but somehow for one reason I sold it to one of the collectors. That is one of my Watchgrets!
Have you seen Day Date white gold Ref 1803 with Onyx dial? I have not…!?
Well, 80% cost of a Rolex goes to the dial, so the choice of the dial as a collectible Rolex is key on its value.
Rolex has stopped making Day Date with Bloodstone, Coral, Lapis Azuli, Malachite, Tiger eye, birch, Oak  African Mahogany, Onyx  as for reason of super high cost on the dial material selection, lapping, drilling, and making the index, it take days to make such a dial. As the yield of making such kind of dial is low, so as the cost is high.
I think you have not found any Rolex boutique has this kind of watch in display, so what if there is a Brand new Rolex Day Date in 18KT gold Brand new shipped from Rolex SA Swiss into your hand as brand new!?
Last year, we have found one Rolex Day Date in Coral, it was sold in the next day, well, here is some of the good news. We have talked to Rolex to ship one Rolex Day Date Ref 118238 in 18K gold with clean neat Onyx dial to HK.
It is Brand new with 5 years Rolex International Warranty.
50% or full Deposit is required for reserve on this watch as this is likely the only one piece in Asia.
Price TBA via Whatsapp. 

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Monday, February 6, 2017

Rolex AD "Fung Leung Kee" in HK

"Fung Leung Kee Watch Company" was established since 1943, and has been operating for over 74 years. Located in a self-owned property at 157 Johnston Road, Central Wanchai,  It is the agent of various brands Rolex, Tudor, Rado, Longines, Tissot, Gucci, Oris and Seiko.
Here we can see the first picture of their shop who was amidst of the 1967 riots and the latest picture I told in Nov 2016.
They have been standing there to witness the changes of HK over the 3 quarters of the century, one thing remains unchanged, they sell Rolex!
HK Snob

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Woo Kwok-hing and his Rolex Day Date in 18KT white Gold

Hong Kong's Retired judge Woo Kwok-hing became the first candidate to declare his campaign for Chief Executive Election on 27 October 2016.

Note what he wears: a Rolex Day Date 18KT white gold.
I can't tell the exact model, but likely that is the same one as I am wearing Ref 18039.

HK Snob

LNIB Rolex Daytona Stainless Steel Ref 116520LN on sale

This is a 2015 Daytona bought in Switzerland, has been using four times only.
Like new.

Full Set for sale.

HK Snob

Watch Restoration

Before Polishing

Before Polishing



After Polishing


After Polishing

After Polishing

When your watch has been used for ten, twenty years, it would carry some of your historical MARKS or Activities Records in form of hair line scratches....or even dents.

Well, it could be OK as this is a watch that cannot be perfectly no scratches, but to certain extent, that day comes that you cannot tolerate it ... or you want to put a new clothes on it...

you can consider Polishing it...

No matter Rolex, Tudor, Cartier, IWC, AP, VC, they can be sent to their Dealer Service centre to make a polishing, but we can also offer a fast and special hand polishing service for it.

If there is serious dents or damages that some of the corner sharpness is worn off, gone... we can use Laser wedding to weld then re-polishing it as NEW...

For PWC members, I can take care of it to bring to one of the BEST service centres in Hong Kong, or I should say in Asia to make a special handling for it.

HK Snob