Monday, August 31, 2015

Rolex Daytona Stainless Steel Ref. 116520 white on sale

For those who wants a lucky number watch.
This could be be your choice.

Year 2007  M series with number M8- - 888
It does not have 4, 6, 7, ....

Condition. 9.7/10

Price HK$67,000 cash.

HK Snob

SeaDweller 4000 on sale

Ref 116600 Sea Dweller, Just bought in Japan BNIB asking for HKD$62,000 cash.


Watch was sold on 23 Sep 2015

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Fake Watch For Fake people

Why do people insist on buying fake knock offs of designer anything, especially Rolex? In my opinion, If I can't afford to buy it, then I'd rather buy something I can afford.

Honesty I cannot afford a hi end RM, I stay happily with a Rolex! Why not?!

If a guy wearing a fake Rolex, you just can't take him seriously.

If you cannot afford a Rolex why not wear a Timex!

We have seen a lot of super rich people wearing Fake Rolex, he says, no one will believe his watch is fake! I don't think so, Fake is Fake, no matter it is on Lee’s or Lau’s Wrist.

I have seen a lot of people wearing Timex with full confidence, at least my ex-boss was with an Iron Man, he who went everywhere to present for the company, rather than a man with a Fake Rolex but no one admires!
HK Watch Fever
HK Snob

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Watch Fever Gathering 29 Aug 2015

Watch Fever Club gathering watch show

The most prominent is the Nardin San Marco, Blue enamel dial with an extra fine sunray surface finish.

It was one of the watches that I was in love with when in 1990, It was listed price at HKD$19,000

It was an expensive watch at that time. But Look at what you have.

A Chronometer, with a Date, in green and a bracelet with an "Anchor" make me remembering those  seafarers' love romance when I was working on board the ships.

Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, China, North Korea, Australia, Germany, Brazil, Egypt, India.....

If price is good, I would like to buy this watch, something that I missed 25 years ago.

HK Snob

Friday, August 28, 2015

New Rolex Stock Arrives

There are new stock available.

Ref. 116520 Daytona Black and White.
Ref. 116610LV Submariner Hulk.
Ref. 116710 BLNR Batman.
Ref. 116680
Ref. 116681
Ref. 116515LN Choco
Ref. 116613LN
Ref. 116713LN
Ref. 116710LN
Ref. 116300
Ref. 116333
Ref. 114060
Ref. 116509 panda
Ref. 116505 black
Ref. 216570 Explorer 2 white
Ref. 214270 Explorer 1
Ref. 116400GV Milgauss GV blue
Ref. 116400GV Milgauss GV black

Why still we have people do feel scary to buy
parallel import Rolex?

They are the 100% same watch as you could get in Rolex AD.

The ONLY difference is you have to pay extra 8 to 15% more buying at Rolex local AD!

HK Snob

Thursday, August 27, 2015

One of the good amongst the worst investments


Who are the Philippine First Three OysterQuartz Day Date Watch Owner?

Left is my Rolex Day Date 18039 and Right is Robert's Ref 19018
I had lucky to see a mature and decent business man 10 metres away to tell he was wearing a Rolex at Bellevue Hotel Alabang this evening.

This is no ordinary Rolex, it is a Day Date with Quartz movement, due to the special design of Patek Philippe Like Bracelet and AP Royal Oak Like Watch case.  

It would not be mistakenly to be identified as The Famous Rolex Day Date OysterQuartz Ref 19018.

Oh Yes, when I approached closer, and I asked permission to sit down and started asking question about his watch. Well, he removed it and passed to me to scrutinize… Roman Numeral Dial and it seems to be the original colour was white and over the 37 years it changed to a patina yellow.

The Watch is heavily used as I can see signs of wearing. He told me it was bought in at US Navy with   USD5,000 after 40% discount in the year of 1978.

Robert is his name, he told me that at that time if you can provide the staff ID of an airlines, you are entitled to have less 20% discount at Rolex.

Oh, in 1978, a Rolex Date Just 36mm in Two Tone Rose gold was about HKD$3,700  and this Rolex OysterQuartz was sold at USD $5,000.  That is  the price for a Car.

He told me he is the FIRST Philippine people to buy this Watch.

Second is Eduardo Cojuangco (the owner of San Miguel)

And the third one is Eddie Diaz GSA of Korean Air.

After all these years, he had just serviced this watch in Rolex Service Centre TWICE.

He likes this watch for its accuracy and durability.

He is the Founder for

Rolex Produced the legendary Oysterquartz since 1977 till 2003, with 1,000 units made every year.

So totally 25,000 OysterQuartz watches were made, and I estimate that there are 35%  Stainless steel watch, and 35% stainless steel and yellow gold, 20% yellow gold and 10% in White Gold.

Well, this Yellow gold is one of the 5,000 units. 


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

DeepSea D-Blue Ref 116660 Available for Sale

There is very limited supply of this Watch from Rolex World Wide, as we had mentioned before
They want to use this D-Blue Dial to purge all available DeepSea sale clearance.

Of course that was my own thought as Rolex will never tell you or has never told you their motive.

I had sold only 3 pieces since September 2014 till now.

This is the one I found Dated March 2015. if you don't trust my instinct, or you should trust the data.

We have bought over 100 watches in the past 6 months, We get once 2 DeepSea.

This is one we are offering, HK$95,500

The DeepSea Special Booklet is included.

HK Snob

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Preowned Rolex Date Just Ref 116234 on Sale

A 2007 Rolex Ref 116234 36mm Date Just for sale,
Pre-owned by an office Business man.

95% new, No paper no box running in perfect condition asking HKD$26,000

Local delivery in Manila.

HK Snob

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Watch Gathering 22 Aug 2015



This is the patented Longines Winding system.


We don't have big player bringing their gold watches..

By simples watches do not reduce the passion of our gathering.

A Piaget 18KT gold watch from our Lawyer lady.

A Grand Seiko and Sandoz that belongs to Father of Ben.

The Longines Conquest Conquest as the Flagship was the beginning of watches certainly wasn’t introduced by Longines, but they definitely utilized the strategy to its fullest potential, and still use it today.  It ran from 1954 to about 1959.
The first generation Conquest here is probably the most classic and easily recognizable iteration of the line for collectors of vintage watches.

HK Snob

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Rainbow for your Loved one

How many times you have seen the “Pretty Woman” and how many time you could not hold the tears when Edward Lewis (Richard Gere), Riding the hotel limo to visit Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts) apartment for the proposal, Edward held an umbrella and a bunch of flowers.

If you have not reaction seeing this episode, or if you don't feel anything, well, you are not the one who would consider this watch.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona Rainbow Watch. 40mm 18K yellow gold case set with 56 diamonds, fixed bezel set with 36 rainbow colored baguette sapphires, screw-down push buttons, black dial with gold crystal sub-dials, 8 diamond hour markers, and Oysterlock bracelet.

As this is an discontinued item due to the difficulty in making the Diamond bezel

Don’t expect to get a 5 years green seal!

Now we have found a Brand new in full set from One Rolex AD.

Yellow Gold 116598RBOW GC8DI-78608


HK Snob

Pictures taken from my Window

Clear evening

 Cloudy morning
It rained again in this morning
I love this Canvas painting like Effect
Every week we have met so many different people, colleagues and top tier staff in the Company,
Sometimes your boss will question you why you take five minutes to pee but actually he took 15 minutes to smoke his cigarette.
In fact he can do, say, or whatever he does, as he is the boss.

One day when you retire, you can question him why he takes only one cigarette a time, why not smoke three sticks to Boost the Smoking Pleasure save his Time in smoking!?
So Westerners has said “Death is the final leveler”. Somehow the time will come, no matter how rich you are, how poor you are will be the same!
I saw Jimmy Carter had been running a speech in public at CNN about how he going to use his time in his last few weeks, he said he would leave it to the hands of god. He was so relaxed and spoke with smile… What a pathetic yet lovely scene to see this once the Most Powerful Man how to handle his rest few days of his life.
Yesterday the weather was fine, no rains., but at midnight it rained Buffalos and Hippos, I could not sleep and woke up to take this picture. This morning It seemed good, but after a while it rained again.
So within one day, Weather could be changing so abruptly.
Weather is somewhat unpredictable, somewhat like what we have faces with everyday, treat yourself better is the advice. No other better words.
"Have a Nice Day!"
HK Snob

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Rolex AD at City of Dream , Pasay


I had met a Japanese friend stayed in Nobu Hotel at City of Dreams, through the hall way passing the casino I saw the Rolex AD there.

What I can see is

One DD40 yellow Gold,

One Daytona Steel Ref 116520 White Retail Price is Peso 590,000 after discount is Peso 531,000

That is HKD$88,944 (assuming 1 HKD is 5.97Peso) HK Dollar is higher by 7 % than a few months ago.

The standard Philippine Rolex AD discount is 10%.

I saw another Deepsea Black after discount is Peso 518,000  (HK$86,767)

I have talked about D-blue the sales lady told me only 1 piece was sold in march for this year!

There is a Milgauss, and a lot of Date just Two Tone, Seems Two tone is one of the Pinoy’s favourite Rolex.

I cannot see Daytona Black, Submariner Date, GMT Master Blue Black, Green pointer…


In Hong Kong Rolex AD:

A Daytona White is HK$90,000 no discount

A DeepSea Black is HK$90,500 less 5% that is HK$85,975, similar price as in Manila.

How about the gray Dealer Price of the about watch


Daytona black about HK$90,000

Daytona White HK$86,000

Deepsea D-blue $98,000

GMT master II Blue Black HK$65,500

HK Snob

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Rolex DeepSea D-Blue is now more expensive than Daytona Black

I have been keep saying that the DeepSea D-Blue is very hard to find.
Yes, it is hard like Looking for a super beauty with 36 -23- 36 in HK without any artificially Construction or modification on her body.
This is a real hot beauty, I just met one of my friend in Manila at my hotel 3 hours ago.
Did you use your DeepSea I sold you at HKD$93,000 three months ago?
He said No, he will keep it for another 6 months and see how is it to determine to keep it as a collection or Use it. As he is tall and big, that he can really enjoy the size of the DeepSea.
Note that DeepSea is more expensive than Daytona Black Now!
I had visited City Of Dreams in Manila today and Found out that they have JUST SOLD ONE DeepSea D-Blue since January to today. The you know how hard to get one now.
Now I have another one coming next week, Rolex DeepSea Ref 116660 D Blue asking HKD$98,000!
HK Snob

Average Joe

For an average white collar worker it is only not hard work 9 to 5 (and in some cases 9 to 9) it is also hard work after working hours.

To visualize things easier why don't we take an example that most watch fanatics can relate to. The Rolex GMT Master 2 BLNR also known as the Blue Black and thus the Batman is a pretty hot watch at the moment. To be able to save up to this specific item you have to consider 67.300 HKD in Hong Kong which is around 8.680 USD for our international readers. Most people have to use a considerable amount of time to make and save this amount. In order to reach the goal you have in mind you have to be able to put aside your money and not spend too much before reaching that goal. So when you have kids (doesn't matter what age), a nice mortgage (or rent) and a nice car then you need carefully allocate your resources. If you are somewhat younger you can think of expenditures like going out to dinner, clubbing or trips with your unlimited amount of friends. It doesn't matter what age you are: the average Joe needs to save up a couple of months for any considerable amount and sometimes even more due to various set backs such as losing your octopus card, breaking down of your laptop or washing machine, picking up the tab of the dinner with your date (that turns out to be a small ipo, except the other way around), medical bills or some other unfortunate happenings. 

Of course there is also a group of people who are financially faster due to skill, background or no (special) expenditures. If you feel related to this group then do not consider yourselves as average. I think we all can agree that purchasing A-brand watches costs a considerable amount of money.

After a while when you reach your goal, which is usually the same amount as the MSRP, you already have done some field work. You were able to reach this goal because you don't have any kids yet. Whether it is on the internet or in real life you are sure what kind of watch you want to get and you are aware of the retail price. In the thrill of this you go to a (dedicated) store and ask if the new salesperson if they have that model. Unfortunately they don't have it in stock the young bloke distinctively says. But how about they put you on a waiting list. You exchange contact-information and patiently wait until the store calls you. You pass by every time with your date who you have been seeing recently.

By the time the store calls you, you have already given birth to your second child. They just called you to check if you still wanted the watch or not. Since you got married you haven't thought much about your watch much. You paid for your wedding but you still have the amount available. After you got a confirming call from the store you go to the store with your kid. Not because you want to take the little one with you but because your partner already took the younger one and she cannot handle two by herself while she goes out to see her mother by bus and subway because there is no budget for parking nor a car. Luckily you have set aside your watch money and you got a nice rate on deposit and you transfer it to your checking.

You come in the store and the junior salesperson has become assistant manager and has aged a little, he is starting to get bald now (he already turned gray after seeing his first paycheck). He is talking about this Blue Black edition soon to be cut off by Rolex. You are one of the lucky ones to receive it. Unfortunately you get no discount because this is still a hot item, maybe 0,25% if you pay by Hawaiian credit card. When confirming the amount you are somewhat startled about the retail price, it is much higher than the MSRP of before you got married. "Why did the retail price grew much faster than your deposit at the bank?" you keep wondering. Your fund was doing exceptionally well and still the amount is not enough to get your watch.  

You start to sweat a little because you know you don't have enough now. There is no way your partner is going to let this one go if you touch the college funds of the kids. You can't move the stocks because then the broker who happens to be your partners uncle, will ask why you liquidated some stocks while they were on BUY. You used to have 2 million friends but they are all gone since you started to stay home during weekends. Your other friends stopped calling you since you started to go split the bill when you found out you are going to have a kid.   

What else is left, there is not enough cash to settle. You cannot let this one slide because the store will not lay it away for you. There is no choice but to go to the pawn shop and pawn your wedding ring. By doing so you finally got your Rolex that you have been waiting for so long. But you need to hide the receipt because your partner will ask how much it was. And you need to find another solution to get back your wedding ring. In the meantime your kid has been running around the counters and customers are mentioning a career in sight as the new Usain Bolt or Lui Xiang. So no need for half of the college fund you think, perhaps a new watch.

You are the proud owner of a brand new Rolex, enjoying while it lasts. Even though you now own the Rolex GMT Master 2 BLNR you still need to settle a lot of other problems such us how to explain where the money came from to your partner, why your wedding ring is not on your finger and why you went out and bought a watch without consulting your partner. The bus is almost arriving to your stop and you need to carry your sleeping kid while holding your bag and box in the other hand. You don't worry about those questions anymore because you are staring at your new kid on your wrist.

The question is could we have avoided these problems and saved a little time? Yes there are solutions. One of them is the most popular solution of one of my younger sisters Hoi Lam: don't spend the money and you saved it. Such a good and simple solution! 

There are also other sustainable solutions that I will elaborate next time. Until that time: don't be this specific average Joe!

Do you recognize something in this story or you wish to tell us about your "struggle" for your new watch? Or perhaps you have a solution to these issues average Joe faces. Share and send it in to

Siem Wong

Sunday, August 16, 2015

BNIB Patek Philippe offer

7200/1R-001 …. 11%

7010G-012 ….... 19%
6000G-012........ 17%
5726A-001  .......$273,000

5296G-010 …......18%


5196P-001........  29%












5980/1R-001.... $530,000

5167A-001...… $154,000

Discount is subject to change and we will confirm once more when you are ready to place order.

Price Validity till 23 Aug 2015

HK Snob

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Points to note as a Rolex man

Early Signs of wearing off at the screw Thread
Don't’ make your watch with an aftermarket dial or bezel as it will not be accepted for RVC for servicing even though you have the original proper warranty card.
A proper Rolex Service Slip is in fact the warranty identify on authentication as Rolex will not service any  Fake or Frankenwatch.
Send your watch for simple watch repair such as change of Crystal or cleaning say.. they will replace for you the crystal and check the time after cleaning, this is likely minimum service charge you have to pay for your Rolex which you bought from used hand market for Rolex Authentication.
Don't blame your new Rolex for not running as in the manual, you have to manual winding up for minimum 20 times when the watch is about to be used for the first time, or to be used after left for weeks.
Rolex Warranty does not cover casing, bracelet, Crystal scratches and damages.
Don't send your watch to Rolex Service Centre with post-dated Warranty card.
The Warranty will be immediately provoked and the Rolex Shop dealership will be questioned by Rolex.
Proper Way to tighten up your crown is to press the crown again the watch and rotate it anticlockwise a bit before you rotate it Clockwise to tighten up. It will reduce the wearing of the screw threads of both the tube and the crown.
Remember to tighten up the crown when you go for Swimming or diving or your Deep Sea is in Deep Shit!
HK Snob

Rolex Watch for sale

The Final package will be like this  hand deliver to you, of course the Omega Elite Phone is not included

BNIB  Rolex with 5 years Warranty (after July 2015)

Ref 116655 Yacht Master Everose gold 40mm $167,500  (if buy together with 268655, special discount available).

My comment; Rolex’s first RolexFlex strap Floating Strap , ultra Comfort and nice Looking.

(Red Line tends to make this Potential Investment item)

Ref 268655  Yacht Master Everose gold 37mm $146,000 – hot item for ladies of the new age or Summer vacation gift for your sweet daughter.

Ref 116300 Date Just II, we have almost all dial, Blue Roman, Blue Stick, $42,000 (nice Looking design for bigger wrist!) best Entry level of a new Rolex.

Ref 116680 Yacht Master Stainless Steel $105,500 – Hot item

Ref 116681 Yacht Master Stainless Steel and Rose Gold $138,000

Ref 116610LV Submariner Hulk Green Dial and Green Bezel $67,000  (why Wait at the AD for 6 months?)

Ref 116520 Daytona Stainless Steel White $86,000  ( white is preferred for ladies while Black for men)

Ref 116520 Daytona Stainless Steel Black $89,900

Ref 116713LN GMT Master II Two Tone $77,500

Ref 116610LN Submariner Date $56,500

Ref 114060 Submariner no Date Stainless steel $48,500

Ref 116613LN/LB Submariner 18KT two Tone in Black or Blue dial $79,500 (black is awesome)

Ref  116710BLNR GMT Master II Stainless Steel in Blue Black bezel $66,000 ( if you have it, I don't have to say anything!)

Ref 116660 DeepSea D- blue $93,000  ( only 1 piece is available , super rare)

And many more model not listed here, welcome enquiry!

Full Set, Box, green Seal, International 5 years Warranty,
120% satisfaction.

Price in HK Dollar Nett, COD USD or HKD or TT to my account in HK beforehand.

Free Delivery to Philippines every week

Validity till 23 August 2015 as I don't know when Rolex will adjust their prices.

Whilst Stock lasts.

HK Snob
Watch Fever