Friday, August 23, 2013

What is enough for you to make you happy!?

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What is enough for you to make you happy!?
One old wiser asked me what is enough for you to make you happy? All in sudden, it was a bit hard to reply him, well, I am not an Unhappy guy as far as I know.  But I do more some worry about the one I know, Daughter’s study, wives health, the company that may ask me to leave as they thought my salary is too high or he thought using half of my salary could possible hire a younger guy by half the age of mine.  Somehow I think you should be happier if you could
1. Make some exercise
You might have seen some talk recently about the scientific 7 minute workout mentioned in The New York Times. So if you thought exercise was something you didn’t have time for, maybe you can fit it in after all.
2. Sleep at 11:00 or earlier, our liver starts to work at 11:00, so it is time for us to sleep, but I had hard time to force myself to sleep, But I am trying…
3. Spend time with friend and family
4. Help others
5. Practice smile everyday
6. Plan a trip for vacation
7.  Meditate – rewire your brain for happiness
8.  Practice gratitude – increase both happiness and life satisfaction
9. Listen to music you like
I think it is healthy for you to listen to some of the best music you like, does not matter what kind of music but not Heavy Metal or Rock music , Light music, Classic music would be better.
10. Got to have some hobby
It would be pity that there is no hobby for man like you, or your hobby is earning money that is fine too!
If you think earning money is your hobby, go ahead, anything that could spend your time, explore your exposure to your friend, having some target in your life could help you to feel better especially you could achieve the preset target.
I have a few hobbies and I am very happy to enjoy the process of the collection, and not necessary the result of the found target collection item.
I collect Watches, fountain Pen, Vinyl of the 50s and 60s. vacuum tubes, DIY on my HI FI system, practicing fountain pen Calligraphy. Gathering with friend who are having similar hobby, watch collection also drive me to go out for window shopping, checking price of various Rolex watch in different shops in Ap Liu Street, Sham Shui Po ,  and through the past three years I start to love Blogging. It would be great fun as I can express my idea in watch collection, I learn more about watch, I know a lot of friend through the blogs.
Friends collect Stamps, some of them collect tin toys, some collects old books, old Chinese Furniture, Chinese Jade, and many other kinds of article for collections. I Like cars too, and I have to buy Ferrari one day, of course I just want to drive one, I am not Jay Leno who has 190 cars nor the Sultan of Brunei’s Garage collection of 7,000 Vehicles.
What a great fun could be is the process of collection
Watch friend asks me what is my next target, and seems that I could sometimes could not figure out what is the next target, the fact is my salary is well distributed to different receivers when the pay day comes. What kind of money I could still be used for the next Target. But my process of watch buying slow down gradually as when you have had some watches, the next buy would be more expensive, or more collectible, now I have to talk to myself to Cool down a bit when I see an attractive watch, and ask myself Why should I buy this? As If you do not think this way, you will keep on buying and even not have time to wear the watch at all.
And I always talk to friend, start your own blog if you like writing, it could be one of your way to kill time after works, and it may also a means to increase your income! Blogging is now one of my latest hobbies.
It drives me to read more books, more magazine, internet searching and verification on the information
I find before I could blog it.
Anyway, enjoy what you are having, enjoy your hobby, keep it a way to make you happy. Life could be so much of fun if you could use up you time in making yourself happy.
HK Snob

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