Saturday, January 26, 2013

Chinese's Superstition on Rolex Colour

My Work Horse Rolex Day Date White gold

Greg's new Purchased Explorer II in HK on 25 Jan 2013

When we used to buy gold Rolex since the 60’s, the most popular dial colour is Gold Champagne dial as it stands for “噤撈", that carries a meaning of "Continuous Success!"
 This Chinese tradition keeps unchanged till now.

The most unpopular model is likely White Gold with Blue dial, as that means “難撈", in Chinese, it means "Very difficult to make a living!"

Rolex with White Dial isn’t so good too as it means “白撈”!, That is “Nothing” in Chinese.

Rolex with Black dial isn’t good too, that is “黑撈”, "Black dirt?"

So in short, these are not the preferred colour dials:

1. Blue

2. Black

3. White

The Preferred colour on dial is:

1. Gold

2. Red

3. Purple

4. Brownish Red (It was very popular in 80s)

So what is the best Colour dial of Rolex for Chinese?

1. Yellow Gold case and strap

2. Yellow Gold Champagne Dial

3. Diamond Dial

4. Diamond Bezel

Recently, we see that HK and Chinese people seem started to accept Black dial.

As For myself I still like most the White Gold Submariner in Blue Dial and I used to wear a Rolex Day Date in white gold with Diamond dial and Diamond bezel. I find that it makes me happy and work along with people smoothly.  I like what I like and superstition is not my concern for Rolex.

Ps The Rolex Day Date as my daily working Watch
The Explorer II White dial Ref 216570 Greg purchased yesterday in HK in one of the HK major Rolex AD.

Hi Greg,
I went to meet the manager who sold you the Explorer II, he told me that you speak fluent Mandarin!! Where did you learn?
I hope the Rolex will be your long trusting working partner!

HK Snob

Friday, January 25, 2013

Is Hong Kong still the best place to Buy Rolex?

The Rolex has the same list price after currency conversion.
Take for an example a Rolex Explorer Ref 216570 is selling SGD$10,500, that include Singapore GST 7%, though you can claim back if you return to Singapore.

That still makes the retail price SGD$9,925, which is with the current exchange rate 1 SGD=6.3 HKD, it is HKD$62,700.

Whereas in HK, the same watch is selling at list price HKD$60,500, subject to a walk-in discount of 5%. That is net HKD$57,475, in case you get a VIP discount of 8%, that will be HKD$55,660. that make the same watch cheaper by HKD$7,050 provided you can get back the GST 7%.

I went to Fort Rolex AD at Fort yesterday and I found out that the Price of GMT Master II ref 116710LN is Peso 398,000 with standard walk-in discount of 10%, that will be Peso 350,100 after Peso-HKD conversion, it is HKD$67,326. There is no way the manager could give me more anything than 10% dicsount.

Whereas I can get a GMT Master II with List price HKD$61,200, walk-in discount of less 5%, that is HKD$55,080, in case of VIP discount, someone can get less 8%, that is HKD$56,304.

The Saving of HKD$11,022; that is a big chunk of saving if you buy it in HK!

Also I have corrected my earlier saying that Philippino like Daytona White dial more, in fact after my survey, Philipino likes Black dial more than white for Daytona ref 116520 and Stainless steel Daytona is quite hard to be found in Manila.

In the shops I visited, I can see the variety of Rolex is much lesser than in those shops I used to go in HK.

In the Rolex AD I visited yesterday I can not find one Submariner Black dial ref 116610LN. I could not get a Milgauss Green Glass ref 116400GV, I can not get a Stainless steel Daytona neither black or white, and the Choice is far too limited for watch collectors.

However according to shop manager, she had just sold one Yacht Master ref 16622 With blue dial, and still I could see on 2012 latest version of Yacht Master White dial.

The Rolex AD has not so many model for you to pick, the most common one is Date Just Two Tone as Chinese like this model most, the price is easily 20-25% higher than you get it in HK after RMB>HKD conversion.

Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia
I think the Rolex is more or less 15% higher than in HK especially in Indonesia, Thailand.
Malaysia is pretty close to the price of HK, still it is 10% higher!

Australia and USA
From Friends of my blogs who comes to HK to buy Rolex, they can buy two Rolex at one time as they said Rolex in Australia is very expensive. And mush lesser choice for them to choose.

Friends from States coming to HK as Amy was the best example, she but 5 Rolex watches in 2 days, three Milguass and two Rolex Oyster plain bezel with diamond bezel.
So if you have time, and if you are not urgent, try to wait for your next trip coming HK for Rolex Shopping. Before that, you can do some survey for the exact model and price in your country and I think I can help to provide you the latest price in HK and availability. So that you can feel that what I am trying to say is Right.

As I say shopping is not just you submit your VISA card to the shop keeper and get your stuff, though someone said the moment sweeping the credit card is the greatest moment of happiness amongst the all process of the purchase.
The greatest fun is the process of searching the best deal with your budget for the best watch you like!

HK Snob

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Milus Instant Date Snow Star Red Gold Watch

In WWII the US Navy put "life barter kit" in navy planes for those served duty during campaigns in the Pacific. The kit was to used as an offer a few valuables pilots could trade or sell if their plane shot down when they needed help, food, information, or transportation.

The life barter kit was different with a survival kit, There it contained two gold rings, a gold pendant and chain, as well as a Swiss Milus Snow Star – Surprisingly Milus didn't know about that until a few years ago. US Navy decided a Milus watch was good enough to be exchanged for a human's life was darn excellent news.
The Milus Snow Star watch and the life barter kit were made in 2011 as a retro version.
One in 18k Red gold which we are talking about it here and the other in steel. Each watch comes with a little kit of a pair of cufflinks, and a nylon NATO strap.
The watch is 40mm wide, a sapphire crystal and a water resistance of 30 meters.
The gold one has the more interesting movement being a NOS (new old stock) Swiss ETA 2408 manually wound movement with a power reserve of 36 hours.
Milus sourced the older movements and totally restored them for use in these watches. The couldn't get that many so only the red gold models which are limited to 99 pieces. Both models indicator "instant date," which means the date changes instantly at midnight.
My personal Comment, this is a real classic like Hamilton Intramatic, I am checking how many still we can buy in the HK Market.  I like the Gold one.  Are you interested In?
I used to have a few Milus watch when I was young, my mother used to wear a miniature Milus watch manual Winding. It was about HKD$200 I the 70’s it is not cheap at all at that time. She worn it until one day someone bought her a Rolex Orchid.
Milus makes me thinking my time in the 70’s and It is a classic., and I like Solid gold watch
It is Funny to see the tiny knight had a Logo of Milus as his head, let me search for what reason this character was created?! If I am not wrong, I have seen it before.
HK Snob

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tips to buy an used Rolex as an Investment

Tips for what should I go for Rolex as an investment!?

Many people is asking what should he goes for a Rolex as an investment.
I my mind as a Rolex collector, No Rolex should be purchased with a perceived notion of investment....Rolex should be worn and enjoyed, don't keep your Rolex in the safe. As I guess you do not gain much by keeping a Rolex in a Safe, if that is the real case, most of the Rolex AD shop manager should keep the Rolex for themselves.
As we should never purchase a luxury item for a dollar return. Only to enjoy it by using it!
If we say trying to get as much as we can from a Rolex Watch, we should not buy Brand new Rolex as if buying with the sole reason not to loose money on a future resale then buy second hand as most of the depreciation would already have been taken.
Say for an example, you buy a new Submariner after using for 2 years, you might sell to the pre-owned watch shop at a price of 60% of the original price as Watch Dealer and shop need min. 20% for their profit margin.
Example, a Submarine Ref 116610LN is selling at HKD$62,100 now.
If walk-in gets less 5% is HKD$58,995, that is your cost,
In case you can get 10%, (some people does) that will be you future profit margin as your cost is just HKD$55,890
After using two years, the new price in 2015 will be likely HKD$62,100 x 1.05x1.05= HKD$68,465 assuming Rolex increase 5% price a year.
So if you bought this new watch this year at your cost HKD$55,890 if you sell it in 2015 then you may get back HKD$68,465 x 0.6= $41,079
So you expense for this Rolex is just HKD$55,890 -41,079=HKD$14811 for using 2 years.
Then the shop sells it at 41,079 x1.2 = HKD$49,294, with profit 20% and that is a price less 24% lower than new watch. $49294/$68465x0.95 x100%= 24% cheaper for buying your used watch than a new watch in Rolex AD. That is min 20% make it attractive for the used watch buyer!
This is the deal of the buying and selling of Rolex. This is applying to those mass production watches. Those Vintage and collective watch is another cases. Remember almost all Rolex watches will hold their value in the long haul, but will loose out in the short term.
Anyway, wear your Rolex everyday, that is the best practice to gain your VALUE from Rolex.
More tips:

  • Buy only from reliable shops with decades of good record.
  • Trust not web site if that watch is a vintage or collectible item, go for auction.
  • Buy those comes with Warranty card if possible, usually it is more expensive by 2-3%.
  • Provided you know how to tell if that is the right stuff.
  • Try to get discount say 5%, sometimes it works. And I always do.
  • Ask for the liability of the watch.
  • Bring a Man of Watch expert to go with you for an ocular check.
  • Do not say you are coming from Foreign country, always say you are local as you can come back any time if there is an issue!
HK Snob

Monday, January 21, 2013


Skagen watches are most known for their unique designs and an ultra thin Slimline series would make watch like part of the skin like Design of Skin of Swatch. The watch is made with high quality material, accurate and durable, the mesh band is comfortable to wear and flexible to fit on your wrist.

Henril and Charlotte Jorst came to US from Denmark to run their own business, they created something unique, beautiful and yet to be affordable price. Soon after they started to make watches from a small apartment and selling them door to door. When they least expected it their lucky break came and Bloomingdales started to offer their wrist watches in the chain of their department stores. That was 1989.

We can get these watches on board in major Asian airlines.

HK Snob

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Rolex Yacht Master Ref 116622 Blue Dial

There have been a lot of positive comment on this Ref 116622 Yacht master Blue Dial Sunray.

Someone names this to be the most beautiful Rolex in 2012 after Beselworld 2012, it has been on sales in certain countries Starting November, yet to be in HK up to now.

This is a 40mm Stainless steel with PT900 Platinum Bezel, Beautifully laser cut and hand polished!

Rolex had an “entirely rethought” bezel and this is the major improvement (in addition to the bracelet) in that it does 120 clicks in both directions which should be smoother/crisper than before. As for the bracelet, this Yacht-Master has a solid link bracelet with the spring-loaded Oysterlock clasp.

In My opinion, it is much sexist than the Sand-blasted Platinum dial, But this Blue Dial may not be Platinum, might be white gold base!?

I am sure this is one of the hottest Models from Rolex in 2013, Take note and We should keep some money for this. Well, some Chinese does not like Blue Colour Rolex for it interprets “ Difficult ‘ in Cantonese pronounciation of “Blue”!

Well, I do not mind as the colour is un-resistibly Smart!

Outsdie HK is selling at USD$12,875 ( HKD$100,038)

HK List price is Just HKD$89,800 with additional 5% discount. that is much cheaper than you buy elsewhere!

HK Snob

Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Most Exotic Rolex Date Just for You and Her.

Rolex has been focusing on many decades on watch accuracy, durability, function, mechanical perfection, I was thinking Rolex has been practicing with quite conservative approach in the basic design, and that Rolex has a clear product strategy: aware that a good watch has to be accurate, no matter quartz and mechanical as they have presented, and durable lasting watch for decades.

After so many years of success, in view of more people looking for non-classic Rolex types of design. There have been more daring design released from Rolex Recently.

This is one of them, released in 2009 Falls, a Rolex with exquisite material …Silicone Rubber for the strap, embedded with nude diamonds on strap. And the whole watch id decorated in diamond on a wavy form of pattern, barely visible the name of Rolex and the Crown.

That is a case of 18kt White Gold. , the bezel is surrounded with black diamond on a square cut form. You have probably advised to wear a sunglass of you see this watch under the sun!

I have no question on this watch which I rate it as the most sexiest Date Just for lady!

Well, price wise is HKD$652,700.00 with less 5% discount at Rolex AD. Pricewise is considered Cheap as Rolex has loaded “Tons” of Sugar Cubes on it…

Check with your local Rolex AD and make this for the next Gift for your beloved one for the Saint Valentines day! At least you will be ensured you have a Sweet 2013 whole year through!

Ref 116199 SANR.L.

HK Snob

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Friend of mine came HK to Purchase his first Rolex Date Just II

This is a Brand new Rolex Ref 116334, date Just II, 41 mm Watch, bought by a Friend Ali who came here last week to make a first purchase of Rolex. The Country cold is "888" and he went home in Sweden already.
This is a Stainless steel Rolex with a 18KT White gold Fluted Bezel. Black Dial Standard list price is HKD$67,000 at Rolex AD, HK.

Christian Bale has starred in movie Empire Of The Sun when has was about 11 years old. and the Machinist, probably he was famous for his good righteous Role Playing Batman, I like that movie as he was like a real human. Christian Bale worn a Rolex Date just Two Tone in American Psycho.
HK Snob

Monday, January 14, 2013

1952 Rolex Advertisement on Newsweek as the first and the 2013 final Copy

Men who guide the destinies of the world wear Rolex Watches.
Never before had the great men of the age been so well known to their contemporaries as
Today. News of almost their words and actions is flashed around the world in seconds.

Their faces and voices are made daily familiar to us in newspaper photographs, on the Radio, in files and on television. We are intensely aware not only of their important but also of their personalities. Their Impact Is enormous on us as well as on the world event.

If would not be fitting to name them here, for they include royalty, the heads of states, great statesmen, and service chiefs.

But there is one unusual thing we invite you to look at when you next to see them or their pictures- the watch in their wrists. That watch will most likely bear the name of Rolex of Geneva.

Accustomed through they are to be very best, these eminent men are nevertheless amazed at the accuracy and reliability of their Rolex watches.

Rolex are proud, if unsurprised, that they quickly take these qualities for granted.

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Just, one of the most accurate watches in the world. It's accuracy has been objectively tested by a Swiss government testing stations, which is awarded the watch an " official timing certificate with the coveted distinction "Especially good result" and the right tot be called "Official certified chronometer".

Its movement is permanent protected by harmful elements by the 100% waterproof Rolex Oyster case. The Date Just is self-winding, powered by the new Rolex “Perpetual “rotor” this keeps a constant tension on the mainspring, making for still greater accuracy.

And the date is shown on the dial, changing automatically each night at midnight, and magnified by a “Cyclops” lens for easy reading.


This is quite interesting that Rolex has started advertisement with a lot of illustration on the people, the watch and the relationship between important people and good watch.

After 61 years the same philosophy applies on Rolex Advertisement, emphases on some important celebricity and important people wearing Rolex.

Over the years this helps to bring the names of Rolex to everyone who could appreciate good quality watches. Since 1952 to 2013, Rolex hs been posting ad on Newsweek. but this is the last printed issue! Times chages, sooner later, there will be no more Hard copy Magazine. However a Rolex still remains one of the best accurate watches in the World!

The First Ad on Newsweek was a Rolex Date Just and the last is a Rolex Day Date Platinum.

HK Snob

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Rolex Milgauss, an Unisex Sport Watch.

Milgauss, it never need any de-magnetization as it work perfectly in engine room, Modern Bonding equipment in semiconductor house that has thousand of Stepping motors, servos. There are few varieties under Ref 16400,

Black Dial, White Dial (ref 16400) and Green Glass (ref 16400GV).

Milgauss is not just be used by men, it fit also Women as it does not carry a date, which I think it is more or less categorized as Unisex Rolex Sport Watch.

Price in HK
Ref 16400 HKD$55,500, 5% discount at Rolex AD

Ref 16400 GV HKD$59,600, 5% Discount at Rolex AD.
HK Snob

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Rolex Ref 1803 Stella Red dial

This is a Rolex Day Date circa 1978, the colour is Red, it is rare.
HK Snob

Rolex Cellini and Orchid Watch

Benvenuto Cellini (1500-1571) was an Italian goldsmith, soldier, painter, painter, and musician, who also wrote a famous autobiography. He was one of the most important artists of Mannerism, Rolex make use of his name of “Cellini” to represent the “Perfect Refinement” of a Rolex dress watch series, all made of precious metals and decorated with Diamond and or precious gems.

The Cellini Collection used to include a number of beautiful models with quartz movements whose soft lines communicate an extraordinarily subdued elegance.

Deign with elegant and sensual, the Cellini watches offer a more provocative look. Cellini watches are the fruit of a delicate marriage where watchmaking tradition meets Rolex refinement. Firmly rooted in the grand Rolex watchmaking tradition, a Cellini watch is designed for years of use and enjoyment. Each timepiece is inspired by the supreme talent and outstanding craftsmanship of Benvenuto Cellini, who fascinated his contemporaries with his technical skills and refined taste. Among the Cellini models is the striking, strictly female Orchid.

The one I show here is a 1992 Watch Cellini for men, we bought it with HKD$18,000. the dial is a "Rolex Computer" Yellow gold, slim, quiet and smooth, it has never been serviced. Another one was 18KT white Gold Orchid which I bought for my mother in 1982 about HKD$6000. That was being used by my mother, and she gave it to my first wife, she used it for a few years, and then she returned to my mother, likewise my mother gave to my 2nd wife… and she did not like it as she like Yellow Gold. (I bought her a 36m men's Date Just Solid Gold) Then she returned to my mother…well, knowing that I may give it to someone in future whoever...again, probably, my mother gave it to me recently… I keep it with me now…

It is an example of Rolex Quality, it has been witnessing a few decades, it had never been serviced in Rolex Centre as it still takes time accurately and works perfectly… just one accident one of the diamond was lost at one o’clock position and I had no time, no intention to put back another diamond of similar size and shape, probably until I find the next owner…

This is a family watch and I believe many people selecte Rolex as family watch too.

Rolex makes good dress watch too!

HK Snob

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Top 10 best Seller Rolex Sport Model in Hong Kong

                                                    Rolex Ref 116660 DeepSea


A recent Japanese Magazine has made an intensive interviews with HK Watch shop and Watch industrial people about what is the favourite brand and model of Watch and Rolex in HK. These are the result.
The top 10 best seller Rolex Models:

Top 1
Ref 116660 DeepSea (102 points) 
As a memorial of Rolex 100 years, this tough Rolex Oyster case with the Ringlock system ensure the watch work perfectly at a depth of 3900metres was launched in 2008. This 44mm so called “ Big and Thick” Rolex is the No. 1 nominated Watch as the top ten.

List price HKD$82,500 with  5% * discount.

                                             The attached picture is latest GMT Master II Blue BLNR

No. 2 Ref. 116710LN GMT Master II (74 points)
The GMT Master that gives you three time zone reading, a master watch for those Dynamic HK Industrialist, pilot, fund manager and frequent Traveler, and of course anyone who likes Rolex. The new Ceramic bezel is an new tech material for withstand any scratches on the Rolex.

List Price at Rolex AD HKD$61,200  with 5%* discount

                                                   Attahed here is Explorer II White Dial

No. 3.
Ref 216570 Explorer II Black Dial (35 points)
A new Rolex design with 42mm size, floating Orange hand on black Dial. This is “ Big and Thick” the Black dial is more popular than the White as the orange hand appears floating on it.

List Price at Rolex AD is HKD$60,500 with  5%* discount

No. 4
Ref 116610LN Submariner (28 points)
A Standard Divers’ commonly accepted as for the whole world, no question on it waterproof function, it is also equipped with scratch proof ceramic technology.

List price at Rolex AD is HKD$62,100 with  5%* discount

No. 5
Ref 116610LV Submariner (23 points)
18Kt gold dial that offer you a green colour together with the ceramic green bezel, a bold Colour attempt to attract not just the men, but also the city women group for this Men’s toy. A popular cult watch for the young lady in HK.
But the concern is the limited volume Rolex ships to HK. So the price is higher than Submariner Black by a few thousand dollars.

List Price at Rolex AD HKD$66,100 no Discount

                                                   Attached here is Daytona White Dial.

No. 6
Ref. 116520 Daytona Black (22 points)
This 40mm case watch is very popular in Japan, but this earns only seat of No. 6 in HK.
Still we know this is not easy to find and the price is not the standard price on the Book.

Rolex AD is selling HKD$95,000 net  (Remarks White Dial is HKD$87,500)

No. 7
Ref. 116400GV Milgauss green Glass (22 points)
Third Milgauss revived in 2007, green Sapphire crystal and the orange Lighting-blot second hand is the focus of this watch.

List price at Rolex AD is HKD$59,600 with 5%* discount

No. 8
Ref 16622 Yacht Master (15 points)
The Yacht Master Roresium, using Platinum bezel, a good choice for water spoort and marine Sport. List Price at Rolex AD is HKD$78,500 with 5%* discount.

No. 9
Ref 214270 Explorer I (13 points)
The size was increased from 36 mm to 39mm. a very popular model in Japan but only ranked at No. 9 in HK… Japanese and HKers are really having some culture difference, really it is not popular as other Rolex in HK. List Price at Rolex AD HKD$48,300 with 5%* discount

No. 10
Ref 116509 Daytona with Solid White Gold (12 point)
18KT WG Daytona is ranked No. 25 in Japan, in the case of HK, it is ranked as 10.
The whole watch was crafted with solid 18Ky white gold, and the roulette Arabic numeral Dial with RED pointers gain some score points. As it is quite unique and beautiful… Don't forget, everything from the Rolex with RED will be some kind of Rolex glamour years later!

List Price at Rolex AD is HKD$269,300 with 5% discount*

My personal Ranking regardless of Price

No.1 Daytona White gold Ref 116509

No.2 Submariner Green Ref 116610LV

No. 3. GMT master II green Pointer Ref 116710LN

No. 4 DeepSea Ref 116660

No. 5 Milgauss Ref 116400GV

No. 6 Submariner Black Ref 116610LN

No. 7 Daytona Black Ref 116520

No. 8 Explorer II Black Dial

No. 9 Yacht- master Ref 16622

No. 10 Explorer I ref 214270

Beside, this is very personal as someone’s wrist is too small for a Deepsea, it might be good for someone but not for me, someone may like Simple watch like Explorer I but I can not tolerate watch without a date as It is important for me…

Someone may criticize Daytona has no date,,, but think about the design, it is hard to accommodate an extra space for a Date!

As for Lady, I think Milgauss Green Glass, Submariner Green or Explorer I is nice, fro the Green Sub, as the colour seems make the watch look larger, only you hand can carry the Submariner green as it looks a bit big for most of the average Asian Lady.

* Some people can get more discount!                                                                                              

HK Watch FeverHK Snob

Friday, January 4, 2013

New and Pre-owned Watch Shops in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, HK

If you are interested in Watch Shopping in HK, these are the major Shops that you can tour around and spend you one day searching your treasure, You can start off at Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station Exit B1 or B1 going to Champagne Court which is about 30 metres away from Mira Hotel, Tthere you can see a few shops selling some of the exotic Watches, Rolex, AP, VC, Piaget, Panerai, Roger Dubuis, etc. If you feel tired, go to near by Chaa Tsaan Teng for a HK style Milk Tea. Then you can move Southward to Holiday Inn Golden Mile Hotel, there you can see the Rolex AD (Oriental Watch Co) at entrance of the hotel, and going inside Hotel lobby you can see two more Watch shops, going down the elevator one level and then you can see a few more shops….Visit the following Shops at Tsim Sha Tsui, Don't miss it!

Union Classic Watch & Clock
They have roughly 40 Panerai , 30 AP and 20 PP, 40 Rolex…and more…
You can get a new Rolex Explorer II Ref 216570 at HKD$57,800

Address: 18E, G/F, Champagne building, Kimberley Road, Tim Sha Tsui, Kowloon.

Tel: 852-62720206



B:1230-2200 (Mon-Sun)

C: Visa, master, JCB, AMEX, Diners, 銀聯

G:12 Month (Mail O)

Watch Beat

Rolex Ref 116758SA (new) HKD$390,000

Richard Mille RM011 (new) HKD$800,000

Address: shop 1A-1B, G/F, Champagne Court, 16 Kimbeley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Tel: 35808301



B:1230-2030 (Mon-Sun)

C: Visa, master, JCB, AMEX, Diners, 銀聯

G:12 Month


Lafayette Watch Gallery

Rolex Ref 1665 (1975) HKD$93,000

Richard Mille RM003 HKD$6,000,000

Patek Philippe Ref 5150 HKD$580,000

Patek Philippe Ref 2499 HKD$3,300,000

A. Lange Sohne Ref 310.221 HKD$480,000

A Renowned shop for pre-owned watch such as PP, AP Richard Mille, Panerai managed by Tse’s group.

Address: Shop 1C, 1D, and 1E. G/Floor, Champange Court, no. 16. Kimbelery Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong,


Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station B1 & B2 Exit

尖沙咀地下鐵路站 B1 及 B2 出口

TEL 電話 : (852) 3580 8328

Tel: 852-3580-8328


B:0930-1930 (Mon-Sun)

C: Visa, master, JCB, AMEX, Diners, 銀聯

G: X

Happy Wise
Tudor Ref 7016/0 HKD$30,000

Rolex Ref 1501 (1960) Date HKD$10,000

Rolex Ref 1665 HKD$150,000

AP Ref 26290RO.OO.A001VE.01 HKD$488,000

Shop B-113A, Holiday Inn Golden mile, 50 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui.



B:1100-1900 (Mon-Sun)

C:Visa, Master, JCB, AMEX, 銀聯

G:6 month


Address: B113, Basement One, Holiday Inn Golden Mile Hotel,

No. 50 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. Kowloon.

Tel: 21919098

B:1100-1930 (Mon-Sun)

C: Visa, Master, 銀聯

G:12 month (Mail X)

Tourbillon 陀飛輪

Address Shop B105, 1st basement, Holiday Inn Golden Mile Hotel, 46-52 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon.


電話:+852 2333 3219

傳真:+852 2369 6488

Tel: 852-23333219

Fax: 852-23696488



B:1100-1900 (mon-Sat)

C: Visa, Master, 銀聯

G:6 month (Mail O)

London Watch Collection

Rolex Ref 16700 HKD$128,000

Rolex Ref 14270 HKD$83,000

Rolex Ref 1680 HKD$72,000

Rolex Ref 6034 HKD$248,000

Rolex Ref 5513 HKD$788,000

Rolex pro-hunter Ref 14060M (new) HKD$129,350

Rolex pro-hunter Ref 116680 (new) HKD$187,000

Patek Philippe Ref 5020 HKD$1,368,000

Cartier Crash with Diamond HKD356,300

Address: Shop 1 & 2, G/F, 65-67, Kimberley Road, Pacific building , Tsim Sha Tsui.

Tel: 852-23770008

Fax: 852-23770178



B:1300-2100 (mon-Sun)

C: Visa, master, JCB, AMEX, Diners, 銀聯

G:6 Month (Mail O)

Quark House Hong Kong

Open in June 2010, Watch are mostly imported from Japan and all other dealers from Asia, Europe, US and Middle East.
Address: Hong Kong Woodhouse B1, 36-44 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Tel :852-23683909

B:1200-2000 (Mon-Sun)

C:VISA, master, 銀聯

Berne Horology (T.S.T.)

You Can find Rolex ref 5700 at HKD$19,000

Patek Philppe Ref 3445 at HKD$95,000

Address: Shop 168, 1/F, Peninsula Centre,67 Mody Road. Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon.
Tel: 852-25768668

B:1300-2030 (Mon-Sat)
C: Visa, master, 銀聯

G:6 Month (Mail O)

Pak Lee

If you are Daytona Maniac, you can not miss this...

Ref 6239 (1960’s) HKD$500,000

Ref 6263 (1970’s) HKD$2230,000

Ref 6265 (1980’s) HKD$210,000

Ref 6241 (1960’s) HKD$700,000

Address: Shop No.12, G/F Far East Mansion, 5-6 middle Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon.

Tel: 852-21867223

Fax: 852-27217898


B:1100-2000 (Mon-Sat)

C: Visa, master, 銀聯

G:12 Month (Mail O)

Tse’s Collection Shop C

Rolex Ref 114270 HKD$25,800

Rolex Ref 16570 HKD$35,000

Address : Shop 5, G/F, Winglee building, 29 Kimberley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon.

Tel: 852-27233363


B:1000-2000 (Mon-Sun)

C: Visa, Master, JCB, Amex, Diners, 銀聯

G:12 month (Mail O)

Lafayette Watch Gallery- Middle Road

Shop: Shop 11, G/F, Far East Mansion, 5-6 Middle Road, Tsim Sha Tsui.


Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station F Exit OR East Tsim Sha Tsui Station L1 Exit
尖沙咀地下鐵路站 F 出口 或 尖東鐵路站 L1 出口

Tel: 852-27248622

Fax: 852-27248600


B:1100-2000 (Mon-Sat)

C: Visa, Master, AMEX, 銀聯

G:12 Month (Mail O)

Tsim Sha Tsui Watch Snob

Coming HK Watch Fever New Posts

I am Planning to write about the following topics in these few days

1. The best Pre-owned Shops for Rolex in TST, MongKok and Other Area.

2. The ten popular Watch brands nominated by the HK watch ADs and Dealers

3. The top ten Rolex Model in HK.

HK Snob