Thursday, December 31, 2015

TBH, how to make yourself sucessful!

Its  is me...


When I drew this was actually not for fun, what I was trying to say to friend is that in this world completion is tough, all you need is to have some wining points.

TBH, (to be honest), all we need is to wear a mask to see your boss, don't let him read you mind…try not to make a negative reply in front of him, afterwards you do it or not is no longer important… as sometimes your boss is so forgetful. So put down dome of the record on what he says as one day he might say” Did I say that?”  (WTF)

Don't disclose you like traveling USA., as if you do, your superior will not allow you to travel America, why?

If you like Thailand.. always say something negative about Thailand… One day, he will come to say to you,  I want to put you  station in Thailand!

It works!

Second, we need to be friendly to you customer- relationship is the key factor besides your product and price.

Honesty and friendly like your dog… and be honest to your customer…  TBH is the key word.

We need balance sex life as that is Vitamin for your body… if no sex.. well help with your fingers… What!?

If you are sexagenarian and sex-starved person at same time, don't marry with Sex-bomb, or you will ruin your life much faster… As Chines says, Sex is an Axe on your head…

Make yourself healthy stop smoking or alcoholic… be positive in your mind set likes an Apache.
Drink one glass of red wine, as it is equivalent to one hour work-out at gym.

You have to fight back… to kill your enemy… you enemy can be your colleague, street fighters, your superior, ex-boyfriend of your mistress … and that I way I keep some grenades with me…
Warning, only use when your life is endangered.
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Be yourself and be a Style in 2016

Celebrating the new year eve at the Tokyo
Shipping Santa Claus left behind back home in HK at new year eve.

I believe that by this time, may people are still drinking or sleeping home...after the New year eve celebration.

Many countries have their own traditions when it comes to welcoming the new year.

The first New York City celebration happened in 1904, nowadays billions watch the Times Square celebration worldwide of the ball drop…

Find out where revelers traditionally eat 12 green grapes at midnight in Spain, throw furniture out the window of South Africa, choose Your Underwear Color Carefully in Latin America. Offer White Flowers to the Goddess of the Living Ocean in Brazil, eat Lentils at Midnight in Chile, celebrate around a New Year’s Tree in Russia, folks jump into 6-degree Celsius water in Lake Constance In Konstanz, Germany, bang Bread Against the Wall in Ireland…

I don't see any tradition in China, we should have as for long History , we don't as I think as tradition, they are more about Lunar new year.

How about Hong Kong…Hundreds of thousand people go to TST area to watch the Fireworks sprung out up sky from Victoria harbor and then go to Lan Kwai Fong or Time Square to celebrate the COUNT DOWN…  How about Singapore!? I don't know, would you tell me?

The Legendary Nokia 8110

How about myself, as I have told you I had to buy me new watch if my finance could allow…that is one of the gift I had like to get it too.. But all my family members had not felt about my “need”.

However I felt my Daughter’s need, as her Iphone 6 was badly deformed probably she left under her butt while sleeping.. Her iPhone 6 looks the Nokia 8110!  Whilst all phones are completing on the thickness whereby trade off the structural rigidity…

Last night I went to buy the iphone 6S + in Pink gold for my daughter before the shop would close…

Time has changed, when I bought my TV set back in 1980, we expect to use it for 10 years.

Now… Will you stay with your TV for Ten years? That is one of the reasons why I don't spend much in on this electronic gadget… instead I spend money on this item that will “retain” it value over time…

Watches, Pen, furniture made of ebony, classic Vinyl…. Etc…

Well, in order to welcome the new year’s arrival, we go to do some changes

How does my Rolex look like!?

Being a Watch Lover myself, as I know I cannot afford, new go polish it to “NEW” That was why I polished my Rolex last night and I am happy to get to get as Pretty as 95% like New a Rolex… I will bring it out to SHOW to member of the HK Watch Fever Hi tea!

A GMT Master II Ref 16710

For watches, I think the most adorable Rolex is Black Blue GMT Master II, Pepsi is only available in White Gold, so more people is looking for Pepsi 16700, 16710 in the pre-owned.

The best if to get a Ref 16710 with 3186 Cal. stick dial in Mint Full set, guess how much? 

HKD$160,000 I think it is still a good price to keep it as investment item!


How about this weird dial GMT Master?
You may be shock as my dealer asks me for 1,000,000 pounds!  OMB!

Times runs by itself and we need to plan in these few days of the new year.

As for my job I have already submitted a 2016 Sales Quota, that is smaller than 2015 as I can see that the industry will not be as good as 2015! Lets’ see and I learn from History that that is no point to put up a high forecast that is un-reachable… Why not be a bit low profile to put a lower quota and we can meet it in this year… as a consequent result… no matter you reach it 130%, 100%, 80%., 50%, you get the same Bonus… ! That is the Sunset industry…you cannot out-perform without innovative products.

If you had an old girlfriend (old does not mean her age, but your relation with her) who curses you every day not able to buy a house, well, it is time to tell her…”Sorry, we need to depart in 2016”

Go find a girl friend who is happy to eat MacDonald Burger with you and live in your parents’ house whilst saving up money for your house… that is Sweet!

I learn that most of the younger people aged between 20-40 are dressing up to please the others.

Whilst people in the age group 40-60 people are dressing up more or less to please himself…

So I can say why not you try to dress always to please yourself.. no matter it is a pair of shoes, hand bag, watches, tie, outfit , jacket… choice of colour,

Be yourself and be A Style…  in 2016

I like this message which is the Whatsapp Icon from one of the Dutch Friend

TBH, I like it 
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How to Polish my Rolex Bracelet

Separate the watch bracelet

 Mask the area that is not going to be polished, do it section by section
 Clamp the Bracelet on s Plastic surface of the Vise
 Cut strip of the Silicon Carbide polishing paper 1200CW into width of the side section to be policed

Insert the sand paper onto the section of the bracelet and add drops of Jojoba oil and pull both end so of the sand paper lightly and steadily to Polish

Do the same on the snug of the watch, polish at an angle of 45 degrees steadily..
then you can see the fine polishing result...Watch looks like NEW

Friend of mine asked me to talk about on how I polish my Rolex watches ...

You just need a Sand paper of the finest grade, I used
1200CW Silicon Carbide Watch proof Polish paper… (5 Dollars) a few of jojoba oil, if not have use other light clear Lubrication oil,a vise... that is it.

Question is, whether you dare to use your Gold Rolex to try!?

HK Snob
Watch Fever

To be honest, This is not my first design of Watch from HK Snob

I have been dreaming of make our own watch that likes no other…

That must have the following design specification:-

1.       Watch proof for 50M

2.       Automatic movement

3.       Second hand and date

4.       Thin enough to use it as dress watch and thick enough to stay strong.

5.       39MM diameter (best lucky number)

6.       Stainless Steel

7.       Very easy to read the time…

8.       Limited to 28 pcs

9.       Ballpark price estimated HKD$3,888

We have been making draft and design changes and I hope one way we can share with you, of course need to protect the design as of this moment.

If you are interested to invest on us and want to get one… pls contact us.

More information will be announced soon!

HK Snob
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Rolex yellow gold Ref 118238 on sale

Rolex Yellow Gold President Watch Ref 118238 with 23 Links and warranty card
HK Snob
HK Watch Fever

Rolex Day Date waiting you to take Home...Ref 118205

Pink Gold, Oyster President Bracelet, Roman numerals, white dial, plus a smooth bezel Day Date, that is one of the Killing formula for people who just cannot resist.
This is it... With paper...
Worth your thought.... a bit itchy right!?
This is a fast moving item... I can tell...
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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Four stunning Rolex is awaiting for you...

These are some of the Rolex watches a close friend want to let go, he is a big watch dealer...
More details will come soon...
Tighten up your seat belt!
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I am not a Voodooist

HK Snob
I am not Voodooist, I am just an ordinary man of 58, I am a sales for some of the equipment for Electronics Industry…, and I work with my team to break another sale record this year, after record high 2014.  So what!
… my salary adjustment is not enough for me to buy a plastic Swiss watch band!  Probably I should say a Silicone Swiss Watch band… Though I am very proud of myself… all my subordinate has master, Ph.D degree but for me I am just a college drop-out….
I had no Bachelor Degree, I still remember I went to my daughter school to Fcuk the teacher as the way she criticized my daughter home work. I told my daughter her, study does not mean everything… sometimes it may be your hurdle. I am not trying to saying not to study, once if you had chance, go study. But don't force yourself into it… your talent may not be in that area…..

I have a lot of good friend and a lot of hobby that keeps me busy… I do writing, painting, I make my own Analogue Audio Amplifier. Now I am doing Watch Polishing, I think it is good that I can polished my Rolex… Well, don't say you will not buy my Rolex as it is not polished by Rolex Service Centre… With the proper teaching and tools I can say My Polishing could be as perfect as you can get at Rolex Service Centre.,.. you know why, Because I care my watch…

Still have a bottle of Chateau Lafift 1990 left in my hotel room

I like old stuff as much as I Iove myself as I myself a Walking Antique…

I used to drink those top 5 plus Petrvs of course I cannot afford a bottle of DRC… that is a price of a Rolex Day Date…wait one day… Someone says once in your life you got to drink a bottle of Petrvs or even a bottle of DRC…  

Someone sends me a message now… “If you drink a glass of red wine, it is equivalent to go for gym workout for one hour”…. I love that message!

As I say also to friend, one day if you can afford but a Ferrari, go buy one.

Again with my pay system I have and my way to spend money faster than I earn… and I haven’t had one yet.

I remember the other day went to Kowloon Bay to collect a Rolex from friend, I saw an eye catching vintage Ferrari the number plate is “DAYTONA” a man of 50. He is so relaxing sitting in his horse… I showed my Thumb up to him as a Salute!

That is real LIFE….

On the other hand. I know people who earns USD$800 a hour, but he wears a USD$300 watch and keeps a pair of cheap out trended shoes… a ShenZhen White Box Class B traveler bag of Great French maker look  … but he put 60% of his money into his real estate. Well, he enjoys what he has being watching the figure of his real estate go up every day … But does he really enjoy what he had been working hard for?

I mean the quality of life... he might have 10X the income of the “Daytona” man, but I think the Daytona man is 10X happier than that!

Money is not so important in some case when you have… but in my case, money is too important as I have too little…

I love watches, I love Rolex, I had been talking to on Courney (UK Watch Dealer) who is amazed to see how DD price went up in HK…. Well I told me… I should feel guilty about it. As from all people know that I put as much as 50% my effort talking about Day Date on my blog… I love DD, and I want to introduce it to watch lovers… one young chap aged 27 had come to me saying that I am the bad guys that turned him from a Sport Rolex into Day Date… well, he said that is a nice watch for most of his occasion… So I talked to him WHY NOT…?

Now I even obsessed onto this Samsung Note…, I am planning to upgrade with the new Apple iPAD with PEN! Another new year “PEN”

Make one thing you need as part of your encouragement.

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Sunday, December 27, 2015

New Year 2016 Resolution

New year is Approaching.. Hope that we can enjoy what we have for the whole year through.

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HK Watch Fever

Kuala Lumpur, another great place for your Watch purchase within these few days!

A happy Wstch Fan who bought this APRO Ref 15400 ST.OO.1220ST.01

Another great finding for places that you can get what you want for the whole year...

This is AP Royal Oak stainless steel, well, guess how much you can buy it with?






After HK, Japan, now Malaysia, since the depreciation of Rangit, This Audemars Piguet Royal Oak (APRO) is having a price tag of RM61,500.

After all, they give you another 9% discount and final price went down to Rm 55,000.

And you can reclaim the tax at K.L Airport 4%, so the final purchase price you pay for this Watch is HK$95,000 approx. using your card.

They will increase price approx. 8% on y 1 Jan 2016, so still you have time to go for there for other Chrono, or Gold APRO...

Hurry up if you still have some budget allow for this years.

HK Snob
HK Watch Fever

PS, if you have known some great deal, let me know....for more sharing...

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Shopping Rolex Daytona in Quark Osaka Shinbaibashi Scent Centre

Whilst Japanese yen is still its low  comparing with HK Dollars,
It is not a bad idea for your shopping into the Rolex Shop in Japan.

This gentleman stopped into this Quark at Shinsaibashi Scent Building at Osaka today to get a good deal for his beloved Daytona Tow Tone. 

I don't think Tow tone Daytona (ref 116523) is not as good as stainless steel for younger people.

The price shown here is Yen 1,731,389 tax free for Daytona two tone with Diamond

Yen 1,249,909 for Daytona Two tone no diamond

After Conversion base on today HKD Yen Ex-rate (640)

The diamond one is HKD$110,808

The ordinary with no diamond  is HKD$96,000

Finally he used his Union Pay EPS card to pay at the Two Tone no diamond with HKD$96,000 Which is Good price. same as the gray dealer price of the same watch in HK.

Rolex Shop has to get the quota for the year, so it might be the best time for Shopping in Japan in these few days.

I don't think they will give such further discount  in January.

But if you pay by VISA card, the final price you pay will be somewhat 3% more...

HK Snob

Welcome the new year 2016

There were too many bad things, refugees, gun shooting, accidents, wars....I think that the 2015 is the worst year to leave us soon, welcome to the good year 2016.

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Friday, December 25, 2015

Miss. J. was in Mong Kok, Hong Kong.

Have you noticed what Watch she worn when she visited HK!?

That is a Submariner Full gold Ref 16618

You see!?  That is Submariner Full gold Ref 16618!

But she is not Miss J. who does not do tattoo at all.

HK Snob

Happy New Year 2016

How Safe it would be buying watch in HK.
I can say most of the shop sells good authentic stuff for new watch with warranty.

Only certain vintage watches… as there are some unreliable watch shops that sell Frankenwatch, this thing still happen though it is not common in Hong Kong , but it would be pathetic if your watch is rejected for service at Rolex Service Centre Hong Kong. Worst is when you friend or relative received it as a gift from you. So always not suggest to buy used watch as gift.

Watch as an investment
Timepieces are like cars, and in most instances they depreciate after you buy them. We should not treat Watch as financial investments. While it is possible to purchase watches that will retain or even possibly increase in value… those instances are the exception and not the general rule.

The amount of depreciation depends on a huge number of factors, and the one easy way to know how much a specific watch may depreciate is to look for pre-owned ones online and see what they are selling for versus the new ones. If a watch is priced at within 25% of its retail price when lightly used, we’d say that it holds value pretty well… Get a steel Rolex Submariner and you’ll know the meaning of how a watch can retain value.”

Rolex AD sells at certain price which is fixed with certain discount on the List price (MSRP, manufacture suggested retail price). In HK that is 5%.
Parallel Import has a better purchase value as it is general much cheaper than you buy at AD.

Vintage Rolex
While we generally tend to advice against the purchase of most vintage watches for most people, they can be an enjoyable and emotionally pleasing investment for many people. Our reasons against getting old watches are because they are more fragile, less mechanically sound, and often too small for our taste nowadays. Many vintage watches are like vintage cars – and with that come all the servicing and maintenance headaches… Of course there are exception The Rolex Day Date Ref 1803, 19038, 18039 are tough guys it never fail. Whilst more of the precious limited luxury watch with complicated build is hard to tell, they cannot be used sometime as water proof is a concern and is very expensive to repair. The repair and regular maintenance fee should be taken into account. 

Trustful seller
You have to do study on the person and shop you are buying your watch from. That is crucial. No matter if it is from a large department store, small dealer, or individual person selling a pre-owned watch, you need to trust them. Trust means that the seller will do the right thing if there is a problem, and that you are getting a real watch.  

Finding a Discount
Steep discounting can mean that a watch isn’t in demand, slow-moving item with high availability of inventory. That doesn’t mean it is a bad watch, but it is good information to know. Buying from brand boutiques or authorized third-party retailers is probably the safest way to get a watch, but it certainly isn’t the only way.

You should also check eBay. There is a huge inventory there and people sell both new and used watches on eBay everyday.  eBay most certainly doesn’t have everything, and sometimes not even the best price, but it would be a great reference.

Opportunity strikes like a flash… However, if you know the watch and if you trust your instinct on certain watch and if the price is Right, buy it…

Sometimes the opportunity comes in sudden and go in seconds…of course if you are not fully understand the watch and the source of the watch. Better stay away from it!

I am trying to say if you don't have gut to buy those vintage watch, don't touch it… but all high return comes from this kind of watches… the best if direct purchase from the Watch Owner, not through the shop or auction as they have already have their profit been marked up. 

Happy new year 2016,  and I hope new year will bring us some of the rarest watch treasure, all you need is guts to open the gold mine!

HK Snob
HK Watch Fever


Thursday, December 24, 2015

Happy Holiday

There was a news that one young man could not tolerate anymore his girl fried went shopping for 5 hours and he jumped from the shopping mall killed himself in front of his Shopaholic girlfriend…

Have you been asked by your wife, who will you save first if your wife and your mother dropped into water at the same time.… of course I will save my mother first… some American say save the Dog first  as they don't have insurance to cover… LOL!

Have you been ask by your girlfriend or wife,,, what colour fits her most… usually she will give you two colour to make a choice… I tell you what… if she give your Pink and black, if you know Pink is what she like , say Pink… if you don't know what she likes… Choose the one your DISLIKE. And If you do not have any idea, Say “Pink” I tell you what, 80% of lady likes Pink..

I visited UNIqol yesterday for those winter jacket for lady, they have all colour Black, grey, green, Red, I Purple, white… But you know What colour is out of stock… You are right. ….”Pink”

I purposely asked the manager what is the top colour choice for lady, he said, “Black”, the second choice is “Pink”.

I think this is not true and I am sure he is a smart manager as I have seen lot of Black is still available.  

We had a hard time 2015 because we made a lot of order for our customer following a lot of delivery issues… as  a Natural process…My official job is sale for Industrial Equipment, and I hit another sales record for the second consecutive years.

I hope the new 2016 bring us new hope of Good Quality, Good Delivery  and good reward for those who really work hard…

Smart people needs no reward, as smart people does not work for others… he can decide his year end bonus by himself.

Peace will come to the Earth, No war, no hate, no more bombing or killing…only friendship. Love making. Love your kid, parent, friends, and colleague.. care about the environment and society.. let the bad guys wither by itself…

Always I say Work hard in silence, let the success make the noise.

Thanks for your continuous support… I hope we can offer something different in terms of watch knowledge, trade in, buying used watch, new watch sale… and providing good service such as delivery new watch to your door in person.

So What is the best Buy watch under USD$10,000 now?
Once you get into the $10,000 range in watch buying, you start buying for investment. These are the watches that become family heirlooms: timepieces that are kept forever, worn on special occasions, and eventually passed down to children.

It’s virtually guaranteed your children are not going to want a first generation Apple Watch. In fact, in only a few short years the Apple Watch Edition will probably only be as valuable as the metals that can be salvaged after melting it down.  USD$5.00!

Luxury watch brands, on the other hand, have been making mechanical movements and gorgeous watch cases for centuries.

Their intricate movements and insanely strong pedigree helps them maintain their value. And the best part is: the technology never changes.

Here are just a few smart purchases for those in the market for an investment-grade watch.
Rolex Submariner Ref 114060
Rolex’s Submarier is the most recognizable dive watch in the world. It’s a staple of any watch connesiour’s collection and has never gone out of style.

Rolex Daytona
Rolex Daytona is probably the most recognized watch brand in the world. This means that everyone knows how great the Daytona is — and everyone wants one.

The hammer has just dropped on the Tudor Heritage Black Bay One and I hereby dub this result officially the most unsurprising surprise of Only Watch 2015.
    The one is available now in HK under limited Supply, HK MSRP HK$26,800
Tudor Ref 25600TB Blue

The Heritage Black Bay One at Only Watch is a piece unique, but it is very similar to the recently released Tudor Heritage Black Bay Black (reference 79220N). The differences are just a few – bezel markings, hands, dial text, etc. The 79220N is a watch with a list price of just $3100.

The Tudor Heritage Black Bay One sold for 375,000 Swiss Francs, which is over 120 times list price.  

The New Tudor Pelagos Blue Dial
The new 2015 Tudor comes with new in house MT5612 Movement with 4Hz and 26 jewels

Model Black 25600TN and Blue 25600TB, I like Blue of course. Watch out.


James Bond Spectre
Another Hot item recently launched, only 7007 pieces, it is not available at AD, only parallel may be able to get

Let me know if you like…it

Hope you are lucky to get the one 007/7007, no way! Ask Daniel Craig..

Wish you Merry Christmas and Happy new year!
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