Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Piaget Bracelet

Piaget produces one of the best design wrist bracelet as shown, made in 1990 white 18CT white gold.

It was expensive to buy, and the white gold is made with good ingrdient such that the colour does not change after so many years.

I went to Goldsmith , Henry told me that it values about HK$5,500 in case sell the gold.

HK Snob

Monday, December 21, 2009

AP Queen's Cup

AP used to sponsor the Queen's Cup at Jockey Club each year for Promotion. Those beautiful ladies are James Bond Girl Michelle Yeoh, models and Hong Kong Movie Stars. AP Royal Oak is one of the best Design watch in 20th and probably 21st Century, one of my favourite watch! Pictures were taken by Nikon SLR Camera, YKL. HK Snob

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Blancpain started the watch manufacturing since 1735. An early small Swiss Watch company that they actually using a farm house as the factory.

I had the very first Blancpain watch in 1990. I had found that the watch was very accurate.
As I always mentioned, the Accuracy of a watch reflects how seriously the watchsmith and Engineer maintin the component precision, asembly process, material studies, material selection and experinece and Skill that they commit to Make that Watch.... I am expecting a Good watch should have at least 30 PPM accuracy per day as an average for time taking in 2 weeks, My Blanpain can make it.. and Surprisingly until today I still had it running as good as perfect as it was purchased 20 years ago....


Patek Philippe Dress Watch

A 18CT Solid White Gold Man's ultra slim watch. Elegant, thin with my favourite Square case design. A Perpetual lasting Watch for man!
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Technomarine has a lot of designs of embedded with Diamond, Plastic cases, SS, Ti, Quartz and mechanical Watches.
This is a solid Titanium watch with an ETA movement, a Chronometer, Sturdy and Stylish sport watch.
HK Snob

Cartir Prasha

A Cartier Prasha SS Chrono, medium size fits to either man of moderate build and woman.

HK Snob

Green is Rolex, Rolex is Green

As a Tradition, Rolex used to Apply Green Colour on their watches, Watch boxes, warranty Certificates and and Catalogue.
This is a 1982 Rolex Day Date with Green Rolex enamel Dial... 18Ct Solid Gold with rubies and Diamonds on the bezel. Looks like new!
This kind of enamel Dial surface will have crack lines after 15-20 years. This Sample does also have some lines of micro crack on the dial. That may be due to the enamel process has some impurity or may be the delimination between the enamel and the dial base material after years of Temperature cycles.

The cause of the crack line is unknown to me. Anyway, this crack lines is the reflection of natural aging of this Beautiful Rolex.

Seems there is no perfect enamel dial. I am not sure if the new enamel process is improved or not?

HK Snob

Friday, December 18, 2009

LED Watch for young Lady

LED Watch for young lady, oversized, innovative design with Watch and strap comes in one!

Price is also not Cheap! USD$6.5!

HK Snob

LED Watch

Blue LED Watch with the Left hand LED column indicating the Hours and the right 5 Column LED bars for displaying the minutes.
Auto Light up once after 15 minutes. Push to Show Time and Auto off!
Very Attractive decorative watch . Work perfectly at Day and Stunning bright at night.
Powered by a CR2032 battery Cell.
Well, quite Expensive... It is USD$7.00
HK Snob

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Highgear USA Altis Sport watch

This is a sturdy built Swiss made Multi-Functional Watch for sportman... no matter we use it for Hiking, Trekking or Cycling! It has Compass, Altimeter, Barometer, Chronometer, temperature, Timer and Alarm functions. The attached Sample is SS made, it would be better if there is Titanium version.

Other Reliable makes are Suunto, Tissot, Tag Hauer and Protek.

HK Snob.

Friday, December 11, 2009

How to tell a Cartier is Fake!?

Let's look at the Roman figure VII, the V is consisting of a word "Cartier" on it Marked with a RED circle as shown.

I found this when I got my first Santos Cartier watch in 1978, this Tradition remains. Some of the Lady watch the Roman figure XI, The " / " is made up with a "Cartier"

The fake watch had a hard time to print this small "Cartier' on the dial... Nowadays I beleive the Fake watch are made up this cartier as part of the roman Figure, but they are not as clear and as Precise as the Original Cartier... It is easy to tell ...

HK Snob

A Italian Friend gave me some watches. The Monte Carlo, which is only available for sales in Italy.
I think that this watch are made by one Hong Kong Contract Manufacturers.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Emporio Armani Watch

Emporio Armani has launched a new series of Watch of High Flyer Design!This is one of them and is not easily been found in most of the shops. They have also launched the Asia limited of 1,000 pieces of other bold and neat design, I will capture and share with you all later!

Being a Watch collector, sometimes, we also would like to wear some of the different design as a fashion wear, not limited to the High end stuff from Geneve! As they are not as friendily in price with this watch... HK Snob