Sunday, August 4, 2013

My Rolex Regret

           Rolex Submariner 18 KT gold with Lapis Lazuli Blue Dial.

Rolex Regret
1.       I had a 1948 Rolex 14 KT Bubble back with original dial which I bought from Kiu Tai Yu with HKD$5,500 when he came to HK from Shanghai in 1986.  After I while, I swapped with someone for a 1905 No-name 925 Silver Pocket minute repeater. It was fun to play with, but it wouldn’t last. That was 1987.

2.       We lost the Yellow Gold Solid 18KT Date Just which was the marriage gift for my first wife, that was 1989.

3.       I had an offer from Friend who showed me Ref 1803 Yellow gold with 44 diamonds on the reddish brown dial with HKD$65,000 in 2011.  Now I have started to find the watch is selling HKD$150,000 range.

4.       I missed to buy the Submariner solid gold 18KT with Lapis lazuli Dial in 2011, the offer was just HKD$120,000 instead I bought a Rolex Daytona Yellow Gold watch. Later the Submariner was sold at Auction for HKD$730,000.  My Rolex Yellow Gold Daytona is more or less the same price after two years!

Moral of the story is: Buy it When you think price is Right, Once you hesitate, it will become another History!
HK Snob

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