Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Most Unique beautiful Sportive Rolex Day date OysterQuartz



OysterQuartz was made since 1977 till 2004 for 25 years, Rolex produced 1,000 pieces per year, so total unit of 25,000 was made, I estimate that 60% is SS version, 30% is TT version and 10% is Solid Yellow Gold version,  I have never heard of any Pink Gold version has been made!

Amongst these 2500 pieces of Solid Gold version, there is about 500 pieces using special Stone Dial like the one I have…Assuming that 100 pieces are badly worn off, and 100 pieces were gone or damaged, or could not resists the temptation to turn it into cash by selling the heavy gold cases to goldsmith, I believe that the watch I current have has less than 300 similar pieces in the World…It is rare! And the Gold Strap is sleek, beautiful, somewhat look like the Nautilus watch strap design, even we look it it today, it is updated! The watch is heavy, it is about 3.05 tael in weight.

In 1977, the Oysterquartz was introduced the quartz crystal used in the oscillator circuit was changed to a tuning fork shape. The earlier movements were known internally at Rolex as Mark I movements, while the later ones with the new shape quartz crystal were known as Mark II movements.

The Mark I 5035 Datejust movements were never submitted to the COSC for chronometer certification, which accounts for the absence of "Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified" on the dials of the very early Oysterquartz Datejust models.

Everything about the design and construction of the 5035/5055 module shows that Rolex intended to build this movement to be a "Life-Time" movement, designed to be serviceable and serviced just like their mechanical movements.

In fact, apart from the electronics and the pulse motor, the "mechanics" of the 5035 are the same as the 3035 automatic movement that was also introduced in 1977 and used in the Submariner and other Date/Datejust models for over a decade.

The driving mechanism for the 5035/5055 is very similar to the design of a traditional mechanical watch escapement. The pulse motor drives a pallet fork which in turn moves a pallet wheel. This wheel drives the second hand at a 1:1 ratio with one tick per second.

The hour and minute hands are driven off this pallet wheel. The loud "Tick" you hear every second are the pallets engaging the pallet wheel. That is why the tick of the 5035/5055 has such a unique sound and is very much like the tick of a mechanical watch, though at one tick per second rather than the eight ticks per second of a 28,800 bph Rolex Perpetual movement. This drive mechanism also ensures the second hand steps around the dial smartly with zero backlash since the hand is effectively locked in place by the pallet fork in between each beat.

There is a temperature sensing thermister that can be adjusted for Temperature compensation. As well, There is free battery cell changing each time at Rolex service Centre!

Even though the technology of quartz wristwatch timekeeping has moved beyond that found in the 5035/5055, this movement still remains one of the most "over-engineered" quartz movements ever produced and clearly carries on the Rolex tradition of solid engineering, superb finishing, and understated beauty.

Advancements in technology have yielded quartz modules with superior accuracy, but when it debuted, the 5035/5055 only had one true rival from a technological standpoint: the 2.4Mhz Omega 1516 movement used in their famous Marine Chronometer wristwatches of the mid 70s. But from the standpoint of "build quality" and finish (anglage, perlage, and Geneva stripes), the 5035/5055 still reigns supreme, something that is not likely to change in the foreseeable future.

So in short this is a rare beautiful, sportive, gold Rolex OysterQuartz… A Collector’s item.

5035 Specifications:
32,768Hz VCTCXO Quartz Module
Integrated circuit: CMOS
Temperature compensation: Yes
Rate trimmer: Yes
Power source: UCAR 357 silveroxide battery, 1.55v
Width: 29.75mm
Height: 6.5mm
11 jewels
Antimagnetic: Yes, to 1000 Oersted
Hacking: Yes
Quick set date: Yes
Reference: and OysterQuartz blog

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Very First LED watch of the 70's

Old, rare and hard to find LED display watch, other than ny Boluva LED watch of similar design, rolled gold case and strap. Not the magnet hidden on the strap is used to set the time.
very unique for Pulsar LED display watch.
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The Most Beautiful Cartier Watch for Women

This is the watch for woman....though this grey colour strap was the best colour to match with the dial. But I think a black satin strap would be the best to promote the gluster for the diamonds.

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The most beautiful watch from Seiko

This is another sample for Grand Seiko, high speed 38000. Hard to find, expensive as HKD$36,000.00 beautiful watch with the right size, crystal clear sapphire glass, strongest and toughest steel to build the case.

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The Most Expensive Diver's Watch from Seiko

A selling price of HKD$50,000.00 for a Divers' watch from Seiko is classified expensive for me.
As this is the price for a Rolex DeepSea, or an IWC's Deep One.
But this is a Seiko; a very special watch called Spring Driving Watch was made with a mechanical auto winding mechanism to reserve the power. As the main spring unwinds, it provides power for driving the hands controlled through the Regulator called Try-synchro regulator. A small fraction of the mainspring power is to generate satiny current to drive an Oscillator and an IC. The precise reference signal of the IC will coordinate with the speed as the mainspring unwinds. A delicately controlled electromagnetic brake is applied to ensure the mainspring unwinds is exactly the right rate to match the watch oscillators for accurate timekeeping. The Electro magnetic brake will keeps hands for an accurate time.
Since there is no conventional escapement, the movement is smooth, the hands is swing smoothly and continuously as naturally flowing movement. The power reserve maintains 72 hours operation, the accuracy can be +/-1 second a day. A glide motion hand.
This is a Diver's watch, very heavy and sturdy built, I can say heavier than a DeepSea. Very Strong Steel to make the case, beautiful, it is selling at Yen 598,500!

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Best Looking Rolex Oyster Day Date Ref. 18038

ROLEX DAY-DATE Ref.18038 18K Yellow Solid-Gold Case.
An Rare Brownish Yellow Gem stone Dial, the best after Onyx probably!!?
Brown colour Croco. Leather strap 1990's
This is another one after I bought the similar dial OysterQuartz, This is an Auto Version.
Well, as for the overall appearance consideration, the OysterQuartz is more beautiful, this will be the 2nd choice as for causal Wearing. As if for Collection purpose, this is better than the OysterQuartz for sure.

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Monday, September 20, 2010

World First Single Control Buttton Perpetual Calendar Watch

This is a Limited Edition for from the world renowned clock manufacturing for the merchant vessel.  This is the World No. 1 to have just one single control to set up all the calendar date, year, day and Month.  This is a special serial number of “000” amongst the 150 pieces Nardin Made for us. The Dial date display arrangement is a bit confusing and not set in harmony. A bit uncomfortable to see that the F/S adjustment gear is not goose neck type for such a watch of USD$30,000.00!
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Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Most Sexiest Rolex Submariner 1608

This is an Old Vantage 60's Rolex Submariner, just after cleaning by Rolex watch expert.
The Colour of the limunious substance on the hour markers changed brownish evenly.
The watch is a classic, the Crown is Big as I can see it comes out between two shoulders...this is a lovely model for casual wearing...

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Citizen Eco-drive

This watch needs no battery, some kind of light energy, or solar will keep it running for 6 months...
Stainless steel watch for man...
I bought it today for my firend in China. Note this is made in Japan.. it does already carry you an image of good quality!

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Rolex Date Just Solid Gold with Onyx Dial

These are two near mint sample of Rolex Yellow Solid Gold Man's Oyster Date Just with Onyx Dial. Rare to see Date just with Onyx Dial.
I am considering to get one to enlarge my Rolex Collection!

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World largest Watch and Clock Fair

This is the World largest Watch and Clock fair heldin Hong Kong Converntion Centre 6-10 September.
Well,, There are numerous exhibitors from overseas to participate this watch fair. And I expected to buy some of the exotic watch for me... But A bit disappointmed to see that a lot of the World Famous Watch designs were being C & D* to form a new watch makred with some other Brand Band name....
Like AP, Hubort, Piaget, Roger Dubuis...etc...
On the other hand, we could see a lot of new innovative design from some of the young watch designers from Korea, China and India...
PS... C & D means copy and development...
The big hand's Rolex was Paul... he is a famous HK watch trader and collectors!
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Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Best Watch for Casual wearing

I came across to see this beautiful Royal Oak from A Watch Magazine... Nice watch needs no extra hands, date or day display. Simplicity is the essence for a causal watch for my everyday use...
I am looking for this watch and will be in one of the best three search items on my watch list.
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