Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rolex's Flagship Day Date is the President's Watch

Ten points I like to wear a Day Date most amongst all Rolex Models.

1 Probably I am aged and need something to remind me both the day and Date.

2. The Display window of the Day is situated at the “12” O’clock position, that is ONLY Rolex has such a design since 1955.

3. Day Date is that it bearing the same age as I am.

4. Day Date does not come with stainless steel, only Gold or Platinum.

5. Rumour of Rolex used the Class A Calibre into Day Date Case.

6. Day Date can be used as sportive watch, as it is extremely tough and water resistant.

7. Day Date is also called “President’s Watch”!

8. All my Day Date is extremely accurate, most of them has a accuracy of 23ppm, (less than 2 seconds a day)

9, The size is just right.

10. Overall, it is Beautiful!

More about Day Date

Day Date was Patented July 23. 1955 – It was officially Released in 1956 after Rolex had been enjoying quite a barren spell in the sale of its manufactured complicated timepieces it soon began to revive fortune. The new 6511 the "Day Date" had a window at 12 spelling out the day at 12 and the date was shown at 3. Due to the additional complexity of the watch, with its automatic movement, additional day and date discs and a screw down back it was a very large at that time and thick watch which gave it presence on the wrist. Introduced as a niche model it soon gained the popularity it deserves and after the introduction of the concealed clasp concealed clasp was offer as $75 option in 1969) it was known as the "President".
The Day Date gradually became Rolex's flagship. The first model (6511) lasted just over a year before it was replaced by the externally identical 6611. This model featured the new caliber 1055 movement with its free sprung Micro-Stella balance and was the first to be labeled " Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified" on the dial. This new accuracy standard guaranteed the watch to remain within + 3.0 seconds per day. In 1959 caliber 1055 was replaced with caliber 1555 in model 1803 (18,000bph) and later in year 1965 - model 1803 received caliber 1556 (19,800bph). In 1977 caliber 3055 (quick-set) was introduced in model 18038 and in 1988 caliber 3155 (double quick-set) was introduced in model 18238.

Caliber 3155 is the caliber still used today in all Day-Date models.

The Day Date earned the nickname the "President" when Rolex reportedly gave one to the then President of the United States Dwight Eisenhower. Some sources say that President Eisenhower was actually given a Datejust (not Day-Date) with the presidential style bracelet. But it is a fact that several other US presidents are known to wear Day-Date (Roosevelt, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Reagan).

These early models did not have the hack feature and appeared rather bulky. In their never ending quest to modernize the basic configuration of the Day Date, Rolex designers have changed from the bulbous bubble-back look of the early models to the slimmer shape employed today.

With only a few mild case design changes over the years the first modification to the Day Date was the addition of the hack feature in about 1972. This allowed the second hand to be stopped dead if you wanted to set the time via a preset accurate source. At this time the shape of the head was essentially the same as it is today. The Day Date was available in white gold, yellow gold, pink gold and platinum although in early 70's the pink gold watch was fazed out.

The " Quick set " feature (caliber 3055) solved one of the watches biggest problems. Introduced in the late 1970's Quick set was added to all Rolex models by 1983. Instead of turning the crown round and round to change the date the wearer could just pull the button out half way and a few turns at most and the correct date was displayed.

The introduction of the quick set feature also coincided with other developments for the Day Date. The inclusion of the sapphire crystal not only gave the watch a sleeker look but also added to the durability. The sapphire crystal fitted tighter than the plastic glass employed before and rendered the watch glass scratch proof. The early Day Date models were waterproof to 165 feet ( 50 meters) while the current model is safe at depths of up to 100 meters. At the same time the current model is less "fat" as the old one.

In addition to the advancements structurally and internally Rolex introduced a new number system that is still in use for today on some models. They added an extra digit to the model number. This number although denoted a new line actually represented the material the watch was when it left the product line.

Introduced in 1988/89 was the "Double Quick Set" watch with caliber 3155. This was model 18238 and it made the setting of the Day and Date even easier as they could both be done on the button. Rolex has also increasingly expanded their "Crown Collection" to include all types of precious stones by now although they were available with diamonds on the bezel from their introduction.

From the end of 2000 the Day Date has been available in pink gold again. The watch has also been introduced with slightly redesigned case with polished lugs, smooth bezel is now domed, a domed sapphire crystal, solid center links on now heavier bracelet and can also come on an oyster bracelet to bring it in line with many of their other models.

The Day Date across the world has become synonymous with taste, class and style. This watch remains one of the most prestigious men's accessory.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Rolex List Price September 2010 part 1

I have received the lastest Rolex List price valid on 28 Sept 2010. Amazingly to see that Rolex has so many variety of watch...

Note that there is a great potential appreacition for Rolex as a watch for life... worth your consideration to invest on it... The best is Platinum Day Date, White/yellow Gold Day Date, Rose Gold Daytona etc... You can select the best model you like from the web site and check for the price it should be. Rolex Price is quite standard over all Authorized Dealers in Hong Kong. And I am sure there are shops nearby your place for your Rolex purchase, Oriental, Chow Sang Sang, King Fook, Chow Tai Fook, Dickson, Prince, Geneva, Tak Shing...etc.

My favourite watches are still, Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemar Piguet, Roger Dubuis, Frank Muller, Vercheron Constantin, IWC, Jaeger LeCoutle, Cartier, Blanpain...

There is some technical issue that I can not upload the 10MB file... I have to figure out may be break down into smaller few files.
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The Most Expensive Rolex Watch

Rolex is one of the world’s 100 most valuable brands. The World largest Production for Certified Chronometer. The Swiss company’s timepieces are almost synonymous with wealth and status, but Rolex is surprisingly absent from the list of the world’s top ten most expensive watches. In fact I can say Rolex is likely having Cheapest Solid Gold watch from Switzerland. That’s why we’ve decided to let you know about the most expensive Rolex watches in the world.

The most expensive Rolex ever sold at auction was a “Paul Newman” Rolex Oyster Cosmograph “Daytona” sold at a Sotheby’s event in June, 2003. This prototype wristwatch, featuring a red dial and black sub-dials, was produced in 1979. It sold for US $350,000.

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Double Tourbillon

Roger Dubuis Design is bold, updated and Innovative, They have introduced a Skeleton Excalibur Double Tourbillon which is so attractive...As attached Picture.

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Technomarine Diamond Bezel Watch for Men

This Technomarine has 2 Carat Real Diamonds set on the bezel.

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Rolex Ref.116528 Daytona

This is excellent ++ Rolex Ref.116528 New movement from Rolex, old one is using Zenith El Primero movement. This Rolex is using Rolex movement. With 290 components, that is simple enough to maintain highly reliable operation for many years. Power reserve up to 72 hours and 66 hours when Chromometer is on.

Decorated with a Sharp Red hand. Sleek and Beaufiful sportive Watch.

HK Snob

Rolex Ref. 18038 Day Date 18K Yellow Gold Gem Stone Dial Men's Watch

ROLEX Ref.18038 DAY-DATE 18K Yellow Gold 原裝帶,自動,石面,條字.
This is rare as Rolex is quite reluctant to product Gem Stone Dial watch due to the process is tedious.
This is another example of Day Date, like Wine someone like it strong and someone likes it to be gentle and mild. This Gem stone has a very high contract. Quite an Attractive watch.

HK Snob

Patek Philippe Calatrava Manual Wound Men's Watch

Patek Philippe, CALATRAVA
Calibre:215 Manually-wound.
18K White Gold. (34MM.)

P.P.18K White Gold Buckle & P.P.Croco.Leather

Geneva Seal Hallmarked.  Adjusted to Five Positions.

Very Elegant Classic Patek Philippe Like New. Full Certificates and Orginal Packing material.

HK Snob

Gigantic Panerai With Diamond Bezel

This is a special modified Panerai watch for a lady, who Loves Panerai and the brilliant glister of the diamonds. However,  I do not think that is an good combination for men!

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Rare Rolex Day Date Yellow Gold Ref. 1803

This is a vintage 1976 Rolex Solid Gold Day Date Ref. 1803, everything is orginal, case has not been polished, everything is untouched, keep in excellent condition as the beacelet is straight and not deformed. not much sign for wearing. Plastic Crystal of course, only until 1979 Rolex issued the watch with Sapphire crystal. very accuracy, I have been tested on my Rolex Winder, it gains about 2 second a day. It is rare as it has 10 diamonds on the dial, you know that tiny 10 diamond-dial would cost an office clerk's 2 months salary in the year 1976... 
This is the Flag ship of Rolex, a relaible and honesty partner for old man like me. CLASSIC!\
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Friday, October 15, 2010

Brequet Classique 3755 Skeleton Wristwatch in Platinum, with Tourbillon and perpetual Calendar

This is a rare skeletonized movement that takes technological refinement to the highest extreme in a interlacing of in-house polished and engraved parts. Many hours of hand craftmanship for ssuch a beautiful watch by the master of Brequet. Hand-wouned movement with tourbillon and perpetual calendar showing th day, month and leap year!!
Hong Kong retail price is HKD$1,786,200.00 , available at Prince Jewellery and Watch Company.
HK Snob

IWC Men's IW371417 Portuguese Chronograph Automatic Watch

Since I had the first IWC Engineer in 1965 and then another Yellow old Square format Automatic IWC, followed with another Round shap 34mm Solid Gold manual wind Watch, this is another IWC latest design for leading the fashion with bold dial design with Chronometer function that might fit for the men aged 25-35! HK Snob

Vacheron Constantin Malte Tourbillon Regulator

Vacheron Constantin, one of the Swiss oldest watch master since 18th century.
Had created one of the most beautiful watch that really catches my eyes!
Overlaid with 565 baguette diamonds with roughly 19 Carats, with an invisible settings all hand-crafted, over 2,000 hours of goldsmithing work goes into this men’s watch. The skill that only a few artists today have mastered. This masterpieces features the manual-winding 195R movement, which set for a harmony echo of the Turbillon with a regulator display. The Movement is designed, developed and produced by Vacheron Constantin Manufacture and is appreciated by watch enthusiasts.
Price is HKD$6,280,000.00. Available at prince Jewellery and Watch Company.

HK Snob

Audemar Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Baguette-Cut Diamonds

To clad this exceptional watch in dazzling radiance, the Swiss master jewellers of Le Brassus finely selected some of the flawless daimonds to create this baguette-Cut of right proportions. The results are magnificiently elegant and uniquely graceful, from the Octagonal bezel to the elaborately designed bracelets.
Made to order, this men's s model features a self winding calibre.
Retails Prie:HKD$8,650,000.00 available at Prince Jewellery and Watch Company. I saow it in he watch show yesterday in Convention centre Hong Kong.
This is the price good for a flat of 900 square foot in Hong Kong! But I can not afford to buy. Though I wish I could get one!
HK Snob

Thursday, October 14, 2010

How to Maintain Your Valuable Watches

Watch is a time piece and as the same time an accessory, to reflect our taste, personality, style and that is more or less like the shoe of a Japanese, whereby we can tell how is his society status…
A good leather shoes require maintenance, as for your watch that is more or less your identification, Icon, or trade mark of you…
In order to keep your watch running smoothly, accurately quietly.. Reliably; you have to pay some attention to the maintenance…
Well, some one told me watch does not need maintenance at all as they are made of scratch proof material, they are water proof., and shock proof by the intrinsic Incabloc or whatever design of shock absorbent mechanism…
Well that may be wrong as we have to pay attention on preventive maintenance in order to prolong the life and to reduce any damages of the watch.
This is my experience on watch maintenance.
Watch Winder
Many people told me that the watch has to be in operation condition perpetually, as the mechansim will be smooth when they are using frequently. Well, as for a Mechanical watch, the life time, the wearing of the spindle, bearing are directly proportional to the length of active state of the watch. I do not suggest to keep the watch in moving condition all the time by means of the Auto watch winder... as more it runs, more it wears more and more the lubricant will be tend to be thickened and dried out.. And the watch will go SLOW after certain period of time.
Even if you have a watch that you do not want to use for a period of time, you should take it out and let it run on the Auto Watch Winder for a couple of days. This will ensure the lubricant is in Liquidous condition , rather than in Solidified condition.
A Proper watch winder is a good tool to keep an automatic watch in running condition, as it has in a programme to move the rotor in Clockwise and then anticlockwise direction. It would not exert too much pressure on the rotary s it utilize the Gravity attraction to keep the rotor moving, some people does like to SWING the watch by hand vigorously. That may exert too much pressure on the tiny bearings around the rotator and that don’t do well to the watch at all. Beside, a proper watch winder should be magnetic leak proof...

Accuracy monitoring for proper lubrication condition
I had an AP which I bout it 25 years ago, it is so precise and accurate, it gains a few second a week. And after so may years it still gains a few second a week. That is an indication on the viscosity of the lubrication., as time goes by, the lubrication oil inside the watch will tend to dry out and that will create extra friction to the wheels and gears. The Watch will go SLOW... So a new watch should be adjusted a bit gain few seconds every day. It will go slower very two to three year hence we can estimate that this watch will lose time after another 5 years. That mean the lubrication oil is becoming thicker, the friction is becoming higher. And the micro metal wear off debris is accumulating.. It is time for you to send it to the watch service centre for Proper Overhaul. Back to my AP I have never put it to the AP service centre as it is still very accurate... still. Normally we recommend sending your watch to the Service centre every 5 to 7 year for inspection and or overhaul.
Regular cleaning
The Rolex hand book advises you to use soap and Luke warm water to clean your watch say every month as
The watch will tend to accumulate a lot of dirt, dust, sweat, skin tissues, fibre, germs...etc at the pins; lock, shoulder area., It is advise to first lock up the watch tighter crown and use Luke warm water and soap to leather., then rinse it under running water.. The dry it in some kind of soft cotton cloth. Normal I clean my Rolex every three days as I Sweat a lot. Do not use strong detergent, dish cleaner, alcohol, Acetone, or anything corrosive to clean your watch, only mild soap is allowed.

Waterproof and water resistant.
Do not think that your deep-Sea is absolute water tight., well, all depends on the condition of the o-ring on the crystal and the bottom cover plate.. We suggest that every time your have dived with your submariner. Try to use tap water to rinse the blime and salty mineral on your watch As even stainless steel can react with the salt. It will have some corrision on your case and gold. Send your water to the service centre for water proof check every two years if you are frequently diver, I normally send it to the service centre every 5 years.

Do not place your watch near by a loudspeaker, your hand phone bag as it has strong magnetic to hold the flapper, Unless your watch is Rolex Milgraus or IWC Engineer II, they are built to resist strong magnetic field interference, or your watch will be affected and will affect oats accuracy. Once if you find your watch is magnetized, go to the watch smith for demagnetization. It take a few second to do the job, following by an accuracy checker to take measurement on the time keep capability.

Lost of Lustre
The Gold will tend to lose its luster on curtain people skin as it normal will react with the secretion from your body, it will be passivated and lose the shining luster… There is a kind of jewellery cloth (Silbo Polishing cloth for jewelry) that can retain the shinnny lustre of the watch… Do not use abrasive Brasso, or some people use tooth paste to clean your watch tooth paste has some tiny abrasive substance can damage the gold watch.

Inspection on your watch every month
Check the pins, tiny screw lock on the strap very month as it tend to get loosed, if that happened your watch may drop accidentally, that will be total loss. Try to put some Screw Loctite or a tiny drop of AA fast glue at the screw thread of your screw to prevent it to get loosened. AA fast glue can be dissolved by Debonder in case you want to loose the screw and it will not cause any damages on the screw threads.

Protect your watch
I had a Rolex Crystal being crashed by a thick and heavy Stainless watch somewhere while I was walking..
I have seen also a Role Date Day crystal was being cracked when that botched man hits his with on the MTR exit gate. Immediately send to Rolex Centre for Inspection and repair.

Floggy Crystal
When your watch enter a warmer room from a outside, if you can see the crystal is frosted. That is 100% indicated that the watch is leaking and water vapor could enter the watch. You should immediately take it to the service centre for checking as if water is the watch’s enemy.

If you leave your watch at high temperature or nearby an oven or under hot sun for prolong time, the lubrication oil may be forced to dry out.. Although the Lubication oil was animal oil (whale) it will also be able to dry under high temperature it will shorten the time for your next Overhaul.

Shock proof
Only a few watch in the world can last for strong impact such as your watch is on your right hand while you are playing Golf,, The impact of the Golf club on the Golf will transmit the vibration onto the watch, that is not good to the watch… Note that most of the player is wearing on the left hand while he uses his right hand for golf!

Last but not least, try to take care on your time piece as this is an master piece of the Swiss watch master. If you take care of it properly, a good Swiss mechanical watch should work perfectly for a few hundred years!
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Cartier Santos 100 Watch for Woman, with Decorative diamond Bezel

 Purple dial is limited Edition, an added on Diamond Bezel adds on lustre and a bit glamour to this watch and brings in charms to the woman who wears this Beautiful Cartier Time Piece!

HK Snob

The Cheapest Rolex Day Date Yellow Gold Watch

Friend of mine made an offer to me... This is a 1974 Rolex Watch, pre-owned Watch... but in excellent condition, as it is a usual practice not to wear this kind of Rolex Flagship watch everyday, I believe there were less than 10,000 people who could own a piecs of Rolex Gold Date Day in 1970s'
in 1970, a man's Rolex Stainless steel Date Just was about HKD$900.00, a Rolex Two Tone Date Just was about HKD$1,600.00. A Yellow Gold Rolex  Day Date with leather strap was probably selling HKD$2,800.00. Well a small flat of say 600 square feet was about HKD$9,000.00 at that time...

So 3 Rolex Can buy one flat at that time... Now !! as of today a reasonable middle range flat of 600 square feet is about HKD$2,500,000.00, A Rolex Gold leather strap Day Date is approximately selling at HKD$90,000.00... That means now we can use 27 Rolex to buy a house! I Think there is a risk for real Estate Sales go bubbles in 2013. Well, the Rolex will never go bubbles in Sales.. Never... may be we can use use 10 Rolex to buy a house in 2013... I am collecting Rolex...just simple as this... I may use my Rolex to Change a Flat with you!? Will you!?

Back to this beginning of this message... This is the Cheapest Rolex... well guess how much!?? Only $3,500.00!! Look at the Rare Roman Number indicators, there is no any traces of oxidation on the dial, no major scratches on the case! Why I should hesitate to pay!?

HK Snob

Most Beautiful Rolex Men's Watch on the Beautiful Woman's Wrist

You may blame me that is too objective to say so, but this is purely my point of view.

Simple dial design to force you focus to the "Crown" Logo of Rolex at 12 O'clock position. Rare production unit and likely no more from Rolex for Onyx dial Date Just 36mm...

I have been searching more than 10 shops of the Rolex Authorized dealer Chow Sang Sang, King Fook, Chow Tai Fok, Oriental in these few days, I have probably seen over 3,000 Rolex Watches, bot even one I can find is assembled of Oynx Dial... Only Mother of pearl, or Jade is available beside printing over metallic dial surface.... Well, the reason is " too Expensive to make" So If you have this kind of watch, Please treasure it...
This is the watch Ice who is wearing...Look at that, is that a Beautiful Rolex!?

HK Snob HK Snob

Panerai OP6691

This is an Huge and heavy Panerai Automatic watch for Man, I think that is a bit heavy for lady...
Limited to 3,000 Pieces....Bold, Dynamic, daring and attractive if your wrist is big enough...

Some design flaw is that the press to lock waterproof system is a question to me at depth of >200m!?
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Patek Philippe "Calatrava" Ref 3998J Self Winding Movement

PATEK PHILIPPLE 'Calatrava' Ref. 3998J
Mechanicl Self-winding Movement with Date. Caliber:315SC.
(Solid-Gold ) Solid- Gold Center sweep second hand.
Solid-Gold Opaline-white dial.
Solid-Gold hour markers. Water resistant to 25 m.
Geneva Seal Hallmarked. 18K Yellow Gold Case (35mm.),
P.P.18KY. Gold Buckle (Brand New) P.P.Crocodile Strap
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Friday, October 8, 2010

Tritium watch, H3 Watches, gas light watches, GTLS Watches Working Principle

What is GTLS?
GTLS stands for Gaseous Tritium Light Sources, these are tiny glass vials with a thin coating of Phosphorescent substance on the inside wall. Filled with Tritium gas and then sealed tight with a laser beam. Tritium (H3) is a radioactive isotope of Hydrogen, It has a half life of 12.3 years. During the decay of Tritium, a low energy electron is emitted. This process so called beta Radiation. During this process of decay the tritium molecule becomes a stable Helium molecules. The emitted electron hits the thin coating of Phosphorescent substance and is converted into visible cold light. The colour of the light depends on the types of the phosphorescent substance being used.
The disintegration process of the tritium isotope (represented in red) into helium (yellow) produces electrons (blue). The energy of thee electrons, should it reach the thin layer if the luminous matters (green) gets converted into a visible, cold light.
GTLS watches bear others names: Tritium watch, H3 Watches, gas light watches…
How long Can a GTLS glow?
The GTLS in a watch can glow over 25 years. It grows by itself without having to be charged with electricity or sunlight. The reduction of brightness is continuous. Generally, I is around 10-15% per year.

Is a Watch using GTLS safe?!

Yes, it is safe, During the decay process of tritium, a low energy electron is emitted. It contains only a maximum energy of 18KeV. Its is a very low energy level. It Can be easily blocked by a piece of thin paper. Therefore, it does not have the energy to penetrate human tissue. Beside, the tritium is trapped inside a glass vial which is further protected by the crystal of the watch,. If we break all the lights in a watch (typically 14 to 15 pcs of gas tubes with a total radiation content of less than 25mCi) and inhale all the tritium gas inside., the harm to our body is like consuming a banana. A banana will take in potassium 40 (K-40) while growing, K-40 is also radioactive.

Reference: Bonding Co Ltd, legally Licensed Assembly of GTLS in Hong Kong.

HK Snob

Harry Winston White Gold Chronometer

This is a HW white Gold Chronometer watch, massive, Auto, Leather Strap. A lot of gold, a lot of fun! HK Snob

The Most beautiful Cartier Santos Purple Colour Auto watch for her!

Of Course, there is no standard beautiful Colour, but Look at this Cartier, Can you resist not buying for your wife? or mistress? or girl friend? name a excuse for buying., Say the first day she got late in the office, the first time she wins only 3 numbers for Mark Six, or The First time she was fired…name it… make her Happy…
This is the best designed Traditional Classic design of the 1920’s. Well balanced in shape and thickness. Friend Of mine went to Cartier Shop to change for such a matching purple leather strap… well Thank you… HKD$2,400! An amount Good enough to get a wallet from the Louis Vitton!

HK Snob

Rolex Ref.68278 Boy Size Yellow Gold Date Just for Today's Sophisticated Lady

In the end of 70's there was a trend for man to wear lady's watch, as the fashion was “Smaller is Better” I still I remember I spent HKD4,505 buying a lady’s Rolex SS date Just for myself in 1981. And Later my 2nd Engineer loved it I sold it to him for his Shanghai wife. I topped it up to HKD$5025 in order buy a SS Boy size Date Just later. As Gold Rolex was just a dream for a poor snob like me… that is about 1/5 of the price of a 800 square feet Town house at that time in Yuen Long. A man would not wear something “big” like today. Man worn Middle sized watch, which Rolex called “Boy Size” Woman would use Lady watch… Man used Boy size, there was not so many Jumbo Watch with 38mm, or 39mm being displayed in the Watch Shop in Hong Kong. Since 1993, the Trend is extra Large…I still see man wearing a “Rolex Boy Size Watch” but that looks he is out! And he must be older than 45 years old. As this is the same watch he bought when he was 25 years old… I would not dare to wear as if Paul or Frankie sees me, he would laugh hysteristically to death! This is a Boy Sized Date Just for Today’s woman, as if she is sophisticated, educated middle class, this is the perfect match for her wrist especially for Chinese lady of 1.6M height. Don’t force yourself to wear a Daytona or DeepSea. That is a tool watch for man. Somewhat lacks of a bit elegance and Rich feeling… HK Snob

Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Recent Purchased watches

These are the watches I bought in the past year... Namely
Rolex Day Date WG 36mm
Rolex Day Date YG 36mm
Rolex Day Just Onyx YG 36mm
Rogers Dubuis Much More Pink Gold perpetual Calendar (only 28 pcs)
Rolex Day Date OysterQuartz  YG 36mm (estimated less than 200 pcs)
AP Royal Oak Jumbo 1972 design first Generationi (less than 150 pcs)
Plus Three Cartier, Three other Rolexes, One AP Royal Oak SS, Rolex Daytona, Two Piaget... and two Seiko..

HK Snob

A.P.Royal Oak Chronograph 40mm Wristwatch for An Executive like you!

An example of another A.P. Royal Oak Design, black theme dial, 40mm in size, With date at 4' Oclock 30 minutes position, Chronograph. Well Balanced Designed Arrangement of the three timing Circles. Big Sweep second hand....Matching colour of the case and the dial. What a Beautiful Watch made with the best Workmanship of A.P. watch masters.
Can be your daily wearing watch.... Can be my Daily Wearing watch too!
HK Snob

Friday, October 1, 2010