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Rolex Hong Kong Price Book (updated Version Sep-2013)

Advised by one of our friends to put this Rolex Price Book onto the web site, in fact I should do long time ago.


Everyone goes to Rolex AD can get one of these Price Book. It is free.

The Price list here is list price, same for all Rolex AD acorss Hong Kong. The Price is in Hong Kong Dollars.

Standard Price offer for all watched here with less 5% discount using card all types except Diners (I am not too sure certain shops May accept Diners Club Credit card)

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One of the a Adorable Rolex Date Just Lady 31 Ref 178341

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Just Lady 31 Ref 178341

This is a special Rolex design outburst from the old classic traditional ways: Fluted  bezel, Jubilee Bracelet, Gold Hour index…

This is Total different way to display a new look to us…

Pink gold with Oyster Bracelet, a sets of 24 diamond of total 0.28 Carat on the bezel,  a special “VI”hour indicator formed by another set of tiny diamond, Chocolate Dial Colour unmatchable echoes with the Pink gold Two Tone Bracelet.

This is one of the most adorable Lady Watches from Rolex, my personal preference…
HK Rolex List price HKD$99,600
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Friday, May 30, 2014

"The Plum is Sour becaue I don't have it!"...someone said...

Rolex Daytona top One Watch for long term value Recommended by Quark Watch Japan.

I was unable to capture this Rolex Daytona White when I was too much focused on the Black the other day.
This is in fact the Third to Daytona Black in all Listed watch Model of Rolex.

Refer to the Catalogue attached.
Daytona Black has a 12 Years guarantee value of +22.7% and 3 years for 19.8%

Whereas the White has a 12.6% for 12 years and 9.7% for 3 years which is not bad at all being a Commercial available Watch in the market, comparable o the GMT master II Black Blue ref 116710BLNR.

But don’t forget that the Black is overpriced in HK, no one could buy one with list price $87,500

At least you have to pay an extra of $6,500, that is about 7.4% of the watch List price, if that amount is offset into the three years guaranteed value, the net gain of Black is just 12.4%.
So when you see Daytona White, go buy it…

Now there is known one piece at one of the Rolex AD shops. I can hold it for two days for supporter of HK Watch Fever, WhatsApp me , First Come First Serve!

The Daytona is already assigned with a customer as of this morning 1 June 2024.

HK Snob

Watch The FIFA World Club Soccer Fever with Hublot Big Bang Unico Bi-Retrograde Chrono

 Fala Chen is very interested in Big Bang, at Hublot Flagship sho, Cnetral HK

Watch The 2014 FIFA (Fever) World Club at Brazil with this Hublot Big Bang Unico.
Decorated in Yellow and Green (Brazilian National Flag) in 45mm size.
It carries a Chronometer that ticks through 45 Minute period of the Soccer game, just Push a button will tell you when it is halftime, you may need this for your next week’s Visit to WATCH this FIFA in Brazil.
Price is HKD$320,000 est.
Watch Fever
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Quark Rolex Watch Price On Some Of The Model Over A Period Of 3 to 12 Years

Quark Rolex Catalogue, Quark’s Evaluation on the Rolex Watch value Over a period of 3 to 12 years after new Watch Purchases.
After I published the three models that will gain value over 3-12 years as Quark has a guarantee Value over 3 and 12 years; Daytona Black Ref 116520, GMT Master II Black Blue 11671lBLNR and Submariner green Bezel and Dial Ref 116610LV.

There is a need as a request to talk about what would be the others?
These are the rest of the model that is on losing value over 3-12 years.
I put it in ascending order of value depreciation over the years.

No. 20 Submariner Stainless Steel Black 40mm With Date Ref 116610LN ($62,100)
12 year: -1%
3 year: -3.7%

No. 19 Submariner Stainless Steel Black no Date 40mm Ref 114060 ($58,000)
12 years: -3.3%
3 years: -6.5%

No. 18  GMT Master II steel Black 40mm Ref 116710LN ($61,200)
12 years : -4.8%
3 years : -7.6%

No. 17 Explorer I stainless steel 39mm Ref 214270 ($48,200)
12 years: -7.3%
3 years: -10.9%

No. 16 Explorer II stainless Steel  42mm Ref 216570 ($60,500)
12 years: -9.4%
3 years: -12.4%

No. 15 Oyster Perpetual Stainless Steel 36mm No Date Ref 116000 ($40,000)
12 years: -9.3%
3 years:n-13.6%

No. 14 Date Just Stainless Steel 36mm Smooth bezel Ref
116200 ($49,000)
12 years:-10.6%
3 years: -14.2%

No.13 DeepSea Stainless Steel, 44mm Ref 116660 ($82,500)
12 years: -11%
3 years:-14%

No.12 Milgauss Green Glass Stainless Steel 40mm Ref 116400GV ($59,600)
12 years:-12%
3 years:-14.9%

No. 11 Oyster lady Stainless Steel 26mm Smooth Bezel Ref 176200 ($36,800)
12 years:-10%
3 years:-15%

No. 10  Air King Stainless Steel No Date 34mm Smooth Bezel Ref 114200 ($38,500)
12 years: -11.7%
3 years:-16.3%

No. 9  Date Just II Stainless Steel 41mm Smooth bezel Ref 116300 ($55,500)
12 years:-12.8%
3 years: -16%

No. 8  Yacht Master Stainless Steel watch with Platinum Bezel 40mm Ref 16622 ($89,800)
12 years: -15.4 %
3 years: -17.3%

No.7  Date Just boy’s Stainless Steel 31mm Smooth Bezel Ref 178240 ($46,600)
12 years: -14.2%
3 years:-18%

No. 6  Day Date 18K yellow gold 36mm Diamond Dial, Fluted Bezel with President Bracelet Ref 118238 ($243,200)
12 years:-15%
3 years: -18.3%

No. 5  Oyster Date Stainless Steel 34mm Smooth Bezel Oyster Bracelet Ref 115200 ($49,000)
12 years : -15.7%
3 years: -19.4%

No. 4 Day Date II 18KT Yellow Gold 41mm Fluted Bezel with president Bracelet Ref 218238A ($248,100)
12 years: -16.2%
3 years: -19.2%

No. 3  Yacht Master II 44mm 18KT White Gold  with Oyster bracelet Ref 116689 ($339,500)
12 years: N/A
3 years: -19.3%

No. 2 Sky Dweller 18KT Yellow Gold Ref 326938 ($359,000)
12 years: N/A
3 years: -23.6%

No. 1 Oyster Perpetual Boy’s Stainless Steel 31mm Smooth Bezel Ref 177200 ($36,700)
12 years: -25%
3 years: -29.6%

Day Date II is worst than Day Date
Date Just II is worst than Date Just
Stainless Steel Model is always Better than Gold

Recapitulated with last Post, the best Investment watch is
No.1 Rolex Daytona Black Ref 115620  (List Price $87,500, final selling price is about $94,000)
No. 2 GMT Master II Black Blue Ref 116710BLNR  (List price $65,300 less 5%)

No.3 Daytona stainless Steel White Dial Ref 116520 (List price $87,500 no Discount)
No. 4 Submariner Hulk (green dial and green bezel) ($66,100 no discount)
No. 5 and onwards , all losing value in long term…

Well, This is the market situation of Japan, as Quark has certain representative power in terms of Buying and Selling Rolex across Japan.

In HK, the No.1 to No.3 is still hardest to get, but all depends on when and which shop you stop by, and end of the month, somehow some of the best watches have to be “SOLD” as to meet the monthly sales target.

And Sooner I will see that more GMT Master Black Blue will be available in HK, as last month still we could not get 5% discount, but two weeks ago, some of the Rolex ADs are offering less 5% already.

As I always emphases, Watch is for your own uses, whatever look best to you will be the choice!
Price Quoted inside the bracket is HK Rolex List Price,
HK Snob
HK Watch Fever

Thursday, May 29, 2014

How to Start using your Rolex Watch after Purchase?

Friends of mine came to me asking why is Rolex is not running after he has bought it from Rolex AD!

By Rolex Suggestion
When watch has been stopped fully for more than two days.
It will be necessary to manually wind your newly purchased watch before wearing in order to fully charge the movement and to guarantee that it will run properly.

Unscrew the crown to the winding position and turn the crown clockwise approximately 40 times. Don’t forget to screw the crown back in tightly before wearing.

It applies not just Rolex, but other mechanical Movement Auto Watches.

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Cyclops (Date Magnifier Lens) Removal On Your Rolex's Crystal

There has been argument between a man and a Watch seller in Ap Liu Street, the man said the Cyclops of Rolex Sapphire is made by using adhesive to stick on the Sapphire crystal, While the watch shop keeper said impossible that a HKD$60,000 Rolex using glue to stick the Magnifying glass on the watch!?

Whilst I was there, I said yes, Rolex uses glue to stick the Cyclops onto the sapphire crystal!

The Answer is older Plastic Crystal (before 1977) was made by compression molding method as one piece from a mold.

The one using Synthetic sapphire crystal is stuck on Cyclops Lens (size 5.5mm x 7.2mm) using Adhesive  onto the crystal, as that is very expensive and tedious to made one solid sapphire crystal  coming with the magnifying glass, that is pure cost concern.

The way to remove the Cyclops is simple using a gas lighter torch, heat directly on top of the Cyclops for 2 seconds, and then use a small sharp culler blade to remove it…
Refer to this video to see how easy it could be done!

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Rumour of Asian Delivered Rolex is Assembled in Singapore and Only European Rolex is made 100% in Switzerland!

There is different channels from those Local Tour guides saying that Rolex bought from HK is having a QC in Singapore, meaning that they are Swiss CKD (A knock-down kit is a kit containing the parts needed to assemble a product.) and Assembled into Watch cases in Singapore and ship to Asian Countries Like HK, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Thailand.

Also there is another Rumour saying that Only Rolex Watch Distributed in Europe is 100% made in Rolex Factory in Switzerland…

From my best of my knowledge, these above two statement is FALSE and totally WRONG as far as I know all Rolex watches so far is still assembled in Swiss factory.

If that is the case, no one will come to HK to buy the Rolex in HK!  And I am sure Rolex will not be so stupid to do so, for what reason? Cost? Very Higher to ship watches to Singapore to do final Assembly, no way and no reason to do so.

All I can say is the unprofessional and Un-responsible local Tour guide has linked up with commission system so they have to sell as many as they can While you are in Switzerland… But for Singapore Local Tour guide, they kill the Singapore Rolex market, why they have to say so!? I cannot figure out why!?

Back in 1980, some of the Rolex gold bracelets were ever made in Hong Kong and Taiwan, even though not all of them are made in the Asia. However, they found that this was not good as there would have a lot of local made and Swiss made gold bracelet that causes confusion and lost of IP and not long later , all gold bracelet manufacturing process were shipped back to Switzerland… Since then Until now All Rolex watch case, movement and bracelet are assembled in Rolex Factory in Switzerland. Those included the other movement supported by Zenith El Primero for Rolex’s Daytona before 1999.

Correct me if I am Wrong…
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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Rare Rolex Day Date 1803 Door-Step Dial in Excellent Condition

Door-Step Dial Day Date Ref 1803

A Rare Door-step Dial of Rolex Day Date 1803, with Paper and Hermes (Colour) Strap Available for your girl friend, I am afraid she wouldn't have an excuses saying no to accept this as her next birthday's gift!
HK Snob

Monday, May 26, 2014

Nominated by Quark Rolex Japan, these are the Top Four New Rolex Watch Investment for next 3-12 years… that they Guarantee Value Appreciation

Nominated by Quark Rolex Japan, these are the Top Three Rolex Investment for next 3-12 years… that they Guarantee Appreciation.

In fact, only these three models can appreacite over the years, the rest, Yacht Master, Date Just, Day Date, SkyDweller, DeepSea, all goes Depreciation over the years.

Top 1 Daytona Black Stainless steel Ref 116520, the preferable Year 2000 watch A-series.
3 years gain 20% and over the year Quark speculate a Gain of 23%.

Second is GMT Master Ref 116710 BLNR – 2014 New.

Third is Daytona White Ref 115620 Daytona, rare but as of today we have one at one of the Rolex AD in
Hong Kong HKD$87,500 nett.

Fourth is the Beyond Rare Ref 116610LV Submariner
So next time when you spot a watch in the Shop, you should Buy it!

Availability in HK
Last week HKIA Rolex has both White and Black Daytona, A Watch fever Fan bought one WHITE, he was very happy as he bought it at List price HKD$87,500, in fact there is Black but he liked White more...

GMT Master II Ref 11671) BLNR, as of Today as far as I know not so many shop has stock, wait for week end stock replenishment.

Submariner Ref 116610LV, a Hate and Love watch, when I have stock, everyone says skip it, let go.... when there is no stock, everyone say’ I love to have it…please find one for me... :)

So, please do not ask me about this watch anymore, if you want to buy, Go to Wing Kwong at Sino Centre MK, I saw two on last Saturday "New" as they said...

And Also Lung Shing at Cheung Sha Wai, I saw two on Sunday Afternoon 25 May with paper and box!
Price HKD$65,500 (if I can member Correctly)

Watch Fever
HK Snob
PS Quark is a Chain Rolex Store in Japan , they have 12 Shops in different location
Visit their Website 

Sunday, May 25, 2014

In "Tokarev", Nicolas Cage wears an U Boat

Tokarev is an American action crime thriller film directed by Paco Cabezas and written by Jim Agnew and Sean Keller. The film stars Nicolas Cage. Paul (Nicolas) who worn three different watches. One of them is U boat. The rest is unable to tell.
Nicolas Cage is one of my favourite actors.

Other Big Fans of U-boat

I Don't like the ending of this movie Paul killed himself using Samurai's hara-kiri! L
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Thursday, May 22, 2014

What is the upper limit of an Overseized watch!?

When did the watchmaking world accept the mantra of “The Larger is better”?

I’m a big fan of vintage watches, and find that a slim Audemars Piguet of 34 mm, I don’t mine the Royal Oak Jumbo 39 mm,  a Jaeger Le-Coultre Reverso of middle size, Rolex Day Date of 36 mm, Vacheron Constantin Overseas in 36 mm diameter looks perfectly for me.

Back to 80’s started as a fashion from Italy, men wore lady watch, I like the Boy Size Rolex too at that time...

No one know exactly when? May be 1995 and onward, some of the watch makers  tended to make watches of big size, massive, with thick metal, big Crown, complex Crown Guard lock up mechanism, wider strap of thicker material like your leather belt on your trousers!

Oh! it is a watch….It does hurt the feeling some of the fine Swiss watch makers used to make thinner and smaller watch movement?

I always appreciate thin manual winding watch that is below 5 mm, or an Automatic watch that is below 7 mm thick… they all look great! I believe many watch collectors agree what I am trying to say…

My point is,  say technically the bigger the watch, the easier it is made! The Higher the Profit margin only.

Nowadays, the watch goes crazy  with OVERSIZED diameter of 42 mm, 45 mm, 47 mm, 50 mm even 60 mm!? Is there a limit? 80 mm? or even 100 mm?

Is that a watch anymore? Who can use them? I believe you have to mount it on top of your sleeve. How can you INSERT that monster under the sleeve, particularly how when peeking from under a dress shirt cuff.  

I understand that sometimes it is hard to go against the current on what the trend of the majority of populace is. Like the width of the tie, the width of the collars, the diameter of your trousers bottom, type of glasses, hair style unless you want to stand out at the crowd as WEIRD, ABSURD, a DIFFERENT Look! But for an Oversized Watch, yes ,it would get someone’s response of “ WOW!!”

Sometimes it is needed for bigger watch as it can display more functions on it. It is easier for the older person to read.

Every time I go into a watch store to look at their wares, seems the watch grows bigger every year and next year’s flagship model will be the size of a coffee mug, or Wall Clock. There may be some complications that require such size and depth, but for the vast majority of populace that can’t afford or doesn’t want a Richard Mille, do we really need to carry an Anchor of harbor tug boat on our wrist to be considered a member of the horological caste?  

Well, since 2 years ago, it is nice to see some of the GOING SMALLER watch trend for lady…

WATCH is a reflection of your taste and Character… if you like is , no one would not disagree!

What if Rolex make facelifting design on Daytona with a Size of 46 mm, will you consider it a Future Classic!?

Yes, many people will buy if there is such a watch, but Rolex is very conservative to launch a big step changes on size.

For every 5 Day Date sold, only one Day Date II was bought by Asian, DD II may look matched for 6 footer.

Rolex biggest watch is yacht Master II of 44 mm, which is only 5 mm larger than the AP Royal Oak Jumbo 39 mm created 42 years ago!

My favourite Rolex size is 36 mm for me, and I think 31 mm is best for lady. Simply the Divine Proportions tell us....

HK Snob
HK Watch Fever

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Older people tends to go for Day Date? Why!?

我亦明白好多人接受唔到18KT金錶個種 "金橙橙" 的金色,尤其是勞力土的色和AP 不大一樣。

當我年纪越大,對金色又會產生一種有些少想尋找過去 "金碧輝煌" 的日子。有時手痕要戴黄金十八K的勞力士。

但有時又想平淡,低調,那白金或袋中有多餘的零錢買隻鉑金的 Ice blue, which 連狗牙圈都欠奉的呢!

以下是另一個有錢人鐘情Day Date 的看法。

HK Watch Fever

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Rolex OysterQuartz Ref 19019 Day Date Watch

Rolex OysterQuartz Ref 19019 18 KT White Gold Blue Dial. 

金撈呀!勞力士(Rolex)肯定係香港最家傳户繞的名牌手錶。以前阿燦叫 " 五枝火柴頭 "

今日有人話勞力士不在十大名錶系列之中 ,我覺得你是用什麼尺度去看勞力士喇。






人言: 草根戴石英,富貴走機械。

錯呀,玩錶最無瘾是同人撞錶! 你去波, 位位都係帶D大路貨!


勞力士花了好多錢研究石錶惢,可能是七十年代十大名錶的總和! 當時一隻勞力士石英錶的訂價大約是一隻機械錶的2.5倍,以當時計,可以在旺角買到一個單位了。

今日來看,足四兩重,實心金,有份量及質感,線條爽朗明快,超時代設計,AP 重話要告勞力士抄佢嘅Royal Oak 錶形設計喎!



HK Watch Fever

Price Reference for OysterQuartz on year 2001
Ref 17000 Date Just US$3,025
Ref 17013 Date Just TT Yellow Gold and Steel US$5,050
Ref 17014 Date Just SST Case with 18KT White Gold Bezel
Ref 19018 Day-Date 18KT yellow gold, champange Gold dial
Ref 19019 Day-Date 18KT white Gold, grey, of white or Black Dial US$18,200


A Bottle of 50 years Mao Tai !


盛夏 , 三十七度高温 ,車內温度足可以另你透不過氣 ,有人竟然把空調放在纸擋 ,開車者是汵血的人 ,我就熱到頭量 ,頭頂慶一慶,頭赤赤 。自己一習慣熱也要考慮人家怕熱呀 !

有人喜歡混酱 ,吃日本魚生時 ,大多數都習慣用大量的醬油去稀釋日本芥辣 ,我覺得太咸就己經揚搶去拖羅的貞操 : " 鮮味 " !
有人話吃寿司耍在下面放芥辣而上面放兩三滴醬油,這樣才面發揮口中味覺的最高配搭喎 !

有同時車內講電話聲太大 ,足有102分貝。
要知道所有手機通訊設備頻帶很窄的,粗略估計只有700 hz to 1,300 hz.  為所要節省電源消耗和使容許更多 ,即言使聲嘶力竭你用一百一十分貝去叫 ,人家都可能接收到八十五分上限。(粗略估計) 。但後來發現他平時講話都係禁大聲 。試想日本地鐵內很少乘客講電話 ,就算喺他們也很細聲斯文得多 。

菲人,泰人,中國人,印尼人大多都原地摟軚 ,只有某數數量的香港人 ,星加波人只會在方車時才摟軚 ,因為原車摟軚會加速對油泵和車月台的損耗 。你駕駛過無風油軚的車門明白 。

去洗手間小解應該 :
A 洗手 ,小解,洗手 。
B 小解 ,洗手。
C 洗手 ,小解。

A 是完美主義者 。
B 是大多數人多習慣 。
C 是精神病病患者 。

開香檳是一定要嚮 "卜 " 一聲嗎 ?
菲律賓有一些餐廳侍應連紅酒都吾放過 。
拉到 " 卜 " 一聲才過癮 。隨手付上冰桶放那瓶紅酒 。紅酒汵飲是南洋好多人的習慣 。

每天習慣大便一次是正常 ?

多人有喜歡戴勞力士的習慣 ,也未嘗不可呵 !
有人用港幣四十萬開一瓶五十年的茅台酒 ,但偏偏同勞力士計較得吾到九折 ,好有宗旨!



Christian Bale Wears Rolex Day Date Ref 1803 in "American Hustle 2013"

Christian Wears Only One Watch; it is A Rolex in the Movie.
This is the best posture of Amy Adams...   :)

 Jennifer Lawrence acts as wfe of Christian in the movie!
She is beautiful!

This is my best Shot for the Watch Christian Wears, is it a Rolex Day Date Ref 1803?

Another View of Christian Bale's Rolex Day Date

A con man, Irving Rosenfeld, along with his seductive partner Sydney Prosser, is forced to work for a wild FBI agent, Richie DiMaso, who pushes them into a world of Jersey powerbrokers and mafia.

HK Watch Fever
HK Snob

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Best Of The Bunch for May, Rolex Date Day 1807, Date Just 16018 With Onyx Dial, and Date Just Wide Boy as Mother's Day Special Sale

Rolex Date Just Ref 16018 Solid 18 KT gold with Onyx Dial
A Rare Unisex watch for both you or your beloved lady, Daughter, including your Mother...

This is a Rare species from Rolex as Onyx is brittle and tedious to make with such selected fine texture, look like a Black Mirror, beautifully handcrafted onto the Solid Gold case.   I had one for my beloved Lady and that was one of her favourite watch… whatever occasion, it would lose the Subtle and solemn statement of Rolex’s best demonstration of “MINIMALIST!”  
The Watch has been replaced with a Brand new sapphire with Rolex Corona laser marked underneath. Full length with 24 sections of Jubilee Bracelet.
It has been fully overhauled by Rolex professional with care.  
Price local deal for HKD$73,000
Watch was sold Noon 13 May Today, leaving Bracelet HKD$28,000.

Next Watch is a Rolex Day Date Ref 1807 Bark President Watch

An awesome example of What Rolex’s Could make to debate himself in position of middle of the Road between Popularity and Collectibility.

Functional wise, perfect for your daily uses as It carries Day and Date display.
Perpetual Rolex Winding automatically.

Style, nothing regular as this is bark bezel, stands up a bit of “DIFFERENT” with others.
Price: HKD$32,000

This watch was sold this Afternoon 13 May 2014

Third One is Rolex Ref 1601 Wide Boy

This beautiful nice Rolex SS 1601 Wide Boy Date Just with the original THICK index dial and the original THICK index hands set, which looks stunning and elegant.

The 36mm SS case with original acrylic crystal is in excellent condition.

This kind of nice special dial 1601 is very collectible and interesting for serious Rolex enthusiast now.

A very nice example it is!! Guarantee 1OO% authentic & original SS Rolex 1601 DateJust.
Price HKD$9,900 Only

Whatsapp me if you want to get more information of the watches.

Watch sold to one HK buyer, as of today 17 May 2014.

HK Watch Fever
HK Snob

PS Stanley of HK and Derek of Singapore,

I did my job to find this sought after Date Just with Onyx for you!  My job is accomplished!