Saturday, August 17, 2013

Tsim Sha Tsui Rolex AD lost 240 Tudor Watches in 180-seconds Raid by three masked Chinese suspects

In a smash-and-grab that took three thieves just 180 seconds, A luxury watch Rolex AD in a Tsim Sha Tsui Holiday Inn hotel lost 240 Tudor valued HKD$6.5M.
Surveillance video shows the three men in masks, caps and gloves entering the arcade by a rear entrance at about 6.20am. 16 Aug 2013.
They then used large hammers to shatter the glass door of the shop before smashing open three display cabinets and scooping up the watches.
The burglars fled along Mody Road, got into a grey van at the junction with Bristol Avenue and drove off in the direction of Chatham Road South. Police said they were Chinese aged about 40 and roughly 1.7 metres tall. Only the Tudor watches were taken, however, as the Rolexes were locked in a vault when the raiders struck.
The West Kowloon crime unit is asking any witnesses to the latest raid to call them on 2761 2227.
If you were asked to buy some unidentified Tudor, Pls beware that there might be coming from the the thief!! All watchas has record on the serial numbers that they can be traced!
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