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Rolex Ref 116506 Platinum Daytona is released, A good perfect watch for collector, may not be an investment item!

Rolex Daytona Ref 116506

Rolex 116506 Platinum Daytona Is now Released in Town on 1 Oct 2013.
A Good perfect watch for Collector, but may not be an investment Item for Speculator

There is no platinum Rolex has ever gone up in value EVER by all means…
Following typical platinum Rolex watch trends –

The following are examples of new and 1-2 year values of some platinum Rolex watches there are dozens of examples so the trend is quite telling same with the modern gold models.

Rolex Ref 118206

Day Date Platinum Ref 118206 HKD$430,000 ; HKD$283,000 (34% loss)

Rolex Ref 118366

Day Date Platinum Ice Blue Dial with diamond Bezel Ref 118366 HKD$908,100 ; HKD$426,000  (47% loss)

Rolex Ref 218206

Day Date Platinum with smooth Bezel Ice Blue Dial Ref 218206 HKD$487,100 ; HKD$315,000  (33% loss)
Daytona Platinum Ice Blue Dial Released 1 Oct 2013 HK Ref 116506  HKD$589,000, we foresee that the price will drop to HKD$350,000 Approx. in a year or two.

Definition on the prices:
The Original Price is Rolex AD list price, well, everyone can get less 5% discount.
And the price drop to is the selling price in eBay or pre-owned Rolex watch shop, in fact the price you sell to the Shop is even lower than that.
For an example:
Day Date Platinum with smooth Bezel Ice Blue Dial 218206 HKD$487,100  (list Price) you get less 5% discount will be HKD$462,745, after 1-2 years , you could sell at about HKD$267,750, then the shop could possible marked up 15% and sell at price of HKD$315,000.
So you loss is HKD$462,745-HKD$267,750 , that is HKD$194,995
The Shop earns HKD315,000- 267,750, that is HKD$47,250
If you are the second buyer, you could possible save HKD$462,745-315,000, HKD$147,745.  if you buy the pre-owned Day Date.
Why there is such a huge Loss on these model? As these are high end Watch from Rolex, the circulation in the pre-owned market is small,  on the other hand, these is lesser people eager to sell it into the second hand market. Since the price is still quite high to buy such a watch in the market, no one would likely try to consider to buy in second hand market.
Comparing with Daytona Stainless steel watch Ref 116520, the situation is totally different, The Loss is mush lesser, may be just 15% only for Daytona Black!
So in short, as a collection item, go for it
As an investment item, forget it…
HK Snob

Body or Face?

 Photography Courtesy of Charlize Theron

Rolex Day Just with Onyx Dial, Extremely rare to find now. 

Body or face?
There is a Survey in Japanese asking 300 Japanese Men on what is more important for them to select their girl friend, if they are allowed to choose one of the Two options below.

A.      Face is more important than Body
B.      Body is more important than face

The result is 70 percent choose A and 30% choose B!

I think most of the men is preferred to have a perfect goddess it have both face and body , but somehow   they have to look at her face day and night and only body will be being discovered at night when are having sex…

So as a Watch, the dial, shape, design is very important factor for people to make a choice. And somehow the function, type of movement is less important!? That is to be right for those general users.

But for serious Collector who would persuit watch as a perfectionist, body and face is important… So The watch is being classified as Collectible item must be:
1.       Makers
2.       Rarity, limited version
3.       Design
4.       Specialty
5.       Other factors: Paul Newman, JFK’ watch, special event memorial watch..etc.

HK Snob

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Vintage Watch Category

A Day Date with a unique malachite dial with a double quick Day Date movement.
Malachite is a copper carbonate mineral, with the formula Cu2CO3(OH)2. This green-colored mineral crystallizes in the monoclinic crystal system, and most often forms botryoidal, fibrous, or stalagmitic masses. Individual crystals are rare but do occur as slender to acicular prisms. Pseudomorphs after more tabular or blocky azurite crystals also occur.
Photography  Courtesy of

Vintage Watch Category
New (BNIB) or Pristine Mint | Mint | Near Mint | Excellent | Very Good | Good | Fair | Poor
New or BNIB or Pristine Mint (100%)
Absolutely factory fresh, brand new in Box,  in factory box with all necessary papers from the factory Should have an authorized dealer stamp on the warranty (modern pieces), to validate that the watch is legitimate and that the factory will honor the warranty. In some cases, the NOS from AD, not yet stamped as it is fresh yet to be sold. If vintage, new old stock condition with or without boxes or papers but never used or sold to the public.

Undistinguishable from new, original in every way.  May be in factory box, with papers.  May have been in showcase or used in display, or bought new and never worn, or worn so little as to show no observable wear whatsoever.

Near mint
Completely original in every way. Faint marks or light scratches may be observed under magnification. May have been expertly restored, repaired or serviced or in rare cases restored to perfection slightly.

Looks as  though watch was used very little if at all. If watch has been restored, all original replacement parts have been used. Faint scratches are evident but hard to detect with the eye. No dents are detectable and the bracelets have little or no wear.

Very good
The watch will show some wear, and perhaps is in need of some routine servicing, but a sound attractive presentation overall. No evidence of abuse. May have new hands and new crystal, but original case and movement. Dial may have been restored or need refinishing but the overall appearance is acceptable.

Nothing fundamentally wrong with the watch, though it has obviously been used. Movement may have had a part replaced, but the part was near to original. Possibly in need of a servicing and restoration or buffing of the case or bracelet, due to nicks and mars or more noticeable scratches. Runs well but may need timing adjustments or service for optimal performance.

Well used, possibly in need of a servicing and restoration.  May be running erratic.  May not have original dial or case. Even an untrained eye could tell the watch has seen better days, but overall still wearable and worthy of consideration.

Anybody's guess as to whether it can ever made to run again. Speculative piece and should be priced accordingly. Maybe 'fixer-upper' would be too generous a term.

Price of a Collectible Watches can have big difference if that is BNIB and Excellent condition,  there is a mint Rolex sold in Auction house that has been oxidized with patina on the whole Rolex over the years. No one has wiped it off that patina coating as it is a witness that the watch has never been used or furbished, if that Patina coating is removed, HKD$1m value will be reduced.
In very good condition is not for serious collector, may be just good for use. Of course we should look for Mint or brand new watch if his destiny is made as a Collection Item! But all depends on the number of the watch is available. Anything below Good condition should not be considered.
HK Snob

Piaget Tanagra Gent's 18KT Solid Gold Watch On Sale

Piaget “Tanagra” Manual Winding solid 18KT gold Gent’s watch
Piaget Tanagra Gent’s Watch. 18kt yellow gold 34mm round case. 18kt yellow gold high polished bezel.

White enamel like dial with raised gold Roman numeral hour markers.
18k yellow gold high polished bracelet with hidden deployant buckle.

Water resistant up to 30 meters / 100 feet. 159gm in weight. 90% of Piaget comes with Quartz movement, this is manual movement.

Owner wanna let go at a cut throat price.
HK Snob

Longines lady's Collection

Aaron Kwok

Kate Winslet

Chi-Ling Lin

Longines Collection
I have been having a few Longines, the earliest One I bought from Kiu Tai Yu a, rectangular 14K solid Gold tank like watch with little second hand at the 6 o’clock position. It was HKD$2,000 at 1985.
Later one I bought another one, automatic with date and solid gold bezel on the steel case, there is a gold seal at the back of the watch with a “Fish” on it.  It was a good Longines watch I had been using when I worked on the merchant vessel, but later on I sold it to second mate, who may be using it by some. And later a thin manual winding dress watch at 90s.
As most of my friends who like Longines is because of the Logo, it is a good design, placed right at the “Longines” like an Eagle with spreading wings, flying…!
In 80’s The Longines Conquest VHP has been the popular watch for us as it is slim, rugged design, super accurate and water resistant. I believe many people are still using the same watch until today.


Recently Longines has been making some of the slim version of the 40’s in a rectangular form, laid with some of the bling sands on side and dial, a good choice for women. And most of them are quartz driven, it us best for women that has many watches in her jewelry box… who would have time to set the watch every time wearing it!?
HK Snob
Remarks Discount percetage ranges from 15%- 20%

Full Moon at Mid Autumn Festival

Photography Courtesy of Richard Rahn

Blancpain Villeret Collection one button Chronometer
Taken by Samsung Note II LTE at HKIA

This is an awesome Picture taken on the Mid Autumn night 18 Sept.
Photographer Stephen Rahn took this photo of the moon with an airliner in front of it on Sept. 18. He writes: “I was at my parents' house this evening when my dad and I saw the Moon coming up. I set up the tripod and […] he noticed all these planes flying near the Moon. He helped spot for me, and I managed to get this.”
If you learn to understand the moon phases you are in a better position to understand your reactions and moods and therefore deal with these in a more assertive and positive way.
In the horror movies, Full moon is the time that vampire has highest emotion to suck bloods and Zombie to start attack human being.
People who believes that Moon phases affect human behavior because the human body is about 60% water, if the phase of the Moon can affect ocean tides, and even cause a bulge in the Earth’s crust, surely it would exert an effect of human beings.
Science has taken the question of the full Moon’s effects seriously enough that there have been a number of studies examining the various claims. Nearly all of them have come up empty, though. All have either found no correlation between the Moon and human behavior, or were later debunked by other studies that questioned their methods.
The Full Moon marks the height of emotional energy. There are famous statistics regarding the amount of accidents and crime increasing during certain full moons throughout the year and it is wise to stay away from conflict or dangerous chances during this period. Breathing exercises, relaxing music and calm solitude are better than any group of friends, particularly if alcohol is involved.
 As far as I know, Full moon is the best time for people to make love, to gather together and enjoy family union…
I had watched my Perpetual Calendar watch on 19 Sept the Moon phase was at the state of full moon,
(exact Full moon happened on 2013 Sep 19 13:12 Thu)
It looks bigger than ever… and fun to see my watch at Full Moon condition, and I had two times making love with someone….what a wonderful evening I had had…
Next Full moon Will be : 2013 Oct 19 01:37 Sat ;  2013 Nov 17 16:15 Sun ; 2013 Dec 17 10:28 Tue
Only you wear a Perpetual Calendar can tell when the full moon will come, and prepare your heart to welcome with this once in a Month night…go for a Romance, probably some Angus beef steak with a bottle of Latour 1959 under a LED candle, in a 5 star Hotel with your woman… what else you can be.
As for Moonphase, the most awesome Moon phase is Blancpain, as the gesture of the Moon is so unique, very arrogant and no optimization, a man should possess this kind of character in order to take up all challenges in work, life, and love!
HK Snob
Watch Fever

Rolex Note Books

For a Watch Lover, a Rolex Fan, how can stay away the temptation of these items…
These are give-away item before when you bought a Gold Rolex or Daytona, but now...
Rolex stops producing anymore.  The one on the right is a new Purchased Item by friend in Tokyo with Yen 20,000!
HK Snob
Watch Fever 

Rolex Day Date isn't made for men, Perhaps for young girl too!

   This is a Purple London taxi rented by new married couple parked in front of Langham
      Hotel MK at 1200. 29 Sept 2013. It is eye catching because of the Colour! Beautiful!

This is a Day Date; President Watch designed for Visionaries, Presidents, Leaders, Champions...

It does not imply that Women can't wear it. I have seen a lot of woman wearing Day Date now, and then.

However for girl below 20s is not too common, well, uncommon does not mean not suitable, that is what Fashion is coming from!

If everyone use the same clothe, same way of make up, riding the same bicycles, the situation would be same those Women and men wearing same old blue clothes back in 60s China.

This is a Ref 18038 18 KT yellow Gold in light faded gold Dial with Roman Numerals, fitted with a Purple Croco strap for a girl of 17.

HK Snob

Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Joy of wearing Good Watches

The joy of wearing watches
When I open the back of a watch or from the see-through sapphire at back of it. I see a beautiful little machine. It's like looking in the engine compartment of an exotic, hand crafted sports coupe’. You know it was built by skilled hands. You see the gleaming polished steel, possibly patterned, the ruby red jewels, blue screws, and an oscillating balance that looks like the heart of a living's alive! Goose neck mechanical time set device. Immediately, this time piece is recognized as a well designed quality instrument, a timepiece to be desired and cherished...not a timepiece stamped out for the masses.. That's why the rich and famous are now buying high end be different from the masses. This piece if properly maintained, will perform for many lifetimes and can be passed to the next generation adds incredible value.
HK Snob

Stainless Steel Lady Date Just with President Strap!?

A lady who wears a Chanel skirt, carry a purple Birkin, wearing an Fake Gold  Date Just going into this Luxurious Rolex main Boutique in the CBD of HK.  There are just a few sales there, and quite busy handling Chinese Tourists.
The young lady, came to see the Lady Date Just with President bracelet that she thinks that is a Stainless steel watch. She notice that there was an approaching sale man, however she could not stop the fart and all in sudden it came out loud. She pretended whilst squeezed up her hose with her fingers and said; “Pleaseee, stay far away from me!!....your fart is terrible!  Bring me that stainless steel Date Just later.
James, the salesman said, “Yes, Miss, when you see the price tag on the Platinum Lady Date Just, I think you will not fart anymore, your will burst the shit out onto your skirt!
HK Snob

Remarks, this is purely a joke! There is no intention to bad mouth anything about Chanel, Hermes, Chinese, HK or Rolex.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Don't Judge the people by his outlook

Don't judge the people by his outlook In Hong Kong.
Most of the cases the most simple man stand in front of you is the CEO of your client.
The one who wears a $100,000 watch, Italian Suit, driving a 911 may be having a lot of credit loan from the Bank.
Most of the cases the most attractive lady might be the only one once speaks will carry a lot of words of profanity.
The girl with average appearance is the one how may have more than 10 boy friends whereas the most prettiest one would likely had to rely on Dating Website to find her first boy friend.
And the look “C9”* is the professor of a University.
The CEO of a Company with revenue 10B usually wears Seiko watch.
The CEO of a small enterprise with revenue 5M-10M usually wear Rolex Two Tone.
I met an average man of 50, quite talkative, seems nothing special, causual wear, simple shoes, a Rolex Submariner badly used I thought he is a bank manager in our building, one day I found he drove Ferrari to work, another day, I saw he drove  a Porsche Carrera! That is not enough, another Day, I saw him walking out from his helicopter, people told me if there is traffic jam he flies heli to work!

Most of the cases that the simplest dressed man comes in for Rolex Day Date and seems do not ask how much before he gives you his credit card.  And the one carry a Louis Vuitton bag and Ferragamo shoes comes in for a Submariner No Date Ref 116040, and keep asking more than 5% discount!
Remarks * C9 is a colloquial terms for married, mid-40 lady who never care about any more about her dress nor make up.
Sham Shui Po Snob

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

14 Things I love about Hong Kong

 14 things I love about HK
I was borne in HK and raised in HK and I love Hong Kong as much as many of the old Hong Konger…
If you ask me what things make you like Hong Kong, I would have pointed out these…
There are almost every type of food you can eat in Hong Kong, Cantonese seems is the majority as 65% people of Hong Kong is coming from Canton and many other countries’ like French, Italian, Indian, Russian…and HK is small, if the restaurant is no good, they wouldn't last long.
There are a lot of local HK food, like fish balls, these balls are an awesome snack.  They are for sale everywhere.  No one seems to ever know exactly what type of fish is in them.  But nobody cares.  HKD$5 for four of these balls on a stick.  Some of the sauces you can get with these are truly …….incredible.
Dim Sum and Cha Siu is one of the famous dishes here.

Stinky Dou Foo, easy to be found, once you enter Mong Kok MTR station exit near Bank Centre, unless you get Flu, the stinky smell will lean you there… I had some before in Kowloon City when I was young and those where amazing, nowadays, I can feel the pungent smell but not able to enjoy the taste?

Harbour view, sea peeps, green view, open view – Whether it’s the million dollar view of the harbour, or a cityscape of twinkling lights at night, the views from buildings in Hong Kong are often amazing. The best is we look from the Peak at clear day at night.

This city is probably one of the safest in the world comparable to Japan.  Violent crime against people on the street happens so rarely that it makes front pages news for days if it does occur.  I always wear a Solid Gold Rolex Day Date walking through the small alley at night from Yan Ma Tei into Jordan, then TST, no one want to rip me off, Why? They know I am Kung Fu master? No, as they cannot run away if they rob my watch… Hong Kong is safe enough for anyone to move around in, at all times of the day and night, with no need to worry about personal safety.

4.Pigeon Hole
Climbing into one’s bed from the doorway is a common occurrence for Hong Kongers.  Floor space includes the calculation of your share of the lift and the lobby, refuse room, even the mail-box! The average Hong Kong home measures only 450 square feet. Of course there are rich people with their study room size of 1,000 sq feet, but those are exceptional. My house is quite big, my Audio Room is 500 Square feet, my living room is also 500 Square Feet, my rest room is 300 Square feet: but total floor space is also 500 Square Feet!

When it comes to living in a place that has no democratically elected government, Hong Kong is one of the freest places I have been.  If it’s not illegal than you can do almost anything, but we do have an average 2 demonstration every day, we can throw banana to the Chief Executive in the legislative meeting, we can occupy the whole Floor space of Hong Kong for more than one year, and no one seems to be in trouble, however one primary school teacher say some : What the Fxxx!!” to the police had been stirred up with some revolution changes towards the use of profanity languages!?

6.People Love Exercise
People goes to park to practice Tai Chi as old men’s exercise.. and Hong Kongers love to march.  .  People here are also very conscious of their rights.  Any attempt by the government to take away a perceived right brings Hong Kongers onto the streets in their tens of thousands.  Hong Kong is a city where you can have a march of 500,000 people and not a single arrest.  Non-violent protest is the way in Hong Kong.  Marches and protests here are colorful fun and theatrical. But how long this peaceful match exercise would last!?

7.Octopus cards
This is truly a Hong Kong technological breakthrough. Just one card do can do want ever you need,
Train, ferry, MTR, 7-11, Taxi, Fast food and sooner Aircraft!!

Hong Kong is a city of energy, City of no-sleep, HK is Dynamic, I asked my Nikken Japanese Teacher why she wanted to stay in HK after married with her husband who was still staying in government house with his mother, She said, Japanese like the way HK people moving, fast, dynamic, and lot of energy! The city moves at a million miles per hour.  The energy is infectious.  People work long hours in Hong Kong but that’s what people here expect.
The shops in Hong Kong open late and stay open later.  Most Shops open at ten and till ten thirty at night.  The rest of the world could learn that one of the reasons why Hong Kong is a shoppers’ paradise is because the shops STAY OPEN.  Just along Canton Road you can likely able to purchase the 50 best European brand for Luxury products from Watch,  Clothes makeup, shoes and Bags! Don't forget we have SSP, Temple street, Lady’s street for the grassy root people like I.

We always said, go to the street raise your hand, the taxi will come and stop in front of you.
People own and run cars in Hong Kong for showy and his own space… an Expensive iolsation – the congestion, the traffic jams, the tolls, the parking costs! Honestly, for sheer convenience, jump in a taxi.  Hong Kong taxis come in 3 colours, depending on their zoned areas: Red for Kowloon, Green for N.T. and Blue for Lantao Island.

11.The country parks
Hong Kong is about 70% open spaces and a lot of that area is country park.  Hong Kong people love the country parks, with their hiking paths, barbecue pits, “fresh” air.  Hong Kong isn't Concrete forest, there are organized Japanese Hiking Tours coming HK just for Hiking. For those who pay hefty tax should not let the country park untouched by your Hiking shoes!
Often, when inviting others to eat with you, in Chinese, you ask them to “drink tea”. We call “Drink Tea”  as “Yam Cha”.
Hong Kong was rated the life expectancy highest in the world since 2012, may be Tea and Soup is one of the factors. As People of Hong Kogn teand to drink tea and Soup. Many people drink goof soup especial
Yi Lai Soup (second Wife’s soup) usually the soup is well prepare and topped with a lot of herbal nutriciant material.

Iced Lemon tea is such a younger people’s favourite among Hong Kong people that it’s available in bottles and boxes for easy and convenient consumption.  “milk tea” as the locals call it can be served hot or cold, not automatically hot, as it would be in most parts of the world. The Most Common tea s Po Er, Tek Kwan Yin, and Heung Pin.

13.Hong Kong airport
Hong Kongers should be proud of his airport. In-town check in service, a fast, clean and convenient express train, mini TV screens, onboard uniformed baggage carriers, seasonal cool architecture, thumb print scanning immigration e-Channel counters, almost unlimited places to eat and shop.  Hong Kong airport rocks.  It is efficient, clean and very user friendly.  I travel a lot and no other airport even gets close. Now HKIA has the Asian’s Largest Rolex Boutique at the Departure Atrium, with 100 staff to serve you. Next time, you can come and enjoy the Rolex Window shopping. There are a lot young beautiful sale executive to serve you, and help you to put on the Rolex you want…they sell the simple Rolex Ref 114200 Air-King $38,500 to Submariner Emerald Ref 116649EM $2,855,000.
Opposite is the soon opening Chanel with same size, Watch out!

I have a lot of friends; Watch Collector, Pen Collector, Audiophiles, Colleague that like watches.
I had almost Weekly gathering for Watch Discussion, Watch trades, I had friends in Hi Fi Shop, I had a few friend in different Rolex AD who give me big help. I had a few friends who appreciate LP.
And Most of all, Hong Kong still got a lot of pretty women that is easy going, Sweet, and of good partner for some extracurricular activities…

HK Snob
Watch Fever

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Two Things To Do When You Become Rich! The Difference between A Snob and Philanthropist!

The Two Things To Do When You Become Rich! The Difference between A Snob and Philanthropist

When you eventually hit Big Money, you must also take these follow-up actions to consolidate your Wealth. Many people asked me what thing you would do in case after you get rich… Rich means you got cash say HKD$300m or more.

A Snob says When you become Rich: Enjoy Yourself!
Yes! Money is not an end in itself, but a means to an end. And that end is to live the good and happy Life! Therefore when you become rich, go ahead and enjoy yourself by doing the things that make you happy. Go ahead and do the things for which you sought the money in the first place.
Buy a Porsche 356, Buy a Ferrari 308 Black,  Go to Rolex AD to get Most Expensive Rolex GMT Master Ref116769TBR HKD$3,772,000! Or this Submariner Emerald if there is no stock for GMT. Buy a Paul Newman Daytona and go to watch the Daytona 24 hours races! Take your sweetest girl friend flying first Class to Nice and get naked in the beach under the warm sun.
People used to go Shenzhen to spend the Saturday night with the super models. You can go there and buy all the people two round of drinks, I bet that at least ten girls would come to surround you to find out who is the stupid chap! Make a Wife in China… according to recent statistic data form the marriage registration, 40% of HK men now married with the people in China, So the HK Lady should think again what’s gone wrong!? Well, at least I think the Index of Performance of a Chinese Wife is 80% better than those from HK., of course this is a feedback from friends who got a Chinese Wife or two… or Buy a Whole case of Lafift 1982 or 2000 if there is some difficulty to get whole case of 1982.
Money is Power. Therefore when you become rich, you must leverage on the inherent powers of money to also become useful, visible and powerful within your circle of influence. To be rich without being powerful is unfortunate.

Yu Pengnian, China's biggest philanthropist, sits in the restaurant atop the Peng Nian Hotel he built, where he lives and eats most of his meals.

Another case is when you become Rich: Give Back!
Whatever channel it got to you, never forget the one original source of all legitimate wealth. Remember and bless the various channels through which it got to you. It is not by power, nor by might, but by Grace. Therefore show gratitude to God and appreciation to Man, for your good fortune. Chose a channel of giving that suits you. Many wealthy people do set-up charitable Foundations as their primary channel of giving back to Humanity. I do already appreciate people donate Money for helping others.
Yu Pengnian's journey from poor street hawker to Hong Kong real-estate magnate was already a remarkable one. Then the 88-year-old did something even rarer that shocked many in increasingly materialistic China: He gave it all away.  Saying he hoped to set an example for other wealthy Chinese, Mr. Yu called a press conference in April to announce he was donating his last 3.2 billion Yuan (about $500-million) to a foundation he established five years earlier to aid his pet causes - student scholarships, reconstruction after the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, and paying for operations for those like him who suffer from cataracts.  However, there seems have more such people in the Western world rather than Hong Kong or China! He is the only one in China, Hong Kong donate ALL, Who else in HK can do that!?
So in comparison, there are something in common, they finish all the money, they both feel happy and  released.  Question is do you want to be the snob or the philanthropist!?
HK Snob
I deeply moved by the motive and donation Mr. Yu Peng Nian made when I heard his story from Che Suk Mui’s interview with him at RTHK.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

What are the Reasons for purchasing new or pre-owned Watches like Rolex for use, investment or Collection?

What are the Reasons for purchasing new or Pre-owned Watches for use, investment and or collection?
I have been buying and collecting watches for 30 years and keep trade my used watch for over 10 years.  The most important points of advice I could give someone regarding watches are: Almost always, you get what you pay for...and, if you buy a quality, pre-owned watch, and able maintain it in good condition, your watch will act as an investment.  
I am 55 years old and I have had an interest in watches since I was 25.  Almost anyone that knows me is aware that I am a watch "Snob" or “watch fever”.  And every one of those people also have asked me "How can you justify paying that much money for that stupid watch?"  Every now and then, a buddy will say "I just don't understand you, my HKD$450 Casio works just fine".
Listed below are the three points that I will argue in the Rolex vs. Casio debate.  Individually, none of them are enough to support my argument....but collectively they provide some rational support for the Rolex, or other high end watch Like AP, PP, VC, FM, RD or JLC. Again, I am not trying to criticize Casio watch, they are good solid digital watch that can offer your hundred of functions that you cannot finishing learning after 4 years of usage!
A high end watch will last for years and decade, even it would be passed down as a family heirloom from generation to generation.  Quality watches are more durable and can better withstand wear and tear.  They will run for years and years, and with a little TLC* and maintenance, they can be kept in like new condition. Like I get what you pay for. 
On the other hand, low end watches wear quite easily.  In many cases, wear or damage is irreparable.  Many people even call them "disposable" watches for this very reason.
As a general example, a rough guess would be that 90% of Rolex watches are probably still in use after 30  years....while perhaps 90% of Casio watches are in the garbage within the first 7 years.
 You get to use it.  You get to wear it.  People get to see it.  Although many people will deny it, one of the most compelling reasons to wear a nice watch is the prestige. 
A high end watch’s investment appeal is probably the most compelling reason to own a quality, pre-owned watch.  Prestige and quality won’t convince your spouse to agree with this argument.  But a pre-owned watch’s ability to appreciate might be convincing.
Let me start by giving a personal example.

This is the price of Daytona, GMT Master and Submariner over the past 15 years.

Daytona  estimated price at Rolex AD

GMT Master II

Submariner price

YearExplorer II
Imagine that you had purchase a Rolex Daytona black dial in 1998 with list price $33,360, and I remember that Daytona Steel is not an hot item in that time as people tends to buy Gold Rolex still, as a 80’s HKer culture for Gold Rolex, however we could see the gradual changes of Trend for more people going for stainless watch.
In that time, you can get as much as less 15% discount.. but as of Today, someone still can get less 14% of Discount!  Wow, WHO!?
So what you paid was HKD$33,360  less 15% was HKD$28,356, I remember still you can get a box of Char Siu Rice when you bought this watch at Rolex AD. As no one wants to buy Daytona in 1998, and 1999…
So if you keep the original Warranty certificate, box and the Red seal and if possible original invoice. If that watch has not been polished, you can sell it in the market with HKD$55,000  to dealer, and HKD$76,000 to end user via eBay! If that watch has not been used at all, the price could be even higher!  Note that the Daytona Black is now selling HKD$95,000 and have almost no stock in every Rolex AD, we have to wait for month... So Daytona seems to be the most sought after new Watch from Rolex! An outstanding Investment item.
What have you earned, you worn it everyday for the 15 years!... Does it worth!?
Friend and relatives always come to me for advice about purchasing a watch, and I will always tell them to NOT buy a new watch.  Instead, I would strongly recommend buying a slightly used one on eBay from a reputable seller, sometime the depreciation is less than the new one. Note that the new Day Date is coming, it is the right time to look for some potential good Rolex Day Date as an investment!?
TLC means Tender Loving Care.
HK Snob
Remarks, 2011 Price means Dec 2011, as within 2011, Rolex price has been adjusted for 4 Times, and Tudor for 5 times.

Note also since Dec 2011 till now Sep 2013, Rolex price has not been adjusted, When do you think Rolex will increase price again. I can tell you it might come soon, somewhere end of the year or before Chinese New Years latest.