Sunday, August 11, 2013

I love Rolex Day Date Oyster Quartz

I love Rolex OysterQuartz
I know what other people thinking, Quartz Watch is not in the list of Collector’s item.
As many of the Swiss watch makers always carry words saying that Electronics watch is valueless, only mechanical watch is a treasure to the Collectors!
To me, certain extent it is true, but in other point of view it is not true.
Rolex has huge R&D in Quartz watch and electronic controller of their Own., they use probably the best electronic processor chip being made in that time 1970s till 2003. Yes, of course to me understanding those OysterQuartz watch should have a better reliability, as they are made by using the state of the art wire bonder, and Die Bonder, and this chip was made with the latest LSI technology of Semiconductor manufacturing.
Rolex had had a system to filter the non-conforming  chip board by burning in an environment chamber to read their performance of the watch in programmed heat cold temperature and humidity, those are written in Rolex OysterQuartz catalogue.
And Rolex still have not less than 3,000 OysterQuartz  movements in their warehouse I think as spare to support in the case of FAILURE.  And  I have been using more than 5 pieces of OysterQuartz Day Date I the past ten years. So far there is no single report of PROBLEM.
And I believe that watch can run at least more 30 years.  So what do you think of?  On the other hand It is BEAUTIFUL, I adore the case design and the matching bracelet., it is totally a new look of Rolex, it is modern and never look old.
More concern to be is their price, SO CHEAP, as most of the people is so afraid of OysterQuartz, they prefer Mechanical, the OsyterQuartz is left behind and no one to ask… Imagine a Solid gold watch of superb accuracy is asking just HKD$60K. There is 130 gram of Solid 18Kt gold!! Can you imagine how much you can get from selling the gold? At least HKD$35,000! So what you pay is just HKD$25000 for a Solid gold Rolex Day Date!!
You are right, if the price is too low, 90% is fake one, beware, and there is a lot of Frankenwatch in the internet on those Submariners, also we have to take care..  But I do not see any fake Rolex Day Date of OysterQuartz as there is no market on that, 99% you buy will be  genuine Rolex Day Date OysterQuartz.
Just one small worry, is that someone may think you Rolex OysterQuartz is fake as they are told Rolex does not have “tick” jumping hand… Well it is the outsiders, who care….
Oyster Quartz Day Date is somewhat Like Mercedes Benz 600, BMW M1, Lamborghini Contauch or Aston Martin DB5. when it is displayed in front oe me... I would not able to stop saying: " WOW!, it is Awesome!"
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