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The success and failure of some of the world class Companies and their products: Toyota, Apple, Motorola And Rolex

The success and failure of some of the world class Companies and their products: Toyota, Apple, Motorola And Rolex

Toyota and Lexus
Toyota had built up a very successful product with the application of Taguchi Quality campaign in the 60s and gradually Toyota made itself a very successful company. Name of Toyota represents Good Quality.
“There were a Toyota broke down at the middle of the desert highway and someone from the Toyota was asking the passing-by cars for Help. No car stop to help as they said this is a Robbery plot as Toyota car never fail!” that was a successful TV Advertisement program for Toyota.
1989, Toyota formed another Company, another product line of Lexus.
The first model was LS400, It was successfully as they built an independent Sales and marketing office and position this is a hi end Lexus. And This is not Toyota.

1989 Lexus LS-400, still we can see some of them are running on the Road!

Apple and Pineapple
News and Rumour about the Low cost version of iPhone 5C. (C stands for CHEAP!?)
In Short if Apple wants this iPhone 5C to be successful, they have to be marketed by a separate company name with Pineapple or Durian.  That if they sell by Apple store under Apply marketing campaign, That Apple will follow Motorola and come to end dead end!  I suggest Apply use “Pineapple” as the second product Line! As Apple iPhone has been built up the Phone of Hi technical, exquisite tools as a Class of Hi End Phone. If they sells low end Cheap Phone, that would be walking away from What Steve Jobs had planned back in 28 June 2007, the first day they launched the very First iPhone 2G.

The Apple iPhone 5C?

Motorola Razr II and ULC handphone
In 2005 Motorola planned to make the World SLC headphone, (SLC stands for Super low cost targeted to be selling at USD$20.00 for Indian and Southern America market)
And after when 50 million U.S. Dollars facilities and equipment, marketing team reported that the market of the ULC was actually does not exist for Motorola, and In fact at that time Nokia had had a low cost hand phone which has a B/W LCD display, having all the SMS and basic phone call function, price target was about US$25. Whereas Motorola ULC hand phone was intended to use i-Dot display, with a unique pattern of display that was hardware fixed. And I think they have made less than 5,000 units sending to market like India and Latin America as samples testing the market, but the comment was very negative. The program was dissolved, they found that No one would like to use the Low Cost handphone as the name itself reflect the user is also a “poverty class!” The Only Successful Motorola is early Star Tac II and Razr.

From Left, My Motorola Star Tac II LED display and Star Tac II LCD, Note II LTE, HTC One... Star TAC II was selling HKD$14,800 in 1991

Rolex and Tudor
Unveiled in 1946 by Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf, the Tudor collection was originally branded with a shield that contained a decorative rose, a symbol of the English Tudor dynasty. The Tudor Oyster Prince as the first Tudor First model, boasted waterproof cases and self-winding movements, and the line was cast as the more rough-and-tumble member of the Rolex family, with advertisements showing men in extreme sport or work scenarios. However, Tudor is living in the shadow of Rolex for years and was not proved successful, or I should say Rolex is too successful comparing with Tudor.
Priced as one third of Rolex, Tudor earned a name of “poor people’s Rolex in 80s Hong Kong!’ and most of us would buy Rolex as the second, after they got the Tudor, such as Dutch friend Hens hanged banner on his Volkswagen Beetle “My Second car is Porsche!”
Tudor timepieces are produced alongside Rolex watches in Switzerland, but they're assembled with more affordable ETA Swiss watch movements rather than the movements made in-house at Rolex.
In 1989, Tudor has been spinoff as Tudor not using Rolex’s case, Crown, and Strap. So it is building up its unique image, and recently you can see that they are totally new bleed of watch with Bold and sleek design not as conserved as Rolex design.
So the new marketing strategy of Tudor is Right, they have own marketing plan, product line that is out of the Box of Rolex design.  Different line, different branding, different direction, Both Rolex and Tudor would be successful.

       Tudor Black Shield, a style that you can not get from Rolex as it is all "Black" unveiled in
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