Sunday, April 28, 2013

Lung Shing Watch Price

Lung Shing Watch Price 28 April 2013 Sat,

Seems a lot of Submariners and GMT Master II Green Points are gone, not so many stock I could see only 2-3 pieces.

Sub Green bezel Ref 16610LV $52,500

Submariner No date Ref 114060 $39,500

DeepSea Ref 16660 $68,500

Explorer I ref214270 $29,800

Explorer II Ref 16570 $32,800

Explorer II white Ref 216570 $53,500

Submariner TT Ref 116613LN $78,800

Daytona White Dial Ref 116520 $83,800

Daytona Black Dial Ref 116520BL $83,800

Daytona TT ref116523 $99,800

Daytona White Gold Red hand Ref 116509 $168,800

Daytona White Gold White Dial Ref116509 $162,000

DD OysterQuartz Yellow Gold Diamond bezel and Dial ref 19018 $89,800

Most of these watch come with Paper.

HK Sham Shui Po Snob

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Milus 1962 Week Date Auto men's Watch.

An old Auto Week Date Men's watch from Milus, a 25 Jewel movement made by Milus likely in the year of 1959-1970. Date Dial was advance by pushing the crown, a drawback for an accidental advance. The Watch carries the original logo of Milus at bottom. A simple function watch, an high end version of Milus in the 60's. Still looks fun to be worn nowadays! It was sold at HKD$330 in 1968.
HK Snob

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Premiere at BaselWorld 2013

                                                  New Rolex Day Date in Green with leather Strap

                                                New Rolex GMT Master II with Black and Blue Bezel

                                               BaselWorld 2013 Rolex New Face-lifted Oyster Perpetual

                              Rolex Day Date 1956-1985 Collectible Item for Old Cake Like HK Snob

BaselWorld 2013 Rolex Oyster Perpetual Premiere

New Day Date Ref 118138

Rolex is introducing a new version in 18 KT yellow, white or everose gold of the Oyster Perpetual DAY-DATE with luxurious colourful leather straps and matching dials. A symbol of excellence and prestige, always exclusively in gold or in platinum, the DAY-DATE was the first chronometer wristwatch to indicate the date and the day of the week spelt out in full on the dial when it was launched in 1956.

Its elegance is now expressed in a more informal manner and probably designed for the younger market. As in HK, Day Date was always renounced as “Old Man’s Watch” in Cantonese; they are called “餅" (Old Cake!) Well, now you do not have a reason to say, as it is really a decent watch for the 30’s.

It comes with Cognac, Cherry, Chocolate, Green and Blue. Personally I like Green Most!

List price will be falling in the Range of HKD$185,000-190,800, I estimate.  A Good new selction for the younger one. May create another trendy watch for lady!

GMT master II blue Black Ref 116710 BLNR

The new GMT-Master II is presented in a 40mm 904L steel case, with a rotatable bezel featuring for the first time a two-colour ceramic Cerachrom bezel (Note*1) insert in blue and black representing day and night. The Hi-tech ceramic component with two distinct colors is actually produced as a single piece of ceramic. The Cerachrom insert was first introduced in 2005. The Movement is 3186. Price will likely under HKD$70,000.

New Platinum Daytona Ref 116506

The 2013 Rolex platinum Daytona is made for the minority Rich who may have a Day Date Ice Blue already! Rolex seems does not want consider an affordable version for the general Rolex fans! This will be an expensive Watch in price range of HKD$590,000 I guess.

Note *1

The ceramic bezel (Rolex’s trademarked Cerachrom) is virtually scratchproof, highly corrosion resistant, and its color is unaffected by ultraviolet rays. The engraved 24-hour graduations are coated with a thin layer of platinum via a PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) process.

HK Snob

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Willeke Teuwissen's Vintage enamel Gold Watch

This is a beautiful watch I spotted from Willeke’s wrist today whilst I was shopping at Santis Delicatessen, Alabang.

That is a tiny tank of manual winding, in 9KT (I guess) gold case with beautifully hand crafted enamel decoration Willeke is a pretty Dutch lady and she told me she was in HK last week.
She is representing Cheeseland Inc

The watch was so small and I believe that goes to the year 1940, Willeke told me it is a family heritage, that watch belongs to the year 1930s. Imagine that such a small watch without much waterproof feature can last for 80 years, That is a treasure under the family generation of impeccable care of it. The Crown shaft seems is not the original as it is a bit too long, it was obviously an replacement part. Overall this is a charming watch for Willeke.

A good mechanical Watch in gold case can last hundreds of year.
HK Snob

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

3 stages of Life

When people was young, they desperately work hard and save money, they have no time to entertain themselves. When they were asked to go hiking, they said they have to work.

When They were invited to go out for drinks, they said they have to O/T .

True, they work hard and earn a lot of money, but on his wrist, I did not see anything, He said there is no

Need to any watch as he has a clock on his handphone. He does not need a Watch!

When they get old, they are going to retire, in his bank he has seven digit saving and a lot more in the stock market, every morning he as to check how much he should buy and sell in order to earn more.

When he get retired, then he feels his body has no energy to walk more than 2 Km, his knee had pain going down the stair case, he has back pain, and neck pain, his could not eat too much as he has diabetes. He needs to buy a super large screen hand phone simple he cannot read it at all.

He has to start spending money to buy back health. Bags of herbal medicine of all kinds are always standing by, he takes 2 pills before any meal, he had to put on extra sweater in the summer, He can not go out in winter. He gets weaker his bank account is getting more numbers on the contrary.

He cannot eat steam boat food as that is too “Et Hey” (hot). He has to go for some professional massage on his back twice a week. Food is cooked without salt, sugar or oil… man, what is the meaning of life, you can not feel the power of money until the moment you spend it.

I think we should work hard, but also learn how to spend hard!

As there are 3 stages of Life:
Teen Age – Has time and energy – But no Money
Working Age – Has Money and Energy – But No Time
Old Age – Has Money and Time – But No Energy

HK Snob

Rolex Day Date 18KT Solid White Gold Diamond bezel and Diamond Dial with President Strap, circa 1987

18 KT solid gold Chain and Solid White Gold Diamond Cross, circa 1950

Parker Duofold foundtain pen with 14Kt Solid Gold Nib in Orange, Circa 1929

Swiss made Miniature pipe as a Tie Chain, Circa 1947 (a Real Pipe)

Monday, April 22, 2013


Picture taken By Samsung Note II LTE Whilst Arshad paid for the Submariner Ref 111660Ln at One of The Largest Rolex AD in TST

People are jostled to earn money as to support the family expenditure…

And we have seen a lot of friends who did not actually well utilized his money, I should say they don't actually own the money, the Bank does…

That he really feel the power of money at all.

When I bought my first Rolex in 1982 wih HKD$5,025 that was a Date Just men white dial with Roman Numerals with jubilee Strap, I found that is the first time I feel “Solid Satisfaction” of Life, as that was my first job to earn my first Rolex by my own hand, I was a Radio officer with British license to send Morse on Merchant Ship.  People may say Why I am So happy to have a Rolex? Yes, of course, it is a Rolex, and I am a cheap HK Snob!

My Salary was HKD$4004 a month in 1981. I was a bit puzzled if one day I could afford to buy a Rolex Day Date! As a Yellow gold Day Date was selling HKD$24,000 in that time.

I had a lot of friends who had money after one year working on a ship, they bought house, my Captain was earning HKD$9,000 a month, after one year he save 99.99% of his salary. As he spent only HKD$0.7 for a postcard to his son studying in Boston every time when ship arrive the next port! He paid his son’s school fee and support his living in US. That is the greatest father on Earth, He never go ashore to relax, he never eat anything when we moored in Kobe. But I went to taste the Kobe Beef. 

I met my girl friend from Osaka, Still remember her name Misaho, I may be able to find her in the fb now, but who cares as if still that was some of the finest memory in my mind… time has passed, I started to buy my own Rolex Day Date back in 1998, that was an used one from friend. Since then I collected, I traded, I used Rolex when I went work, hang out, Hiking and Swimming, I found out that the MORE you use it, the more you GAIN from it, and I never keep it in the dark cool safe, though Rolex never get rusted at all in the Safe.

But what is the point that you buy a Rolex but you never use it….

As we know one day when we leave this Lovely World, I will get Nothing… May be all my loved one would still have some sweet (or Sour) memories about the time we were, but all my Rolexes will be cash for Gold or sold in the Pawn Shops!

Dust to dust, earth to earth; after the death, your Gold watch and jewelry go Pawn shop

As Hung* Said,  塵歸塵,土歸土,金錶首飾歸當舖!

That recalled someone says : 3 stages of Life:

Teen Age – Has time & energy – But no Money.

Working Age – Has Money & Energy – But No Time.

Old Age – Has Money & Time – But No Energy.

So Today, pick up your best Rolex watch and wear it tomorrow when you have Time and Money!

HK Snob

PS*  Hung is one of my friends we started to know each other since 1990., He is a Watch Collector, a Turtle Shell Spectacle and Pen Collector,  he has a lot of Patek Philippe and Rolexes!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Vintage Milus Watch

The creation of the Swiss Milus watch was dated 1919. Milus was founded by Paul William Junod.
In 2008 the Milus International SA watch company was bought up by Chow Tai Fook (CTF) Group company located in Hong Kong.

This is a simple but beautiful Milus likely made in the year 1970-1976., manual Movement, size is quite updated with adecent dimension. The Dial is as new as it was made 40 years ago. We bought it in Ap Liu Street with merely a few hundred dollars, the ostrich strap is have 100% matching colour as the dial, This ia a lovely Remembrance of the good time in the 70s'.

The Pen is a 1960 Monblanc Model 256 and the Spectacles was a 1940 reading glasses on a pair of hand made Turtle shell frame.
HK Snob

Rolex Ref 15037 14KT Solid Gold Men's Watch

This is an 1989 Rolex Ref 15037 "Date" Solid 14KT gold with Jubilee Strap. It comes with orginal Box and Waranty papers, it was sold in USA via J. herbert Hall Co.

14 KT Solid Gold Rolex is very rare, still I have to find out why 14KT gold was being used.
It is made with special care with almost flawless black Dial and pointer, watch has not been polished.

A watch buckle with all Rolex goldsmith hallmarks and clearly stamped Rolex marks.
This is a classic Rolex "Date" , another Collection item for those Rolex Watch Fever Collectors. Friend of mine is asking HKD$57,000.00

Remarks: Though it is made with 14Kt solid gold, its weight is seemed very solid and very heavy on my wrist.

HK Snob
PS Sold ay HKD$55,000 on 9 May 2013

Monday, April 15, 2013

Comment From users on Rolex Explorer II Ref 216570

This is the exact Comment on one of the new users of Explorer II he bought recently in HK....

" Hi again Hong Kong Snob. GPPM here. I thought I would give you an update on the Rolex Explorer II that I purchased in late January with your help.

It has been on my wrist constantly for almost three months now and I am loving it.

It is a classic looking watch and looks great with my suit during the week and in sports clothes on the weekend. It is putting up with the general bumps and grinds without show any obvious signs of wear.
What is really amazing me though is how accurate this thing is. It is averaging 4 to 5 seconds fast per week, less than 20 seconds a month. I am only bothering to adjust it when I have to amend the date setting.

The other thing i really like about it is the adjustable length bracelet. I use it all the time when the weather gets warmer and my wrist starts to swell a bit. It really adds to the overall comfort of the watch.

I would highly recommend this watch to people wanting a practical every day watch that represents great value for money. "    

In fact there are two more new owners on this Explorer II, they feel that the time keeping is Superb! It gains about 1 seconds in two days. That is an equilvalent of 5.787 PPM (part per million) which is very high!  

Ref 216570 is selling at Rolex AD at List price HKD$60,500 we can get a discount of minimum 5%! Consider that when you want to buy your next Rolex, Black Dial is another choice if you had white!

As the Orange Hand looks floating on top of the black dial. Price of White or Black is same.   HK Snob

Saturday, April 13, 2013

1965 Rolex Submariner Ref 1675

This is another beautiful Colour Rolex Submariner which has a red brown Dial!
It belongs to the year 1965, after 48 years, this solid old watch is still carrying the most important element of what I like, the Colour! The price is quite reasonable.
You can biy this watch with Yen 1,098,000 in Japan.
HK Snob

The Rolex OysterQuartz Operation Manual

This is a Rolex Oysterquartz Manual that comes with the OysterQuartz Ref 19018.
The booklet was printed in year 1980.
HK Snob

Patek Philippe Nautilus , Rolex OysterQuartz and Audemars Piguet Royal Oak carry the same Case design!?

These are some of the most pretty design of Watches.
On the left is the Patek Philippe Nautilus of stainless steel.
The One on the right is Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, both watch is the design of Gerald Genta,
The One kept between is Rolex OysterQuartz Ref 18018, AP has been trying to sue Rolex for stealing the deisgn of the Royal Oak! Well, look at it carefully, we can understand why AP had such a concern.
Amongst these three, the AP Royal Oak is thinnest, (7mm). second is the PP and then the sturdy Rolex
These are three legendary watch design in the 70s! Gerald Genta has another Design; VC Ref 222 and IWC ingenieur! I hope one day I have a chance to take a picture of these Watches in one shot.
HK Snob

Rolex Ref 19018 OysterQuartz and Turtle Shell spectacles

This is the yellow gold Rolex Ref 19018 OysterQuartz with Oak Dial sitting side by side with two Turtle shell spectacles. The one on top has symmetrical pattern on left and right; it is deep red in colour. The one in the bottom is another classic turtle shell spectacles design. Nowadays, it is now allowed to trade the turtle shell products. The watch is no question one of the best Rolex Day Date.
HK Snob

What a Colour of Rolex Ref 1680 in 18KT Solid Gold!

This is a Vintage Sold 18KT gold 19780 Rolex Ref 1680 Submariner.
The Colour is so special as the Dial becomes Purple.
This watch is selling Yen 2,890,000 
The Colour is so phenomenally pretty!
HK Snob

Rolex Ref 1803 Light green Dial

This is a Vintage Ref 1803, the Dial is light green colour, Rare colour for Collector.

HK Snob

The Expensive Porsche Stop Watch

This is a Stop Watch that comes with the Porsche 911 GT3.
A watch that you have to pay for USD$400,000! Of course, it comes with a better package, "your name on back of it"... but the Watch itself may be just a simple stop watch of not more than US$200!
HK Snob

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Rolex Ref 16203 Date Just Limited Edition 200 Pcs as honor of Nick Price’s Success in the PGA Golf tournament.

This is a Stainless steel and Gold Rolex, Ref 16203, Oyster Perpetual Datejust Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified. Self-winding, Centre seconds,water-resistant, 18KT yellow gold Oyster bracelet, comes with original Box and Hang tag. It comes with original Sapphire crystal with cyclops lens. White Dial with applied radial yellow gold Roman numerals, crest imprint of W.J. Golf Tours, outer minute divisions, aperture for the date. Luminous yellow gold baton hands. M. Cal. 3135, rhodium-plated, oeil-de-perdrix decoration, 31 jewels, straight line lever escapement, free sprung monometallic balance adjusted to 5 positions and temperature, shock absorber, self-compensating free-sprung Breguet balance spring, Microstella regulating screws, hack mechanism. Dial, case and movement signed. Diam. 36 mm. Thickness 13 mm. In Excellent Condition.  95% New.
Rolex seldom produce watch in a limited fashion. You are one of the 200 owners of this watches. Price is HKD$39,500.
Remarks : watch was sold on 19 April 2013
HK Snob

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Van Cleef Arpel's Signature Timepiece: Pierre Arpels

Van Cleef & Arpels’ Signature Timepiece: Pierre Arpels
This is an Iconic Model created by Pierre Arpels in 1949, this timepiece celebrates the innovative and Aesthetic spirit of its creator. Combining unique style with unequalled comfort and practicality, the Pierre Arpels is a masterpiece timepiece of understated elegance. Van Cleef & Arpels’ signature timepiece features a round case in yellow gold adorned with a discreet central support, a white lacquer dial and an alligator strap. Diameter: 32mm, Strap: Alligator, Movement was in fact made by Gerald Genta* marked GG. With an astonishing 35 jewels, 4 position adjusted timing on the balancing wheel, off-centre rotor, ultra thin movement cased in solid 18KT Gold. The thickness is more or less the thickness of a Hong Kong Five-Dollar-Coin.
Interesting to see that the Similarity of the watch design, in fact that is the Gerald Genta Success 2719, looking at the fonts of the dial, that is exactly the same of an Audemars Piguet… So can I say that VCA bought the watch movement from GG and the dial purchase AP to form the Pierre Arpels or the fonts of "Automatic" is just an coincidence!?

Most of the VDA movement is Quartz, this is some of the few Pieces made with GG Automatic Movement.

This is a very fine watch for your next meeting with your CEO who may be wearing a cheapo plastic watch of 32K quartz crystal powered by a 20 cents LSI chip, or a party with CY Leung, or meeting Mr. Xi in Chung Nam Hoi. But definitely not the watch for your cruise trip or any Expedition in Mt. Kilimanjaro…That would be much better to be a Rolex Submariner or even A Date Day!

Gerald Genta created the legendary designs of Audemars Piguet Royal Oak that saved the Company in 1972, another Design made for Patek Philips, the Nautilus In 1976, the Vacheron Constantin Overseas 222, IWC Ingeniuer … These are still the flagship model of these Big Four in Switzerland.
HK Snob