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Noodles, Copper Wires, Clock and Watch

Noodles, Wire, Clock and Watch…

Noodle and Spaghetti
When Chinese met Italian: Noodle and Spaghetti, which was supposed to be invented earlier!?
Over the years, there has been a lot of argument of who invented the Spaghetti, someone said Marco Polo went to China saw how Chinese made the noodles and he brought this into Italy create 
Well, China has noodle some 4,000 years ago as we used to eat nozzle*1 and rice, more noodle for Chinese in the North and more rice I S, And there is a Italian Cuisine expert came out to say let's stop the argument, let's assume Both Chinese and Italian invented the Noodle and Spaghetti at same time.
It is OK for Italian but may not be agreed by Chinese… anyway…

                                         China first Found Noodles 4,000 years ago
Copper wire and Wireless
When a Chinese Monk visit Rome some 700 years ago, he met a Roman, who had told him Italian has underground copper wire which is used to transmit electricity from Florence to Rome, the Monk said quite humbly that “ I am sorry that we  do not have this technology in China, we have only Wireless!”*2
The Roman was desperately not happy with the Chinese’s Reply, and he asked, we used to have mechanical Clock century ago while you Chinese still looking at Sun rise sunset for time.
The Chinese Monk then said, Yi Xing, a Buddhist monk, made the first model of a mechanical clock in 725 AD. This clock operated by dripping water that powered a wheel which made one full revolution in 24 hours. An iron and bronze system of wheels and gears made the clock turn. This system caused the chiming of a bell on the hour. It was two more centuries before the first mechanical clock was developed in Europe.
The Roman was speechless!

                           First Mechanical Clock invented by Chinese.

October 12, 2005—A 4,000-year-old bowl of noodles unearthed in China is the earliest example ever found of one of the world's most popular foods, scientists reported today. It also suggests an Asian—not Italian—origin for the staple dish.
The beautifully preserved, long, thin yellow noodles were found inside an overturned sealed bowl at the Lajia archaeological site in northwestern China. The bowl was buried under ten feet (three meters) of sediment.
"This is the earliest empirical evidence of noodles ever found," Houyuan Lu of Beijing's Chinese Academy of Sciences.
The scientists determined the noodles were made from two kinds of millet, a grain indigenous to China and widely cultivated there 7,000 years ago. Modern North American and European noodles are usually made with wheat.  

Remarks *2
Back in 4,000 years ago we used fire to tell distant area on the mountain to send message. Is that Classified as “Wireless?
HK and Italy Snob
This is just a joke created by me, not to hurt the Chinese or Italian Relationship and we had been having very long and good relationship with Italian, we eat good noodle in Spaghetti House nowadays and Italian eat big yummy Wanton Noodles anywhere in the world running by Hong Kong Chef.
We Like to wear Panerai Watch and Italian come to Lo Wo Commercial City to buy all kind of world best branded Watch made in China!! We are at Draw!

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