Wednesday, August 14, 2013

More Tokyo Snob Reporter Andy Reporting Watch Market in Tokyo (part 4)

                          I love this bag, but the shop keeper said, "Hai Domo, this is Not for Sale!"
    Do you know what Rolex Watch this Big Box is made for?, Andy, your identity is going to be exposed because of your Crocs!
                                                               Spoon Gift Set, Not Rolex!
Beautiful Watch Box of Various Makers!
Still there are a lot of Rolex goods in Tokyo, When I stayed in Japan for two years time back in 1990, I liked visiting Tokyo Hands and those Camera and Watch Shops, those goods are kept in very good condition.
I like the Rolex Golf kits, but that is not for Sale!!
Andy, you should take note on your identitiy, being a HK Celebrity how can you shop with a pair of Crocs!?

Reported by Andy, Special HK Snob assigned CIA in Tokyo Watch market.
Andy was Formerly an agent of FBI, (Female Body Investigator!)
HK Snob

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