Sunday, August 11, 2013

Guess what is the most unique watch design that most of the China people would copy!?

In China, there are numerous of memorial watch, for the new event in the state, anniversary memorial of the new China is established, company gift for those who had  been contributed to the company, gift for some of the inter-university games, the launch of the Astronauts into the moon, whatever, the watch design is somewhat like this
An Oyster Case,
34-36mm in diameter,
Diamond dial.
Jubilee strap,
So you know What I am talking about… this is one of the watch that my company driver was wearing the other day he sent to our China factory.
The reason why is obvious, the Watch brand name is widely known by most of the China people!
Did I mention " Rolex" , No, right!?
Sha Tau Jiao Snob

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