Thursday, June 30, 2016

Rolex Datejust 36mm and Datejust II 41mm

The Rolex Datejust has always been one of the most iconic watches in the entire Rolex collection. It is a very practical watch. Unlike the Day-date, the Datejust is also available in stainless steel and the prices are way more affordable. The best thing about the Datejust is that it comes with precious metal bezels no matter which material you choose.

The 36mm Datejust has been around for many years. It is a very elegant and discrete watch that shines on any occasion. The fluted bezel is a show stopper while the smooth bezel is more understated. The 116234 offers a wide range of dial options. These options include computer dials, diamond markers, mother of pearl dials and some very well-designed ones such as the tuxedo dials. At 36mm, it is the perfect size for formal attire especially with Jubilee bracelet.


The 41mm Datejust II Ref.116334 has received some new members this year with Jubilee bracelet in two tone models. The 41mm Datejust II offers bigger dials and therefore is more eye-catching. The whole watch reflects light sharper than the 36mm version and offers you a good option if you find the Datejust to be too formal. However, the 41mm Datejust II does not offer many dial options. It is a pity as the Datejust II can be more successful with more dial options especially those with diamond markers.

Either the 36mm Datejust or the 41mm Datejust II will be a very good choice for you if you are looking for a dress watch with a reasonable price.
HKWF can get less 20% off the list price for you with cash deal.
Specify your specification and we do get the watch delivered into your home.*
HK Snob
PS * Hong Kong, Manila, Alabang and Makati only.



HK Snob's Rolexs' Fantasy

BREXIT, Rolex Price Up, recession and what Shall we do else with the depreciating money?

A UK Friend knows this because he has a banking background. So anyone who has the same experience will or can relate. On a few points. I don't have much gold but like to trade watches for gold coins nowadays rather than money (paper), cuts all the rubbish out.

London Rolex Authorized dealers have already increased it prices on Gold watches 5-8% so in theory we have had price increases throughout this year within 6-9 months. Following on, BOE is yet to raise its rates, the IMF will dry up, eventually. Prime Minister has no obligation to Europe accept its cousins (Royal descendants, aristocrats) typically as business men would say after doing you out of a deal! "Its business"

Now David Cameron has jumped ship! Correct Hilary battle axe will be president and its down hill from there onwards, for those who have stored up so much New pieces, good if you have the capital but only time will tell. "The water bed is drying" which is going to force a harsh decline. I'd rather any 60s-80s YG or WG full gold 14k, 18k watch over a steel any day. At least scrap value has some value to it and if you paid $7k and was to scrap as a worst case scenario you'd gain at least 50% against the weight maybe more to what you paid. But try and do this on today with any of the new watches it will be like trying to resale a diamond stone and we all know you always lose 75% of cost unless it’s flawless, same with exceptional time pieces! However for the average or majority who have thought to invest in newer and over produced pieces, many may be upset with my comment view and they are well within their rights to disagree.

Valuable metals is the global currency always has been has never failed, every countries foundation of economics still believes it to be viable.

Gold will soon increase to $2,000 very soon.

A UK Big Rolex Gold Watch Collector, 28 June 2016

Anyone who has gold 22k 1oz coins in exchange for GOLD WATCHES please contact me and l will notify him!

It is a Chaos when the economic is bad, especially the rich does not want people come to take their food on the plate free… Who knows After Britain, then France, Italy, and Sooner the Big brother Germany will declare to leave EU?

Who will be the finial beneficiary!?

US, yes in the role of world Police, Japan? No, They cannot go back to the tie they were in 80s

Russia and China may tie up into a closer relations to declare brotherhood, China may export more Super Rail, factory sets-up support to countries like Philippines, East European, East Africa, Pakistan, South America.

So at that time another generation of Rich Chinese will have extra money to buy toys…

By 2025 China GDP is same as if no close  to USA, become world No.1  economy System,.

How to spend the money for the Middle Class… buying crazy stuff Like Italian Horse and Bull or luxury watches is a MUST!

As Chinese Rich people like to Show-off…  At that time your Submariner 16610LV Flat 4 may be able to reach HK$200,000. The Submariner NOS Ref.116610LV Hulk will be selling at HK$180,000

A Daytona A series Ref.116520LN will be HK$250,000

The Daytona Ceramic Ref.116500LN will be easily HKD$200,000.

The GMT Master Blue Back will be HK$250,000.

Oh the First generation AP Royal Oak A series will be HKD$500,000 (sorry I sold off last year for cash already)

How about Ref.18039, 18038, 1803, 1807… all goes up X4 times as of the value today…

Time will tell….

By the way, by 2025, Norkor has been unified as one Korea, become one family… One Rich Family.

HK Snob
The above article is purely my personal thoughts about what would happen in 10 years.


Tuesday, June 28, 2016

UK Collectors' Day Date

Price of a Rolex depends much on the dial especially on Day Date.
Onyx is a kind of gem Rolex used to put it as dial on some of the Flag Ship watch in the 80s.

Day Date Onyx, Submariner Onyx carries a price 2X to 2.5X 
than an ordinary dial of the same model.
Look at these watches, are they rare?
Yes they are, The creamy Explorer II is also adorable,
For more information, you can Whatsapp me.
HK Snob

A thin white gold, Patek Phillipe like Ferdinand Marcos'


The same watch of Patek Philippe Ref.3528/3 white gold watch that Ferdinand Marcos worn on his 58th Birthday.

This belongs to a collector from Miami, Florida.

Does it look great still after 40 years?  It would be perfect if there is no oxidation stains on the dial.

Refer to my prior post on the real Ferdinand Marcos watch kept by a Collector.

HK Snob

Where to Repair my Watches


I had my first car 1990 BMW 318iSA, I had encountered a couple of incidents, while  it was running on highway it stopped everything, no engine, no brake, no power steering… it shocked me!

I went to BMW repair they told me, Oh it is the Computer problem, changed it as a whole new module with HKD$30,000 will do… Man, in 1996 HK$30,000 can buy a Daytona Watch!  Finally I went to a garage shop friend told me to… the chap told me…” buy me a coffee and give me two minutes!”… he took out a hand held tool with BMW logo on it and pushed into somewhere on the microprocessor “reset” he told me… DONE!

That problem happened no more that Crazy problem before the car was stolen at Wilson Car park….!

Have you ever been sending watches for servicing in Hong Kong?

These are some of the episode about watch repair in HK:-

Long queue on the line at the Service Centre of XXX, no one comes to talk to you, just wait for your turn… and they close early.

Battery Changes of a XXX Watch HK$850. 
(I changed it myself HK$20)

Inspection of a XXX Watch HK$1,000,  movement Cleaning $8,000  for 3-4 months. If Complicated watch must be done in Switzerland!

XXX Manual Wind Watch overall HK$8,000, take 2 months.

XXX Perpetual Watch Overall HK$40,000, 5 months in Switzerland as they are having Summer holidays.

XXX perpetual Calendar Watch repair HK$50,000  and it takes more than 1 year. The Chinese Customer went into the shop and yelled!  You know the Richer customer is usually the more aggressive one!

Quartz Battery Change, supposed to be Free but they will ask you for changing the O-ring, or the crown as it seems there is water resistance issues, and end up you have to pay HK$4,000 and three weeks.

A Friend of mine send his Quartz yellow gold to service centre for Inspection, check, and part replacement and requesting to add two more links as his wrist is large, Quotation came out asking changes on the Crystal, Crown, Overhaul, and two sections of the bracelet, total Charges is HK$55,000… Amazingly!

I just sent a 1970’s first generation yellow gold watch to XXX Boutique for a cleaning of the movement as it is not running smoothly after 6 years…last week.

They told me that is a watch over 25 years, has to be shipped to Switzerland for the repair and cleaning, basic cleaning cost is HK$8,000 …Oh, since I am the good friend of the shop manager I got less 20% discount! Good Mercy.
Excluding parts, they would like to say the final price could be something that would make me stretch my tongue long to touch my nose!

This is just a few examples of Watch repair experience over the past 5 years!l

For most of the Cases I will send to some HK renowned repair Centres, expert …. As I know them Well, I understand where they are from, and they have the part, patience and Skill. and Most of all, I get my Watch Return with Satisfaction.

The story is totally different…

For Rolex Oyster Quartz Battery Changes, God… HKD$20, workmanship Free!

For the Perpetual Calendar Cleaning HK$7,000 may be in two weeks only.

For the 1970 watch cleaning … man…. HK$2,400 only.

Of course if you had money and patience to wait for 6 to 14 months for waiting your watch repaired… please do so sending to the original factory…

HK Snob
XXX stands for DIFFERENT HI End Watch Brands in HK.





Submariner, Seadweller is still No.1 hot selling item from Rolex

Some of my Watches as stock

Submariner Ref.116610LN with Date
Submariner Ref.114660 no date
Submariner SeaDweller Ref.116600

These are the hottest cakes from Rolex as far as an average market survey of the market segment
In Philippines, seems the batman is my No,1 top seller in the past 12 Months.

HK Snob

Monday, June 27, 2016

Vintage time : Rolex 1675 GMT Master

Whether you have owned a GMT Master or not, one of the most accessible vintage GMT Masters is the Rolex 1675. The watch is like the 5513 or the 1680 for Submariner collectors. At around HK$40k, what do you get?

The 1675 was first produced in 1959 replacing the 6542. It has acrylic crystal and either oyster or jubilee bracelet. In the early 1970s, the black bezel version was introduced. After the late 60s, the small GMT hand became large GMT hand. Dials from 1965 to 1980 are matt dials.

The 1675 is one of the more original references of the GMT Master. The watch comes with a bi-color bezel with the blue part representing the night and the red part representing the day. The aged tritium hour markers together with the matt dial give you a very vintage feeling. The best thing is that the GMT function does not fade away in time. The 1675 can still serve you as a reliable GMT watch.

Some of the bezels have faded in color and that is another interesting thing about the 1675. If you are tired of the conservative designs of modern GMTs, you may visit the 1675, which has lug-holes and is a true tool watch.
A New Old Stock 1765 Full Set is about USD$13,000.

HK Snob

HKWF Selected Watches for sales








Price including hand carry delivery into Philippines Alabang, Cash deal.

HK Snob

Saturday, June 25, 2016

IWC Portuguese Perpetual CalendarIW502306 Pink Gold


A massive solid Pink Gold in 18KT Portuguese watch from IWC.
Perpetual Calendar that can run till 2499 Dec 31, that your grand grand grand son need to change the year Display for 25XX year.

This is a 7 days Power reserve, a piece of ART.
62 Jewels, 5 Positions Adjusted
HKD$380,000 as MSRP.
HK Snob

Rolex Daytona Ceramic Ref.116500 White

As I have found most of the AD has this Watch now as of Today. As I talked to one of the major AD at Nathan Road today, they have just got one white Panda Today.

Price is HKD$140,000, well, I should not work as Blogger, but a fortune teller as two months ago in my blog I had mentioned that the price of HK$140,000.

There is a chance to have the price lower, but don't forget under limited supply of Rolex,
When the price is lowered to say HK$130,000, the demand surges, and the price will up again.

A bit not to be optimistic that this watch price will likely remain HKD$140,000 till September.
If you want to get a lower price one, may be buying from Gray dealer, there may still has a chance to go lower to HK$135,000 with in these two to three weeks time.

Let's see

HK Snob

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Rolex Turn-O-Graph Stainless Steel verison on sale

From what I know the TOG was introduced in 1955 as an award given to US Air Force pilots returning from combat missions.
The US Air Force has an exhibition flight team called the Thunderbirds that was started in the 50s and I believe the name was taken from that. Recently, probably due to the discontinuation of this Watch, many PWC members and HKWF members asking this watch.

These are three watches that we have had located in Hong Kong.

They are Blue, Black and white, unique movable bezel, red second had and date! Three lines, outstanding Look!

The Blue one has paper too. Interested parties can contact us for more price information.
HK Snob


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

HKWF Watch Wanted

Rolex Day Date Platinum
Rolex Day Date White Gold Oyster Quartz with paper
Rolex Day Date Yellow gold with bracelet
Rolex Day Date Ref.218235
Rolex Day Date Oyster Quartz 1977 with 25 links 
Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi
Omega Panda
Rolex Turn-o-graph white dial
AP Star Wheel
Deepsea used
Submariner Re.16610
IWC Little Prince.

My clients, reader of HKWF has such above enquiry, we can match what you want to let go to other one looking for...
Please Whatsapp me about your pre-owned, new watch, and price and see how we can match the need.

HK Snob

Laureus Sports for Good Foundation & IWC Portugese Chronograph on Sale

Model:IWC Portuguese Laureus
Limited Edition Ref.3742-32, 2,000 only made.
Details: Complete box and papers, Sunburst blue dial,
Blue croc, IWC pin Buckle
Keep Excellent Time
Asking HKD$45,000

Comment: The Blue dial is attractive and adorable!
The S/N is a very good lucky number. 1XX2

HK Snob

Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Aquaracer

There is not a substitute for Submariner, it is another blood for divers with practically same feature at an attractive price

It is a Tag Heuer Aquaracer 300M Calibre 5 Automatic Watch
Side 41 mm
Ceramic Bezel

DescriptionTAG Heuer Calibre 5 Swiss Made.
Hour, Minute, second and date indication

Automatic caliber

Diameter: 26 mm (11 ½''') — 25 to 26 rubies depending on the execution.

Rapid date correction.

PerformanceBalance frequency: 28,800 vibrations per hour (4 Hz).
In House Tag Heuer Chronometer with 38 hours power reserve.

Price : MRSP  HKD$20,200

HKWF group can get you a special price BNIB with local delivery to Philippines.

HK Snob

Saturday, June 18, 2016

HKWF’s selection of three best stainless steel Daytona references

The Rolex Daytona has been in vogue for over 2 decades, or even more for some earlier references. Earlier, we looked at how this particular ace of Rolex has evolved in time. In this episode, we will look at 3 best stainless steel Daytonas.


1.      Rolex Daytona 6263 – The “Paul Newman” Daytona with exotic dial
The legendary 6263 is on our list, and it always will and should on anyone’s list of favorite Daytonas. A Rolex 6263 Daytona with exotic dial is referred to as “the Paul Newman Daytona” as movie star Paul Newman used to wear it a lot when racing, and not racing. At 37mm, the 6263 has a very exquisite dial layout. It looks classic by any standard. The sub-dials are well placed with appropriate space and balance in between. The numerals on the sub-dials are exquisitely done. The chapter ring is another feature of an “exotic” dial. It matches the tachymeter on the bezel very well.


Other than that, the 6263 has red “Daytona” letters on the dial and features screw-down chronograph pushers. It is a must-have for any Daytona enthusiast and the prices at auctions have proved that.


2.      Rolex 116520 Daytona

The first automatic chronograph with an in-house Rolex movement - is it enough?

The 116520 has been in production since 2000 when it replaced the 16520 which had a modified Zenith movement. The 116520 is now out of production and it is replaced by the new ceramic Daytona 116500ln. However, it was a cult success by any means. The price of the 116520 had always been higher than the retail price. It was such a symbol of status that no other watches could, or can compare.


3.      Rolex 116500ln Daytona Ceramic

Rolex is good at solving problems. While the bezel of the 116520 was said to attract scratches easily, they have now put a ceramic bezel on the newest Daytona ref 116500ln. The new 116500ln is a stunner. The white dial version features the “panda” style dial similar to the legendary 6263. The best thing is that it has a ceramic bezel that is not easily scratched. Other details? The movement’s accuracy is now +2/-2 per day! As the successor of the 116520, it is going to be another cult success. Do get yours before it gets hard to find one.

HK Snob

PS The latest price of the Ref116500LN white is HKD$135,000 as of Today in Market of Hong Kong.



Cartier Lady watch on sale

Pre-owned Cartier Vermeil 925 Silver watch on sale
Box and paper. Quartz Movement.
List price HK$28,800
Now HK$7800
HK Snob

PS Sold on 22 June 2016