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Exquisite Solalite Dial Rolex Day Date Ref 18238

RED - traditional bridal colour, , dynamic, expansive, blooming, enthusiastic, reaching upwards, good luck, celebration, happiness, joy, vitality, long life; red purple brings luck and fame, money, recognition, propriety, creativity, joy.

Red present Fire of the Five Elements, South of Direction,
Summer of Season, Heat of condition:
Expansive of Energy, Full Yang of Phase, Blooming of Development, Mars of Planet.

Red, corresponding with fire in the Five Elements symbolizes good fortune and joy. The red color of the packet symbolizes good luck and it is a traditionally symbolic color of happiness.

In modern China, red remains a very popular color and is affiliated with and used by the Communist government.
Red also carry meaning of “Power” as almost we can see “RED” in any of the National Flag!

Solalite Dial
A rare red exquisite rare solalite dial on a yellow Solid gold Rolex Ref 18238 is a gorgeous showcase piece for Rolex’s jewellery expertise. This watch as a Rolex Corona laser imprint under the Sapphire crystal, full length Original Rolex Strap, an classic blended look of Roman Numerals which could cool down the Red hot temperature of Rolex RED Solalite. It is a watch for every occasions under your white cuffs with matching gem stone cuff links, or as a Friday’s simple watch of causal jean with a pair of John Lodd loaffers!

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Q & A on Vintage Rolex Collection

Why Chinese Post?
Well, because many of my HK Chinese Friends questioned me, why not writing something in Cantonese?  So I did. Actually I plan to write Chinese long time ago but my Company Note Book does not installed Chinese Writing Software. Until one day my beloved one brought me this Pink Note III, it has a fantastic pen that could write much like Chinese Character than the Note II, so I started writing something in Chinese. With a click, I could upload my post on the Blog.

Watch Check at Rolex Service Centre
Many Singaporean blog fans ask me why there is still fake Rolex selling in Shop?  I told them I haven't heard a single case in the past three years Rolex AD has sold Fake watch of Rolex, I emphases Rolex AD.
Some friends ask me if they buy a Rolex, can they send this Rolex to RVC asking them to verify the watch,
Well, Hong Kong is not same as Singapore, I think we can send the watch to Rolex to do a verification, but I have no hints on the charges and how fast it would take. If someone has such experience, please share with us.

Vintage Rolex
The market for vintage watches especially vintage Rolex watches can be a minefield. 
There are a lot of Franken, a lot of Polex and Lolex Vintage, it is the major reason why there are so many people has hesitation going into vintage Rolex Collection. Well, treat this as challenge and that could be fun, also who does not pay tuition fee before you get the Phd Degrees in Watch Collection in the school of HK? Phd may stand for Pig Head Dummy in this case!

Rolex Record
Rolex does not provide information out on their vintage models. They don’t help collectors in the way other brands do by issuing certificates.  But they do check and issue a Rolex Service record slip saying this this the watch they have service, if that watch is  Franken Rolex, they don’t service, so many people use this slip as a Proof of Authenticity.
Rolex is not like Patek Philippe- it makes a significantly higher volume of watches, and perhaps their records on older watches are not as good as they should be. Patek Philippe and Blancpain used to keep good record of the owner of the watch. They do have record of his watch in much more detail, as Patek produces only 30,000 watches a year whereas Rolex produces 30,000 watches in two weeks!

How to avoid buying a Franken Rolex Vintage Watch!?
Try to develop a relationship with a reputable dealer.  A good dealer has nothing to hide, and a guarantee of authenticity should not have a time expiration date. Know the seller and do your research!  True that it sometimes happened an expert buys a Franken Watch, it hurts painfully but that is another precious lesson we gain experienced in not buying something you don’t know, not buying something from someone you don’t know.

The More Expenisve the Watch, the lesser chance to be A Fake?
The more expensive the watch, the higher chance to get fake! Why? who will spend effort to make fake or Franken watch of HKD$30,000! On the Contrary, that Paul Newman Daytona could be an attraction to the people who goes into this dirty Fake watch business.

It is 100% Safe to buy watch from The Auction?
All depends, sometimes big auction houses has accidentally trades “Franken Watch” but that chances is lesser, it does not matter as you can always make another round to Auction to “SELL” the problematic watch again :P

Watch Collectors’ Don’ts
Don't go watch gathering with money in pocket, as someone may have 20 Submariner of the same model of different years, a great temptation not to buy it. Well, someone carries a book of Cheque!
Someone likes to trade watch in watch gathering, well, only buy something you like, not someone of good deal. Or at the end of the year, you may have 10 Rolex of the same type with minor difference, unless your target is to collection all the model of different varieties.  But I tell you, that is a High End Target for Rolex!

What Vintage Rolex I will buy if I had HKD$1M
1969 Ref 6241 Black 3-Color Paul Newman
1977 Ref 1803 White Gold Stella with Green Dial
Why? They are legendary, scarcity, and most of all, they are very beautiful!

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主觀主義, Subjectivism


! 他一手拿住反轉不用看一秒透明錶底, 便說 "這塊錶的打礳跟PP差很遠",我並沒有吾開心,相反,一隻錶己看透人奉名牌人的心理!

我當時心想,嘻!你都超過半百歲喇,眼力重好好喎? 差不多不用睇就知道那錶肉打礳比PP! 我好配服你的主觀主義!



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Monday, February 17, 2014

"Pretty Woman" , The most frequently played Movie in this day: 14th Feb.

Edward Louis looks at his watch, a Rolex.

Edwards Lewis (Richard Gere) wears a Rolex Two Tone Date Just In "Pretty Woman"

For most of the time in this day, Saint Valentine's Day;  the movie in TV shown is “Pretty Woman” on the Day shown on my watch, I watch this on HBO in Manila.  I have been at least watching 7 times in the past 12 years in HK.

Pretty Woman is a 1990 American romantic comedy film set in Los Angeles. The film stars Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, and features Hector Elizondo, Ralph Bellamy (in his final performance), and Jason Alexander in supporting roles.
The story of Pretty Woman centers on the down-on-her-luck Hollywood prostitute Vivian Ward who is hired by a wealthy businessman, Edward Lewis, to be his escort for several business and social functions, and developed an intimate relationship over one week of Vivian's stay with him.

This is the fairy tale for most of the woman, especially those educated, pretty but no boy friend in the weird society of HK, where man has the right dominate power to initiate dating woman rather than the way reversed for woman to date man.

In the movie, I am well enchanted to the Hotel manager starred by Hector Elizondo who is really a nice kind man to help Vivian.

Edward Lewis only wears a Watch in the entire movie, that is a Rolex two tone yellow gold Date Just.
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Sunday, February 16, 2014

New Watch Colour Trend

New Rolex Day Date Colour 2013

Why my Gold Watch cannot be Red, Green or Yellow in Colour?

In the 80’s most of the Rolex is god champagne Colour dial, Gold was almost a symbolic colour for

Gold Rolex! We did have Blue colour as It could be used matching men’s clothes easily… You can see Submariner Two Tone had blue, GMT Master Had blue, but not green , Red or yellow…

That was why their “Red”, “green” was not the people’s choice at all… that is another reason these are already turnout to be gems nowadays, as scarcity is the reason for high price…

Well, at Beselworld 2013, Rolex has introduced a new set of colour for the Flag ship Day Date Series.  As this is a world of colour, whilst other watch maker are working on using different colour, material to make watch, Rolex is still using the traditional steel or gold and those bore colour dial… hardly can see a new Day Date using Lapis Azuli, or venturine to make dial….yes, there are but in a very small quantity.

Other players are not stop doing nothing as this is seems to be the trend of WATCHES… I saw a Piaget ultra thin manual winding  at HKIA with Lapis Blue dial, so beautiful with only HKD$175,000.00!

Chopard Micro Rotor Auto movement with Champagne, Orange Crush Cognac and Bordeaux and matching colour alligator leather strap

Chopard introduced the energetic Orange, and burgundy dial, and Jaeger also made the purple red on his legendary Reverso!

Enchanted Jaeger Reverso with Burgundy Red Dial

So today, your old Day Date with these colour will not be lonely anymore!

Remember colur is a reflection of your mood and colour changes men’s behaviour

Most of the Love hotel is using Pink colour as the colour of the wall, as this colour can make human FASTER to go orgasm, in the opposite, Green will slow it down, love hotel manager does not like you staying in room too long whilst people are queuing at the corridor waiting for room… 

Ha, that is another reason I want to buy a Green Dial Rolex Day Date for prolonged Sex reason!!

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How Rolex Fixation was started?

Many people was affected by parents, relatives, teachers' wearing when they were young. I was fascinated by my father as he used mentioning German engineering, Swiss watches to me when I was 12.

He told me story US president used to wear Rolex, Since then that name of model "Day Date" has been imprinted on my mind. So it was my story of Rolex fixation! My father used to wear a Seiko Day Date gold Plated one 25 jewel as I still remember.

The young people Follows local and foreign pop culture where they copy the idols!

木村拓哉Takuya Kimura was the one who brought up the heat for Explorer I in HK, he is a Rolex Lovers too. From What I could see K-pop start does not go so much for Rolex as the J-pop… am I right!?

Well, most of the HK singers and movie star like Rolex as may be shopping is best in HK for Rolex, and Rolex has spent huge money in Advertisement in HK. Don't forget there are 60 of Rolex Shipped to HK and China.

Many local Movies has shown Rolex, that is why Rolex is being known to you and me when we are in Cinema, we are being educated that this is the Watch for rich people, successful business men, tycoons, gangsters, Gamblers, office executives, sales ….

Look at the recent “GOLDEN CHICKEN” movie… what is that watch!?

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平霸, 波霸, 旅霸, 惡霸, 槍霸, 錶霸




1. 頭等旅客,尾等品格,




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Saturday, February 15, 2014


Ventage Rolex, the one in Centre is A Platinum DD!








有錢無錢大概都擁有這些牌子,大概都走吾甩勞力士,FM, Cartier, CHANEL, PAN 仔,PP, AP, VC, 伯爵…

為免跑入主流而流失品味,勞力士林林種種的型號中,他們會揀選一些不容易找到的,非大路的貨品;,如前一陣子綠圈綠面潛航者,紅金黑面Daytona,最近追紅金朱古力啡面Daytona, 黑藍格林威治ll,富貴一族就會求於鉑金Daytona.

而值得一提是多了很人追中古的Day Date, 1803,1805, 18038, 18049之類,而大多都不是新入行的新發彩扮嘢一族。這是可喜現象。




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Friday, February 14, 2014

Tag Heuer Quartz 1/10 second Men's watch

I searched my drawer to see a few Tag Heuer, this is one of them.
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Thursday, February 13, 2014

What does Leonardo DiCaprio wear in "The Wolf of Wall Street"? A Tag Heuer!

Movie Poster taken my SS Note III at Yau Ma Tei MTR Station

Take a closer look, the crown is not fully locked!

What does Leonardo DiCaprio wear in movie “The Wolf of Wall Street”?
The Wolf of Wall Street is an American black comedy film released on Christmas Day, 2013, directed by Martin Scorsese, based on Jordan Belfort's memoir of the same name. Leonardo DiCaprio as Belfort, a New York stockbroker who runs a firm that engages in securities fraud and corruption on Wall Street in the 1990s. It is historically significant as the first major film to be distributed entirely digitally.
The movie was yet to be shown in Hong Kong when I took picture at Yau Ma Tei MTR station last week, Leonardo worn a Rolex Like Watch? No, As confirm by friend mailed me, his watch is a Tag Heuer Quartz as shown below:

Tag Heuer with Black Bezel, Benz Hour pointer, Quartz Movement

This is another watch with braclet looks like Day Date!? But the clasp does not have any Click-to-open switch at side! Is it a Rolex?

Tag Heuer

Is this a Patek?

In the Movie he wears a few watches, one is likely a White Gold Patek philippe, correct me If I am wrong.

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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Story of Rolex Pearlmaster Ref 80308 BRIL

Rolex Pearlmaster Ref 80308 BRIL 18 ct gold 29mm Mother of pearl Dial with 10 diamonds, 40 square diamond on bezel (1.73 ct), 174 small diamonds (2.46 ct) and 14 bigger diamonds (3.50 ct) on the bracelet.  HKD list Price $904,800.

有一天下午,巴士下車跳入尖沙咀一家豪裝錶店代理, 想看看名錶。我自覺好鬼自卑,門口印巴人士想問我老幾。是否翠華送下午茶伙記?




身傍姐姐三十有幾,成身珠光寶氣,"鞏俐"面型,"娜姐"身型,上身帶H字頭魚皮手袋,手帶 " 變型卡地喇紅金沙石手錶。破有女人味!

平頭馬問MM中意什麽手錶好, 她二話不說,用修長的手指指住櫃檯中間....
一隻:  青綠珍珠貝面29mm 滿是石的Ref 80308, BRIL.



平頭連隨說: ! !……



我說: “你接近完,我接近麻痹!”

五支火柴你卻最具人氣, 那九七折價錢實在無理!

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