Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Patek Philippe Sport watch

This is one of the items for collectors , Current production model, but hard to find with less than HKD$280,000.00!

I think this is one of the finest Watch design in the past ten years!

HK Snob

What is my dream watch looks like?

I am looking for a very thin Watch like 2 to 2.5 mm in thickness with large face like 40mm manual Winding, Titanium or Platinum as the material for the watch. Leather strap with a clasp. Wery Simple dial design or may be with a second hand located at the 4 o'clock position. Patek Phlippe, AP, VC, or Cartier.... I am trying to design such a watch and make one for myself! Dream HK Snob

Well balance Design of Omega

This is an Omega Chronometer with two big buttons, Bold design with very high contrast of the two Dials, Arabic Number wiht large hands, Automatic, Limited edition. One of the most beautiful Omega as recent production.

Some of my watches

Tsuen Wan Snob

Rolex and Precision

Rolex is a kind of well-accpeted brand name in Hong Kong as a Watch, and this kind of watch can maintain certain kind of High quality. Rolex does not change much in the design, they are not out-dated as they have a very unique line of model n the past 50 years. Rolex is the only one comoany that is in the 100 best brands ranked at 77. They are not hand make in the scale of Patek Philippe, not as Elegant as Cartier design.

There is a lot special patent and design feature no one has for watches. Most of the Oyster series are Swiss Official certified Chronometers! The only company that produce most of the Chronmeters in Switzerland. This is engraved on te dial of your oyster and come with a red seal when you purchase this piece of watch. People says that Watch does not need to be accurate. I say watch basic requirement is to be accurate...if not, do not call it watch! Do you think Patek Phillipe is not accurate!? Very Accurate! They have a PPM of 50 or less. PPM stands for Part Per Millions, say if my Rolex is gaining 3 seconds a day, means that it has a PPM of 3/3600x24 x 1,000,000 = 34.72 PPM!

That is made with every tough requirement on the parts of each of the wheels, temperature compenstaion of the fly-wheel, and a pain taking adjustment on the 5 positions of the watch. This is no Fake watch of any kind can produce at this kind of precision! Some one told me that they can adjust the watch to be accurate on those Fake version, I tell you : Forget it! So I always say to myself, Rolex is value for Money!

HK Snob

My New Watch for Oxfam Trail walker

This is what I involved in the design, fabrication as a gift for presenting to the the Trail Walker in one Company's Tenth Anniversary for Oxfam Trail Walker. An Hong Kong yearly Charity event held in third week of November this year! Trail Walker Snob

King Of the Watch

No question about it, all time Christie Hot item, Appreciation day by day, beautiful, Elegant, Functional, Sexy, man's best asscessory...
Patek Philippe Snob

Patek Philippe World Timer

This is a piece of world timer Watch from Patek Philippe, some one offered me at outrageous amount of HKD$280,000.00. That was a lovely collectible watch.

Kowloon Snob

My First Omega

This is my first Omega Classic De Ville.

I bought this watch at one of the small watch shop in Kowloon City with HKD$1,080 in 1976. After ten years, I sold it to one of my best friend KM, KM now is the chief Engineering Officer in one of the Electronics Toy company in HK. He has been using this watch for many years.Omega had once produced the best watch in the 60's and 70's. You know that Omega was once more expensive than Rolex in the same level of watch type. But After 80's Rolex overtaken Omega in price and also quality.

The Hong Kong people had this slogan Man's Three Treasure: Rolex, Dupont and Montaught... These are the most common man's standard Accessory for those aged 25-50 in the 80's. But now, I think only Rolex remains its prestigious status so far. Kowloon City Snob

Only Watch

The “Only Watch” charity auction, organised under the patronage of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco, who will also be present.
“Only Watch” brings together timepieces from over 30 prestigious brands, including a stand-out Blancpain model. I was invited to go by Blancpain as I am a Blancpain Lover.
This is a one-of-a-kind Blancpain piece created specially for this event and clothed in a titanium case from the Blancpain 500 Fathoms Sport Collection, and its technical specifications are listed in detail on the Only Watch dedicated website
This sale is scheduled to take place during the Monaco Watch Show, at 6 pm sharp on Thursday September 24th.
We could place our bids on the spot, by phone or via the internet. All relevant information is provided on the Only Watch website.

Swiss Snob

My Rolex Submariner

This is the watch I would like to carry for overseas trip.

HK Snob

My Rolex Day Date

Rolex Day Date is a Must item for man who need to keep a good reliable time for work. From What I know the best movement will be installed in Day Date!

The Bottom one was Julibee Strap, rare but I sold it 3 years ago. HK Snob

My Sportive Rolex Submariner

This is a must item for Rolex collector.... a Submariner, Stainless steel version!
It was a pity that I used this watch for one month, I sold it to someone.
HK Snob

My Mother's Rolex

I bought this watch in 1979 in Sun Pok Kong with HKD5,500.00. for my mother...never been serviced nor be cleaned at all, Still can take time accurately!

Sun Po Kong Snob

My Rolex

This is a Rolex with full certificate and invoive, piurchased in 1976 , at that tiem , this Rolex Two Tone watch was only HKD$1820.00. The capitol Watch Shop is no longer exist anymore.

But the watch is still running quietly, honesty and gain Eight Seconds a Day, what a good meaning to the Chinese, means that we will get wealth day by day!

HK Snob

Watch Collectors of Hong Kong

There are a lot of people who has unlimited passion in watch collection, these are some of them.

Sham Shui po Snob

Rolex GMT master II

This is a Rolex GMT Master II, a discontinued model since 2006.

A simple reliable, sturdy, water proof and not-too-expensive watch from Rolex.

Worth your passion to use daily for work, sport or even swimming...

HK Snob