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Happiness and Worry

Happiness and Worry
Most of the people carry worry are not happy,
However happiness always comes with Worry. 

It would be easy to tie up an Index Happiness with how rich you are.
But most of the cases, they aren't…
Many people are very rich, not necessarily they are Happy.
I have a Friend who is the top 200 tax payers in Philippines, but he has to eat 20 over pills a day.
He is Rich but I don't think that is Happy. I had learnt a story from a French I met yesterday that he met a Super Rich lady in HK, she has to carry bag of medicine and pills every day. And she won’t feel uneasy to have her French teacher waiting for 3 hours to start the lesson!

Well, many of my colleagues are very rich, but I hardly seen them smile, well, Money that is really matter for them, work hard, save hard, rush to finish his plate of Cha Siu Rice at Tai Pai Dong lunch time, then rush out to breathe his dessert of Marlboro Gold.

A CFO running after Money for the past 25 years, earned average 5M a year. That is not had money for a position in HK. After his retirement, he got cancer and passed away within 2 years. Why? Because he had so focused on his work and that his Engine kept running 4,000 RPM during his life serving the company. Once he retired, the engine is idling at 900 RPM, and his cancer cells have had started growing at 5,000 RPM….

I had another friend who is so rich that he can buy a pair of Loud speaker cable 6 feet with USD $12,000, It is about HKD$640 dollar for an Inch? How about sound likes? Well, must be “Different” but that Difference” is what you had paid for, well, he is happy, that is what money spent for.

Another friend “C” who love to have PP, and he is looking at a discontinued Model 5960P Blue dial.  When I offered him once he did not respond, after the watch was sold out.… and one day…

He asked me to find one for him, well, good friend Leon spotted One in Watch air in HK on last Friday with HK$328,000. I informed “C” he can go and buy… he returned me message : “Ask them to offer HKD$280,000, then I will consider? “

I was shock ….Well, as a friend, I said: “Hey, those people selling watch there are some of the Rich people in HK  Class B in HK, the Show start at 10 and close at 5, they don't have time for tire-kickers, and of course me and my friend will not do thing “insane “ to be so cheap asking price reduction in front of this nuisance in the fair.
Most of the rich people think that they deserved to be served. The process of buying a watch is fun.

Of course, it is pitiful that after you have bought it, it will be kept in the dark cool safe deposit for year, and waited to see the light one day someone will offer better price to “BUY” from you. That is Watch trading. You are he Store keeper of this watch, not the real owner…

What is life meaning to the watch is to tick on your wrist, only when it get rains on it, wind, sand storms, fogs, sea water, morning dews at Tai Mo Shan, sweat, and that is the real function of a great watch.

I have seen a friend who never like to wear “new “ watch, after he bought a new Watch:-

He held his watch and rubbed on Sands at beaches, he put in a glass of diluted ammonia and left the watch inside there for days, then he put it in a “ Washing Machine “ with Clothes to wash for hours, and he worn it happily…probably his watch is very Clean…  his watch is now made to look like a vintage Patek Philippe!  He is Happy!

Hong Kong isn’t the poorest country in the world and people is not poor I mean the Class B and C,  but I think most of them is not happy!

You know most of the men have only 2.3 times sex a month?  Of course I think if 60 Times a month Might not be a “Happy Event” too!

95% of your boss never showed smile to you and your colleague, only in front his direct superior and or his customers, well, when you get old and you can read faces like I do,  And it is hard for me to tell any difference between cunning grin and smile from his cheek.

The above mentioned is not story, it is real things I have experienced….
You may ask why I write this … well, I really don't know myself! Till next!

HK Snob

Rolex AD will start to use Warranty card embedded with Magnetic tape for data uploading

This is new Warranty card for Watch from Rolex using a magnetic data tape for data uploading into Rolex data base system.

Hardware is ready, but yet to have implementation.

In future, all transaction will be transparent and immediate upload to Rolex HQs when you buy the Rolex.

The Shop manager will swipe the card on the card reader.

All the information of the Watch including, price, Model, Date of purchase, price, and Shop of the purchases will be recorded.

When will it be implemented? unknown? likely Soon.

HK Snob
HK Watch Fever

Twin Turbine Watch at WF gathering 30 May 2015

Rolex DD Dial Determines What is Platinum and what is White Gold.
Left is Platinum and right is White Gold

Super Rare Twin Citizen memorial Watch of the 80s

Pasha 2007 Limited 2,000 on top and Pink Sandoz below

New dated May EU Parallel GMT Master II BLNR X2

Submariner Two Tone Ref 16613 Purple Dial

Bvlgari Chrongraph and Diver Watch (Chronometer)


Rolex Ref 1501 with Rare Lacquor Dial, Gold hands for Sale

Twin Turbo GT2

Who has a longer hands?

Thanks for the participation of 6 of us, The Merchant, The Corporate Director, The Dealer (Lady), a Curry Beef Critic and me the Blogger to come and share three hours of Joy, appreciation and most of all:-

Their effort of bringing Pounds of Gold, Platinum and Steel Watches to share!

Item for Sale
The Ref 16613 patina Purple Dial Submariner.
Watch only, 11 links,  X-Series
Asking HKD$46,500 with Box, HKD$46,000 no box!

The Citizen Watch in pair HKD$6,800

The Bvlgari Diver Watch
Simple 3 hands, Chronometer Grade,
Italian Design with Bvlgari IConic Bracelet,
38mm diameter fits perfectly to Asian Wrist
Full Set with Box and Paper ,
Asking HKD$8,900

Chronograph Full Set HKD$10,800

Rolex Ref 1501

See you next WEEK!

HK Watch Fever

Watch Fever Contact Update

Dear Friends, Watch Guru, Dealers, Buyers, Collectors...

Many people asks if I had a Watch shop in Hong Kong, no, I am a watch Blogger only.

I have no Shops in HK. I am just connect to various Watch AD, Shops for getting a "better price" for you.

I carry a Philippine Phone Number as I used to work in Philippines.

I have started with a New Number +639989811111. please use this number to contact me.

As the Current Number is my working Phone for my SemiConductor customers in Philippines.

I think it is time to use an unique number for watch enquiry and chatting.

In case you want to Mail me , try this

HK Snob

I have been using the Philippines Number +639175854633 for a period of time. Will continue using for some times.

Roger Dubuis Velvet White

The Velvet White, the only one in Asia

Roger Dubuis

Of the 20 million watches produced in Switzerland each year, only 24,000 bear the Hallmark of Geneva. (0.12%)
Roger Dubuis is the only Manufacture of which the entire range is 100% Hallmark of Geneva certified.

I believe that watch lover of Patek Philippe is not the same time watch Lover of Roger Dubuis, I think Roger Dubuis watch lovers will likely the admirers of Patek Philippe. I am one of them.

Some of the watches that is carrying a Supreme High price that you may hesitate to enter their Boutique in IFS, Peninsular Hotel, 1881 and Pacific Place…

Is there exception? Well, as there we can have a unique Watch here such as the last one, lady with Diamond bezel: Velvet White, gold Case, and a wonderful!! There is just ONLY One in Asia! Can change Alligator strap easily.

HK Watch Fever

Friday, May 29, 2015

Watch Sales at Holiday Inn Hotel, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon HK 29 May 2015

HK Watch Fair at Holiday inn Hotel.

There seem to have a monthly program for such a Watch Sales at Holiday Inn hotel.

Stack of banknote is the means for transaction, not much on price negotiation.

That is a big attraction for watch dealers, watch collectors, individual to search for his dream toy at good deal.
Many of them are BNIB watches.

I had no time to attend as I was not in HK, special HK Watch fever agent Leon was the one helping me to record down this event.

You can keep an eye for next Watch Fair!
HK Snob

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Rolex Date Just, Milgauss and many others on Sale

Rolex Model
116234 Silver and Blue
116200 White, Pinlk, Black or blue Roman

Besides, we have
Submariner Hulk Ref 116610LV
GMT Master II Batman Ref 116710BLNR
Submariner Date Ref 116610LN
GMT Master II White Gold.

Price is unbeatable


James of Singapore... this is something you are looking For!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Rolex Pepsi

Pepsi or Cola, official or parallel, is your choice!

The associations between colors and emotions can be personal or universal

Blue, at its most basic, signifies clear-sky tranquility and trust; green connotes reliable, natural; and red has associations with passion, hot, danger and envy.

There are always exceptions. In western cultures, white means peace and honesty, whereas in eastern cultures, it's associated with the masculine yang of Yin and Yang.

Colour is the first Choice for me to notice in a logo so as watches…
Colors are the first thing I notice in a logo, what gets the fastest lane running to my brain.

Then you read a logo’s shape, icons, or typography… last the words…

So as the watch, Yellow, green, Blue, Orange dial is the most expensive choice if for Rolex.
How about these Pepsi?

Which one you like most, the top one is stainless steel with “Stick” dial, and the lower one is White Gold?

Their blue is different, someone like purple/blue for the White Gold.

Which One I like Most? I like the ice-cold Pepsi after a 20KM up Tai Mo Shan in Summer! As it is just HKD$7.00.

Second is the “Stick Dial” and ;leaving the White gold for someone who want something Unique and Stand out with 5X more money!

HK Snob

Rolex Day Date Ref 1803 in Rose Gold on sale

Freshly being rolled out from Rolex Service Centre of HK after a service on case cleaning, replacement with a new glass and new springbars.

This is a Vintage for DD Collector as it was made in rare Rose Gold.

Full length bracelet that you and me can use it.

Roman Numerals Dial that is a Classic DD look!

What remains is the price. well, HKD$121,000.

A nice attraction that one had to stop and think, "Should I go for it"?

HK Snob

Watch Sold 30 May 2015

What is the most accurate wrist Watch without battery commercial available ?

A few thousand years, Chinese used water to power a Clock Tower, though time keeping was not too accurate.

When we  developed the use of pendulum ‘s potential energy to drive a spring coil to save up energy and the pendulum could form a time keeping device as we called Clock.

Boluva’s Accutron is the early version of low frequency electronic Watch,  then Seiko's Quartz watch adopting the much higher frequency of vibration and this has better accuracy.

Rolex launched Oyster Quartz Ref 3100 with Beta 21 movement back in 60s.

Accuracy of Rolex OQ is  about 0.33 second per month, but it needs a battery to drive the whole mechanical movement and IC Mmodule.

Atomic clocks use an electromagnetic signal of light emitted at an exact frequency to move electrons in caesium atoms.

The physicists built their ytterbium clocks using about 10,000 rare-earth atoms cooled to 10 micro Kelvin (10 millionths of a degree above absolute zero) and trapped in an optical lattice made of laser light.

Another laser that "ticks" 518 trillion times per second triggers a transition between two energy levels in the atoms. The clock's high stability is owed to the large number of atoms.

US scientists say they have built the world's most precise clock, whose ticking rate varies less than two parts in one quintillion!

NIST's ultra-stable ytterbium lattice atomic clock Photo: AFP

How about a Mechanical Watch ?
Well Rolex and Patek Philippe claims to be accurate , but that is in the range of +4 to – 2 seconds per day!

That is nothing comparable to any of the electronics watches… Though, they are not cheap, typically USD$4,000 upward for Rolex and a couple of times more for Patek Philippe.
Quartz watch is not accurate enough, an ordinary Quartz Watch may have variation about 1 second a month.. that is about 15 Seconds a years.

Anyway, we are talking about second to minute a year, which is nothing to the watch shown here.

Citizen Q&Q Radio Controlled Solarmate wrist watch

That it claims the time is actually aligned in with the Radio station signal Beacon, time accuracy is said to be +/- 1 second in 10,000 years!

Price Yen 9,075  that is about HKD$500!

Most accurate watch money can buy, and it only about US$70!

It is solar cell driven so we need no battery!
It does not need time adjustment as it will update with the beacon radio signal and update itself.

So by right you can buy this watch and you need no adjustment for rest of your life!

It is so quiet, no battery needed, probably no need to service, no need to readjust the time.... what else do you expect more from a watch?

HK Snob

Sunday, May 24, 2015

HK Watch Fever Now Offers Delivery services of your Watch to the Lands of the Philiipines

For some watch enquires for Friends and Rolex Appreciators from Philippines.

I can deliver the watch to you. Of course not limited to Just Rolex, ...

That is a very personal touches I had made to three friends in the Philippines in the past 2 months.

They sent me full money by wire and I hand carry the watch to them.

As some of you may not know, that is a very special watch delivery service I offers to Pinoy!

HK, now PH, and soon SG.

Hong Kong Snob,
Manila Snob,
Singapore, Snob

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Rolex Will use new system to Key in the Date of purchase Electronically

Rolex GMT MASTER II Pepsi in White Gold

Date of Purchase of your Rolex
As you may know for every purchase of your Rolex, the Authorized Dealer will have to write on the invoice the full amount of payment with date of the purchase.  It is Mandatory to put down the date of the purchase on the Warranty card. Rolex allows 24 months of warranty on your Rolex effective from the date of Purchase.

There is some request not to put date on the Warranty card, it does not work on Rolex unless the shop manager is you!

And there is no way to put a later date of Purchase as Rolex does not allow do have this purchase.

Though there are numerous requests to put the date of the purchase later a few days or a couple of week for certain reason, like the Birthday of yours.

Rolex is trying soon to use 2D Matrix code or some other means to stop this “malpractice”!

When you purchase a Rolex, there is a scanner to scan the Code on the Warranty card and the Real Date of Purchase will be recorded in the Rolex Central System Worldwide electronically and Automatically; no one could amend this.

This will control the date registration on the warranty card.
Still, the manual writing the “Date of Purchase” will be required to tell the watch owner the day of purchase on the warranty card.
HK Snob

Cartier Pasha 2007 Christmas Special lady Watch on sale

FulL Set Like New :Limited to 2,000 pcs

HKD$14,800 Cash

With a Brand New Purple Croco Strap.

Look at the Watch, hard to find with this price!
HK Snob