Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hong Kong Snob, Watch Fever and Rolex Blog

Hong Kong Snob Requests Joint venture to have other country's snob, or to link it up with other watch blog using name as "Penang Snob" say for example. Provided you are committed to start Watch Blogging.

Or to link up with your blog and you link with mine to increase publicity.

I can recall that these are roughly the places that I have been, and these are a lot of memories about the city life, people, freinds of both sex....and colleague and celebrity.

Time flies, It was fun t start writing as to explore my knowledge of Rolex and at same time to improve my English writing. Sorry that i had alwasys had wrong spelling and typos, that is why I am thinking I may need to start with Chinese too... may be there are more people LIKE to read.

Hong Kong Snob

Ps How to find this Blog? Go or to search for "Watch fever",  the first one pop up is my Blog.
Hong Kong Snob
Seoul Snob, Chung Chin Snob Peyong Yeong Snob, NamPo Snob,
Jarkata Snob, Surabaya Snob
Bangkok Snob, Pattaya Snob, Udornthani Snob, Korn Kaen Snob, Pak Tu Snob, Chao Pra Ya Snob,
SukukomVhit Road Snob, Chiang Mai Snob, Lamphun Snob, Siracha Snob, Sam Sen Snob, Chomburi Snob, Suraburi Snob, Wa Yin Snob, Pap Pon Snob, Soi Cowboy Snob, Lad Prao Snob, Don Muang Snob,
Tokyo Snob, Yokohama Snob, Osaka Snob, Nagasaki Snob, Shimonoseki Snob, Kokura Snob,
Kobe Snob, Nagoya Snob, Nakaoka Snob, Moji Snob, Tottori Snob, Kyukoto Snob, Miyama Snob, Shumizu Snob, Kansai Snob, Kyoto Snob, Kagoshima Snob, Nakasaki Snob, Hiroshima Snob.
Shanghai Snob, BeiJing Snob, XhinKang Snob, Yin Tai Snob, Lian Yuan Kang Snob, Nam Jing Snob, Suzhou Snob, Dalian Snob, Hainan island Snob, Kaikou Snob, Shede Snob, Chung Shan Snob, Lian Fa Shan Snob.
Foshan Snob, Guangzhou Snob, GuangXi Snob, Yulin Snob, Tsang Tao Snob,  WeiKong Snob, Shekou Snob, Shenzhen Snob, ZhuHai Snob, Sha Wan Snob, Wei Zhou Snob, Sha Tau Jiao Snob, QianDao Snob, Wei Fang Snob, Jinan Snob, Jining Snob, Dong Ying Snob, Bin Zhou Snob,
Penang Snob, KL Snob, Seramban Snob, Johor Snob, Kintabalu Snob, George Town Snob, Muar Snob, Ipoh Snob, Melacca Snob, Genting Highland Snob.
Saint Vincent Island Snob, Bamaha Island Snob, Suez Canal Snob, Salalah Snob, Port Said Snob,
Bombay Snob, Mombai Snob, New Dehli Snob, Bangalore Snob
Singapore Snob, Clifford pier Snob, Orchard Road Snob, Yishun Snob, City hall Snob
Hong Kong Snob, Sham Shui Po Snob, Kwoloon City Snob, Tsuen Wan Snob, Tsim Sha Tsui Snob, Tai Wo Hou Snob, Sai Koon Snob, Pak Tam Au Snob, Pak tam Chung Snob, Kwai Fong Snob, Kwai Chung Snob. Central Snob, Tsing Yi Snob, Tung Chung Snob, Lai King Snob, Sheung Wan Snob, Tsuen Mun Snob, Tze Wan Shan Snob, Kwun Tong Snob, Yau Tong Snob, Tai Po Shan Shan, …Dundas Street Snob, Mong Kok Snob, Jordan Road Snob, Yau Ma Tei Snob, Argyle Street Snob, Prince Edward Snob, Macao Snob, Wong Tai Sin Snob, Cheung Sha Wan Snob. Victoria Peak Snob, Canton Road Snob, Peking Road Snob, Middle Road snob…Nam Cheong Street Snob
Alabang Snob, Makati Snob, Sucat Snob, Cebu Snob, Manila Snob, Clark Snob,  Calambra Snob, Fort Snob
Baguio Snob. Subic Snob.
Taipei Snob, tai Chung Snob, Tai Nam Snob, Kao Shiung Snob
Frankfurt Snob, Regensburg Snob, Munich Snob, Berlin Snob
NY Snob, North Carolina Snob, Boston Snob, San Jose Snob, Texas Snob, Mexico Snob, Rio Grande Snob
Rio De Janerio Snob,
Panama Snob, Geneva Snob
Gant Snob, Amsterdam Snob, Rostock Snob, St. Petersburg Snob, Moscow Snob,

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