Saturday, May 29, 2010

EiLux Watch Winder

There is a need to have a proper winder for your beloved Automatic watch as it will ensure your watch is running on optimum power. There is not need to perform any adjustment on the watch expecially those tre-complicated watch. The basic requirment of a proper watch winder should be: Super Quiet
Soft padded spring loaded watch holder to prevent scratches on your Watch Non-magnetic motor or magnetic shidled motor to avoid the watch being magnetized Battery power for min. I year for everyday use. Speed or direction control will be an added feature: This Eilux has all the required feature, it is only 1/5 of the Rolex Watch winder now from HK Snob! Hi Bok Sim, this is for you!

HK Snob

Diamond Technomarine for Woman

Black and white diamond embedded watch with pearl dial, sport watch, waterproof.

Good for those who does not care too much about the watch and would like to use it for all time purposes!

HK Snob

Patek Philippe 18K WG Automatic Man's Watch

Circa 1986, Patek Philippe White Gold Man's Auto Watch.  On Sales at HKD69,000.00
HK Snob

Tissot Automatic Watch

This is a simple dail design Tissot that Penang friend of mine is wearing ...
ETA Automatic calibre...It would be more unique if the second hand is placed at the "Eight" O'clock area!

HK Snob

Friday, May 28, 2010

Panerai PAM00385 Automatic for Left hander

A Brand New Panerai Automatic for Left hander... for you at HKD$136,000.00

HK Snob

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bugatti Veyron 1001 Horse Power

A rare Solid Solid Gold Bugatti Man's watch, Automatic version, with the watch resembles the mask of the 1001 Veyron Car. On Sales at HKD$27,000.00

HK Snob

Chopard Happy Diamond Man's Watch

Thin, manual Winding, White Gold, then, big with moving 30 Diamonds from Chopard.

Asking HKD$48,000.00

HK Snob

Blanpain GMT Automatic man's watch

Blanpain, a name of Swiss maker that claims that they have never and will never had any quartz watch. A GMT diver's watch from Blanpain, a very outstanding Hour rotating bezel. Red second time zone hand. Stainless steel case, large, massive and beautiful.

HK Snob

Rolex Sea Dweller

Sea Dweller is Rolex's first mechcanial watch that can go into the deep sea of 1,200 metres. This is an discontinued model. Deep Sea is the new model name.
Very reliable watch.... a tool watch for Snobs. HKD$29,800.00

HK Snob

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Patek Philippe 3711/1A WG Nautilus

This is a rare piece of Nautilus, large size for man, date only, Automatic... White Gold!!
5 Positions adjusted, Geneve Seal hallmarked.. Superb sport watch for everyday's use!!
But the Crown is not screw-in type! The size looks the same as a Daytona.
Of course, it is very comfortable for me to wear, sorry this is not your watch... the watch owner said!! Man.... This is a High Class Snob's dream watch...
Asking  HKD$262,000.00 for serious Collector only!

HK Snob

Friday, May 21, 2010

Minute Repeater for Citizen

Citizen Minute Repeater

This is Longines VHP calibre

This is a quartz Watch, from Citizen, it was produces in About 1992. The first Repeater made by Citizen. It is a very Accurate quartz watch, perpetual Calandar, Minute Pepeater is the key selling point, Beleived to have Limited production as it was expensive.. I means in terms of Citizen normal price tag.

People laughs at me saying all quartz watch tell the same time, I am trying to say that all quartz watch are not same, as the accuracy of a quartz watch is muchly depends on the quartz vibration frequency itself, normally they are electronically tested and selected for different grades. For example a quartz with 15 ppm (15 ppm means that their toleraenace is 15 parts per million) will have about +/- 1 second a day. (1 second/3600 seconds x24 hours= 1/86,400= 11.57 ppm). However the quartz has certain drift over change of temperature, so there are type of negative quatz that are being used as to counter-zero the temperature changes positively.

Longinese has produces the VHP series using dual quartz concept made for better accuracy.

In 1984 - Longines introduced the very first VHP: Longines Conquest VHP (VHP = Very High Precision) with the famous dual-oscillator Cal.276.2 movement (jointly developed by Longines and AsuLab). That movement used digital thermocompensation (inhibition) and was rated for +/-10 seconds/year. It had lithium battery. This very first VHP movement did not have digital calibration terminal!

Can your quartz tell time at an accuracy of 0.33 second a month!?

The Citizen Repeater is on Sales! HKD$3,800.00

HK Snob

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Joker No. 1, an auto watch winder... at HKD$2,800,000.00!

Joker. No. 1, Circa 2009 18ct white gold case in cubic shape, set with 3876 pieces of round brilliant diamonds on three sides, weighing 207.20 carats total, one watch winding compartment, plastic interior, fitted with one rotating program, battery operated, 3 years battery life, USB connection in the back, together with fitted wooden box 100 x 100mm.

Estimate: HK$2,800,000 - 3,200,000, USD$ 360,000 - 410,000 Footnote: Swiss Kubik, founded in 1998 in Geneva, designs and creates horological products for prestigious watch brands and connoisseurs. 

The Joker is entirely produced in Geneva, the first Swiss made watch winder among its counterpart. The watch winder has a default programme of 950 rotations in either direction per day. However, the direction and number of rotations can be modified by connecting the watch winder to the brand's software. Note that the Rolex watch winder is also made by KubiK!

HK Snob

Rolex or Tudor?

Note this is not Rolex, but as it is used to be... Tudor has been using Rolex Crown, Rolex Oyster Case for their watch, till 90's then they had make their line clearly that this is Tudor and That is Rolex....

So This is one of the collectible watch from Tudor, Functional, with a Date, better than Daytona that comes with no date!

Price, about HKD$15,000.00, do you want to buy this!?

HK Snob

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rolex Watch Auto Winder

For the first time, Rolex has launched this new Auto watch winder, build for all kind of Automatic watches including Rolex. It is easy to use, see through design. quiet and non-magnetic motor.

Two AA Alkaline batttery cells can last for three months in normal usage.

You got to have one if you are a fan of Rolex.

Please be noted that this is built by KubiK, a special Swiss Maker for Winder.

Just Bought one month, Complete with Rolex Cetificate, Box and under waranty of Rolex HKD$4500.00

HK Snob

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Martine Sibon Woman's Watch

More than just like a Fashion watch, for tall and slim woman.   Now only HKD$900.00

HK Snob

Rolex Oyster Date Just

An Old but very seldom used Rolex, like new Oyster Date Just 18KT Gold with Original Certificate, bought in 1981. I am open to sell, it you like it...
HK Snob

Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Watch

Daytona, Rolex Date Day, and a first generation AP Royal Oak.

Rolex is low cost to run as ususally they are general purpose practical watch your entire days for work, swimming and Hiking. Assuming you use if for 20 years, and assuming the watch is USD$20,000.00 means that you pay for $2.739 a day only. Can a decent PP, Frank Muller or Cartier be used like this everyday!? No! then their running cost is too high for a Poor Snob to afford!

Another good example would be Panerai, they are being used by Celebrity for party, work, office, fishing, Hiking and swimming... so that is why the best Second hand value watch in average general is Rolex, and Panerai. Those Big four PP, AP, VC, Jaeger is likely stars in the Auctions and toys on the wrists of those Multi-Millionaires...definitely not me...

HK Snob

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kiki Picasso Swatch

This is a Kiki Picasso 1985
It is a Swatch, not a ordinary Swatch, It was designed by French Artist Kiki Picasso (Christian Chapiron’s pseudonym).
All models produced have different dial and hand colours. The dial has done three little windows, making it possible to see the inner disks that usually carry the date and day information. The two inner disks of the Kiki Picasso have the same design and colours as the dial has. The inners disk rotates clockwise and needs 14 days for one revolution, the outer disk rotates counter clockwise and needs 31 days for one revolution. Therefore the face design changes everyday and lines up perfectly every 435th day.
Variation with four colours on dial, black and white day/date disc, without "Swatch Swiss" logo on dial, complete signature of the artist on the bracelet.
Kiki Picasso was produced of very low numbers with official declared production of 140 pieces. The Collector value of Kiki Picasso is almost impossible to estimate. Very few private sales are known, auction prices vary between USD$20,000.00 to USD$30,000.00.
I have owned a few Hundred of Swatches in the years 1990-1993, I like Globe, 1991 Christmas Special Hocus Pocus, 1987 Special Bergstruessli, jelly fish, 1991 Golden Jelly, 1992 Special Sam Francis, 1992 Specials Collection Swatch No.1 Lot of dots, 1992 Chronos SCB108 Award and JFK, 1988 Signal Corps GB408 Needles, 1986 Coat of Arms GB111 Sir Swatch,
That was a great fun to collect Swatch… the moral of Swatch is : marketing can be the decisive to the success of a product.

PS, if you had not collected any Swatch, seems that you might have missed a lot of collector's pleasure...
HK Snob

Monday, May 10, 2010


Concord was Founded in 1908 in Biel Switzerland the brand was created to design watches with the American market in mind. Concord has had a few innovations such as the first company to make a wristwatch made of coins. In 1979 they had a major breakthrough with the invention of the Delirium Watch which was the thinnest watch ever made at the time at 1.98 mm thick. They subsequently released a delirium 2 which was even thinner at 1.5 mm. I had once adored Concord as I saw such thin watch like the blade of a razor! Now the new Concord is not lonely at all. It is a outlook mixed with Hubort and AP... See this one! I think the older one looks more classic and beautiful.

Which one is more elegant!? I think the Delirium!

HK Snob

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Omega was once had a better reputation than Rolex in Hong Kong in the 60's. As they had a very good quality in their Seamaster Constellation series. Not soon later, Rolex came up with a good promotion programme such that it was being recognized as branded watch than Omega. Later on those pawnshop had a high acceptance value on all Rolex. Since the 70's Rolex had overtaken what Omega had. Nowadays, watch collectors are still lookinng for those Constellations of Omega, the Gold one would be a good collectible items.
The new Omega is still able to maintained a very good quality, I doubt as I had two Omega Seamaster limited edition, both had problem in running without any stoppage. So I decided to give it to freinds.

See t he attached Omega, I did not expect that they do not have good surface polishing on the chamfer. Why? This is a watch for more than HKD500,000.00!

HK Snob