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Titanic Last Supper Menu Auction for RMB200,000, What if there was a found Rolex On board?

                                      RMS Titanic taken right after the maiden Voyage
Last Supper Menu, Auctioned for RMB 200,000

Margaux 1900 on the Right, RP 100 points Wine

After 100 years of sunk Titanic, in 2012, R.M.S. Titanic 100 years of fact & fiction at Bonhams auction.
Items were Virgin voyage ticket, SOS telegram, and Supper Menu, from the salvage of the ship.
This last supper has 40 dishes, that includes fillet of Duckling, Sirlion of Beef, Surrey Capon and Ox Tongue… it was printed the Say the ship was sunk. April 12. 1912.
There has been still a lot of goods to be found for auction item, I was still imagine that if Rolex had invented the Waterproof case some 30 years ago, I believe there will be many as hundreds of Titanic Rolex to be auctioned. There should have been a lot of Patek philippe, Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin, Breguet on board, but those are damages in the salt water even for days after the accident.
On the other hand, there might have some undamaged Champagne by Don Perignon that is still drinkable if we could found, as I think that there is chances some of the bottle are still remained in good conditioned after the shop was sunken into the cold water of Atlantic Ocean.
I am sure that it may carry some 1900 Margaux which is still Young by 2020, and it is still not yet ready to be opened for drinking. Margaux 1900 is First Growth. Premier Grand Cru Classe in 1855.
Margaux 1900 was told have just 5 Bottles kept in one Cellar. I believe if this is taken from the sunken Titanic, it would be a sky high auction price. HKD$8,000,000!
What is the estimated price for an Auction items of Titanic Rolex, I think it easily reach HKD$1,000,000!
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