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A Bridge Too Far (奪橋遺恨) and Hamilton Military Watch

                                                   1977 Movie Advertisement of " A Bridge Too Far

                                                      A Beautiful morning view of the Sun
  The Military Hamilton Watch appeared in the Movie, time check before the action to blow the bridge

                             2012 Hamilton Khaki Navy Pioneer

A Bridge Too Far (奪橋遺恨) is a 1977 epic war film based on the 1974 book of the same name by Cornelius Ryan, adapted by William Goldman.
The film tells the story of the failure of Operation Market Garden during World War II, the Allied attempt to break through German lines and seize several bridges in the occupied Netherlands, including one at Arnhem, with the main objective of outflanking German defenses.
The name for the film comes from an unconfirmed comment attributed to British Lieutenant-General Frederick Browning, deputy commander of the First Allied Airborne Army, who told Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery, the operation's architect, before the operation: "I think we may be going a bridge too far."
In this movie, we could see they worn Hamilton Military Watch and that was a small watch about 33MM with an Arrow head at 6 o’clock position, far more comprehensible than a numeral and guaranteed to let the wearer know it was the "right way up!"
Military watch does not need to be polished, a stamped out piece of Nickel plated Steel would be good enough to make the case. Rugged design, Simple, and preferable without brand name or Serial Number as no way to trace the soldier’s identity once get caught.
Because it would be worn at sea, and corrosion from water and salty air was an issue, the case was made of Nickel Iron alloy for low cost. The numeral should not illuminate by itself at night as that will be the next shooting target at night, that is what I know about Military Watch.
So normally Military Watch collection is not as keen as other watch.
 If you crave the military look, Hamilton offers almost absurdly affordable models with the military in their DNA. Having supplied watches to British and American forces during WWII, the company has always produced classic military-style watches at sane prices, most notably the Khaki range. Recently, it added a modern version of the Frogman, inspired by the diving watches made for the US Navy in the Forties and with water resistance to 200m, as well as a high-legibility model derived from pilots watches, called the Aviation One. The company added a mouthwatering limited edition last year, the Khaki Navy Pioneer, a time-only watch with a 46.5mm case that can be worn as a wristwatch or mounted in
a gyroscopic frame as a maritime deck chronometer.
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