Saturday, November 30, 2013

Rolex Watch 1950-2000

Amongst These Watches, Which one is your best beloved one?
To be sure, if money is not a problem, I will buy them all, but when you have money just allow you to make one single purchase, which one do you think is the best for you!?
If I could choose I will take the Day Date as it has more function, Day and Date.
Perpetual Oyster Auto winding... Solid gold case, I don't mind Auto or Oyster Quartz.

It would be a bonus if I  could get a special dial...

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Watch Design

Experience, Innovation and the capability to appreciate fine art is some of the essence in creation of some beautiful watch design.
Friends of mine has 30 years experience in designing Semiconductor bonding equipment, when there is some new idea coming from his subordinate, he might not consider it at all as he thinks his experience tells him that is not good enough, his experience has set him a boundary on what the right design should look like, this is what we call experience kills all innovations.
There is no new design as all the old design might be best already, look at the rain weeper of your car. Almost 100% of the cars are using the same design, is that bore!? Can you imagine using some new concept? Mercedes 190E had been using a single weeper that could extend the length of the weep to catch more area at two corners of the glass. That was a superb design.
Yes, people keeps repeating mistake each time every year to accumulate the bigger mistake for 30 years., as they never have new design, why a watch must be round for example as it is more easier to be water proof than a rectangular one. Is there a Square watch that can be water proof under 12,000 feet at Pacific Ocean?
What make the design standout! Yes, like Audemars Piguet that put the Screw Outside the case, followed by Cartier screw on strap on the Sandoz.
What makes a watch to be beautiful, some of the simple Danish, Finis design are usually simple and sleek, Gorg Jensen watch for an example is simple  and elegant if you like it.
Picasso’s Kiki (GZ008) kicked off the story of Swatch and Art with a 140-piece edition, each with different colours. The graphically sophisticated design fits colours together like an unfinished screen print. It is one of the most expensive Swatch ever.
To me, sturdy function, accurate timing, durable operation and low cost maintenance is one of the way to tell this is a good design….
Imagine you watch had to  send to factory for oiling every year, you watch needs to be re-adjust the mainspring every two years, Do you still like this watch even though it is very beautiful? 
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New Daytona Black and White dial stainless steel Watch available for you now!!

The Rolex that is still very hard to get from Rolex AD
The no. of Star indicates the difficulty of getting it…
No.1 Daytona  Stainless steel Black Ref 116520 HKD$9X,XXX   ******
No.2 Daytona Stainless steel white dial Ref 116520 HKD$87,500  *****
No.3 GMT Master II Blue Ref 116710 BLRN HKD$65,300 ****
No.4 Submariner Hulk Ref 116610LV HKD$66,100  ****
No.5 DeepSea Ref 116600 HKD$82,500 *
No. 6 Submariner Ref 116610LN $62,100 *

Big News, I can get you the Ref 116520 Black at Rolex AD, mail me… there are a few pieces , once in a blue moon…. First Come first serve, I can hold for a few days only!

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Friday, November 29, 2013

Rolex Repair

Rolex Watch Repair
Friend of mine had a Rolex Cellini, one day he come to me giving me his Rolex watch and a broken Crown pin: the crown is 100 detached (broken ) from the Pin. He asked me where he should go with it for Repair.
He told me that he would not have time to bring it to Rolex Service Centre and he asked me for advice.
He is a service engineer traveling to Malaysia and Taiwan and does not allow him to have the leisure to go to Rolex Centre for the repair. As some of us may face the same problem.

I told him if he brings to Rolex Service centre, he would be possible wait for 3 weeks and they will replace him a new crown-pin assembly, price is about HKD$3,000.
Another option is go to one watch man and I ask him to leave the watch to him and wait for a one weeks.
Now he came back to me and saying “ Thank you!” and the old watch smith fix the crown onto the pin!? Did you really told he fixed it this way!? He said yes, I was puzzled and worried as he might be charging a lot as no one would possible “Repair” rather than “Replace” it! J
He told he the man asked him for HKD$300 and not more than that.
And more important is that he can go there after 6 O’clock! He is a happy man now… as he watch is back to life

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JEANRICHARD, as Official Timekeeper of the Natixis Rugby Cup, welcomes Racing Metro 92 to Hong Kong

JEANRICHARD, as Official Timekeeper of the Natixis Rugby Cup, welcomes Racing Metro 92 to Hong Kong
and showcases the Limited Edition Terrascope dedicated to the French rugby club.

Since September 2013, JEANRICHARD is proud to team up with the French rugby Club Racing Metro 92, a partnership driven by the same Philosophy of Life, one of passion, challenge and team spirit.

To support the outstanding rugby team but more generally the values shared with rugby’s world, the Swiss watchmaking Brand JEANRICHARD is honored to be the Official Timekeeper of the game opposing rugby giants Racing Metro 92 and Stade Toulousain, at the occasion of the Natixis Rugby Cup Hong Kong 2013. This exhibition game enters as the first professional French league rugby match ever held in Asia.

[November 28, 2013 – Hong Kong] This rugby cup will cap off a weeklong festival of French rugby with ‘egalite and fraternite for all” with a full calendar of community and charity activities planned throughout the lead-up to kick-off.

On November 7, the exclusive and limited edition of JEANRICHARD Terrascope, dedicated to its partnership with Racing Metro 92, is to be showcased and auctioned off in support of the charity “Room to Read” at the gala dinner on the evening. Featured with the famous Racing Metro 92 crest at 6 o’clock, showing the sky-blue-and-white stripes of the players’ shirts and sky blue overstitching echoing the crest, the iconic piece is set to appeal to all fans of the Paris club.

On November 9, the Racing Metro 92 will play against the legendary French clubs Stade Toulousain “Toulouse” for the first French league exhibition match ever held in Hong Kong at the Aberdeen Stadium. The 8,000 seat stadium will make for a unique ability to get up and close with the teams and contribute to what we are sure will be a fun and noisy atmosphere, replicating that of a French league match.

Bruno Grande, JEANRICHARD COO commented on the Racing Metro 92 tour in Hong Kong: “JEANRICHARD is proud to be part of this global adventure with the Racing Metro 92, to be part of a pioneering project and to promote all over the world the values we share with rugby: Passion to explore and challenge ourselves, ready for all refreshing discoveries and live it to the fullest.”

歡迎球隊Racing Metro 92蒞臨香江
Natixis欖球盃 香港2013官方時計JEANRICHARD

20139月起,瑞士製錶品牌JEANRICHARD與法國欖球會Racing Metro 92 展開合作關係,此關係源自兩者相同的生活哲學、熱情、愛好挑戰及團結精神。
為表示對欖球理念及球會的支持,JEANRICHARD更榮邀擔任Natixis 欖球盃 香港2013的官方時計,為欖球界巨頭Racing Metro 92 Stade Toulousain的球賽提供精準的時間。此亦是首個由兩支法國職業聯賽球隊對壘的亞洲表演賽。
(20131128香港) 隨着欖球盃的開幕,一系列的欖球社區活動和慈善活動亦於比賽週期間登場,為賽事添上氣氛和推廣欖球運動。

117 日,JEANRICHARD首度於香港展示與Racing Metro 92合作的特別限量版腕錶,並捐出予慈善團體Room to Read 在比賽週星期四的慈善晚宴上拍賣,為慈善出一分力。這枚特別版腕錶,在六時的位置載有Racing Metro 92以藍白條紋球衣作記的會徽,並與天藍色的缝綫相呼應。此別具意義的腕錶將吸引所有球會追隨者的目光。

119日,於香港仔運動場便上演Racing Metro 92與法國傳奇球會Stade Toulousain Toulouse 首度於香港舉行的法國頂級欖球表演賽。而供有8,000個座位的球場可讓觀眾與球隊有更近距離接觸的機會,相信屆時澎湃現場氣氛絕不比法國現場遜色。
JEANRICHARD營運總監Bruno Grande對於Racing Metro 92來港表示雀躍:「JEANRICHARD很榮幸能夠與Racing Metro 92一起探索天地,成為這運動宣揚先驅的一部份,更與世界各地人士分享我們與欖球的共同理念:對探索的熱情、挑戰自我的追求、積極迎接新發現並活出生命的極緻。」
與此同時,Racing Metro 92的主席Jacky Lorenzetti亦表示認同:「在這價值上,欖球與JEANRICHARD的配戴者一脈相承:創出偉大成就的平凡人,挑戰個人極限的探索者,他們已預備好去征服世界,把生命的光芒盡情流露。」

尺寸:     44毫米
厚度:     12.6 毫米

JR60 機芯

機芯尺寸:11 ½法分

於六時位置備有Racing Metro 92浮凸標誌


List Price HKD$53,800
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"Fully Authorized by Jean Richard Marketing to Publish this post."

Is the wine older the better? How about your Rolex?

Watch Fever's Wine labels 1940-2002

Chateau Margaux 1900, estimated HKD$150,000

Rolex DD OysterQuartz Ref 19019 and 19018 (HKD$90,000-105,000)

Rolex White Gold Day Date with Rare Oak Dial  HKD$85,000

 Double Red Submariner HKD$250,000

Rolex Ref 18049 White Gold and Ref 19018 Yellow Gold OysterQuartz
HKD$130,000 and HKD$75,000

Is the wine Older the better? How about your Rolex?

Some of the best wine could be stored up for 100 years, still too YOUNG to be drunken. Like Chateau Margraux 1900, we speculate that it will be best to be consumed by 2020, that is 120 years after bottled!

We have tasted some of the good wine in the century, and yet up to this moment Chateau Laffite 1982 is yet to be opened for best taste, at best it is suggested to be opened by 2015-2020.  Chateau Mouton 2000, which is so heavy like honey, speculate to be stored up to 2020 for drinking.

The best wine I have tasted is 1966 Chateau Margaux, 1986 Chateau Laffite, 1992, 1996 Petrus.

It does not mean older is better, it depends on the year, soil, weather, and the winery who could possibly manage well for the wine.

Well, this is some of the 600 bottles I opened since 2006 up to now. They are just like Rolex 1945 Bubble back Oyster (1945 Chateau Mouton Rp100 points; estimated HKD$120,000), 1965 Daytona Paul Simon (1959 Chateau Latour Rp100 points; Estimated HKD$80,000), 1965 Submariner Comex (1982 Chateau Laffite Rp100, estimated HKD$48,000), 1977 Ref 19019 OysterQuartz Oak Dial White Gold (1989 Petrvs Rp 98 points, estimated HKD$58,000)…

Next time when you open a bottle of Top Five Red wine with Rp98 or higher, don’t forget to invite some of your best friend to taste it.

And as a conclusion, an older wine does not indicate it is better, but for a Rolex, an older is always better in value.

How to compare the Top Five wine and the top Five Rolex Model!?

These are the top five wine from Bordeaux
Chateau Lafifte
Chateau Latour
Chateau Margraux
Chateau Mouton
Chateau Haut Brion

Rolex Daytona is just Like Chateau Latour - as it is Strong and Powerful, full body like Pamela, never disappoint you, adventurous life style!

Rolex Day Date is just like Chateau Lafifte - as it is well balanced, serve all purposes; a beginer, a wine expert, Even Robert Parker, a gentleman of Wine, like a sweet lady that could spend with you in a hotel room 5 days never come out of the door!

This is likely the Top one of the Five. My Favourite wine if I had that money!

Rolex Submariner is just like Chateau Mouton - As it is innovative, every year has a new artistic design label like your diving into another deep sea in the islands of the Philippines.

Rolex Date Just is just like Chateau Margaux- It is mild to moderate strong wine but with full fragance, I had opened that 1966 bottle, the guests of the next table in Prince Restaurant came to me asking what wine is this!?

Rolex GMT master is just like Chateau Haut Brion- Strong and full or characters, low profile, but it is one of the top Five!

Those were the days as I am now a poor snob, I still drink a lot, but likely wine from friends, the next table, or the restaurant's House Wine!!

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Manny Pacquiao Triumph Brings Cheer to Typhoon-hit Tacloban

Sunday, November 24, 2013
TACLOBAN CITY -- Thousands of survivors of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) erupted into wild cheers Sunday 24 Nov, to celebrate the victory of Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao, bringing back laughter and revelry briefly to a central Philippine region that was turned into a corpse strewn wasteland by the powerful storm.

Pacquiao's triumph over American Brandon Rios in Macau served as a rallying point for many still-traumatized survivors, many of whom lost loved ones and their homes to the November 8 typhoon, which killed more than 5,200 people and left 1,600 others missing. Haiyan also damaged or destroyed one million homes, displacing more than three million people.

But on Sunday, many jumped repeatedly in joy as they cheered on Pacquiao, who won by unanimous decision to take the WBO international welterweight title.

I went Cebu last week and found some of the hot Tee-shirt on sales in supporting the homeless people. "Bangon Talocban" means Rise again Taocban!.

I was told that there is long queue in Manila to buy those T-sheet. from peso 199 to 250 each.

Philippine National hero Manny Pacquiao wears A Rolex GMT Master worth 5.6M Pesos.

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Rolex Day Date Dial, fasinative colour, Red, Blue, Green, Grey, Orange...etc

Modified from the courtesy Photographs at Rlx-dd wordpress

Rolex Day Date Ref 1803
That is a way we had mentioned that there is fun to collect Ref 1803 as that was the so far a joyful watch for everyone who had experienced 1967 Hong Kong Riot, HKCR Lam Bun was burnt to death live by Kerosene in his Volkswagen Beetle.

There are many “home-made Pineapples” (bombs) along Prince Edward Road. You could a flat of 600 square feet with a Rolex Day Date. 1973 Financial crisis Hang Seng index dropped to 173 points and many people suicided, 1981 that the prime rate for mortgage is 20%. 1997 Asian Economy melt down…Real Estate shot up to sky high 30,000 point.

Sales personnel ate Shark fin stewed with Rice at lunch. But all it goes up must come down, by end of the year, many more people get Bankruptcy…

Only one thing is Rolex Watches , always being criticized is BEST, especially Rolex Day Date, Ref 1803. As it carried as many as 43 colour dial, and some are with diamond some are having diamond on bezel, more collectible is those made of Platinum and White gold, we had tried to put as many as 43 colour and design variation and combination of dial.

A few friends of mine in HK would have been saving a lot of them, one of them already got about 15 pcs and still have a lot of to go. I hope one day he can save up all Ref 1803 Colour dial.

I think there should be more like using some gem, wood fossil to make the dial. There should have more than 43 colour combination.… How comes I could not see "Yellow"?
Let’s find out more!

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

On one side, people is suffering loss of home and family members, on the other side, some people is spending thousands dollars for Pacquiao Vs Rios Fight at Macao

A man in dispair looks at the wreckage of destroyed houses in Tacloban on November 10,  

In one side, People is suffering loss of home and family members at Tacloban, on another side some people are spending Thousands of dollars for Pacquiao Vs Rios fight at Macao.

When I returned from Philippines Yesterday night, I had a chance to meet two beautiful Philipinas who GM of a company and one is a Lawyer, she carried an Orange Prada and wearing a Rolex 26mm Date Just Pink gold two tone with diamond dial and the other sitting window seat was having a Louis Vuitton bag.

She saw me making mosaic assembly Rolex watch pictures on my NB, she glanced my Rolex Pictures and we started to chat with me, she asked me how to set the hour and date of her Rolex!! I was a bit shock that she did not know how to set the watch, the date was “9” instead of “22”, the time was 2 O'clock in the afternoon.
You may think I am BS!
No! I taught her how to unscrew the crown, set the time and date properly and how to start the watch with 10-15 windings before locking up the crown for water tight.

She is coming HK yesterday and will move to Macao to watch the fight between Pacquiao and Rios. They made a last minute booking and paying Peso 36,000 for the PAL ticket and someone has sponsored them the boxing ticket.
She told me that that there were a few politicians chatting in the Business Class section. She was asking me to help for buying her another 31mm Lady Date just with silver dial two tone yellow gold…

On the other side I had visited Cebu customer on Thursday 20 Nov., I was bit worried that the trip was having hiccups, and it was peacefully just besides too many people flying from Manila to Cebu, I was upgraded to business class.

In Tacloban, No building in this coastal city of 200,000 residents appears to have escaped damage from Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yohanla) on 8 Nov,  Most roads were impassable; all communications except for satellite phones were down; medical supplies, food and water were scarce; and there were reports of looting.

The million people who lived along the coast, many of them in rough-built shacks, may have been worst affected by what some said was a 5-foot storm surge that spread through the city of Tacloban at the height of the storm and with devastating speed.

This typhoon had taken away my two Service engineers home!  It would be saying that they are not the worse cases as their family members are all safe!

It seems that there is such a group of Rich people going to spend hefty of money for a Boxing Game in Macao whereas thousands of people are having no fresh watch, food or shelter…

That is a world of extreme. Especially in such a country like Philippines. I think the President and the people of Philippines should do something to change this once was the Richest Country in Asia.

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Rolex's New Watches 2013.

I modified the cut out pictures of Rolex Catalogue HK Verison June 2013

Rolex has its watch glamour over the years , they have created a lot of great beautiful dials and various combination of designs on Day Date since 1956, applying various kind of precious metal to cast  the sturdy Oyster case that houses the reliable and accurate mechanical Chronometer movement. In 2013, that Rolex has some new elements in making some of these eye-catching watches.

Platinum Daytona with ice blue dial and brown bezel, Day Date with 6 colour choice for those who have been blaming they are too young to put a Day Date on.

The Blue Bezel GMT Master that people is the long waiting list for one, the platinum Yachtmaster, and not forgetting those demanding women who need something matching with them with flamboyant colour dial decorations…

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Women Fantasy

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Hong Kong Is Still One Of The Most Exciting Places For Shopping, Eating And Perhaps Purchase Of Luxury Goods

  The Above pictures were taken by YKL, using Canon 5D, All Rights Reserved by YKL.

Hong Kong is still one of the most exciting places for Shopping, Eating and Sight Seeing in Asia.

Well, this is true that many people do like the food in Hong Kong, as we have almost every kinds of food in the world, from 10 dollars for 5 Fish balls to HKD$30,000 an dry abalone, from a HKD$50 bottle Table wine to a HKD$100,000 a bottle of Laffit.  From HKD$20 watches in Sham Shui Po Ap Liu Street to HKD$8,500,000 a watch from Roger Dubuis…

Well, as I always mention, the process of looking for the things you like is more pleasurable than you have bought it home sometimes…

Somewhat like when you are interested in your supermodel girl friend, there is a lot of imagination about her… however when you had her… well, that would be another story, you may want to escape from her ASAP!

Come for a tour in Hong Kong's country park, try the best HK milk tea at Nam Heung Yuen, go to the Sham Shui Po for a brisk walk, or Cat Street catching up some of the lost 60’s memory stuff. Jump into the ferry shuttling between Hong Kong island and Cheung Chou, try hiding yourselves with your beloved one in a small hotel at Silvermine bay for whole Sunday, Switching off the Note Book computer and handset!

Sweep your black diamond card for a platinum Patek Philippe, or Buy a bottle of Chateau Margraux 1900 and share with some of the best girl who knows Red Wine… if your life style is not like Mr. Lee Shiu Kee who could donate a piece of Land valued HKD$ 10,000,000 to build shelter for the sensor citizens.

How would like you to handle your money!? Or Pass it to your son or daughter who couldn’t be happier  to buy a Ferrari whilst his parent had never worn a better watch for the whole life!?
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Monday, November 18, 2013

Bling Bling Rolex

These are some of the sparkling Rolex including the most expensive GMT Master, Emerald Submariner and green Day Date... The background bling bling stuff is my collection of silver and gold.

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

David Watch Hong Kong

This is a David Watch cloth that came with your Rolex back in 70s. We had only 6 numbers for the telephone...

There were many Rolex AD back in 60-90s, however those are no longer representing Rolex as AD nowadays, this includes Kowloon Watch Company, Capitol Watch Company and This David Watch.

Well, David Watch is still running Watch business in Queen's Road Central nowaday.

The David Watch
The Galleria
Shop G04-05, Ground Floor, 9 Queen's Road Central, Central
+852 25234600

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Jules Audemars Chronometer with AP Escapement

The above Pictures were taken by HTC One XL at HKIA 15 Nov

This is an Audemars Piguet Chronometer with AP

Escapement, 46mm 18-carat pink gold case with black enamel dial.

It is fitted with hand-wound Calibre 2908 Chronometer movement with power reserve and small seconds displays.

Lubrication-free Audemars Piguet escapement and double balance spring operating at 43,200 vibrations/hours (6Hz) and offering a Power reserve of 90 hours.

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The Watch Fever preferred Watch Gift for you and your beloved one in the coming Christmas

The favourite Watch gift for you and your beloved in this Christmas

1.Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona
2.Omega Speedmaster Dark side of the Moon
3.BUME & MERCIER The Cliffton 1830
4.Rolex GMT Master II Blue Ref 116710BLNR
5.Rolex Submariner Ref 114060

Daytona Ice Blue Platinum 
Rolex to make Daytona using Platinum Ref 116505  and this is 50th anniversary celebration of this classic Daytona model.
This carries the same size as the 1963 Model, 40mm, caliber 4130 debuted in 2000, first time in Platinum, Ice Blue dial a new colour Chessnut brown. The Dial symbolizes sky, and the bezel, Earth. What a beautiful watch if you afford to. 
Estimated price HKD$583,500

Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the moon
Dark Side of the moon, Pink Floyd's LP album!
Omega is launching a Black beauty on this Speedmaster made of speed with Black coating, not ceramic.
This new watch houses an Omega Calibre 9300 movement with a souped-up Co-axial Escapement.
Black dial with shinning Omega Movement at back is mesmerizing me!  Estimated price HKD$96,000

Baume & Mercier Clifton 1830
Clifton collection, named for an affluent seaside of Capetown, South Africa.
With touches of design coming from watches of the 50s that I was borne!
Baume & Mercier watch Clifton 1830 is flag ship series, solidly build for daily uses, a classic dress watch!
Simple dial design with 42mm cases, solid gold case.  
An excellent gift for Christmas.
Model MOA 10060 List Price HKD$114,000
Discount on request.

Rolex GMT Master II Blue/Black bezel 
Rolex Master II Blue Ref 116710BLRN a hot case, would be an Excellent Merry Christmas gift if you could get it before 25 Dec 2013
Price HKD$65,300 no discount.
Limited stock supply now.

Submariner No date
Rolex Submariner 114060, a solid built Submariner, no date, Price is HKD$58,000 a super good deal for a super Rolex Iconic watch. Stock available.
There is no ranking for them as this is not fair when they are made for different usage and occasion under different price tag!

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