Friday, July 31, 2015

New Rolex Magazine "Day Date"

This is the fourth magazine released from Rolex, all about History of Day Date, and the launch of DD40.

English, Simplified Chinese and Chinese edition is available.

Jake Ehrlich is a special editor for this Day Date Magazine.

Jake describes himself " the Rolex fanatic of the highest order"!

Jake is a polymath, designer and entrepreneur and the Most Famous "Jakes' Rolex World Magazine"!

If you are Rolex lover, or fan of Day Date shouldn't ignore this!

Go get it from nearby Rolex AD.

HK Snob

A tale of two cities

Hong Kong and Singapore bear many similarities in economic structure, reliance on finance and trade, as well as size of territory and population.

Back in 1997, Hong Kong’s gross domestic product stood at US$179 billion, almost two times that of Singapore, but in 2013, Singapore had boosted the figure to US$295.7 billion, surpassing Hong Kong’s US$273.7 billion.

Hong Kong’s or China idea of HKSAR is based on the principle of positive non-interventionism, which gives impetus to the creativity of individuals and the private sector. Singapore is likely the opposite in this regard.

Hong Kong officials and Citizens have to spend most of the time to deal with the complexities in the SAR’s relationship with the Peking government where Singapore is free from the issues of the “one country, two systems” situation. I feel pathetic about HK when members of the pan democratic parties members spend most of their time doing filibuster… nothing is constructive to the development of HK economy.

As I say it may take 7 years to build a new airport but 10 years to decide build or not!?

Hong Kong has been lagging behind Singapore, and Shanghai for economic achievement, or may be after another 10 years Hong Kong will definitely be lagging behind Johor, Shantou or Batam!

How About Watch, Hong Kong and Singapore had a bigger Cult difference on choice of Luxury watches.

Back to 80s Singapore and Hong Kong had similar taste in watch. Nowadays we can say that Singapore has an advance understanding for what new watches are!

For most of the super Hi end watches, Singapore seems has a better sale than Hong Kong.

These are what we can see…

Whiles a lot of HK people are still in favor of brands like Patek, AP, VC, Panerai and Rolex...

Singapore has been falling in love with niche Watch market supported by these colossal Richard Mille, Hublot..and Urwerk.

In Singapore is whoever people goes with a Lambor, 80% of the people wear a RM.

Singapore may become the show off hub for those nearby country rich boys, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei?

Hong Kong, older and richer tends to go for Patek, younger
likes Panerai and the Rolex goes to the rest.

HK Snob

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Will Rolex have a Pricing Adjustment in coming days?

On 1st of July, Rolex announced changing its 2 years Warranty to 5 years, I have mentioned this one week in advance.

Well, as my speculation, that Rolex might be introducing marketing plan to promote more sales with more profit.

Don't forget the warranty will incur extra huge operation cost to the whole set up of After Sales support of their watches sold worldwide.

So I speculate that Rolex will do something about their prices on coming days likely on 1st of August, 2015.

HK Snob

PS, there is no price changes Today, lets wait for a while,
or my insider's news is not reliable at all, I will keep an eye on this.

1 Aug 2015

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Sunday Fantasy

If you are poor, or if you are not rich enough.
Now we have a new medicine "Rich Magic".
Great invention by "Sai Wing Pharmaceutical Company” 
Take one tablet each time, three times a day, you will Feel Rich  on the next day.
HK Snob

HK Watch Fever Watch Gathering

Top downward: Rolex Ref 1803, OQ Ref 19018, Citizen 1973 Memorial Watch,
Rolex Day Date Ref 18039, Citizen Memorial watch 1972

Rolex Day Date Ref 1803 with Original President bracelet with Buckle clasp

Citizen Memorial Watch of the Establishment of China-Japan Friendship 1973
The Tudor Big Block

The Tudor Big Block

 Seiko 18 KT solid gold manual winding 2 mm thick movement

These are the wonderful watches we have shown here at our Regular Watch gathering

Except the Tudor, and Rolex Day Date 18039, all are on Sale.

HK Snob

Rolex Ref 16018 18KT solid Gold Date Just with Birch dial

Rolex Date Just Ref 16018 with rare birch dial on sale.

This watch has been cleaned and properly lubricated, had been just serviced at Rolex AD for replacing new bracelet gold pins.

The watch is rare, rarer than the Day Date with birch dial, as in those days, the Date Just is not too much cheaper than Day Date, so the market demand is even less than the Day Date.

The braclet has 24 links (full lenght)

Nowaways it becomes a collection item.

Price HK$77,000 nett cash

HK Snob

Friday, July 24, 2015

IWC Doppelchronograph

Discontinued IWC preowned DoppelChronograph running by ETA 7750 movement. 


Like New Full Set offered at HKD$33,800 Cash

HK Snob

Watch Sold 24 Jul

Rolex Day Date Ref 18039

I was told by many friends that they were influenced by me on Day Date.

Well, I think that Day Date is the most beautiful Watch,
Look at this 18039!

White Gold, with a touch of Diamond on Hour Index,
Fluted Bezel.

Of course I don't mind to have Kim Tae-Won's Ref 18049 which has a Diamond Bezel.

HK Snob

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Kim Tae Won and HK Snob

My Rolex Day Date Ref 18039

Kim Tae-won (김태원, April 12, 1965) is a top Korean Guitarist with over 30 years of experience in Korean music industry, currently leading one of the most successful rock bands in Korean music history, Boohwal.

His life was dramatized in a four episode KBS2 short series Rock, Rock, Rock, where Kim was portrayed by musician-actor No Minwoo.

I had a chance talking to him Today in Philippines, I had felt his hand whilst hand shaking that it seems having no bone (very Soft) meaning that he is rich and life if full of joy and happiness.

Well, of coure, like most of the celebrities, he worn a Rolex White Gold Day Date Ref 18049 whilse I worn a Rolex White Gold Day Date Ref 18039.

He told me he is a fan of Rolex Like I, and He has a lot of Rolex.

I am happy as of Today I met a good friend Jerry, and I had a wonderful meeting with a team of Korean customers, I had two separate dinner one in outback that I took One Cloudy bay White and one Australian Red. then went ot A won Korean Restaurant to meet another group of Koreans.

Kim has same name as mine, he has same taste in Watch....

Day Date in White Gold is classified one of the watches for your eveyrday uses, it is not too shinnning like yellow gold, greyish silver colour, heavy but heavy not like a dumb bell that makes your wrist tired.

It is about 145 grams with 22 links of bracelet. Accurate and durable, my last Day Date Ref 18049 brought me profit HKD$12,500 even after I used for 4 years, what a nice watch investment and it is the best  watch for you as an Executive.

HK Snob

Sunday, July 19, 2015

I am Waiting my new toy to come.... that Makes Monday like Friday!

Mad Dog Monday

It's Friday Again!

Do you like Monday more or do you like Friday more…?

From Statistics of Yell* University, 90% of the workers like Friday more than Monday, Only Workaholics like Monday, may be some of the Executives after being tortured by his wife at home on week end, it is the right time to revenge putting all anger onto his subordinates Monday ….

As I said, Boss always gets and gets and forgets, only working class like us give and give and forgive….

I hate Monday as most of the meeting are done on the same day, seeing the dark face of the boss…

Well, you might see him smiling to you one day, I am sure you are secretly being fired by him last Friday or he had won mark Six ( the Later one should not happened as I believe Mark Six should go to finery kind people…)
So beware on Monday morning…So what can we do?

… I am the only manager that wears Rolex, PP, AP, RD to work for many years, as I want to show to you, well, though you get. get all my salary away turning into you own Bonus...

because of my kind tenderly heart, I have a lot friends, who will drink with me…. I would like to giggle that someone always came to the bar alone Friday after work, 

who lighting up his cigarette unintentionally and goes into mediation until the cigarette burns his fingers...!!
As he had no friend…so lonely, pathetic!

My method of making myself looks young is a practice to buy myself a toy after a while, that keeps me HAPPY,

Looks Different all the time, and all the staff is talking about me… all my customers are talking about me… after Rolex DD, AP, Roger Dubuis, VC , may be RM in coming future..
Now, I am waiting for my new toy The Omega Elite Phone in Yellow Gold….
Last, Oh I think I had higher chance to survive in desert as I can use it as a Mirror when I lost in desert…! It is amazing Gold… Who Can resist? 

Lovely Monday!, as Every day is like Friday!

PS * Yale? Are you sure!?

HK Snob

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Lady Rolex Date Just Ref 178240

One of the recent design of nice looking Ref 178240
All Stainless steel on the sportive Oyster bracelet, 31mm.

A Floral Dial Design, with a Date
Low profile Smooth bezel

If you ar eaged 18 to 33, it is perfect....
Price is unquestionable good HKD$35,222 cash

HK Snob

What is Phone Of Today?

Philippine Hero Manny Pacquio's

Satisfaction Could be seen from Neymar's smile

What is next after a  Lambor, and a RM.....?

Omega Elite in a Ruby Python skin pouch

Emarald Dragon Limited to 50 pieces

My New Communication gear

Who is the Boss?

Choice of Precious Metal, Rose Gold, Yellow gold and Platinum

Of Course, Daytona Fan should not be ignored

Omega Elite senior official received the autograph of Kylie Jenner and Kendall when Phones were delivered to them by hand

Do you need to spend 80,000 on your watch, and another 200K for a Continental Car to be in the “Rich” group!?
Well someone has been waiting 9 months for his car because of uniqueness and special Color!

Somebody plated a whole Ferrari with 24KT yellow gold, is that insane?

Tong Tong wears a suit with the Champion Australian sheep’s finest wool; costs $30,000!

I had joined a party with Wine in one night with some Philippine tycoons: Clos 1982, Chevy Blanc 1982, Latour 1982, are they insane too! As these wines are $7,000!

What is WOTD? Someone may say Rolex DD40, someone may say the Platinum Daytona with icy Blue dial!

What is the Outfit of Today, I really don’t know as always I put on cheap Jean and Polo shirt my Icy Cool girl bought for me at Taobao!

How about POTD? Well, is Omega Elite LLC Phones!
Omega Elite is happening in the States, Dubai, Sweden, Singapore, Philippines, now HK….

They may serve only exclusively royal family to Rich people and some watch dealer or Hollywood celebs.
David Beckham, Neymar, Manny Pacman (My Philippine Hero), Kylie Jenner…are some of the  names.

Omega Elite uses iPhone6 of 128GB unlocked version (we can use it any part of the world).

You can customize it to be a special phone of YOURS that no APPLE shops could find a similar one!

You can make your own trade mark and limited edition to any number you need, as you may have a lot of followers who will use your trademark as a Symbols of Success or group members.

It is a combined Phone technology and fashion, we offer special model like “Emerald Dragon” if is a 24KT gold iPhone6 with VVS Emeralds and made 50 pieces worldwide!

The Phone is entirely processed in USA, it is not a phone cover, it is a complete functional Phone ready to be sued with Life time warranty!

All phones come with a beautiful cherry wood box, a Ruby python skin pouch and a waxed protector casing…

Well, someone say that is a bit pricy, think it again, this is price of three bottle of wine. It lasts for years instead of three hours drinking Experience!

When you meet someone, you put the phone on the desk, I can ensure no one will listen to your sales material, instead their eye are watching on yours  “God! what kind of Phone is it!? “ Can I see?”

Oh yes, this is Omega Elite., follow me as member, as HK Snob, I give you lucky No. 8’’’ as the Serial number….

We are today talking about Value, in this world, everything is packaging… a Sale presentation.
A Cocktail Party Arrangement, a Watch, the car, who you are with!?
Why We need a special Phone that only 1 in 100,000 people may have…
Because this is unique… your style… your taste, it will bring your more talking points to your client, or to your fiancee’s father….

People asks me why you don't get one…. Yes, I ordered one today, I am waiting to see the actual phone to reach my hand by special hand delivery…. The US team told me it is under Miami workshop production queue…

Omega Elite selected me as the ambassador of Hong Kong, if you want to join us to be the City’s few e who can own this special phone… Please talk to us….

If you like, I can design for your Coat of Arms, your Company Logo, personal Icons…to be the ONLY one on Earth….

You can choose Yellow Gold, Rose Gold or Platinum…Ruby Emerald, Sapphire on your phone. A complete ready-to-use Phone, not just the case.

Starting price from 6,500 to 50,000…

Omega Elite official Website under upgrade, we will announce afterwards.

Refer to this video for more

HK Snob