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Rolex words

Say "NO" to Polishing

Life is too short to wear inexpensive watches

Sexy Plexi
Only Rolex, no Polex

There is always a hidden reason for a Cheap Vintage Rolex.

Minimalist likes No Cyclops

Pepsi, Coke, Hulk, Batman, Smurf, Kermit, Thunderbird, eagle, President, what else?

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What is the Vintage Submariner practical for everyday use?


Not all vintage Submariners are going to be practical for everyday use. Some may be too fragile, others extremely rare or valuable. However, there are many great vintage Submariner options that will hold up to the rigors of daily life with reasonable price. One, in particular is the Rolex Submariner reference 16800.


Rolex Submariner 16800

Submariner 16800 was first released in 1978 as an improved version over the earlier model 1680. It remained in production for a full decade until it was later replaced by the reference 168000. While it improved substantially upon its predecessor, the reference 16800 is known as a “transitional” Submariner to next model Reference 16610.


Water Resistance

This model introduced Rolex’s caliber 3035 movement, and added a quickset date function to the Submariner. The reference 16800 was also the First Submariner to feature a sapphire crystal, and the first to benefit from the improved depth rating (from 200 meters to 300 meters).


Rolex Submariner 16800

The Rolex 16800 was a breakthrough for the Submariner line; however it retained certain key traits that linked it to its predecessors. Most notable among these was the matte dial with painted hour markers. Some, very late examples of the 16800 were fitted with gloss dials and hour markers outlined in white gold. These are considered “less transitional” than earlier models, and much more closely resemble the reference 168000 Submariner that followed.


Vintage Rolex (VR)

Choosing a vintage Submariner over a new one is a great way to maintain exclusivity and ensure that your Rolex Submariner is unique. While not all vintage Submariners are practical for everyday use, consider 16800 is using sapphire crystal for scratch proof, 300M water resistance, Quick set date, and higher bph 28,800 with higher time keeping accuracy. The reference 16800 is a fantastic option that boasts contemporary specifications and durability. Moreover, it is less been pushed to sky high the price.

A Submariner Ref 16800 is available between typically HK$58,000 to 65,000 nowadays.

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Rolex On Sale

Rolex On Sale

1, Daytona 16520 A series no Paper $140,000
2. Submariner Hulk 116610LV BNIB $76,000
3 Submariner 16610LN T-25 dial with paper and Box $45,000
4. Submariner 16800 patina Dial watch Only $60,000 Year 1981.
5. Sea Dweller, 16600 Overhauled by Rolex, Changed with new Crystal, bezel insert. with RSC Paper $44,500
5. Submariner Kermit 16610LV Flat 4, Mint, full set $100,000
6. Submariner Kermit 16610LV Sharp 4. normal wear and tear lines on it, with Paper and Box $70,000
7. GMT Master Pepsi 16700, T-25 dial, with paper and box $55,000
8. Explorer II White dial 16570 watch only light polish $30,000
9. Explorer II White Creamy Dots 16570 Full Set $40,000
10. Vacheron Constantin Overseas black dial big date, with Box $60,000

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Rolex Date Just Ref 16234 with Sodalite Diamond Dial on Sale

小有 全原裝😍Sodalite寶石面 大水泡鑽石字😍ref.16234 大裝 😃K:serials 連原裝鋼帶,送配色鱷魚皮帶代用鋼扣.原裝盒 勞力士服務中心行紙.

Rare Rolex Date Just Ref 16234 36mm men' auto watch with Sodalite dial with 10 pieces diamonds.

K series, just been service checked by ROLEX S service Center HK with light polish.

Including original steel bracelet.

Sodalite dial with diamond could be found only on few pieces of Rolexes, this is the third one I.have seen in the past 5 years.

If you want to.have a Like no other wstch. Consider this.

Price is sweet too.


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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Pre-owned Daytona Ref 6265-0 on Sale

Rolex Daytona Ref 6265-0 Serial Number #:5527XXX
Approx year of release 1978-1979
It comes with Rolex Service paper
Note; That the dial is servce dial.
Perfect Running Condition.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Rolex Daytona Zenith on Sale (Ref 16520)

Two Daytona Zenith Ref 16520 A Series is on Sale.

White one and Black one as pair.
Serious parties please give me a suggestion on this two items.
It is rare to get Full Set in pair like this.
This is a consignment by a Philippine Daytona Collector.

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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Rolex Collectible items for Sale

A Rolex Collector is willing to sell some of his private collection to serious Investors and or collectors.

They include:-

Daytona Ref 16520 white dial, Full set, A series.

Daytona Ref 16520 black dial full set, A series

Daytona Ref 16520 Black Dial Full set, K -series, Patrizzi dial

Submariner 14060 flour liners Series M (2007) full sets NOS.

Contact me and discuss.

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When Patek meets Audemars and Constantin,,,

The Big Three Musketeers of Swiss Watch.
I met two Philippine watch collectors in the hotel.

These are three watches that each carries a history of its own, no one could not gree that they are master of Swiss Watches…
Patek Philippe (PP)
Polish watchmaker Antoni Patek started making pocket watches in 1839 in Geneva, along with his fellow Czech-born Polish partner Franciszek Czapek. They separated in 1844, and in 1845 Patek joined with the French watchmaker Adrien Philippe, inventor of the key-less winding mechanism
Vacheron Constantin (VC)
The company was founded in 1755 by Jean-Marc Vacheron, an independent watchmaker in Geneva, Switzerland. In 1770, his company created the first complication, and nine years later he designed the first engine-turned dials.
Audemars Piguet (AP) s
AP is a Swiss manufacturer of complicated mechanical watches founded in 1875 by watch makers Jules-Louis Audemars and Edward-Auguste Piguet.
These are their iconic sport designs till today.
PP Nautilius – Designed by Gerald Genta and launched in 1976.

AP Royal Oak – Deigned by Gerald Genta and Launched in 1972.
VC Overseas – Designed by Dino Modolo and launched in 1994, and Chronograph was launched in 1999.
Basically they are automatic watch with power reserve for about 40 hours
They are adjusted to 5 positions.
Water proof
VC – 150M
PP- 120M
Price PP s much more expensive than the AP and VC as it is made of solid Pink gold.
Make your choice to take one you like, they are fine accurate time piece that can service you for many decades.
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Originality and Patina of a Rolex

Ref. 8171, Movement No. 56'924, Case No. 686'258, Circa 1951. 38mm diam. Sold for US$161,000 on 7 June 2016

A Rolex reference 8171 in stain steel that we sold at Christie’s New York last June. A pilot purchased the watch in the early 1950s and likely wore it for a few years until it stopped working for certain reason. That is one of the most complicated watches ever made by Rolex and featured a moon phase indicator as well as a complete calendar display. Probably due to the complexity of the movement and the associated cost of servicing it, the gentleman put it away and it passed down within the family unused for decades.

This Rolex stainless steel triple calendar with Moonhase and patina. Signed Rolex, Perpetual, Precision, Ref. 8171, Movement No. 56'924, Case No. 686'258, Circa 1951. 38mm diam. Sold for US$161,000 on 7 June 2016….. Seems you don’t think that watch could hit that final bid amount the Auction!

It is due to its originality and Patina!



I open dictionary to find the meaning of “Patina”… Patina is a green film formed naturally on copper and bronze by long exposure or artificially (as by acids) and often valued aesthetically for its color, or a surface appearance of something grown beautiful especially with age or use, contacting the sunlight ultraviolet and or heat.

Eric Wind, Specialist in Watches in New York, reflects on the move towards ‘honest’ vintage watches whose appeal is enhanced by the ‘ravages’ of time:-

“One of the most interesting trend in vintage watch collecting has been the desire to move away from watches that have been restored and polished to look ‘like new’ in favour of watches in original condition with honest patina. Nicks, scratches and fading that may have developed over the course of decades of wear can enhance a watch’s desirability.”

This trend towards seeking honest patina has extended worldwide, particularly over the last fifteen years, and is associated with a massive growth in the number of vintage watch collectors. Many people are drawn to vintage watches for the beauty of having something that looks old.


 The concept that collectors prize originality over restoration is one of the things that many people find most surprising about collecting vintage watches.


Aged to perfection

The concept that collectors prize originality over restoration is one of the things that many people find most surprising.

These are the points we might need to note when you get into a Vintage Rolex.

Dial and hands

Radium and tritium lume on dials and in hands can look, from a warm creamy white, orange to a bright yellow, is so much cooler than the stark and sterile bright white look of LumiNova and Super-LumiNova found on new watches made after 1998.  So watch before 1998 is preferred as they have the chance to get “Vintage Look!”

The original sets of dot on the bezel, and the hands of the watch is usually different colour under the watch over the decades… Unless that the hands are looking so new with WHITE, or the bezel of a Pepsi GMT looks vivid red instead of purple after 30 years, It is time for you to have counter check by expert. As the hands or bezel may have been replaced with newer versions… thence the watch value will drop.

A tropical (dark chocolate) dial is mots preferred and price could be many time higher than the same watch of same age without tropical dial.



Preferred unpolished.

If the cases were polished to remove scratches and make them look like new, making the lugs a bit thinner in the process through the removal of metal. A Fat boy is always preferred instead of a thin guy had been trimmed off his fats.

Of particular interest and desirability is a black dial that has turned brown or ‘tropical’ with fading over the years.


Note before you send your watch to Services at Rolex Service Centre:-

They always ask your permission to change the dial, hands, bezels even bracelet to new one.

They NEVER return your original parts after the service… Whether how would they use the parts is a big questions to me… well, you can guess… will they destroy it?


The dial of a Rolex Submariner can be 80% of the total price of your Rolex given by your grandfather…

Net time think carefully before you send the watch to Rolex for service…

My suggestion is KEEP it as it is as that is the Originality history of the Watch.


Other choice, send it to some of the renowned watch servicing company for a more intimate care to service your family heritage!


If you don’t like that Patina looks of the watch, give it to me I buy you a Char Siu Rice…. And I don’t mind keeping it for you.


HK Snob


Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Watch on Sale

Sea Dweller 1665 Patina Dial $570,000

Day Date Oyster Quartz 19018 Birch Dial $73,000

Submariner 5513 $125,000

Daytona 16520 A series $145,000

HK Snob

Rolex Investment.

Rolex Daytona Ref 16520
Since 1988 to 2000

Rolex Watchgret

Should we go for new Release Rolex or a Known Vintage Rolex as an investment project!? I have no definitely answer on this… as both are one of the ways to make your Rolex becoming an investment item. It depends on Which watch you buy.

Imagine that when the Daytona Zenith 16520 was released in 1989, I was able to buy it with HK$29,500 at Chow Tak Fook.

If I had made up my mind to purchase say ten pieces my investment with Lump sum HK$280,250 probably I get extra less 5% discount.  Total investment cost $280,250.

Well, I believe I can sell it now at each $180,000 each now with NOS BNIB for black, so I could made

 a profit of $1,519,750!


However note that if I put that Money on real estate we, in 1989, I could still buy a house with down payment of $300,000 by now it may be having a net profit $2,000,000!

Rolex Submariner Hulk Ref 116610LV

So What’s Next!?

The Rolex Submariner and “The Incredible Hulk” completed their unlikely 48-year collision course in 2010. While the renowned durability of each may have been their only common thread for a half-century, the Baselworld 2010 appearance of the Rolex Submariner 116610 LV “Incredible Hulk” forever bound the two icons from Rolex and Marvel Comics.

This one doesn’t require much preamble; it’s a big green Rolex Submariner. Combine the “Super Case”/”Maxi Dial” of 2008’s 116619 Submariner with a green bezel and a green dial, and you’re one online forum quip away from a gamma-burst of Rolex collector infatuation.

This Incredible Hulk is listed at $68,100 at Rolex AD in Hong Kong. I think I have seen there is no stock for one in three month is one of my known AD shop…. So you still can put your name on the waiting list.. but don’t think that they will call you to collect the watch…

It is selling from Dealer to dealer from $60,000, 2014, $63,000 in 2015, $66,000 in 2016, $69,000 March 2017, and astonishing $72,000 by May 2017… (Crazy price)

From this data we know two things, generally Rolex had reduced the making of Sport watch across all lines beginning of this year and particularly lesser is made on Submariner Hulk.

I speculate this will be discontinued by 2018, Let’s watch Out. After the discontinuing, the price will up to more than $80,000 immediately.  And probably $120,000  by 2024.

HK Snob



Watchgret- watch regret

AD- Authorized dealer

NOS- new old stock

BNIB- brand new in box

Dollar indicted here is HKD – Hong Kong Dollar  (1 USD- 7,75 HKD)

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph

Vacheron Constantin Overseas (VC OS)

At end of 1994 VC decided to create a sports watch directly getting its design cues from the 222 launched almost 20 years before: a tonneau shaped case with a round serrated bezel this time in the form of a broken Maltese cross. The design team was composed of Dino Modolo, independent designer in charge of many Vacheron Condtantin designs of the time and Vincent Kaufmann a in-house designer today heading the VC design team. First was launched the time only model housing cal 1310 based on GP calibre 3100 in a 37mm case (also a 35mm model as well as a lady’s 24mm model was also launched) including an extremely rare left hand version made in only 3 pieces, followed in 1999 by the chronograph housing the Piguet based automatic calibre 1137 based on the Piguet calibre 1185 specially modified to add a big date mechanism. “The success of the Overseas went beyond our expectations” says Christian Selmoni Marketing Product and Product Development Director.

In 2004 brought a 42mm case that tailored the Overseas to suit contemporary tastes for bolder styles and as larger watches.

A Casual Watch with touch of sportive look

“With time the Overseas has become symbolic of Vacheron Constantin, but I don’t define it as a sports watch, but rather a casual watch. A sports watch is made for sports, the Overseas of course can be worn during sport activities but it is a discreet model which can be worn during week ends, leisure periods and fit for every day use” says brand CEO Charly Torres. 

His Rivals
From inception, it was clear that the Overseas would be exclusive piece. Compared to rivals Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet, VC produces about half and one-third as many watches per year, respectively. In practice, the Overseas is even more scarce than the Nautilus and Royal Oak. While those watches have been on the market for decades, and many pre-owned models come to market alongside new versions, the 42 mm Overseas Chronograph featured here has been available only since 2004.


The Big Date on OS.
The dial of the Overseas Chronograph is where Vacheron Constantin declares intent to distinguish itself from the Daytonas of the world. A double-digital grand date display at 12 o'clock offers good legibility and a feature that the Daytona can't match.


Fine Touches on Design
Vacheron employs an intricate rose-lathe guilloché on the dial that adds visual interest and articulates the large open swaths of silver metal. Each of the chronograph subdials features a fine concentric circle pattern that speaks to VC's eye for detail. Grey anodized hands are an unique touch that really "pop" against the dark black tone of the dial, and matching applied indexes compound the effect; it's a standout.


VC case
VC's Overseas case is a newcomer to the sports watch scene, but it's well on its way to becoming a classic in its own right. The combination of a brushed case and polished bezel creates an impression of substance that eclipses the wrist presence of any Daytona. Thoughtful bezel faceting echos the signature Vacheron "Maltese Cross" logo and adds to the impact of the Overseas Chronograph.


VC OS under water
Beside Style, it comes with real substance is the Overseas Chronograph. While Audemars Piguet's Royal Oak Chronograph is barely suited to the kind of pool at 50 meters of resistance and Patek Philippe's $60,000 Nautilus 5980 chronograph is rated to 120m, the Overseas Chrono says it could survive at a 150 meter rating.


VC OS Calibre
The Overseas' F. Piguet (now Manufacture Blancpain) chronograph engine is a gem and a fitting power plant for a watch like the Overseas. In practice, its pushers are crisp, and its action is smooth. Under the hood, the finish is executed to a standard that's unmistakably Vacheron. Polishing, angling, and linear Côtes de Genève speak to the degree of effort that VC craftsmen invested in this watch.

If you're going to use a customer caliber, use the best, and VC does it.


VC Deployed
A steel bracelet with double deployant action ensures comfort and security on the wrist.

Twin-trigger release permits easy removal when desired while eliminating the potential for accidental deployment in the event of sudden shock or a glancing blow. While comparisons to the Daytona generally favor the Overseas, where the bracelet is concerned, VC absolutely leaves the Rolex for dead.



Comparison with the legendary Daytona

Technical Specification

The Daytona's 4130 is versus the Piguet 1185 animating the VC OS.

When the 1185 made its debut in 1987, it was the "Best Of Breed", and the 1185 is for sure a very good chrono movement - column wheel switched, friction engaged chrono works.

The  4130 is 30.5mm X 6.5mm, VS the 1185 is 26mm X 5.5mm.

The 4130 beats at 28.8 APH,  the 1185 at 21.6 APH.

The 4130 has 72 hour power reserve, the 1185 about 40 hours

The 4130 has an adjustable mass balance, the Piguet is pin regulated;

The 4130 employs an overcoil terminated balance spring and the 1185 a flat balance spring.

My Overall Comment, the Daytona Compares with VC OS, the movement has a better features.


Interesting comment on comparison between Daytona and VC OS.

Rolex Forums comment

*I have owned the 116520 and 116509 Daytonas. I have owned a VC overseas, but the non-chronograph variant. I assume the finish and workmanship of the Overseas and Overseas Chronograph are similar.

The VC was a higher quality level based on my examination of the case and dial. Also nice touches like ceramic bearings on the rotor and gold on edge of rotor to increase mass, along with Faraday shield for anti-magnet properties. If I could of figured out how to wear the box on my wrist I would have...... absolutely gorgeous furniture quality. Lastly, the integration of the VC symbol the Maltese cross into the design of the bracelet and bezel is very cool.

That said, I really like a Daytona and I really like the VC.


*I like them both, but they're not really in the same price range. The Overseas lineup has a lot less heritage than the Daytona, and AFAIK they don't have an in-house movement. Unlike a steel Daytona, with the Overseas lineup you also have to face a huge depreciation after a new purchase.


If money no object, I'd get the VC, on the basis that I'm not fond of the shiny bezel of the Daytona. And I kinda fancy the Overseas bracelet, it looks unique.


*Frankly, I'm not totally in love with either. Here are my observations:

DAYTONA: Oh-so-classic but I don't find it legible enough and I think the current design of the subdials isn't as attractive as the 16520-Zenith-based one. I really wouldn't mind another 1-2mm in case size, same thickness, but that is not a deal killer. The inability to buy a nice OEM leather band for the SS models is just stupefying. On top of that, I would really like a date function (without cyclops).

VCOSC: Not a "real" Vacheron Constantin as it doesn't use a in-house movement but rather starting off with a Jaeger-LeCoultre ebauche, even if the rework it. On top of that, I'm not really a fan of the dial pattern but I do like the design of the sub-dials and the hands, date etc are all in good harmony. Lastly, the pattern of the bracelet is not to my taste. Having said all of this, I think the Chrono with slate dial (aka "Deep Stream") on leather bracelet is really attractive.

I'd wait for Basel to see if there is any Daytona upgrade. Otherwise I'd rather buy something like a JLC Master Control Chronograph today if I needed a chrono.

came across pulling a trigger on a white dial VC Overseas Auto and decided against it in the end. not having an in-house movement was one of the reasons (yes, i know a non-in-house Daytona fetches quite abit too, but we are talking about a VC here...)

dont get me wrong, i like VC as a company, but just can see the "value" in their Overseas range anymore.... but one day i will def. get my hands on a VC... and i already know which one i want

*They are not my cup of tea, but both of them are important watches.

Daytona has a high resale value. Cal. 4130 is excellent movement, but Daytona is not rare.

Overseas has an another great automatic chronograph calibre, FP 1185. Rare, but has a low resale value.

If I were you, I would have a look on JLC MC Chrono models. They look awesome. 


* I've never understood why JLC isn't considered one of the "top three". Patek, Audemars Piguet and Vacheron Constantin have all used JLC movements. In the case of Patek & AP, at various stages, they both bought the company to obtain the JLC movement secrets & then sold the company on.

left APRO Chronograph, Right the VCOS


In large part, this is a matter of taste and style rather than objective facts.  Obviously, comparing them both in the same metal and both on bracelets we have two 12-hour, 3-subdial chronographs with screw down crowns and pushers, and a good case could be made for selecting either one. Some differences that might matter to some buyers, one way or the other, are: The Daytona is apparently produced in much larger numbers and is recognizable to many more non-WIS.  To some this, is a plus, to others a minus. The Daytona is 40 mm; the newer Overseas Chrono. is 42 mm.  Some prefer one over the other. The Daytona now uses an in-house movement; the Overseas Chrono. uses a modified F. Piguet movement.  Both are fine and plenty accurate, but some people care about whether the movement was made by the same company that owns the brand name. Daytona models vary in the legibility of the time and subdial counters to a greater degree than Overseas Chrono. models.  Some people care about being able to read the time or elapsed time, others not so much. The Daytona has no date, while the Overseas has a large date (but not a very readable one to my eyes).  Some people care about a date. The Daytona has as ordinary a bracelet as is made; the Overseas bracelet in exceptional for stability, comfort, and design.  Some people prefer one over the other. The Daytona feels lighter and more flimsy than the Overseas.  Some people prefer one over the other. The Daytona has a tach. scale that some people care about. My own view is that a steel Daytona is just an ordinary Rolex of no interest, while a steel Overseas Chrono. is a thing of beauty and a great companion, but I recognize this is a choice based on taste and style, not necessarily superior performance.  The white gold Daytona with silver dial on the other hand is something special for which VC doesn't yet have a comparable offering.  I still have my fingers crossed that VC will someday make a white gold Overseas on a bracelet with a blue guilloche dial. Park


My Comment
Both Daytona and VC OS carries similar size, with my wrist, size 38mm to 42 mm is suitable.

Daytona Zenith 16520 is more collectible as comparing with 115620 is no question, reflecting on their price.

Does not mean earlier is always better, but later is always unknown to me as do one know how many they would have made until one day they stopped making it.… always less is more… for Collector.

A Date is very important for my daily uses.

Branding is important so as why Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet… VC is an old watch makers back to 1755, whereas PP is 1839 and AP is 1875, needless to tell youngest here Rolex is 1905.

As for the VC OS, I just like the case and bracelet design, they are timeless in term of the look, and the transformed “Maltese Cross" bezel is a nice.

The less is more concepts… Do you know how hard to get an VC 222, Patek Nautilus 1976, or AP Royal Oak 1972 in gold or steel nowadays. Just because it was made in small number…. So as their price would be very high…  estimated price of a solid yellow gold 222 is now US$30,000 to 38,000!

A steel APRO 1972 Jumbo is US$30,000.

Don’t mention a Daytona Paul Newman… which is very expensive now.

The watch is reflecting your style, taste and your image… So long if you can afford a timeless time piece at a reasonable price…. That is what we are looking for here.

HK Snob


Parts of the information was obtained from various sites.

Source of the comment is From Rolex Forums, the hour Lounge mainly.