Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ozaki iCoat Watch Strap

The sixth generation iPod Nano’s diminutive size and colorful display opens up new possibilities on how it can be worn. With the release of Ozaki iCoat Watch straps, users can turn an iPod Nano 6G into a watch by making it look like a fashionable wristwatch. These latest iPod Nano 6G wrist straps from Ozaki are trendy and stylish. Along with its retro, slap-happy design, the iCoat Watch+ features a water-resistant cover that keeps your Nano’s connector and socket dry. It also comes in various eye-catching color schemes that match the bracelet’s ’90s appeal. iCoat Watch is available in 6 different patterns and colors.

These amazing Ozaki products are exclusively distributed by MSI-ECS. For product pricing and availability, please contact 688-3181, visit or email Of course, this is good for the young energetic kids, not me.

HK Snob

Rolex Day Date Yellow Gold 36mm Men's Watch Comparison Ref 1803 and 18038

Ref. 18038

Ref. 1803

These are two major versions of Day date, the former one with plastic crystal, and the later one with Sapphire. The former model Ref 1803 is thinner; the later version Ref 18038 is thicker. The former one is having a dial with a curved and truncated dial at the rim of it. Where 18038 is flat. As far as accuracy is concern, basically they are both the same under the same Rolex quality. As for my preference, I do not see any one is better than others. The 1803 is classic. Slimmer. Warmers and more isometric in the outlook due to the slant dial. The 18038 has a new caliber, more durable, scratches proof, big looks thicker. Less elegant. So I think I will wear new newer 18038 for work and 1803 for meeting my watch collectors during week end. Value, I think all depends on the dial, I like dial with diamond, as they are rarer, and the one with Purple dial is extremely rare… I love it. HK Snob

Breguet's Beautiful Watch Mechanism

I got this watch Ad poster along the long walkway after I touched down HK Airport.
The polishing and carving is magnifcient! This is a Breguet! Inventor of Turbillon.

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Rolex Ref. 17000 Date Just OysterQuartz Stainless Steel Men's Watch

This is one of my latest new Collection Item, I bought it at HKD$25,500.00 three hours ago. With all the Original catalogue Booklet, Warantee Certificate, box... How much more you want to get it from!??

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Beautiful Version of Rolex Vantage Oyster Pepertual

This is a watch I picked up from Time Zone, a very beautiful version, Original Dial design, Cali Dial with Arabian and Roman Number. Seems the case has been polished a bit, but the overall Elegancy, sleekness and Size keep me dazzling for owning one of this Example. Star hour hand, bubble back, 8 screw design on the bezel like what Royal Oak is doing....Guess this will go to a price of HKD$120,000.00. I am drooling! HK Snob

AUDEMARS PIGUET Royal Oak Boy Size 30mm

Royal Oak (30mm.)

Auto. (Solid-Gold Rotor)


Grey colour

S.S. Bracelet with Folding Clasp.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Jumbo Yellow Gold Auto Men's Watch 1972

This is one of my best beloved watches, the Royal Oak, It looks classic, and the same time futuristic as the design is impeccable...
I am using it now for work whilst I am travelling…

It is heavy, ultra thin of total thickness 7mm only. This model has the JLC movement (2120), which is extremely reliable and robust. It's very comfortable and wears nice and thin.However extremely rare and hard to find, especially good condition.

… what do you expect a watch to be after all when it is Beautiful, reliable, water resistant, awesome Jumbo size of 39mm large and paper thin 7 mm!?… bearing the legendary name of Audemars Piguet!
As usual I carry one watch, two pairs of Tiffany Cuff links and one Pilot retracable Fountain pen, a Louis Vitton Bag and a Rockport aircushion shoe for travelling...visiting my customers.

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Use Your Rolex Day Date as a Hiking Watch!?

I decided to take my Rolex Day Date for a Hiking Run from Needle hill, Grassy Hill, lead Mine Pass thne runnign to the Shing Mun Reserviour main Dam to end this 9 KM Trail as a serious rugged Reliability test for my Rolex. It was OK and Proven no trouble after the Hiking. So I can confirm that Day Date is as strong as tough as the Submariner and Or Explorer series. As one of my colleague used to wear a Stainless steel, Rolex Date Just for Trailwalker in the past three years. And I am sure that Rolex can be used fo Golf, other likes Patek Philippe and Or AP may not be tough as Rolex in this application field, Correct me if I am wrong. as I dare not use an AP or Patek Pilippe for my Hiking! As I used to say, Rolex Day Date is your everyday Time Piece!
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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Limited edition Audemars Piguet Millenary Minute Repeaters

When China started to become modernized in 1980’s, the money would be spent for the household necessary goods such as Rice Cooker, a transistorized Radio, nylon panty hose and a watch of any brand.
A Phoenix Bicycle, Color TV, a CD Walkman in 1990’s…

After 3-decades, and the people of Chinese was target for the most exclusive and Expensive luxury goods now.
Yesterday, I went to Louis Vitton Shop in Tsim Sha Tsui, I can say except me and my daughter.. The rest is all Chinese Tourist… They are coming for the best beloved brands.
As for watches, precision instruction made by venerable Swiss companies such as Audemars Piquet, Patek Philippe and Rolex. Along with the fashion brand’s the manufacturers are increasingly looking forwards China as a new source of business.

Audemars Piguet, Roger Dubuis recently opened their flag shop shops in Shanghai.

They are selling the images of the watch traditions, customer can inspect the latest models. See-through the transparent bottom sapphire to the beautiful hand made caliber through a magnifying glass.
Emphasis on tradition and innovation is also a major plank of Rolex’s marketing strategy in China: the Geneva-based company held an interactive show in Beijing entitled the Realm of Rolex, which traced its illustrious past as the watch of choice for sports start, and explorers...

Attached is the limited edition Audemars Piguet Millenary Minute Repeaters.
Manufacture Caliber 2910
manual Winding
Hours / minutes to 3 hours off-center, off center at 7 seconds
Winding stem with 3 positions

Bolt: repeat triggering minutes 7am

Movement dimensions (WxH): 37.90 x 32.90 mm

Casing diameter (WxH): 37.00 x 32.00 mm

Total thickness of movement: 10,05 mm

AP Exhaust Pulse Direct
Balance with weights varying inertia
Beam diameter: 11.90 mm

Double flat spiral

Power reserve: 165 hours
Frequency: 21,600 vph (3Hz)

Number of components: 443 parts
Ruby: 40 stones
Finish: hand-decorated all components: bevelling hand, reentrant corners, snailed, haggard, "Côtes de Genève and horizontal graining on the plate

HK retail price is HKD$3,140,000.00

HK Snob

Rolex Horse Skin Watch Strap!?

This is an old collection, unused Horse skin Rolex Watch Strap. Wow... very rare! I am sure we can not find it anymore in the new stock from Rolex. I have 3 pieces!! White Horse, Brown Hoorse and Black horse, the surface of the strap is very very smooth; like the skin of a young lady's face! People told me they are horse, but how come so smooth? I doubt... HK Snob

A 9CT Yellow Gold Omega Manual Winding Enamel Dial Men's watch

This is a rare Omega with Enamel dial, there is no cracks of any kind of the dial made probably in 1930's. The case is made of 9kt solid Gold by Denison.
The only draw back is the size which is considered a bit too small for us. May be you can consider for a lady.

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Friday, March 4, 2011

Where to buy pre-owned watch in Manila?

1. Time will Tell
Inside InterContinental Hotel, Makati City

G/floor, Concessionaires’ area, No. 1 Ayala Avenue, Makati City.

Tel +6327937000 local 291.

2. Relojes Especialles Co.

Inside Hyatt Hotel and casino Manila, Malate.

1588 M.H. Del Pilar Corner Pedro Gil Sts., Malate, Manila
Tel: +6325672047
I have been to these two shops, mostly Rolex, Cartier, Omega, AP, PP and Panerai...

Have seen some of them are really area like AP T3 asking for Peso 1.4M

Rolex with diamond Dial Pt Day Date asking for Pesos 1.45M.

If you have time, check it out.
HK Snob

A Precious Moment for Watch Collector to Watch

This might be one of the moments that every watch collector would like to see... the last day of February whereby his Perpetual Calendar watch will switch from 28th February directly to 1st of March...
Well, the leap year would have to be the precious moment as only one day in four years we can see your mechanical watch would change from 29th February to 1st of March... How do they do that? Well, there is some genius making some small and tricky mechanical switch that allows the date to jump from 29 to 1...

That is a very smart mechanical invention!

HK Snob