Friday, January 31, 2014

Rolex Crown Logo and Rolex Watch

Since middle ages, Crown was often only used for the coronation of a monarch and a few other ceremonial occasions, though the monarch may also be often shown wearing them in portraits, as they symbolize the power and continuity of the monarchy.

The Crown symbolizes highest power of Administration over the Country, only been worn by the King. As a watch, Rolex has gained an international recognition for its superb quality, reliability, value. It is an icon of World’s most famous Luxury watch.

Rolex original idea is to put a “Hand” or “Palm” as an implication of hand-made watch in the early days of the company. 
Later on, they changed into a “Crown” shape logo of the watch brand starting from a flatter proportion version and later on Solidified as the current design at 60s.
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新年Rolex 888隨想

新年Rolex 888隨想


今天最多勞力士露面。最多是DATE JUST 


還記得看過六十年代粤話語片, 好似係"兩儍走天涯",新馬仔講過,"有食無食;全靠滴滴!"



自一零年公司生意下滑,正一黃小二過年,花紅一年少X過一年。我己兩年無買勞力士了。每以見到阿Paul D好嘢,只有拿出口水堅!


哈! 講起交税,如果人家問你幾時交税,我就吾會話比人知。
我老板都係一月一号交的。通常年薪一千萬都係一号交喎。二号到三号都係一百萬到五百萬果堆人囉! 即越遲收入越少!

新年買勞記得買行貨,為什麽呢? 因為行貨Country Code 888.

幾好意頭,我會再揀隻日日快3秒的,嘩,帶住隻888 日日"生"的勞、夠勁未?

未夠? 買隻DD 118238喇!

未夠? 買隻118388好未?

手腕大一些的,買隻DD II 218238囉。好意頭呀!



找方向店舖找隻Serial Number 最尾四數字8888的....吾夠?


Rolex Day Date II 42mm Ref 218238 List Price $248,100

勞力士218238  888 8888 88 3....祝大家馬年發發發發發發發發發發發!!

To all Watch Fever Friends in Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, Malysia, Hong Kong, USA, Germany, Philippines and many others Friends, thanks for your support in 2013.

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Beautiful HKIA Watch ADs

Above Pictures were taken by me at HKIA Arrival Hall by Samsung Notre III on 29 Jan 2014

I used to appreciate the advertisement, as I think that is a kind of Art, original idea and creation is the key. As well the technical achievement could attract some of us when you passing by in airport, as a matter of fact, who is not running to the customs and immigration whenever you landed, how could you stop and look at that like that is a Mona Lisa at Louvre Museum.

Every week I fly via HKIA and I have seen many pretty Advertisements.
I believe they have million dollar investment on the propaganda campaigns.

From these few years watching these ads. I have noticed that these are the new emerging brands
Roger Dubuis, Blancpain, Breguet, Hulblot, Zenith and Nardin…
Of course Rolex, Omega, Patek Philippe, Rado, Tissot, JRC, Piaget, Audemars Piguet and Vacheron Constantin is everywhere.
I like these new Blancpain watch Ads, look at them.
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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Chinese New Year Greetings in the year of Horse!

Words Fail me, Kung Hei Fat Choi seems to be perfect greeting in the CNY in HK!





漸變色面,錯體面,阿拉伯軍團面,second logo 面:鐵芬尼,伯得犀利,卡地,得寶連.


如果你有好嘢,不防彈張相比大家兄弟睇下喇! 太多的話賣隻比我。


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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Three Survival kits for the Hong Kong Mobster in 80s! 八十年代救急三寳




九十年代勞力士嘗试一洗鉛華,廣告大多集中在運動手表上。對! 八十年代絕對是Day Date 天下,直到九十年代運動款和金表才一同平分春色。
到昨年巴素表展才出現睇落比較年青加活力的皮帶 勞力士Day Date !

Intended to refer shrewd cunning, and later extended to young people or mobster with a certain bizarre behaviors title.

Rolex est. 1906

都彭 ST Dupont  est. 1847
ST Dupont was sold to Dickson Concepts owned by Dickson Poon of HK in 1987.
Dickson Poon owns Dickson Watches, one of the HK Rolex AD in Hong Kong.
Dickson was the first one to wear Rolex Platinum Daytona in Hong Kong in 2013.

In 1880, Pierre Gros's great-great-grandfather founded a silk yarn factory, and started Montagut clothing company in Saint-Sauveur-de-Montagut in the Auzene Valley, France.

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

As Chinese Says, "Gold is always Gold, it has to be “Gold” to be Gold!", A recent AP RO court case!

 Swiss Legend Trimix Diver Chrono Black watch

Audemars Piguet Awarded $9.8 Million in Damages by New York Court
United States District Court for the Southern District of New York ruled that Audemars Piguet has valid trademark rights in its Royal Oak watch design, that such rights were infringed by the sale of Swiss Watch International’s Swiss Legend Trimix Diver watches. The Court also determined that Swiss Watch International engaged in an act of unfair competition.
The Court awarded the full amount of Swiss Watch International’s profits and trebled them for bad-faith conduct, meaning Audemars Piguet will receive $9.8 million in damages. Audemars Piguet will also be allowed to apply for an award of its attorney’s fees and costs of the suit. Finally, the Court entered an injunction forbidding Swiss Watch International from further sale of the infringing watch products.
François-Henry Bennahmias, CEO of Audemars Piguet, commented, “The Royal Oak was the first of its kind. 42 years later, it remains unmatched amongst prestige sport watches. This is only the beginning of an authentic icon that is making an indelible imprint on the history of modern watchmaking. Thus, we are fully committed to enforcing our rights in the Royal Oak design and insist our trademarks be fully respected. We owe it to Audemars Piguet, and the founders’ families.”
Original article was written on JANUARY 13, 2014  |  BY VALERIE JACK.
The moral of this article is:-
Don’t ignore the Big Four: PP AP VC and Rolex, they could sue you to hell if you copy their design and make a sale.
This is a case of Trade mark right infringement, not copying the watch at all, so there have been a long way in court.

I believe the Swiss Watch International’s Swiss Legend Trimix Diver watches was not in purpose to copy the design, may be just borrowing some of the idea only.

As I see there is a lot of un-similarity in the design. But the richer always have a better position in Court to win!

AP senior official should make a visit to ShenZehn Lo Wo Commercial centre, they will be surprise how exactly their replica was being made by COPYING.

We should not encourage to buy, wear the copy watches, as US and Swiss may not allow you to enter their country if they find you carry fake watch.

Another big reason for me to go for Gold Watch is it is having much higher cost to make Copies…. You can see 99% of copy-watch are stainless steel one… as Chinese Says, "Gold is always Gold, it has to be “Gold” to be Gold!"
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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Start to Search for the first 100 Pieces of Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 39mm Jumbo.

An interesting article about more first AP RO Jumbo

Love to see this DAP 1977 AP RO

A 1970s Royal Oak Owned By Venezuelan President Carlos Andres Perez AND Signed By Bulgari: This Is A Special One

This is No. 68, a WF Friend sent his watch picture to me

No. 64

This is No. 64, I picked up at Ebay , watch sold but no price was mentioned

Can We find out the location of all the first 100 Pieces of Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 18KT solid Gold 39mm Jumbo!?
This is an AP RO 1972 with S/N. 68, Mine is S/N. 7X.
Well they can be said built under the same batch of ten!

Amazingly this watch owner is also a AP RO Fan like I, when he comes HK, we shall meet and take pictures with two watches placed together side by side and show you.

This watch has been cleaned believed as the 8 screws on bezel has been randomly positioned. But this is just very small issues to the Audemars Piguet Watchsmith!

This watch owner bought it with USD$20,000!
I am waiting the chance to meet this watch Owner!! 
Could I start a facebook to search the rest 98 pieces?

Good idea? If you have this watch please try to send me picture and make a collection of this!

Or to establish a First 100 Pices APRO FAN CLUB.

I speculate that by time 2022, this watch will have its 50th anniversay, where we could get a high auction price of USD$80,000 for a excellent condition APRO 39mm Jumbo.

it is time to buy when you have spotted a good one in the market, help to send me pictures of yours if you have One...

Another lousy part of it, my "wife" had hijacked mine and keep it in her safe deposit box!  As sooner she read my blog, sooner she know the price...!  : (
please see that the Serial number is 151 with 1977, this watch was opened to market in 1972, I believe that they are really made in very smaller number, Might be just 30 Pieces a year, so these are the asisgned Serial Number, well, may be when the popularity was becoming higher, the number of unit will be more...

So I think that the number of Stainless steel is more than the number of Gold as the intention of creating this watch is to going into an image of SPORT. And I have seen three stainless steel verison in the pre-owned market for the past 6 years in HK but just one in 18KT gold.

1972 S/N 000-030
1973 S/N 031-060
1974 S/N 061-090
1975 S/N 091-120
1976 S/N 121-150
1977 S/N 151-180
1978 S/N ??
This is purely my guess and if you have a better information, pls share with me

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Two Recent Watch news in Hong Kong

沙宣道60號豪宅昨晚揭發遭竊匪潛入爆竊,戶主有氏夫婦表示居此20多年,未曾遇上盜竊案件,更想不到賊人如此厲害,竟能打開崖邊的一對望海窗戶,再爬入單位爆竊;今次損失9支手錶,包括一隻去年購買,全球限量1000隻,價值十多萬的蕭邦Mille miglia系列名錶。

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: )

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Tudor Fastrider Black Shield Ref 42000CR has arrived Hong Kong Rolex AD!

Tudor Black Shield at Rolex AD

Tudor Fastrider Black Shield
Reference 42000CR
Ceramic has been one of the popular material for watch case again recently. Hard, smooth, non-scratchable, cold, Monolithic and scratch-proof, this extraordinary - totally black - timepiece features a monobloc case made of black matt ceramic. First unveiled in BaselWorld 2013 has finally launched at Rolex AD, Hong Kong after almost a year.

A symbol of extreme strength and masculinity, the TUDOR Fastrider Black Shield is a mechanical machine, belonging to a world of untamed power and elements unleashed. A volcanic realm evoking the high-temperature fusion at the origin of high-tech ceramic.

- 42 mm monobloc middle case in matt black ceramic with bead-blasted finish
- Fixed bezel in matt black ceramic with engraved tachymetric scale
- Self-winding mechanical chronograph movement TUDOR calibre 7753
- Power reserve of approximately 46 hours
- Screw-down winding crown in black PVD-treated steel, engraved with the TUDOR logo
Chronograph pushers in black PVD-treated steel
- 30-minute totalizer at 3 o’clock and 12-hour totalizer at 6 o’clock
- Small seconds hand at 9 o’clock
- Date at 4.30
- Rapid date corrector with PVD shield motif at 9 o’clock on the middle case
- Sapphire crystal with a red seal
- Waterproof to 150 m (500 ft)
- Selector Leather or rubber strap with folding clasp and safety catch

- 7753
- Total diameter 30.40 mm 
- Height  7.90 mm 
- Jewels  27 
- Frequency  28,800 beats/hour 
- Power reserve  ~46 hours 

Available now at Rolex AD at List price $36,500.
There is no discount at this moment!
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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Rolex Catalogue 1976

A Sample of beautiful Rolex Catalogue, it illustrates the best of Rolex Flag Ships: Day Date
A Day Date costed about 1/5 of a Hong Kong standard home of 650 Square Feet at that time.

The 18KT White Gold Day Date Ref 1804 now is valued about HKD$300,000.  One of my dream Rolex Collection!

PS Thanks for Paul to send me this beautiful Catalogue!

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Rolex Date Just Ref 16014 1985 men's watch

Rolex Ref 16014 1985 Men’s Date Just 36mm Stainless Steel with Roman Numerals Dial with Rare Black Hands

It was sold with HKD$5,830 at Geneve Watch Company, this is still in Excellent-Plus Condition, the label is still adhered at the back.  Watch Strap is still very tight, No major scratches.

This is a watch of classic art deco Roman Numerals with Black hands.  The Watcher still keeps the original invoice. Time has passed 29 years, but the Rolex looks like new! 

Watch has been cleaned by RVC HK.....
Are you interested to talk to the Watch Owner@? : )
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Friday, January 10, 2014

Hot Topics 2013

Amongst watch collectors through gathering, seems Ref 1803 is the hottest topics. Well of course,  friends would be also in similar age 40-55, that is the age that we tend  to crush for such a great watch.

Beside, still there are a few chaps want to find this Date Just with black onyx dial including two young ladies.  I want one too as I felt regret right next day after I sold mine!

Day Date White gold White Gold with Brown dial, a watch that I miss to buy.

Do they look alike!? OysterQuartz and AP Royal Oak 1972?

A white gold Ref 19019 Day Date OysterQuartz made in less than 400 pcs. A sturdy, strong beautiful watch that was receiving bad mouth of stealing the design of Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 1972  : (

As for the Ref 116710BLNR, yes hot topics in Q4 2013 but that is a new watch with unlimited supply. I can tolerate the trick of Rolex sales strategy to create a short supply under huge demand… It will be having discount soon! No Worry!

How is the 2014? well, what model of Rolex Will be launched? Watch out at Basel2014!
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Watch Fever's Health Tips for Watcher 2014

Watch Fever Health Tips for Watchers 2014
Without good health, the most expensive watch is just a watch in the Safe, not on your wrist!

Health Tips
Nothing new, just got the latest studies about how to be a bit healthier without strengeous workout for city runners like I.  Some of them you may not know or I had previously ignored.

Food health
No can food, no soft drinks, no Cha Siu (barbeque pork), no roasted goose, as we all know can food has preservative and roasted pork contains burnt carbon.  Once in a while should be Alright.

Fasting may be the best way to reduce weight and keep you slim and healthy

Wine Lovers
I talked to a French wire expert recently, all red wine need sulphiltes to balance the wine, just that Australia need to indicate in the label while French no need.

Egg Yolks?
Egg yolks is more nutritious that egg white, there is no proven medical document saying that egg yolks is related to cholesterol level, eat only good quality egg with reddish yellow yolk.  No Chinese fake eggs, please!

When we should sleep?
We must sleep before 2300! As 2300-0300 is the time your body especially Liver has to do his job to filter off the toxic substance. Actually after 0300, you could wake up and work.

Marathon Run 42KM is not healthy to human body system unless you are doing running  every day, the proper range of Hiking is at best about 10-14Km a day, if more than that, it is just like mechanical wear and tear of an engine with low lubricants, it hurts!

Running Trail Walker 100Km is a torture to your body and knee joint, and after that you may need to sleep well for 3 months to fully recover to the state before. So It is not recommended for people especially age with >50s as we are slow in recovering. I had stopped running Trail Walker since 2010 after 10 attempts. My record was 22 hours 14 minutes. That is a good record for short legs!

Chair the Killer
Chair is the killer, do not sit more than 1 hour, take a rest, walk a bit, stretch a bit and come back.

Eye Care
Your Lousy LCD Display is the eye killer, take a rest every 20 Minutes. You will agree what I am saying when you are 50, when we are young, nothing bothers us.

3 Minutes Exercise a week?
3 Minutes exercise a week to replace going Gym!
Push-up with the maximum speed and strength you could for 20 seconds, make it three rounds a day as a course, I need probably three courses a week. No sweat, no pain! The most efficient and time saving exercise for you! Like it!? Consult physician if you have heart diseases and history of stroke.

Going gym is for body building, my exercise works for health.

3 times going Rest room a day?
Going toilet 3 times a day is normal, less than three times a day is classified a medical symptom of mild Constipation. You must beware! 95% of HK Chinese believes once per day is good enough…
Sorry I have to stop here as I need to going Toilet now!

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