Friday, August 9, 2013

All kinds of Rolex Watch Souvenir in Tokyo

                    Note Book with leather cover, comes with spare writing pad , each printed with Rolex crown logo
                                                                Rolex Scarf and handkerchief
                      Rolex Passport holder, comes with green and Black, I think Green is more preferred
                                                          Rolex Gold Coin,  Expensive
                                                            Rolex Watch Manual and guide
                                            Gold Rolex logo, you can pt it on your belt, Rolex Belt!? WOW!
                                                        Vintage Rolex booklet and manual
                                          1963 Birth certificate, Yen 45,000!! Who Will buy!?
                                                                 Rolex Note Book, good price
                                                    Passport Holer, Only Yen 7,000. Not bad
                Various Rolex Manual , collector item, those who miss the booklet should come and find
                                                           Rolex Watch Carrying case
                                                                Rolex Scarf and handkerchief set
                                                  Rolex self winding Calender?  Yen 80,000

Rolex Souvenir
Rolex used to have all sorts of Souvenir  before, until recently , they stopped to issue Souvenir as there are concern of how many and how is the quota to issue those Souvenir to the Roles Distributor.
Over the years, Rolex Souvenir has become a commercial ARTICLES.
They have issues Silver Spoon, Metal Anchor, Coins, Note Book, passport holder, card holder, pouch, scarf, belt link, cuff links…etc…
This is a recent found shop in Tokyo that is selling many kind of Rolex Souvenir, Scarf, handkerchief, coin, Note Book, passport holder, those are NOS goods!!
They sells also the original Old manual from Yen 10,000 o 15,000
Surprisingly, one of the 1973 Rolex watch certificated was asking Yen 45,000!
Some of the price is good.
Special HK Snob Tokyo Agent Andy reporting in Japan

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