Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sheep Skin to Clean or Wipe Your Expensive Watches

Sheep Skin has a very fine and smooth surface texture!

Watch Cleaning Cloth Or Sheep Shin?
How should clean your precious watches, by using your cuff, your silk tie? Your handkerchief!? Tissues paper!? Worse is Tissue paper can could scratch your watch! Don't do that!
How about Eye glass cleaning cloth made with polyester!? Or simply a piece of sheep skin!?
Anything would not be soft enough as the sheep skin, and it does not create abrasion that result with scratches on your watch, It cleans and will not leave a trace of oil like film on the crystal!
The Sheep skin is having some super soft tissue and it does not hold tiny metal debris, sand, whatever that would leave the polished surface of your Rolex a permanent mark.
The sheep skin can be washed with light detergent and dry for next usage, each piece could be used for 5-10 years! Patek philippe, Audemars Piaget, Rolex Shop are using this to wipe the watches.
Price is about HKD$240 a piece.   Each piece could be cut into four portions of small size for your watch cleaning!
We can use this to wrap your expensive watch for storage!
HK Snob


Anonymous said...

Where can I buy this in Hong Kong?

HK Snob said...

I buy from a Famous Watch dealer,
if you like , I send you him Phone contact... mail me your phone no. we can whatsapp!
HK Snob