Sunday, June 29, 2014

Some of the Watch Price of Rolex, GMT, Submariner and DeepSea.

Many People ask for Cash deal with HK Country Code "888"
Here is some of the latest offers in CASH Deal not in AD but BNIB

GMT Master II Green Pointer 116710LN Stock $54,300
GMT Master II Black Blue 116710BLNR Stock $64,500
DeepSea 116660 Stock $72,300
Submariner 116610LN $55,000

The one below is Not "888" code
Submariner hulk 116610LV $65,500

Submariner Hulk 116610LV $66,600, purchase inside Rolex AD.
Submariner 116610LN - sold out
Rest less 10 to 15% depending on models

WhatsApp me for more info.


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Cartier Pasha 18KT White Gold 38 mm Wrist Watch Ref.2353 On Sale. (Sold)

Cartier 18KT White Gold wrist watch with date with Cartier 18 KT White gold link bracelet with double deployant clasp.

Accomplished by the undated certificate and Cartier fitted box. It comes with Cartier auto movement with 27 jewels, polished body and bracelet, transparent case back with 8 pieces of 18 KT white gold screws. Sapphire-set winding crown with screw-down protective cap. Sapphire crystals. Cartier Guilloche two-tone silver with applied to white gold Arabic numerals and luminous indexes, aperture for the date between 4 and 5, concentric minute track on a date square feet plain reserve. Luminous blued steel feutile hands. Cal.191, rhodium plated, decorated with Cartier logo with cravings. 27 jewels, straight-line lever for escapement, mono-metallic balance, shock absorber, self-compensation flat balance spring, Dial, case and movement with signed. diameter 38 mm, thickness 10 mm.

This is a Very fine watch with hefty feeling comfortably surrounding on your wrist, full length section of bracelet.

Original Price. was $275,900, bought in Emperor Watch, un-dated international warranty. Now asking $76,000 only.

We can see this is no stainless steel stuff as the eye-catching Cartier polishing lustre of the White Gold watch case and bracelet...weight is approx.166 grams! (heavier than a full length bracelet Rolex Date Date)....

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PS Watch was Sold this 1800 Today 29 June 2014

Some CULTURE that you may not be aware especially you are Foreigner in buying Pre-owned watch in HK

Many Foreigners coming to HK buying pre-owned watches in HK, from Singapore, Dubai, Thailand, Malaysia, Europe, Australia, Indonesia and Philippines…

There are a few things that we might need to know…
Usually they have not much patience in handling case that if they feel you are coming for "Price Check" only, or you have made them felt that you are Low-bailer. Before you go there, do some home work for that particular models , rough there is a more –or-less price Range.

If you ask this how much, OK, but once they feel that you ask this model, then other different model, they feel that you are not serious enough, they Will not welcome you… or at least they don't smile at you!!

The offer for discount in Shops in HK is valid only in that particular Encounter, the HK salespeople are moving fast and they don’t like non-sense, that hate people coming to ask discount and leave…unless you don't come back the same shop again…or they could not recognize you!
They will offer a discount to you provided you are a real buyer… they have experience to tell who you are and what is your intention from their years of sales experience dealing with various Customers.
They do it all same to Tourist, Gweilo, or locals, They don't like non-sense… Once when they feel that you will be buying, they will serve you well, this is true on those shops who have been in the market for many decades.

Next Time, when you come to those shops, remember this…
Normally we can get less 3% to less 8% depending on model or shops…

Very Exceptional cases, they offer discount more than 10%l, or you had better beware if you get more than 10% discount!

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Too Many Choice Is No Choice!

It is always bad to have too many Choice unless you have one target only or that becomes no choice at all.
When I was working on the ship, whilst the ship was steaming 30 days from Rostock/East Germany to Siracha (An island near Pattaya)  Those Sailors, oilers and Junior officers fetched whenever the first came into sight in the bars or pubs at the first night after anchorage... After a couple of days, they started to become choosy, either too fat, too short, too old, would not be their choice anymore….that is human being… We can’t blame them… as Hunger makes your less choosy!
Same when you are hungry, you won’t mind a MacDonal Big Mac or an overnight sandwich!

Today I passed by Guang Dong restaurant who is good at these roasted goose, Cha Siu and Crispy Pork..
When I am Hungry , I think anything could be Ok for me., but when I have time, I would choose the best roasted Goose left leg first, Cha Siu, then Roasted Pork and Chicken , this is my priority in choosing the dishes.
How about watches?….  even more headache in making the right choice!!
My consideration is:
1.Do I have the budget?
2. What is purpose buying that watch?
3. Condition of the watch?
4. Do I need to buy that Watch?
5. Is it an upgrade?
6.What is Market value Today and 5 to 10       years later?
7. Will you use it or will you make this as investment only?
I will buy that watch only if it meets all the following factors.
1. Rare Species!
2. Fall into my target of Watch Collection!
3. It will be an Upgrade!
4. Good Value in Long terms
5. Only I have the budget
6. Under-valued item.

Cartier 18KT Gold Pasha 38mm for Men,

Now I have a few watches, from left to right

1. Panerai PAM00121
2. Rolex Day Date OysterQuartz in Birch Dial- My watch I am using in these months.
3. Cartier Pasha 18 KT white Gold with Full Section of bracelet, 98% new with paper and box.
Original Selling price is HKD$275,900, now the owner wants to let go with less 70% discount! (for sale)
4. Rolex Date Just stainless steel with cream dial 16014 (for sale at $17,400) Good beautiful rare dial.
5. Rolex Date Just 16013 Two Tone 14KT with Champagne gold with Black Roman Numeral Dial. (for Sale at $19,400).

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PS Cartier and Rolex 16013 Sold

Jason Statham Wears Richard Mille RM011 in "Parker" (2013 Movie)

RM011 In "Parker"
Taken with SS Note III Hand Set on my Cheapo Olevia TV.

A Panerai in Jason's "Transporter"

My eyes are always falling on people’s watch, noticeable on their types, brand…style…even on Movie.

“Parker”, a movie where Jason Statham played as Daniel Parmitt’s who wear a Clearly Iconic Watch  design as a Richard Mille RM011 Felipe Massa. Obviously RM had paid a big lump sum for two Close ups in the entire movie.

Well, Parmitt’s Role as a Texan Rich man buying estate at Miami with help of Leslie (Jennifer Lopez) wearing such a Watch is a good choice… But Always I have a tough man as Jason in his movie… He should wear something like Panarai, Royal Oak Offshore or a Submariner….  Whereas RM011 should work better with Dicaprio Leonardo.

Silicon Nitride, applied on this RM011, is a hard coating material normally used in engine parts, semiconductor bonding equipment common on some surface that is requiring a smooth surface finishing a tough hard layer to withstand wearing, and a black coating to act as good background again the Lighter colour of lead frame material, such that Auto PRS (pattern Recognition System ) could take snap shot of the profile of the lead frame, that is a prerequisite requirement for the bonder to place the Silicon Chip right on the Bonding pad.

It is not an expensive process itself, but a stable process is required to maintain the evenness of the coating and colour. So the entire cost become High!

Back to the RM011 watch, 18 – carat gold, titanium details, flyback chronograph with 60-minute countdown timer, 55 hours of power reserve, Price US$119,000. Stock Available.
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Friday, June 27, 2014

Wah Hing Mong Kok has Stock of GMT Master II 116710BLNR and Submariner Hulk

I have seen that at least there is one each of GMT Master II Ref 116710BLNR Green Black and
Submariner Green Bezel Green Dial Ref 116610LV at Wah Hing Rolex AD Shop window today at 1230 Today

HK Snob

GMT Master II Ref 116710BNR Is Still Very Hot In HK at Very Limited Supply!

GMT Master II has been in HK for more than 6 months, still it is supplied in very limited quota...
This is a hot item in HK ...

I can not find any more stock at HKIA shop, my known Rolex AD shops of Emperor, Oriental and even Dickson. Today I went to Chow Tai Fook at Nathan Road junction of Dundas Street, they do not have stock at all.

Chow Tai Fook is offering no discount, as HKIA, Dickson and Emporer, Only Oriental offers less 5% for us...

Well this is the one of the friends of Taiwan bought his first GMT at Taiwan Rolex AD yesterday!
Price is  NTD$263,000 after tax rebate. Bring your passport to the Rolex AD. He told me that is the only one in the month. Lucky Man!
Colleague of mine bought one at Seoul Airport at about HKD$66,500. which is slightly higher than HK list price HK$65,300!

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Proposal Of Making Watches with Human Gene...

There are so many kinds of material have been used for making watch case since the last two centuries…

Silver, yellow gold, White gold, stainless steel 316L, 904L, Pink Gold, Platinum 950, Brass, Silicon, plastic, ceramic composite, carbon composite and  solid Sapphire case…

Audemars Piguet using composite material to make a watch case that takes a tedious process to manually inserting fibre into as watch mold, then apply pressure and heat to form the light yet strong material as case.

I got an idea that watch has become a personal touch of having some human Tissues, hair or human Waste… as part of the material of watch case…

Idea is from a French Artist who put his personal "Shit" into a Can and sell in auction, someone bid with few thousand dollars.

We had some Chemical analysis on those excrement found in tomb of the ancient Chinese Emperor to analyse what food they took back to their time thousand years ago.

So what if I get some of the personal genes from some of the celebrities to make the case!? After a few thousand year, probably with that technology, the extraction of the DNA could possible re-build the man/lady…

As far as I know if portion of the material can be used for the watch case is Bone, tooth, blood?
That could be mixed with carbon composite!

So if say Obama limited Version can be made with Carbon Composition to make an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Off Shore Obama-President-limited version.
Hillary Clinton Hublot Big Bang Pink gold called Hillary-Secrets.

George Bush Audemar Piguet Royal Oak you can call it “Bush Desert Storm special
What if we mix with Bush’s excrement to make the case? Shall we call it Buxx Shit?
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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Pre-owned Rolex Date Just 16014 and Date Just 16013 Two Tone for Sale

This is 16014


This is the Rolex’s “King of Steel” , as a Hong Kong Colloquial way to describe such a great watch made by Rolex.
Model is 16014 with a 14KT sold White Gold bezel, Automatic Chronometer movement  Cal. 3035 made by Rolex. Plastic crystal, polished and properly Cleaned.
Size 36mm for men for Unisex. Condition, Excellent Plus Plus. Price HKD$17,400 cash.

Another one is 16013 is Two Tone 14 KT gold and steel . Automatic Chronometer movement cal. 3035.
Cal. 3035 made by Rolex. Plastic crystal, polished and properly Cleaned.
Both Selling point is the rare Roman Numeral dial, 16014 is creamery dial and the 16013 is Champagne gold dial…
A Classic Rolex with entry level price of HKD$19,400

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PS Ref 16013 Sold

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Rolex Daytona Ref 116520 Black and Submariner Hulk is Available Now , Only One Piece. FCFS

Hi Friends

One Rolex Daytona ref 116520 Black dial is Available, Price $94,600.

One Submariner Hulk Ref 116610LV is available at HKD$66,600.

Whatsapp me only if you think price is right.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Only The Strongest Could Stay Alive.... Afterall....

This Tough Machine was firstly revealed in BaselWorld 2014….a non CG video showing…
Dropped from 10 metres high onto the concrete floor,
Installed inside the Washing Machine rolling cage for 2 hours,
It was able to survive within 12G force acceleration and deceleration
This is not yet end of the punishment, a 64 Tons Tank ran over it twice! Make me recall the horrible 4 June 1989 Tiananmen case…
The Watch is then treated with Solvent, gasoline, insecticide, detergent….
It stays in perfect running condition within the accuracy of  the watch timing capability between -51 deg C to +71 deg C.
Thanks for the latest semiconductor assembly technology and  a solid case of single piece of Metal
Price . Estimated HKD$5,050 as list price.
Put it on your next Shopping list a Watch for your Saturday hang-out.

This is Victorinox Inox!

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Erika Rose Prieto's Choice: Gold Daytona and Day Date from Rolex

As she introduces herself in her profile, she is an easy-going type of person.... She loves what she does.
She loves being an independent woman; stopped studying and focused in career as fashion, party, traveling and meeting new people is not just of what she likes , but also
loves spending time in kitchen “cooking”!

Erika is of the Candidates of Miss Philippines 2012!
How about her watch?
I personally would recommend her using large and gold model from Rolexes, such as Daytona or Day Date in Pink gold or yellow Gold!

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Maui Pineda and Celine De Castro's Watches: Rolex and Tudor

Maui was a smart and charming lady who used to work with us in our Philippine office as a material Sales. She was a finery lady and could possibly handle customer better than I could... She joined another company in May 2014.
We are good friends, She likes Rolex as much as I do...

Celine is a model and She like Two tone Rolex, also Tudor with Diamond bezel and colourful dial with matching strap. I could buy with special VIP Discount and that is no better deal in other places. Why not?

No matter what, Rolex and Tudor. I am sure you agee that she couldn't be better than perfection with those watches on.

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Friday, June 13, 2014

Rolex Submariner Ref 16618 18 KT Gold With Kick-Ass Onyx Dial.

“A Haha, I can read Chinese, but not write. I enjoyed your 'casual' observations of the life as you experience and see it. One will realize there are many colors to a crayon box, and just as in life. There are always oddities, as such, life is full of Ying and Yang, and large shades of gray all over. Just enjoy as we can, we only live 100 years! on 週日發噏風 Casio, taxi”

I appreciate Glen that sent me such comment as stated above.
We are getting “MATURE” or “OLD” but not getting “SMART” by learning from mistakes… As I commented, my Life Battery has only 40% left...base on 100% =100 Years. There is no RE-Charge on life, we will consume it like Candle, an estimated life span provided no rains, no winds no jerk comes to blow off the candle as he thinks this is his birthday cake!

Life could be so meaningful, or awful is all depending on you... well, I would have made mistakes in my life but I don't regret as every time you feel regret you are still burning your candle....

Today, we had a chat with someone in a Restaurant, he is planning to run a new Restaurant such that only customer could come wearing a Rolex, AP or PP watch. I asked him what if he wears a Seiko, he said that well, they can BORROW him the watch for his entry.

On certain days, I had a plan to open a Cafe or Jazz Bar where y I can place my Analogue Audio Equipment there….playing 50 or 60s Jazz music from the B&W or JBL loudspeaker, the ECC803S and WB300B* power tubes could possibly delivery WATTS into the loudspeaker!? WE300B, can it be as it can deliver 6W max in an optimized bias into the loudspeaker. What I am trying to say is WE300B valve as Pre-amp tubes, not in the power amp stage. Driving the power starved JBL or B&W may need EL34 or even KT88!

Today, friend of mine show me his Rolex 16618 Solid Gold with Onyx dial, WHAT? Onyx dial again?
Yes, Onyx dial on Submariner a Solid 18KT gold Submariner?
This is rare, sorry I should say “SUPER RARE”!
And it comes with Paper and Box, who is that chap wants to sell this item!
Someone that may have two of these watches,  someone that is looking for Submariner with lapis Blue dial? Someone who may drive his Orange Lamborghini to go work!
Not me of course, But at least I have a chance to take a closer look into it.
Times flies only hours, there are already INTERESTED PARTIES looking for that.

Price, I think Only HK Snob cannot say “NOT CHEAP” simply I am poor, but someone who knows Rolex would have said :CHEAP!” but of course in his heart. It is only $180,000!  (HK Dollars)
By time I post this on my blog, likely It would have gone already…into some Collector’s hand, Are you interested?

ECC803S is the Telefunken pre-amp valve.
WE300B is Western Electric power valve.
HK Snob

Note this watch was sold to one pawnshop owner and a gem diamond expert on 27 June 2014. L

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Watch that you cannot get it from Rolex, they are the bespoke or Customized "Rolex" by Project X Designs, UK.

The X-groove on the crowns is the insignia of X-Projects

Project X Designs is a UK Company doing watch Customizations especially on Rolex and AP.

Daniel Bourn established the company as founder, Average price of the Model is about 1.8-2 X of the original Rolex.

They change the colour of the watch black by putting a hard DLC (Diamond Like Coating)  and some of the dial are touch up with some of the ingredient people sought after… Like Comex on Submariner model. Green Daytona Dial!

Definitely that watch has no relationship with Comex. Well, I cannot speculate the future value but I think there will be some of them would hit the nerve of some of the Collectors some years later, especially those limited to few pieces…

Some of the designs are awesome but beware that Rolex will not be the one to take care your watch for any repair nor service. You have to go to Project X designs.

There is counter at Lane Crawford (IFC) HK on some of the models.
If you are interested, go and see, no discount Yet.
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Monday, June 9, 2014

Swatch Sistem51 Arrives Hong Kong.

Swatch Sistem51 arrives Hong Kong now.
Price is HK$1,200.
there are four colour, blue, red, white and black.
Two years warranty. The watch is sealed in plastic case.
HK Snob

Sunday, June 8, 2014

週日發噏風 Casio, taxi



此錶定價$1,380. 他回價$1,250!,算了罷,利錢低得些好意須回手!
他戴住Explorer I., 看見我手上隻19018 ,佢都吾知勞力士,佢講,條錶帶好靚喎!係什麼錶呀?

佢話勞力士有石英錶的嗎? 嘩金錶喎,敢洗唔洗四萬銀呀?


有一次我坐開的士,那時候用係開手波的,我問那老司機如果吾踏極力子,可以由一波入二波,再二波入三波嗎? 佢一句彈過尼,話車有極力子,硬係要踏它才可轉波喇。重話我問D無里頭的問題。




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週日港燦隨想曲, PP, Lip Fr

: 陽具放在器泛指一些器具, 儀器或設備可以使你的陽具增長,增大或加粗及加長得使對方有更大的觀賞性或有更大的性滿足或及性高潮!

此君終於等到包裹寄到, 急不及待地把包裹打開,精緻的包裝內收藏了他期待以久的牀上欣物,立刻聯想到他女友那種喜悦,那麼淫盪地擺動她下身... 吸納他每一吋一时的身軀... 把不得立刻打電話比他女友戴寶蓮,,

看到一張說明書標示 "切勿在陽光下使用,以免把你嬌小的陽具弄傷!"




PATEK PHILIPPE 錶迷留意,175週年又發表一隻超級名錶,對上一隻是150 週年在1989發表的calibre 89, 鉈錶,只得一隻。

車,有型有格吾見左一個留下三個車胎都能走的雪鐵龍,我中意的CX20. (CX20 同國泰航航空無關)
酒,邊個夠佢威,五大加個老人牌,重有貴過218238 DRC, 香檳有Don Perrignon.
錶呢,有好嘢!Pierre Lannier, Michel Herbelin, Go, Burel, Saint Honore, LIP, Cartier (Swiss Made)

Lip Maison horlogere francaise depuis 1867

Fred Lip 18901122日于法國北部城市Lille.
"總統手錶"系列在1952年戴高樂使用,並層經給艾森豪和克林頓使用過. 這是電子和石英手錶的始祖。

HK Snob

Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Visit to Kuen Kee Watch Shop, Sham Shui Po

This is the way leading to Kuen Kee Watch Shop.

This is old building of no difference of the 60'.

Pak Hoi Restaurant staff is busily preparing dinner for the hungry Sham Shui Po
Residents who could pay only $20 for a meal.

A tank built by Land Rover with a Number 
plate of "AA79" which possibly bear the 
same price or more than the car
 itself, I asked staff of  Kuen Kee...
it is not theirs, may be it is belonging
 to one of the HK Rolex fans!

Small Side Sign Board "Kuen Kee Watches".

Another building with an external Staircases 
set up at end of Ap Liu Street.
Who could possible afford to have this
an luxury to have such a staircase anymore 
in other part of HK!?

 Carl's Saturday 30th May purchase on his targeted Air King with Final deal 
at HK$20,800. Note The Four RED Chinese Words "Guarantee Genuine Goods"
on the price Tag.

My Rolex OysterQuartz Ref 19018 with Birch
 Dial I worn, which gained a little Respect 
 by Kuen Kee Old Shop Keeper with a "Nod"!

It was a very hot day yesterday with 32 Deg C. when I visited Kuen Kee which I used to go when I have time, tough it is a bit far from the Sham Shui Po MTR station.,
Well, Sham Shui Po as I mentioned, a very interesting small district , the people are not that wealthy as average comparing with other district like Wan Chai and or Central, but those people are real and kind in nature…
I could see that some of the building resembled some of the old heritage building in Penang or Melacca, it was fun to make a visit there. Don’t just focus on treasure hunting at the Rolex Shops.
I went to Kuen Kee and I talked to the people for Submariner Hulk (ref 116610LV) which I spotted they have three on their website at HKD$84,500, to my despair, they said they have nothing, meaning that their web site is not updated periodically.
I was able to help a Swedish who bought is 2003 Air King for his wife and he could get a discount of 7.5%. from List price $22,500 down to $20,800.

So meaning that it is always true to get a discount there off the price tag from 5-10%! The old shop owner spotted my Ref 19018, he grinned and looked at me and nodded once! Is that in indication of “Salute to Rolex RolexQuartz in Birch Dial or me??  

On the way going Kuen Kee , passed Pak Hoi Street, there we can see that the small “Pak ho Restaurant(北河燒臘飯店) that the boss Chan Chuek Ming(陳灼明)was helping those poor people who could spend ONLY $20 to buy three meals which is practically impossible in HK. May be he is not earning or even I should say subsidizing it himself at all.

I am thinking if idea is supported by people who would like donate one of his Rolex collection to help the poor people or not!?
If you are buying the idea doing that, we can set up a Club to help those people. I am eager to take out one Gold Rolex to help….

PS Cut out from Pak Hoi restaurants' fb

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