Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New opening of two storey Rolex Boutique at Hong Kong International Airport’s Central Departure Hall Atrium.

                      Rolex AD at HKIA Departure Hall Atrium, taken by Samsung Note II 0725 27 Aug 2013

To compete with downtown Hong Kong retailing and the increasingly high profile fashion offers at other hub airports in South East Asia such as Louis Vuitton in Incheon Airport, Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK) has awarded Rolex and Chanel separate licenses to build spectacular, iconic standalone two-storey luxury boutiques at the airport.

These new ‘mega boutiques’ will be located on either side of Hong Kong International Airport’s Central Departure Hall Atrium, which most departing passengers must pass to reach their flight gates.

This is a new landmark in HK airport and these two shops Rolex and Chanel will be landmarks.
The two double-storey luxury brand shops will both be the same size in area, with 500sq m of retail floor space in total and the sales area on each storey covering 250sq m.
There is an internal staircase going up to the upper level.

The introduction of the two new stores is part of AAHK’s determined effort to ensure that Hong Kong Airport’s retail offer matches the location's reputation as a shopping paradise.
It also believes that the opening of the new shops in the airport next year will provide a sensational new look to HKIA’s departure areas – yes of course, I had been there Today, and I saw a lot of attractive staff there to help you.

There is no doubt that the opening of Louis Vuitton’s first airport shop in the world at Incheon Airport last September raised the bar for Asian airport operators looking to lure Mainland Chinese transit passengers – with that store’s daily turnover reaching an average of round $300,000 a day at one point.

This Rolex Shop opened on 24 Aug. has almost all the Watches you need to see, to consider and to buy!  Today, When I asked they have no GMT master II Ref 116710 BLNR Today. May be next week! Who knows!?

Price wise, for sure there is no more than 5% discount.

The shop is running my Dickson Watch and jewellery, which is one of the renowned retail watch store in Hong Kong.

Next time make sure you can leave HKIA earlier one hour and spend the time there shopping!

Well, soon the man will walk to the right and the woman to the left. Right for Rolex and left for Chanel!

HKIA Rolex AD Shop Telephone No.  852-22610688

HK Snob


monster hobby said...

good sharing, have you walked around the shop? I wonder they have the popular models in store or same as other AD that put HK buyers at waiting list??

HK Snob said...

Hi Monster Hobby

I had not miuch time this morning as I had to leave in 5 minutes, I did not expect they open today. but I had a short glance, they are big and I think they should have all what you want, but those hot model; Ref 116610LV or REf 116710 BLNR, thye may keep them in separete drawers!
I will update next week I go there.
HK Snob